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Aug 31, 2011

Murdered in front of his friends inside Banak Street Apartment


Guy Fuller

There is tension on the streets over the recent confrontation between the Gang Suppression Unit and the George Street Gang. Police are claiming that the gangs are threatening to use grenades during Celebrations. While the cops have their hands full, two more lives were taken on Tuesday night. Around seven o’clock, Guy Fuller, was shot and killed while at home.  The gunman unleashed at least seven bullets that caught him on the head, side arm, abdomen and chest. There were at least two other persons that witnessed the horrific murder.  Fuller’s family is shocked at his death and looking for answers. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Thirty four year old Guy Fuller Junior, a father of three worked as a mechanic and a tattoo artist. Fuller was gunned down and killed Tuesday night. Seven rounds made their mark on his body, but he wasn’t killed on the street, Fuller was murdered inside his burglar barred apartment on Banak Street.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Investigators visited a house on Banak Street a little before seven o’clock where they saw the lifeless body of Guy Fuller Junior, a twenty-four year old mechanic of the same Banak Street address with multiple gunshot wounds to chest, head and other parts of the body. Initial investigations reveal that Fuller was chased into his house by a gunman who opened fire on him and fatally injured him somewhere in the kitchen area.  We have three persons detained in connection with this murder and we are seeking another.”

Jose Sanchez

“The witnesses; were they able to positively identify the shooter?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well Jose I don’t usually comment on witnesses because this is a murder case. We at the police station try our best to keep that kind of information for the day in court in the event we arrest and charge anyone in reference with this murder report.”

According to neighbors, before seven p.m., Fuller was entertaining two friends inside the apartment on the lower level. But two more men showed up at the residence.   While Ellis Meighan and Tyron Meighan entered the residence, a third individual, Dennis Smith slipped in with a firearm which caused Fuller to bolt for the kitchen. Then, fatal shots were then fired.

Jose Sanchez

“The two individuals who entered the house prior to the alleged shooter, will they receive similar charges?”


Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Jose let’s wait until the investigators reach that juncture. As soon as we have filed charges, I will send that out.”

Jose Sanchez

“Any idea of the motive as yet?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Not as yet. We are trying to establish that.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Murdered in front of his friends inside Banak Street Apartment”

  1. ny says:

    let me see if i get this right, the police knows all the players in this braisen and senseless murder, lets see if they are competent enough to secure a conviction; and if they do get a conviction, this killer should be made to pay the ultimate price …death, or life behind bars w/out the possibility of parole doing hard labour.

  2. Storm says:

    Give the killer[s] a fair and impartial conviction. THEN HANG HIM. If we hang about 100 gangsters in this country, the murder rate will drop to the floor. It’s just a very few terrorizing everyone else.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why don’t the GSU start killing out these gang members?They are all a menace to the law abiding Belizeans.Why even detain these criminals,when they’re not going to be convicted.This PM needs to start making some tuff decission.If he thinks that been a leader is just about holding press conference and flying to Miami to drink moet then he needs to do the Belizean people a favor and resign.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    How can our leaders go to sleep knowing that Belizeans are been slaugtered in their homes.Shame on the GOB.Maybe the United ation need to come in and take Barrow and affiliates out and have them face charges for been incompitent in every aspect of their leadership.They can’t create jobs,they can’t ensure that the Belizean Citizens can walk the streets without been a victim,they can’t ensure that their is a sytem in place to distribute land to the Belizean Citizen,The only thing that Barow have done since he came to office was removing tints off vehicles which was a waste of time.As a matter of fact their has been more murders since that law was implimented.

  5. toomuchinfo says:

    this is why so many witnesses get killed before a case goes to trial. why in the hell would u blast out who the two persons name are that was at the house socializing with Fuller. Obviously they are the witness and now they have to be the ones watching their own backs. Dont make no sense too much damn information for the public and the accused.

  6. BMNJ says:

    The criminals know exactly how the law works in Belize – work more in their favor. On top of that, the Human Rights Commission is also ‘laboring’ for the criminals. Hanging in Belize? Only when the criminals are starting to kill ‘innocent victims’ like the PM or his family members, the Ministers or their family members, and the Human Rights Commission group members or their family members. To you the criminals out there, if you have the balls, do your thing against those ‘innocent victims’. We need your ‘kind assistance’ in bringing back the capital punishment in Belize.

  7. FN&***&MODERATOR!!! says:

    A story about ” CHUPA CABRA” would have been more effective in crime prevention than tint removing!!!

  8. Old Fashion says:

    Everything have a head and in this case the Belizean People must vote out Barrow a.s.a.p and map the sidewalk with the so call gangsters! There sould be no trial, no gail time and no parole, this should be sudden death! and force their partners in crime watch.

  9. KIKA says:

    come on hang them. no other option Barrow. Brother stop the merciless killing of your very own blood. what a same on you. That is why they say blackman are still living the old days being cannibal. Do somethign for the best and be save in heaven or hell if you choose. you make the choice.

  10. KIKA says:

    come on hang them. no other option Barrow. Brother stop the merciless killing of your very own blood. what a same on you. That is why they say blackman are still living the old days being cannibal. Do somethign for the best and be save in heaven or hell if you choose. you make the choice. stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

  11. KIKA says:

    stop the killing your very own blood. shame on you all.

  12. Freshface says:

    I must add to these rediculous comments, Our country is being Governed not only by the PM but aslo Our People. Why blame the government when all belizeans except the children have knowledge of how Belize is governed. I must say that the crime rates are bitterly high and I’d like to extend my deep sincere condolences to those families who lost their loved one’s to the hands of crime. We all need to stop all the finger pointing and come up with a solution as to how we as a nation can be voiced positively and effective. Sad to say, but my concerns lies within the media and how they too can address issues concerning the belizean public as they too play a big roll in lives of our country.

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