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Aug 8, 2011

Murder in St. Matthew’s Village

Jorge Agustin

A twenty year old student from the IT-VET in the west has been shot and killed. His family heard gunshot blasts around midnight but did not imagine that Jorge Agustin was the target. He had visited with his mother on Sunday night but she woke up to the horrible news early this morning. Agustin’s body was found close to where he lived in St Matthew’s; he was only wearing boxer shorts. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

On Sunday night twenty year old Jorge Agustin told his mother he was calling it an early night because he had business in the city on Monday morning.

Adela del Carmen Mejia: Mother of the Deceased

Adela del Carmen Mejia

“My son was resting because he came home here  around five yesterday evening and he left around eight thirty last night from here because he used to come here to eat and for to his own little house he has made because he was living on his own for the most part. He told me he was going to sleep early because he was going to Belize City. Because he was going to continue study because we’re poor sop he also had to go out and work right. So he was going to the city to buy his books to succeed and clothes.”

But he never made it to the city. Around mid-night his family heard five gun shots in their neighborhood in St. Matthew’s village, but never imagined it was Agustin who had been shot:

Adela del Carmen Mejia

“The shots were around mid-night last night. I called him around twelve and some three minutes after I called again but I figured he was sleeping because he doesn’t go out he goes to his bed. But I felt a strange feeling in my heart and I said we should go and see him but my husband said he doesn’t get into trouble with anybody.”

Voice of: Heidi Perez, Cousin of the Deceased

“My uncle he neva think dah he deh mi kill. Deh say dah mussie some hunters out there di hunt yuh know because sometimes dah back yah deh come hunt.”

But around five on this morning the family was informed that Agustin was killed sometime around twelve the night. He was shot multiple times:

Adela del Carmen Mejia

“He was resting, I think and he got out of his house and they probably beat him and struggled with him, I don’t know. But they shot him in his arm, his leg and in front I believe.”

Agustin was discovered a few yards away from his house, and just a few feet next to his neighbors home but they say they didn’t hear anything. The family says bullets were also found where the body was discovered:

Felipe Martinez: Relative of the Deceased

Felipe Martinez

“This is where I cannot imagine the way how he got there. Well the house is more farther down but when he left from the mother he had on clothes but when they find the body here this morning well he just had on his boxers. The way I see it like he was in the house or somebody run him out ah the house.”

Andrea Polanco

“I understand several bullets were found as well on the scene?”

Felipe Martinez

“Yes, according to the police they have ah sixteen one three sixteen, and a nine millimeters and the other one was a twenty two.”

Andrea Polanco

“So it was definitely more than two gunmen at least?”

Felipe Martinez

“The way I see it, it is three gunmen.”

And family members say Agustin was a hardworking student, someone who would keep to himself and avoided problems:

Voice of: Heidi Perez

“When I receive wah text from my sista di tell me that deh kill my cousin I get surprised, in a shock I she ‘why would they kill him?’ If he neva have enemies out here. I never heard from nobody that he has done bad things to somebody out there, never. He was a good student, even if fifty cent he mih have to go dah school he go dah school.”

Adela del Carmen Mejia

“He was an obedient son to me. He was studious because he always liked to school. He used to like going to the field to play sports. Jorge was just an educated person, hard working and different.”

The family believes robbery wasn’t the motive because Agustin’s belongings were inside his home. Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

There have been no arrests so far, nor have there been any witnesses to come forward on the murder.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Murder in St. Matthew’s Village”

  1. Mr. Lover says:

    Hey Mr. Prime Minister another positive youth was gunned down now what you have to say about that, when will we see some improvement when it comes to crime in our country?

  2. Rod says:

    While people keep getting killed our great pm is in la enjoying himself living in the best hotel that cost 500 dollars a night while their are belizeans are living hand to mouth he is spending your money on another vacation the fifth this year wake up belizeans your hard earn money is being spent on this pm and his family staying in the best hotels in la eating steak every day while you have to eat corn beef and potted meat and while people keep getting shot everyday. Useless pm and gov. Where is the minister of defense is he hiding under a rock.

  3. JDR says:

    This is sad. He was a hard-working student who did not give trouble. RIP bro.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    The murder of innocent Belizean continues while the PM keep using the Belizean people tax-dollars for personal gain.

  5. Storm says:

    So some murderous …. with a gun kills a young man who was on the path to help the country and make it proud.

