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Sep 14, 2011

Minister Boots Martinez catfight ‘tooth and nail’ with UNIBAM

Anthony "Boots" Martinez

We have been reporting on the novel case being brought against the Attorney General by UNIBAM, the advocacy group for gay rights. Caleb Orosco, its executive president, is taking the attorney general to court seeking a declaration that section fifty-two of the criminal code is unconstitutional because it criminalizes “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been limited in his remarks saying only that the government’s position is to argue for the constitutionality of the law. Minister of Works, Anthony Boots Martinez, is more specific in support the law. Martinez is quoted in an online article called “Gay rights: a world of inequality” appearing in the Guardian newspaper of the UK. Martinez says: “My position is that God never placed anything on me for me to look at a man and jump on a man. I’ll be clear on it … How would you decriminalize that, I am sorry, but that is law. Not only is the law made by man that is a law made from the Bible. Why do you think God made a man and a woman, man has what woman wants, and woman has what man wants, it’s as simple as that. I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep that law.” The full article can be viewed at:

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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46 Responses for “Minister Boots Martinez catfight ‘tooth and nail’ with UNIBAM”

  1. rasman says:

    In the begining there was adam and eve not adam and steve. Amen

  2. Storm says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m with Boots on this.

    Homosexuals are not evil people — unless they molest others. But it is still an aberration, and not what God intends for us.

    “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

  3. I Have Awaken says:

    I support you fully in this Boots. This sexual deviancy been promoted world wide to deteriorate and morally bankrupt humanity just so much more. This strategy is just make this type of sexual deviancy more legitimate and publicized.

  4. Hill says:

    I am sure he doesn’t live by the rules of the bible

  5. Clifford says:

    Yes Mr. Boots, you got it!!! Supportive of you!

  6. Richard Smith says:

    I speak blessing and honor to you Minister Boots take the lead because we are not fighting against homosexuals it is against the robbing of our blessings .I am sad to see the passiveness of our leaders who remain silence .go de strang me lee breda .i speak blessing .My Refuge

  7. Homo habilis says:

    What…! I’m glad to see there are people still living in the Stone Ages, but let me bring you up to date. The diety you all know as God is a creation of Human Beings. No argument is valid when you’re using that to prove your point.

    If your argument is that homosexuality is against the order of nature, then your ignorance is shining even brighter. Studies of many different species have shown animals to have same sex interactions of a sexual nature with each other.

    Lastly, we as a species need to step off our high throne and realize we are just another species on earth like all other animals and we EVOLVED from the same primitive one celled creature that was confined to water until evolution paved the way for new more advanced creatures that would eventually make their way to being land dwellers.

  8. Belizean says:

    Do you live by the Rules of the Bible?

  9. lolnews says:

    I’ll bet even the stone age men were more enlightened by this bunch of bigots!

  10. O.Walk observer says:

    Homo habalis, you are an exception to the rule, the minority that just want to attract attention. The gay who have been doing their “….” stuff in private have not had any problem with the law or tha public whatsoever; just like any straight couple who do their stuff in private, nobody cares about that. Now when both parties attempt to do it in public, then there is a problem due to indecent exposure or commiting an unnatural act in public. Is this what gays are figthing for?? This is a no no; and even hetrosexuals cannot expose themselves in public doing any sexual act.
    Gays should be satisfied as how the laws stand now (let sleeping dogs lie) or then somethings can backfire on them; remember that they are a small minority. NO TO THEM!!

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why are we even talking about this issue when we’ve got brothers and sisters that are been murdered on a daily basis.Let’s not move away from the real issue which is the crime situation.

  12. BlackWidow says:

    Homo habilis YOU ARE AN IGNORANT IDIOT. GOD MADE MAN AND WOMAN IN HIS LIKENESS we did not evolve from any other THING. we are not living in the stone ages if we still believe that God made us.
    It is wrong for a woman to have “SEX” with another woman and the same for a man to have “SEX” with another man. it is not to say hat we humans and even the animals do not deviate from the norm but IT IS STILL WRONG.
    If you have the urge to do this then you should fight it and pray for God’s help in fighting it.
    I do not hate homosexuals I hate the crime they commit.

  13. Alex says:

    Well Boots spoke on homosexuality…let’s see what his statement will be on crack and weed. And now to those homosexuals who take issues with ppl who claim to be God fearing…stop…the same way you claim that ppl use God and the Bible to oppose the same way you come up with some lame a@@ excuse for your actions. I’ll be the first to agree that most of these religious whited sepulcher are responsible for the demise of our society.

