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Aug 12, 2011

Maya Leaders Alliance allege corruption in rosewood extraction

The Maya Leaders Alliance has been investigating a situation of illegal logging in Toledo.  It has documented the incidences and has met with the Forest Department about putting an end to the rape of rosewood from forests surrounding Mayan Villages. There are two situations that the MLA is facing. Firstly, the extraction of the lumber is being carried out by their own and Cristina Coc, the Program Coordinator for the MLA, says that corruption has allowed the situation to continue.

Via Phone: Cristina Coc, Program Coordinator, Maya Leaders Alliance

Cristina Coc

“We want to focus our attention on the corruption that is involved. We have known for some time now as we’ve done our investigation, we have known that department officials, forest department officials, other political officials along with local leaders have been involved with the extraction of rosewood illegally.”

Jose Sanchez

“Have you been able to document this?”

Via Phone: Cristina Coc

“We have documented. We actually would like to send you a video documentation of how rampant the situation is, how much logs are leaving and how and when they are leaving. It gives an idea of who is involved. We are at a point where we feel disappointed to know that none of these commitments by the forest department have been upheld. In fact August seventh has come and gone and there has been no order. On Wednesday, August seventh, we went out there because we noticed and observed numerous containers being loaded all the way to the brim with rosewood in plain sight and these containers were ready to be trucked out of Toledo. We are concerned about that because we felt that we had come to an agreement with the forest department to halt this operation. In fact, to the contrary because forest has not increased its patrol on the road, neither have they coordinated with us to form joint patrols. They have not created since that time a single check point. It is so disappointing to the point that Mister Sabido has not even returned a single one of our many calls to his office since the meeting on August fourth. And I think it is time to say enough is enough. We are tired of being played for fool and we will not sit idly and watch as our forests are degraded. We will not sit here and watch as our forests are desecrated. We will not sit here and do nothing when we know we have a social and environmental responsibility to fulfill for the country and our people. So we are calling and we continue to communicate and we want to communicate this against to the chief forest officer; we remain committed to forming partnership to collectively control and monitor logging activities in Toledo and we will fully support him in overcoming whatever pressures he is confronting that want him to turn a blind eye to this illegal operation. We recognize that when the forest department says their hands are tied that they mean that there are directions given from higher up. But we also know that we have a social obligation and we have an environmental obligation and we want to go on record and say that the Mayan people are willing to manage their lands properly. We don’t want anybody to come back and tell us that we cannot manage our land.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Maya Leaders Alliance allege corruption in rosewood extraction”

  1. Mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Like I said these corrupted, no good, drug dealing politicians are using the nations resources as their private cash cow in order to further enrich their wealth building legacy scheme, it’s time that the people of Belize run them out and let them know who really has the power, I say block these roads and disable their equipment people of Toledo come out in full force They are acting illegally and must be stopped, these forests are for the benefit of the people of Belize and they are getting no benefit from these illegal activities. Remember My Legacy B4 My People.

  2. Charlie Bravo says:

    Christina needs to get her info together, she’s talking nonsense, it’s the same Mayas cutting the trees and selling the lumber, she needs to talk to her people, not the GOB, remember they are the same people who want to make Toledo Maya Home Land, she can’t even manage her own people, how does that make her qualify to make Toledo Maya Homeland??? If they are cutting the forest now illegally imagine when they own it. Why is no one from Toledo saying anything ???? Speak Toledo, let the rest of the country know what’s going on, cause Christina will have her way if you don’t speak. It’s not only Maya’s living in Toledo, why are we not hearing from the East Indians, Creoles, Garifuna, Guatemalans, and most of all the Maya’s who are cutting the trees to sell because they need to purchase school supplies for there children. Come on Toledo let the rest of the country hear the other side of the story. You have to remember only Toledo listens to Love FM, the rest the country watches Channel 5. If Christina had lived in Thatch House living on Farming she’d have a different point of view, but she rather live in the town in a big concrete house and listen to rumors lol

  3. Mr. Concerned says:

    i don’t understand what people from Toledo are doing. if you guys don’t like what is happening and worst the government had not been corporating, take it withing in your owns hands. TRASH THEM OUT. We are all aware how people from guatemala do things and even up north. At least you followed protocols.

  4. BLVNJAH says:


  5. Franco says:

    To my point of view the GOB do not respect nor recognize the rights of the Maya people. That’s the button point! POWER TO THE MAYA PEOPLE.

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