    Here is what we must do. Catch the killer, give him a fair trial, and HANG KIM. All killers must die, no mercy, no exceptions. It’s a matter of national self-defence and survival.

    I saw a story where in Mexico, where police would not stop a gang of robbers, they had a village meeting, and the meeting sent a posse of 90 armed people to confront the criminals. After the confrontation, no more criminals, problem solved. We can do that here.

  6. Indian woman says:

    Hey Storm….. U have the right idea and it really is the only way to curb crime. People have got to understand that :”"Help yourself”" is the only help u gonna get. Problem is Belizeans are not that breed of people. They are lazy and want someone else to do the work for them.Very sad how we have lost Belize.ALL BECAUSE WE WANTED A BLACK PM.May all the UDP people and their families…their great grandchildren… enjoy the legacy of DEAN BARROW.

  7. marco says:

    Lawmen and Village Council and responsible citizens of St. Matthew and Franks Eddy and Cotton Tree. Let us keep our eyes and ears open. Let us take action, for inaction is condoning the criminals act. Lets close the bars, lets have the preachers stop screaming and criticizing the Catholic Church at night and teaching good things and leading in a just way. Lets take back our village NOW.

    This business about THUG LIFE we will stop and the persons talking in gang language we will have for breakfast. Beware those promoting evil like ganga, rum and fads and fashion. Like Rod says we cannot depend on the Prime Minister. I feel that the Prime Minister is depending on us to make things right and I am sure He will bless us for assisting.

  8. maree says:

    Ok now my fellow bz stop blaming the pm. God killeth and god maketh alive.the pm can’t stop every killer. What we need to do is turn to god. Man can’t help us god is the one to help….

  9. maree says:

    We all losing focus. Come and let us return unto the lord. ..these are the last days…..the lord will soon visit bz. Return unto the lord. REPENT……..the time is at hand. We are all Israelite from the 12 tribe of Israel the real Jews the people of the bible who was in d wilderness. Come let us return unto the lord…….when we do what Christ says he’s always there for us…..come my bz we can do it……start to pray mire often and thank god for being god…..

  10. Cayo says:

    Storm, Spanish lookout is starting to fight crime them selves, and they say it’s working.more communities need to do this.

  11. Indian woman says:

    Maree…. please shut your mouth. It is people like you religious hypocrites that screw up our world. God has enough on his hands. What we need is to rid ourselves of these scum of the earth. These useless beings who contribute NOTHING to our societies.If it was not for the church their would be less crime in many parts of this world.MY FELLOW BELIZEANS………..POLICE YOURSELVES.GO OUT AND CLEAN YOUR COUNTRY SIDE OF MAGGOTS.CREATE A BETTER LIFE FOR THY CHILDREN AND TRUST NOT IN OTHERS TO HELP DEE FOR TO EVERY DOG IS TO HIMSELF IS THE NEW WAY OF LIFE. LIVE FREE OR DIE!

  12. Al says:

    Indian Woman,

    I think you have your facts wrong about the church and God. If people would follow what the Bible say about how to live our lives, the world would not be in the mess it is right now. We blame God for every bad thing and fail to understand that we as a people are the ones responsible for the rotten things in this world. The Bible says that when God created teh earth it was beautiful we cropped it up starting with Adam and Eve. Look at Belize, it is a beautiful place, life could be so carefree, but people have allowed Satan to destroy the country. Behind every rotten thing is the devil, he deceives the young men and then he destroy them. You should read your Bible and begin to pray for thecountry. I am so sorry for you, I bet if something happens to you the first person you call to is the same God the church preach about. It is people like you who is ignorant to what the devil stands for that allow Satan to spin his evil web. Wake up and really seek God.

  13. Indian woman says:

    Dear Al…. You are a slave.Mental slave. YOU have no guts nor courage and that is why you will not fight against the trash that roam the earth. I said nothing about believing in god.I said nothing about not reading the Bible. What i said was ….. because of religious folks like you …. criminals control our daily lives.If we were to hang them you hypocrites would embark on a religious campaign to save humans and the bull about love your brother. Please go preach to the roaches and rats in your house. Don’t kill them. Go read your bible to them. GET MY POINT? OH RELIGIOUS ONE? Criminals are like the roaches and rats .We do not need them in our society. That was my message.Heard what they are doing in Spanish Lookout? Policing their zones.Read your bible after you rid your society of these scum.

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