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Aug 5, 2011

PM on plane to L.A.X.

The office of the Prime Minister announced this afternoon that he will be traveling to Los Angeles, California on personal time. PM Dean Barrow leaves this Saturday and will be away for a week during which the DPM Gaspar Vega will be acting as prime minister. Barrow returns on the thirteenth.

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17 Responses for “PM on plane to L.A.X.”

  1. hooyah says:

    Why doesn’t he leave… PERMANENTLY?

  2. Ricky Malthus says:

    Barrow should stay in Los Angeles and try to sell his Medieval ideas to the State Department and all those die-hard UDPs in South Central .

  3. Nimmo says:

    Great that he could take a break!! He should have taken Lois and the entire family with him. Belize could really use a break from them all!

  4. Lucas says:

    On personal time?. I hope we taxpayers are not footing the bill.

  5. fight for justice says:

    hmmm footing d bill we will, we the tax payers pay for it who else- u believe di ‘codo duro’ PM will pay for it? he no care for the poor.

  6. I Have Awaken says:

    Please don’t come back Mr. Barrow. Please, pretty, pretty, please. Let’s plan a coup while he is away.

  7. blzcun says:

    HMMM…. Some time away??? he probably felt some grey hairs comming out from all the stress of planning how to steal tax payers money. though in his case it would be a good thing given his bald He sould just stay there and never come back.

  8. Steve says:

    That’s how Barrow relieves his stress, vents out his frustrations and cools down from the political heat on the 9th amendment –by traveling to the U.S. and living the life of the rich and famous. In other words he mean:
    To HELL with Bze. I am offering my life, doing my utmost to save Bze. I have ‘nationalized’ BTL, BEL and now I want to save BSI (by pushing the sale of the company to Banco Atlantida) but Bzeans want to give me nothing in return. The legal fees and benefits for my cohorts (ACB) and family derived from these transactions are not enough. I want to be KING Barrow and they are against! With NO APOLOGY, I will ram down the 9th amendment on them. I deserve to be king, the biggest! Just wait on my return. By that time I should be full of energy to deal with them. Let them bring it on!

  9. Justice says:

    Hope he stays and that would be the last we hear of him!

  10. Do it right says:

    Dang jealousy is a bad thing. The PM is allowed vacation time just like any other working Belizean person in this country. Why be hating bc the man is taking his family on a vacation, y’all need to worry bout y’all own affairs rather than a man’s personal time.

  11. Roy Yates says:

    Hey Belizeans, If you get CNN see how people go about peaceful, yet powerful demonstration in Israel to get their government attention.

  12. Steve says:

    @Do it right. Of course I d worry about I own affairs. Our freedom, democracy, liberty is at stake. I don’t hate the man, I despise what he intends to do to Bz. to Bzeans.

  13. Belizean says:

    That plane should be headed to Lybia..! Straight to Gadaffi’s Mansion, after all he’s acting this way..punishing people who oppose him, turning his ## for Brains parliament against Marcel Cardona and anyone who stands agains him..infact he told the cane farmers standing up for a better life for themselves, move or else, and one dies afterwards…!!! Like i said this plane shoud be heading to Lybia..!! The people wont forget this bald headed devil’s deeds any at all..! Long Live Belize, Long live PUP..! I’ll never vote UDP again..! Not for any of these dirty red devils..!!

  14. Do it right says:

    @Steve. How is our freedom, liberty and democracy at stake. Many of us just listen to the PUP lawyers that are vying for political supremacy in the next election and no one understands what this 9th amendment bill is really all about. The passing of the 9th amendment won’t make us prisoners or a next Cuba. Politics is a dirty game my friend. Its like playing CHess, if you don’t understand the game don’t try to play becuse your opponent will get the best of you everytime. Truth is both parties are taking the Belizean public for fools in order to get power in the next elections. It don’t matter which party gets in, the situation in this country will stay the same or get worse bc they just using us for their own political gain. The question is, which party does more for the country in their term as the ruling party.

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    This just show that the PM care less about what the Belizean people are facing.Been in LA is more important to this dictator.He don’t care how many more Belizeans are been slaughtered during his absence.It’s business as usual for this tyrant.

  16. Belizean says:

    Do it Right, whatever we do today has a rippling effect on our future, maybe this tyrrant may not achieve his goal now, but who is to say his successor wont be a pain to our kids and their kids, why change laws now that could hamper our future. Why not strenghten the constitution to state that if a government, through referendum, finds that the majority of voters vote in favor for an action by the government then the action is for a public purpose. Why not a hold a referendum on whether Belizeans, (and i dont mean Louis, Anwar, Denys, Dianne, Kimano and the rest of the Circus.!), really want to hold these utilities in public coffers, and then take that to the CCJ and say see, our Belizeans voted for this, this is the ultimate public purpose, after all you are a court acting in the best interest of the masses and this is what they say.! Schmuck, its easy to be blind sided by this Gov. cause you dont see the bigger picture either. Im glad i did, so you can go ahead and defend them, I wont ever, I’ll never vote for them again. Get the sense, this man da lotta chats and no substance, No beleive weh e always seh cause if he mi genuine he neva mi wa turn wa blind eye to the farmers, unions, teachers weh d get victimized and transfer all ova d place, and everybody else weh pissed off..while he and e family d get richer off fu we backs..get the sense..!

  17. Steve says:

    @Do it right. Our rights, liberty and freedom is at stake. Just watch to what happened to Marcel Cardona, one of their own. Just for not giving his place to Landy Burns in a silver plate, he was dumped from the party, humiliated in the House of Representatives and this will continued. Notice how Barrow, through the speaker, controls comments and debates against his gov’t. Did you hear in last House Meeting how he disrespectfully found a nick name for every representative of the opposition; he dislikes to be opposed. What happened to cane farmers last year, one was killed because Barrow sent the force…(just what kadafi is doing in Libya ….and I can continue…. AND the 9th amendment has not been passed yet. So imagine what’s going to happen if the 9th amendment is passed. That’s exactly what Barrow meant with his slogan, IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: I will pass a law (of course predicted 9th amendment) and I will be king Barrow and you my cohorts, especially DO IT RIGHT will enjoy the benefits by screwing the Bzeans.

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