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Aug 8, 2011

Series of assaults against Americans in Cayo

The Cayo District is trailing the Belize District when it comes to violent crime. And though murders are the hallmark of misconduct in the Belize District, assaults on United States citizens are on the increase in the Cayo District.  Three disturbing incidences have gone under the radar in the past month. The first incident was reported by a twenty two year old student and tourist in mid July. She claims that along with four female companions, they were sightseeing in the Hammock Bridge area, when they were attacked by a machete wielding masked man. The mugger used his machete to force them into the bushes, ordered them to lay on the ground and then tied their hands. He then took off the clothes of one of the alleged victims and attempted to rape her. Although he did not succeed in that attempt, he still found other ways to molest her. The attacker ran off with two cameras, after which the other women managed to untie themselves and escape. The sexual assault victim told the police that she could identify her attacker even though he was wearing a mask. She has expressed interest in testifying against her attacker if an arrest is made.

While those five women were recovering, two days later another attack on U.S. nationals was reported. Nineteen year old Jill Hsia and twenty one year old Kelly Brink were exercising inside the Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio when two men attacked them. The men made no attempt to cover their faces. One of the women was robbed of an Ipod and was fondled. The brave victim said that she also could easily identify her attacker and would testify against him if he was apprehended.

So after seven female United States citizens were robbed, the eighth U.S. victim, a male, suffered a home invasion.  According to Louis Krammer, a fifty-seven year old music teacher, at eight p.m. on July seventeenth, he opened the door of his rental property after hearing a knock.  Two masked men rushed into the building, pushed him to the ground and demanded his valuables.  The assailants relieved him of a total of twenty-seven thousand dollars in cash and valuables.

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19 Responses for “Series of assaults against Americans in Cayo”

  1. Rod says:

    And this will continue with this useless incompetent pm and gov .I tell you all stay away from Belize all americans stay away from Belize you will eighter be raped robbed or killed we have a useless pm and gov. That are only interested in filling their pockets they don’t care about the people of Belize much less any tourist. So stay away don’t come to Belize instead go to your news papers and tv stations where you live and demand that this prime minister answer to your complains. Out with barrow while all this is happening in the country where is barrow he is in la staying in a 500 dollars a night hotel and eating steak every day on your hard earned tax money.

  2. indian woman says:

    Now this is where the Police Dept. is showing clearly how incompetent and lazy they really are.Tourists and any foreign nationals living or visiting Belize are very important to the image and reputation of our country.How stupid can we be? Belizeans need to understand that criminals who attack anyone , including foreigners should be dealt with harshly. We are playing with these criminals who prey on others in Belize.Foreigners who contribute to our economy are of great importance.We really don’t have much else going on.God bless the Chinese business people who have also contributed but yet are being robbed and murdered.Protect the hand that feeds you.The PM clearly does not want to deal with crime. Not on his agenda.I have nothing against the rude boys killing off each other.Fine with me. We don’t need them anyway. But innocent and law abiding citizens need protection.

  3. Belizean Soul says:

    I am American & just moved back to the US after 10 years in Belize. Since I left on May 4, some Belizean friends who live in States were visiting their family in Cayo and were carjacked & robbed at gunpoint. Along with valuables, their passports and US green cards were taken, and credit cards. They were traumatized and had a hell of of a time replacing their paperwork so that they could return to their lives in the States. I LOVE BELIZE, and hated to leave. But these incidents have me convinced that I made the right decision. If the thugs will brutalize their own people, I know what I might have faced as a white woman alone in a nice truck. Belize needs to GET TOUGH ON CRIME!

  4. I voted UDP says:

    they came in with a promise to be tough on crime, but what a joke that has turned out to be. 2 ministers later and about 3 compol changes we at at the worst point ever. Murder rate is the highest ever, Guatemalans crossing our borders with total impunity, police stations permanently closed down or open during “normal business hours” 9 to 5. contraband sugar, corn and rice crosses our borders daily and their solution to all of this is a WE ARE BELIZE jingle and to remove dark tint from certain vehicles only.. I honestly beleived in this crowd when I voted in 2008.

  5. Do it right says:

    Rod you must be an anti Belizean or something. Crime is a problem everywhere and these cases are really unfortunate, But how can you put down your country like that. It doesn’t matter who is in government, these crimes will still occur because these scumbags won’t change their intentions or stop committing crime bc Government changes. I feel sorry for the tourists that this happened to and hope they get justice. I can understand that you a PUP supporter but to put down your country is very unpatriotic my friend. Don’t be a part of the problem my friend, be a part of the solution.

  6. Crazy says:

    Ahhhh… Belize the next Haiti and Venezuela.

  7. Justice says:

    Do it right , please do a research on the pm and you will know Rod is right. We have the most useless pm in the world!

  8. Belizean says:

    I Voted UDP…I voted udp too. its a damn shame though, we cant take it back now, barrow is actually the reason the party is failing and im ashamed to call myself that, now i got ticketed as soon as they won, my job has cancelled paying a portion of our bonus due to losses at this company and so did my other family memebrs, from my point of view is that fair knowing that my hard earned tax dollars are paying louis and her family!! hell no, never again will i vote udp, and i call on all patriotic belizeans to vote them out, these are real gangsters here, there are no jobs being created, no opportunities for further education and higher job levels, if udp had a different leadership we would be in a better position, but sadly all other ministers are afraid of him and wont stand up knowing he is wrong, so they’ll run contraband at the borders use ministries and departments to issue cash to their voters to buy votes and continue to rape belize, I will never vote UDP again!

