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Aug 5, 2011

Another Guatemalan incursion in the Chiquibul Area

David Jones

A third confrontation between Belize Defense Force Soldiers and Guatemalan loggers in the past fourteen days took place on Thursday making the unwelcome intrusions into the vast expanse of the Chiquibul National Park, commonplace.  The frequency with which border patrols have been threatened by the illegal tree cutters in the area, is also sounding alarm bells.  The three reported encounters with armed poachers have taken place deep within the forest reserve. In the most recent chance meeting on Thursday, a team of B.D.F. officers on a routine tour of the border came across a machete-wielding logger from the neighboring community of Las Flores.  Upon interrogation, Santos Torres, advanced on members of the unit in a threatening motion.  The B.D.F. fired a warning shot and claims that the man moved ahead to attack the soldiers before finally being subdued and detained.  Unlike previous confrontations, B.D.F. Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel David Jones, told News Five today that the incident involved one individual who had not managed to clear a significant portion of forestry before being caught.

Lt. Col. David Jones, B.D.F. Chief of Staff

“Yesterday we had a patrol going close to the Guatemalan border.  About two hundred meters away we were suppose to have a linkup patrol with the Guatemalan armed forces in the area of Xapote Two.  We had a fifteen man patrol that went in there [and] when they arrived at about two hundred and seventy-two meters away from the border they heard chopping in the area.  On investigation they heard someone running away and when they got to the area they found someone there with a machete chopping wood.  They approached the person and they asked him what he was doing and he stated that he was just doing his job and they should leave him alone.  But the person instead became aggressive and approached the patrol with his machete with the action to chop one of the soldiers.  The soldiers retreated and the guy again came forward with the intention to chop the soldier again.  Prior to that happening one of the members of the patrol picked up, sorry, the patrol commander actually fired a warning shot over the guy to warn him that he could probably get killed if he continued what he was doing.  He didn’t take heed to the warning shot and one of the soldiers picked up one of the piece of sticks that he had chopped and when he approached another soldier that’s when the soldier used the stick to disarm him.  He hit him with the stick a few times, took away the machete from him and after they subdued him, they brought him out of the Chiquibul area and took him to the police station in San Ignacio.  I think they arrived probably sometime after ten or eleven last night and they handed him over to the police so he’s now in police custody and I believe he will probably be handed over to immigration authorities probably afterwards for other charges.”

Isani Cayetano

“Contrary to what has been reported in other parts of the media there weren’t any armed face-off this time around?”

Lt. Col. David Jones

“Oh no, there were no armed face-offs.  This guy just had a machete.  It was just one person they met.  The guy was disarmed and he was taken into custody [before being handed] over to the police at the moment.”

Isani Cayetano

“Have you been able to ascertain whether the area that this individual was clearing had been a significant portion of forestry?”

Lt. Col. David Jones

“No it wasn’t.  It was just a small area.  The guy wasn’t clearing large trees because he only had a machete.  Unlike other portions where people had chainsaws before this was not an area where there was significant clearing.”

On July thirteenth, a team of B.D.F. personnel, forest rangers and conservationists were assaulted by an armed group of illegal loggers within the Chiquibul forest upon discovery that they were clearing a considerable amount of mature cedar trees.  During that encounter Guatemalan national Orlando Motta was grazed by a bullet during the shootout.  He was later detained and taken to the San Ignacio Police Station where he was charged with immigration and forestry offences.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Another Guatemalan incursion in the Chiquibul Area”

  1. Rod says:

    Where is the minister of defense is he hiding under a rock

  2. Storm says:

    Whether it was one or a hundred Guats they met this time, the fact that large areas of the Jewel are stripped of xate and hardwood is PROOF of a large and permanent invasion.

    Guatemala outnumbers us almost 100 to 1, and they have crept in amongst us.


    If GOB fails, there will be no independent Belize in a generation. Do you want to become a Guat?