  14. oscar965 says:

    Congrats to Caleb and UNIBAM for putting up a strong front. Belizean society is not ready to openly accept gay people. But do not be ignorant to the fact that Belize has Gay people like any other country in the world and they are here to stay and be productive members of our society. Maybe the next generation will be more accepting. The 70′s and 80′s generations did not even talk about it, but we all have a brother, sister, cousin or friend who we know is gay. This current generation now talks more openly about it but still i think is not ready. I have gay friends and i hold them i high regard. They are adults and whatever thier sexual preference is, that is thier choice. One day Belize may change the laws of the land but i do not see that coming any day soon. As to the Bible so many bloggers find it easy to just use “the bible” for cases like this instead i invite them to live by the bible and its teachings.

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    My Belizean people are just a bunch of copy-cats.They want to take every immoral lifestyle that is condone in the US to Belize.It’s ok in the US as a result Belizeans are suppose to accept it.Stand for Boots and don’t fall for this $#!%.

  16. marco says:

    Amen to “Boots” Martinez. God puts leaders in place to do the right thing based upon God’s good principle. Go deh strong Mr. Martinez, you have my support and If I could vote ten times I would vote for you to be our Prime Minister.

    Idle minds is the devil workshop and that is what is happening to these people seeking to promote ungodly acts. Even in straight relations, it is wrong to act unnaturally. Sex is a blessing with an expected end result of procreating.

    To all Gay, take your bad feelings to God for correction before you feel the wrath to come!!!!

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    Open unu eyes my Belizean people ,this UNIBAM thing is bigger than Caleb Orosco.This is mastermind by some foreign group.

  18. rigrat says:

    I wonder if Boots were a muslim that he would fight tooth and nail to make eating a Pork Chop a criminal offence?
    I don’t think anyone should have the right to impose their way of life on others unless it is serious detriment to the lives of the majority. Live and let live. It is not harming any one of you. Belize should concentrate on poverty, poor education, terrible roads, crime, or just about anything rather than this total non issue.

  19. Iniate says:

    What a nice clear indisputable way of putting it!!! Honorable Boots

  20. BMNJ says:

    I don’t believe in the concept of homosexuality either. But then, God gave all of us freewill to choose whatever we wanted to do – that’s the fact, whether you like it or not, period. And when it comes to evil, who is more evil? Being homosexuals or …….. who are committing crimes such as rape & murder?

  21. jose says:

    rechard smiith instead a the waste your time talkind start spend some a them big donation on programs like helping the youths them from your village that seem to be getting like belize city youths ok spend some a da bloody money… i was once blind but now i see

  22. jose says:

    remember not everyone that call upon the name of the LORD will enter his kingdom so alot of faker are fooling themself

  23. CEO says:

    I always love hypocrites in society, they are always so since that they are not hypocrites. Richard for one is a lovely example. He sell lies, but call it love. He sells deception and calls it the bible rules. Really boots, your throwing stones, but lord knows what is in your glass house. I didn’t realize that you were a pastor too. I also always love homophobes who have nothing better to do’ Do look at the HBO special where t should, that you have same sex attractions that your covering. In any regard, this case, have come to proof how hateful a society we are. Know this change must come and it will come in this generation…………as to all you religious nuts we live in a democracy and gay people has as much right to the courts as you… deal with it.

  24. OWtoBoston says:

    I agree with oscar965. Many of the younger generations are perfectly fine with it. I will declare that I am gay and am surrounded by many supportive friends. This older generation that still pushes a religious agenda, doesn’t realize it is exactly what Middle Eastern countries are today because of pushing religious law. There is a reason church and state are to remain separate. Freedom of religion. You keep your bible at home. I understand that religion is still a big thing in Belize. In time that will change; I already see evidence for it. In time, just maybe, I can become more proud of Belize. Today, that is not the case.

  25. belizeanfirst says:

    BOOTS MARTINEZ!!! How funny!!! Doesn’t the bible also talk about the sanctity of marriage? Are you married? If you are how come you have sweethearts and are fooling around? Is that not against the bible? You are a shame to your position and for not following the moral principles of the bible, “it is a law made from the bible”, when you gett married you sign official court documents to that effect!! If you are not married, and only in common law, no difference, since the law recognizes common law marriages after five years! Means you are a bigot and committing adultery!

  26. Homo habilis says:

    @ BlackWidow… I will admit that in many ways we are all ignorant in some aspect. It is impossible for us to know it all. As for me being an idiot, this is an open forum and if that is the way you feel like proving your argument then by all means, keep calling people idiots, it’s your right to do so. Now about your statement that God made us all in his likeness. Again, we did not just appear on earth like you may believe. We did in fact EVOLVE from earlier primitive organisms. Now in terms of right or wrong, we can argue over that all day. Morality is different for everyone same as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. O.Walk observer earlier wrote that this certain group is in the minority therefore they should “let sleeping dogs lie” Need I remind you that there was a point in time where slaves were not considered to be humans by the majority of people in whose country they were being held. For a long time the minority believed that slaves should be freed. According to your view, in that case no matter how wrong the majority may be, they should have the last say. Does your logic really seem that fair now? If a system is unfair to one person in society and everyone else is fine with that it still does not make it right and it should be changed.