  9. Taliban says:

    What unu people think d happen dah cayo. I think dah d Belize police n d Spanish them from Guatemala. The police know the areas the crime d tek place n still no checkpoint no patrol. The system !@#$%^ up. Now watch d name weh Belize d get. “haiti”. Now we d citizens need fi go dah Guatemala n buy d same big guns weh they cum rob up d people wit ova n kill them out. The police force dah wah bunch of cowards. Only deem out people they wah shoot n kill. So we need fi tek control n kill from d police weh d !@@#$ up.

  10. wasting my time says:

    been coming to Belize since 84. bought land and partnered with locals to create businesses.
    starting to wonder with all the crime, greed, corruption and incompetence that I am wasting my time, money, and needlessly risking my life. thinking about safer places to be not surrounded by criminals going nowhere; that is ultimate poverty.

  11. Belizean too says:

    May God Bless you Rod!
    INDIAN WOMAN, I agree that our country needs to be tougher on criminals. However, I donot agree that the government is not trying. Whenever I read the news, I always see people rebelling against officers because they are being too harsh. All Belizeans need to let the officers do their job and stop harboring criminals even if they are our own blood. WE KNOW WHO WE ARE!
    BELIZEAN SOUL, I love Belize too and it will always be home.
    I VOTED UDP, most of us Belizeans feel this way about crime in our beautiful Belize. However, if the government changes in the next election, we might be commenting on the same sad things again. Contraband has been around for a while, even on periods of both parties. CRIME is increasing throughout the “WORLD” becasue of the economical crises, it’s just that we don’t see it.
    Well said, DO IT RIGHT! I am sorry for all the crime victims in Belize, but believe me some day it will catch up with the criminals.
    Why can’t we all join up to save our country, regardless of political views. I feel so proud when we all support our National Football Selection when they are on international duty. Players from different clubs, that compete against themselves, come together to defend the colors of a nation. I wish them LUCK!

  12. sonia rodriguez says:

    Rod it seems as though you are hungry . Want some steak? Stop run down our country and offer possible solutions. Stop be a child molester and stop contributing to the crimes in our beautiful country. Hater. Hater.

  13. I Have Awaken says:


  14. I Have Awaken says:

    @ I voted UPD and Belizean – I hope that when election time comes around people like you don’t get amnesia when all the free liquor and blue notes start flowing. Vote 3rd party my friend, that was the only way Canada could have saved itself from the status quo,,_2011

  15. sonia rodriguez says:

    o where o where is my beloved barrow why you left me ya by myself you know am in love with you oliver no matta whey they say bout you i believe in you you bald head man you.

  16. rod says:

    sonia rodriguez i have to say you are truly a moronic idiot no wonder our country is in the state its in its because of people like you you imbisil.

  17. Belizean says:

    I have awaken, well said, i got a liquor cabinet stacked up with the johnny’s, tequila, and beer in my fridge, i dont need to forget it when elections come around, but the third party thing is coming along too slow…people seem to wait on PUP or UDP to take action. where are the so called third parties now? if we had voted for them then what would we have been seeing now? they went silent and dead,as if they never existed.NRP? was that here in Belize or Guate.? i dont see them or hear them any at all, and they were an option?? Where are they now when the country is heading to turmoil, and we thought they cared for us? If i was the leader of the opposition be it PUP or VIP, i think they should spread their wings further out district now, now, now!! Then start making a hell of a lot more noise than UDP, get on the morning shows, make an alliance with COLA and Citizens for Justice, meet with the members from Associations country wide and ask how do they want representation, infiltrate the Unions and pressure the UDP union leaders through their membership, meet with the farmers and have them play a vital role in the formulation of the next manifesto. Let the Citrus growers formulate the other segment, let the bar assocation formulate a piece, let the Ad hoc groups and Mayans play a role in creating this, a Manifesto is truly what the people want, but its only credible if the people create it. Now go tell that to the “3rd Party” who is credible enough…!

  18. sonia rodriguez says:

    Where is our bald head beloved barrow? Our country needs you. Please hurry go back to Belize..

  19. Do it right says:

    @Justice. What exactly am i to research about the PM my friend. Did you read what i said? I’m talking about how unpatriotic ROD is and how he puts down his own country. Frankly what he said don’t make any sense at all. Its all senseless rambling by a Blue to the bone PUP that is upset that he is not on vacation in a $500 dollar a night hotel, SO he bad mouths the whole country. Y’all have to look beyond your own selfish ways. You and ROD’s grievances don’t justify the PM being useless. There are countless poor people that have been helped and lives have been improved by the GOB. Far more than when the last Government. The problem with many people in society is that they are selfish and want evrything given to them. The moment GOB doesn’t help them, they are upset and render the GOB useless. I have seen countless people in my area receive help by the GOB and that was something i didnt see at all with the last government. SO its not me that need to do research my friend; however i would love your insight on the criteria that you and ROD have put together to judge someone as being useless. So do share.

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