  3. The Trugh says:


  4. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Belize has sat on its rights for too long and allow this type of thing to happen so right now the guats have no respect, there is no other country in the world where a person could charge a soldier with a machete and live to talk about it the guats see the Belize defense force as a bunch of cowards especially with the minister of defense in hiding like he is I think that the people of Belize should call for his resignation since all he is doing is getting paid and not doing his job. Let a Belizean try something like that on Guatemalan or Mexican soil and see what the outcome would be. Remember My Legacy B4 My People.

  5. sonia rodriguez says:

    You should be hiding under a rock rod. what is one possible soulution for your concern? You just full of yourself. You stink. Ha.

  6. wisdom says:

    What do you expect when you set up a huge forest reserve on the border? Do you think the desparate poor people who do not have land on the other side will respect and cherish your beloved reserves? I am not making excuses for them. They allow their white elitist Government to take their lands and tell them go to Belice. Belice has huge reserves of land that is yours to begin with. Pobre indios.

    The solution is to tear down that reserve and set up towns for Belizeans all along the border. Make sure that there is strong police and immigration presence in each of such towns. Look at Benque. Benque is a Belizean town. The Guats in Benque respect Belize as being Belize and not Belice.

  7. Lucas says:

    If I have the habit of going to bed at night leaving my doors wide open and, one morning I wake to find someone sitting on my sofa watching his programe on my television and drinking my coffee; can I call that a HOME INVASION? I think it is more like an open INVITATION. And, should it be a SURPRISE?. I think it is more than EXPECTED. For years our borders have been neglected to say the least by pudp govts. There is no other way to explain the popping up of Guatemalan villages along the border inside Belize; the hundreds of acres of forest chopped to the ground by Guatemalan milperos; the constant raping of our mahogany, cedar, shate,gold, maccaws etc. etc. GOB. has failed it’s first duty to God and Country. That is: TO PROVIDE SECURITY FROM HOME GROWN AND FOREIGN ENEMIES. Barrow can’t even protect our streets, villages and city. How in the world can we expect him to protect our border?. Going to L.A.?. He should be at home making sure the doors are locked. The only way to protect our border is to keep CONSTANT AND PERMANENT PRESENCE AND TO MAKE SURE THE GUATS KNOW IT. they come in because the doors are always left opened. The excuse that we cannot patrol our border because it is too long is BULL. All the MILLIONS that barrow is mis-spending fighting Ashcroft and paying LOIS could be used to better equip and put more boots along the border. We Belizeans give a DAMN if Guatemala does not like it. We have GOD’S GIVEN OBLIGATION to protect our inheritance. If you shoot an intruder in your yard, you might get in trouble with the law, but if you KILL AN ARMED AND MENACING INTRUDER IN YOUR HOUSE, NO COURT OF LAW WILL CONDEMN YOU. PUDp govts. have the nasty habit of waiting for potential problems to explode instead of dealing with the problem before it gets out of hand. The longer govt. takes to deal with this present issue, the greater the impact will be when it explodes.I will say it again. the only solution to this problem is: MAINTAIN CONSTANT AND PERMANENT PRESENCE ALONG THE BORDER AND LET THE GUATS KNOW.

  8. reatph says:

    the man was arm with a machete. if that was a black belizean he would have been beaten up and killed.

  9. reatph says:

    if that was a black belizean he would have been beaten up and killed.

  10. WestBoy says:

    What is the point of all the patrols if the invaders are later released without pressing drastic charges on them. The Guatemalan Ambassador comes speaks with the police and let him lose you go over to Guatemala and try to do something like that! The Guatemalan police will beat the hell out of you, lock you up for a couple of days, charge you and your Government will do nothing to aid you but that is not the case for Guatemalans. Why do you think they do it over and over?? The punishment isn’t that hard on them so what is the Government doing??? Defence?? Patrols are being held but until some Belizean solider is killed then they will take drastic actions too late!!!