  27. Felipe Cayo says:

    The law is written referring to “the order of nature,” so the only relevant argument here is which acts are to be found in nature, and which not — presumably, impossible ones. Naturalists and biologists should be first on the witness stand. Sodomy is not limited to same sex partners and changing this antiquated law should be of concern to every couple who dares go beyond the missionary position, even once in their private, married, consenting lives. You are one errant kiss away from Hattieville.

  28. belizeanpride says:

    my point of view is that yes every person has the right to freedom as they please to live but remember that in the beginning God created a man and a woman. but the evolution of sin brought the changes in humans which let to the destruction of two big cities and we all know that. And because of sin our children are born unto sin. now it goes as what you decide to live a life of God path or the evil path. no one is excused of the wrath of God but we have the chance to decide what we want. no human is a saint not even the pope, the bible says it clearly. So if you want to flow with the worldly life and live with the changes that this earth lives it’s fine but remember that there’s a eternal life that every single person will face. no need to point fingers, lets check our lives first but if we can help to let keep sin away from our lives, our communities and our country in a whole lets do it.

  29. Herbert Wiltshire says:

    It is disgraceful how Persons who are representatives of the people speak as if they represent themselves. Also the hypocrisy in the use of the Bible to sight morals only when it is convenient is outrageous and outright shows prejudice on there end. The perception the world has for Belize may just be based on comments made and I would love for people who chose to comment to do so not from a sense of bias, prejudice or ignorance but rather using true reasoning and objectivity!!! -Herbert S. Wiltshire

  30. Elgin Martinez says:

    CEO:Having a different point of view on an issue doesn’t make us a hateful society.

  31. Charlie Price says:



  32. CEO says:

    @Eligin yes it does as it perpetuates inadequate rights enforcement if a gayman would complain of being robbed. It perpetuates the reason why a young person should be kicked out of school, its perpetuates why a person should not be able to rent, it perpetuates why a person should not be hired for a job. It perpetuates why a mother or a father would try to beat the sexual orientation of their child. It perpetuates why a gay man would not tell a doctor that he is sick until its too late, it perpetuates family assaults and murder. Many scream the sky is family, but the message is seem is how dare you stand up for any rights. The unnecessary fearmongering in this group shows just how easy good people are willing to deny a person right simply to leave in peace.

  33. RedBwai says:

    By law of nature a woman and another woman cannot procreate and a man and another man cannot procreate….,its only by the coupling of a man and a woman can life really be created an so shall it be….so dont put ur religious beliefs or ur evolutionary beliefs into this…if u want to be gay be gay if you want to be straight be straight….. dont go trying to ramp ur lifestyle down the throats of the Belizean public an expect everyone to be all smiles and accept u for who u are…you made a decision to live your life a certain way…..then ofcourse u can live with the consequences that decision has brought along with it….u cant have ur cake an eat it too….


    The God i serve does not judge me for loving someoneelse. Sadly, our Belizean politicians like the Hon. Martinez speak before their brains have time to formulate a reasoned response.This issue is before the courts because its a challenge to the country’s constitution. Morality nor religion has nothing to do with it. How does securing and giving me my rights infringe on the rights of those who may not share my sexual orientation and identity.?

  35. Roy Yates says:

    All of us approach to an issue base on our respective frame of reference. Those who believe that the Bible,the Koran or Tora is there frame of refference, bring that to the debate since that is all they believe their respective guide for living. But does that give justice to the debate? I would say no. This topic of homosexuality has been with society for as long as human beings are on the earth. Its much deeper than the simplistic response that are given here. From my own knowledge of life on this planet, I”m convince that its about evolution, because the evidence of evolution is more convincing than the so call God made man from the dust of the earth a blow into his nostril the breath, and then made the woman from the rib of the man. Anyone that is a serious seeker of truth will understand the Bible for what it is, meaning, it has some noble admonishons, but it also has much contradictions.And this is coming from one who believed at one time that the Bible was finality. To the simple mind every thing is simple. Note, looking at a Caterpillar worm, who would believe that it will turn into a butterfly? That is by design that it evolves to a Caterpiller, so is the end results of all living things; but lets face it, the process is too complex to be fully understood. If we were to see the little microscopic dot of the sperm, isen’t it a marvel that everything that the full, whatever, is in that microscopic dot? Now scientist can look back at the whole genetic code of any species. Truth is the only thing that set man free.