  11. Mellow Belizean says:

    Two factors come into play here:
    1) If these guys are brazen enough to attack BDF soldiers, then ordinary Belizean citizens are in mortal danger. This has to be dealt with immediately in an international forum, but it’s going to be a difficult road to justice because…

    2) Our arguments aren’t respected when even our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Elrington, was quoted in December 2009 declaring our border an “artificial border.” That just fuels the Guatemalans’ that they are right.

  12. Rod says:

    Sonia Rodriguez you are a moron it’s people like you that has the country like it is with your moronic views of how good this gov. Is doing you must be living under a rock with perdomo you moron.

  13. Skyhawk says:

    These incidents have been going on for years the problem is not only for the ministry of Defence it also concerns the ministry of Foreign Affairs. They direct the Ministry of Defence in matters along the border. The ministry of Defence can only send memos to the Ministry of Foreign affairs in which the Foreign affairs Office will inform their counter part in Guatemala. There have been more than one instances where the Ministry of Affairs have held back the Ministry of Defence from executing certain task along the border. These two Minstries are part of the National Security Council where the Prime Minister is the Chairperson. The guidance must be given by the Prime Minister as to who should have the ultimate responsibility. Those Soldiers are risking their lives everyday to patrol the border under extreme conditions to maintain our sovereignty. I continue to pray that god keep them safe in executing their task.

  14. FN&***&MODERATOR!!! says:

    Famous BDF eh?
    His photos all over the net…so all guats can see who they will target!!!
    Take good advice BDF, hide your ID and live longer.

  15. subKonshus says:

    Send the GSU to patrol the border since it appears that they are so trigger-happy….Remember they shot up Mr. Menjivar’s residence and charged him for attempted murder? Send Mr. Vidal and his “elite” cops to clean up the border instead of harassing native Belizeans who are being targeted by the UDP regime….

  16. sonia rodriguez says:

    Rod this country needs a lot of help from the Government and people. It is a pity that people like you wants the Government and PM to fix all the wrongs you and others are creating. Rod you hide under a rock but a lot of people know that you are a child molester but you will be caught very soon. I did not vote for the UDP party and surely do not support crime. I am one proud latino Belizean gal and I love Belize. Stop contributing to the crimes in Belize Rod. Stop what you are doing. Lets keep Belize free from crimes created by morons like you. I love Belize and I know that the PUP can do a better job if they elect new leaders and rid our society of scum bags like you.

  17. Living in Belize says:

    I hope all you critics are ready to pick up an Ak 47 and and stand at the guatemalan borders to defend it…Rod, Im hoping you are the first to volunteer, while you can all safely write over this forum, in the comforts of where you are, miles from the danger zone, its easy to take down the government and ministries. Its the will of the people to stand up and defend Belize..thank god i have a mexican birth certificate, cause when the guates come storming in to claim their lands Im damn sure Rod will be the first at the Airport with his luggage to flee..!! I definitely wont defend Belize if all of you who got a lotta chats and no substance, wont defend it either, Rod were you in the crowd that protested the Ninth Ammendment last week? or infront of your computer writing again.>? It is up to you the people to defend belize, when will you take the war to the government to defend us..? When..?

  18. Gilbert says:

    reatph, rod and sonia,
    Reatph, ur a shallow minded person, u must me a black uneducated dude to speak out like that.
    Rod, i see ur point. I feel the pain too, security namely the bdf need more resources and a general with cohones.
    Sonia, u r they type that need a bit more schooling, blue or red all a dem da the same thing. so no come try seh dis bout UDP or this bout PUP. All a dem da the same thief. some thief with manners while some thief when block, no matters be da still thief. PUP, the secret arrangement!!! UDP well just about the same. so unu grow and offer solutions. I rest my case.

  19. Voice says:

    Its my country, its my Belize, i’ll stand up and fight with everything i have. and the minister of defense and the pm better fight too. or else they’ll be the first to go down. and you living in Belize better go back to your Mexico, thats your home. We dont need you to fight for us. YOu dont belong here.

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