  36. phyllis griffith, new york says:

    Boots Martinez is an example that one does not have to be politically correct and go with the flow of society. He stands up for what he believes and I support him. Now Boots lets talk about the high crime in Belize…………
    And why is the government consorting with the gangs???? who is ruling/running this country? Answer: The gangs of Belize. Which sad to say will be the name of a future documentary……

  37. 2 cents says:

    a caterpillar turns into a butterfly what does a human being evolves into?
    i believe the Bible and it say that all this will happen before Christ comes so we can all fight it but it will happen.

  38. Homo habilis says:

    @ RedBwai… You can definitely call it Religous “beliefs” because at the end of the day that is all it is. But when speaking of evolution the fact is, it is not a belief system but a proven fact of life. You say that by law of nature man and man or woman and woman cannot create life so therefore by that fact alone the law should stand. I think Lawyers would have a field day with that assessment. I believe most of the laws we already have in our books are against the so called “laws of nature” Is it not part of nature to kill? Is it not part of nature to steal? Unless you’re considering that all laws should follow what is deemed part of the natural process of nature then your point holds no weight whatsoever.

  39. marco says:

    These people sound like they are of another race and of another gender, you are either a man or a woman, no three or four was about it. Surely sins abounds this planet but that does not make it legal for you to think that your rights are being violated. Lord have mercy on all of us, including me.

  40. CEO says:

    I love it, a debate that seeks to say, when your free to be yourself, but you no have right to custody of children. A debate that says Boots rights, but does not really dig deeper into the sound bite. Everyone here have embraced the propaganda that the “bible say” yet I no all you literate people have not truly read the bible to understand the context of its reference to homosexuality. It amazes me how people get so religious on the issue of homosexuality, but is not so religious when they are doing there deeds in private. Any way that its put, human rights are entitlements that is yours whether gay or straight. The majority cannot seek to erode those rights as it is not theirs to erode, but it can seek to violate. It is clear the the illogical expression here, solidifies why the case is so important to win.

  41. RedBwai says:

    @ Homo Habilis….for the simple fact dat u cannot procreate with another male or for a female with another female….that clearly shows dat its not meant to be….dont try to force something dat wasnt meant to be…..wouldnt it be interesting if a man can impregnate another man hmmmm…..not possible by nature….but u have the right to live how u want to live….and i have my own right to live how i want to live….jus dont expect everyone else to accept u for the way u choose to live urs….Oh an about the “laws of nature” …if ur referring to being gay as part of nature…i dont see anything natural about it….but if ur going to ask “Is it not part of nature to kill?” by saying dat ur basically saying we are all wired to kill….now wouldnt it be natural for some people in society to jus want to kill all gays….hmmm…i wonder wat would be so natural about dat now….weird..

  42. Doofus Dorkus says:

    Seems pointless to argue, really. I am not for or against the decriminalization. Just wish people would stop throwing religion and the bible into everything, and assume that only homos molest children. Goes to show you that with our superb educational system in Belize, the vast majority of Belizeans are still so ignorant. Having homos has not stopped precreation, and you cannot tell me that everytime a man or woman has sex it is for procreation. If that was the case, there would be no contraceptives or abortions. Really people, think before you speak or write, your words simple reflect how truly uneducated you are. If you were anywhere else in the world, you would be laughed out of town.

  43. Digzo says:

    Sodomy is an unnatural act!

    Please don’t allow it to become legal in the jewel.

  44. Alex says:

    @Everyone….. listen carefully… its not that we are fighting to do our stuff in public, its just the fact that we will be respected and treated the same way as a hetrosexual….. so i dont know what is your problem…. if you all want to talk about God, ok then, remember, GOD GAVE US SOMETHING CALLED( CHOICES) we choose to live that way and we should be respected just as you all. what would you think or say if your child was gay???? remember everyone has feelings, and everyone wants to be loved… also one last thing… to EVERYONE, remember (Mathew 7:3) dont look at the speck of dust in my eye when you have a plank in yours….. take out your plank before you try to tell me about mines or try to helptake out mine…

  45. Alex says:

    Homosexual people will say everything that suits their situation. Lets Keep our little paradise Belize healthy. Lets live according to Gods rules. This Gay propaganda is a prophesy of the Bible. The second coming of God is closer. Christian of Belize and the world lets pray for these people. Remember this is not a fight against physical creatures but against evil.
    Lets stand up like many other countries, for example Guatemala where society stood against this issue and with the help of God won the battle.

  46. DEVIL'S ADVOCATE says:

    if the orchestrator of the 53 challenge was silenced would anyone give a damn other than his biological kindred and like minded baffoons

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