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Aug 3, 2011

Stevedore murdered in Belize City

Sydney “Smokey” Richards Junior

Just after eight o’clock on Tuesday night, a stevedore, Sydney “Smokey” Richards Junior was shot and killed in one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.  The young man was heading home but diverted to pick up food when two men approached him on bicycles. One pulled the trigger and delivered the fatal shots, one to the heart.  Stunned at his murder, his mother says they had just shared a fried chicken.  News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Sydney Richards, a twenty- three year old Belize City youth lost his life at the corner Zeitown Street and East Collet Canal. Richards was on his way home but never made it because he stopped to see a friend and was standing at the intersection when he was gunned down shortly after eight on Tuesday night. His family says minutes before, they had spoken to him:

Brenda Cacho

Brenda Cacho: Mother of the Deceased

“Bout eight nuh, bout eight o’clock. He bring me wah chicken and ih seh ih di eat it nuh and ih left piece fih mi and as I tun and di look fi ah but I nuh si ah through di door nuh.”

Andrea Polanco

“Suh ih neva tell you weh ih gwein or weh ih gwein guh duh?”

Brenda Cacho

“Ih neva tell me weh ih gwein. I just look and ih gone.”

Voice of: Carlos Richards, Uncle of the Deceased

“I met him right at the corner of the lane and he said to me, ‘ah wonder if my dad already went it’ I tell him ‘yes’ cause I was over here. So the same way I was speaking to him, someone called him on his cell phone.”

Andrea Polanco

Andrea Polanco

“Do you know who?”

Voice of: Carlos Richards

“Well it sound like a young lady voice. I really not know who was the person but it sound like a young lady voice. Then the young lady said to him to come across by her house because she have a food for him. So he said to me like this ‘my uncle am going to tek a ride by my friend house to pick up the food and from there I gwein home’ So same way I said to ah ‘When yuh pick up the food Junie si dat yuh guh straight home cause Belize get so deadly.’  And right away ih said to mi ‘ah gwein home uncle’ and ih went and pick up the food and twenty minutes after my niece call me and ask if I heard that Junie get shot.”

Andrea Polanco

“So he didn’t tell you which area exactly he was going to pick up that food? It’s right there where he was killed?”

Voice of: Carlos Richards

“Seems like it’s right where he get killed he went to pick up the food.”

Andrea Polanco

“Apparently ih neva get the food yet because…?”

Voice of: Carlos Richards

“Ih neva get the food absolutely none at all cause I get the message ten or twenty minutes after that.”

And so it was that ‘Smokey’ as he was affectionately known, was shot multiple times in the upper part of the body when one of two men pulled out a gun and shot him.  At the murder site today there were a few dry blood stains and a shattered windshield of a nearby car:

Barbara Richards

Barbara Richards, Aunt of the Deceased

“Two shots to the heart.”

Sydney Richards Sr., Father of the Deceased

“I get to understand it’s like four shots, that’s what I get to understand this morning. It’s four shots he get. We only saw two at the hospital one directly to the heart and one to the side.”

Family members say he wasn’t a bad youth and they don’t have any clue as to why someone would want him dead.

Andrea Polanco

“Was he in any trouble recently?”

Brenda Cacho

“I nuh know nuh nothing cause when ih guh like ih nuh know when fi come een but I still nuh worry till I see ah again nuh.”

Sydney Richards Sr.

Sydney Richards Sr.

“As far as I know, no. He’s just a boy from like my house to his house and back, and back and forth home. That’s as far as I know bout him but he wasn’t a trouble person.”

Andrea Polanco

“So he didn’t relate to if somebody had a hit on him or if he had any problems recently?”

Sydney Richards Sr.

“No he didn’t relate nothing to me. The last time I spoke to him was Saturday and I asked him I say ‘Junie everything okay?’ He said ‘Yes dad everything okay, don’t worry’ and that’s the only thing I know about him.”

And this family, like countless others, is hoping that something will come out of it:

Brenda Cacho

“I still em cry last night nuh but ah get ova it nuh cause ih gone now and I can’t bring ah back nuh.”

Sydney Richards Sr.

“I hope that deh find justice and find the person that murdered my son.”

Barbara Richards

“If we do not get justice from the police in anything else, we gonna get it from God, we gonna get it from God.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Richards was transported to the KHMH but died while he was receiving treatment. In relation to another shooting that occurred on Sunday on Amara Avenue in which two minors were injured, police say that twenty-five year old Andy Parham was released after questioning because it was established that he had no involvement in the crime.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Stevedore murdered in Belize City”

  1. Storm says:

    Catch the killer, try him, hang him. simple as that. One hanging at a time, and we will take bavk the Jewel from the scum.

  2. Eddify says:

    This is the very reason so many Belizeans living abroad who had good intentions to move back and work with the youths in Belize, are changing their mind and rather staying abroad and work with the foreign youths instead. Wat a loss fi Belize. In the near future a foreign goverment will come to Belize and take over the country by force, and no one will be able to do anything about it.

    Our goverment need to stop playing games with these so call rude boys.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    Drastic times call for drastic measures,will Barrow please stop the talking and impliment the death penalty.

  4. Earl Grey says:


  5. Sugar says:

    another “angel” killed……I wander why???? while I empathize with the family in their grief, we need to be realistic.

  6. Everol Sedacy says:

    I am really upset about the death of my cousin and I hope that the government law enforcement will capture and bring the killers to justice, although I don’t they will because we are neither famous or afluent.

    Common Belizeans are not protected by owr law and our servants the ministers of government who we pay to work for us.

  7. Everol Sedacy says:

    I am really upset about the death of my cousin and I hope that the government law enforcement will capture and bring the killers to justice, although I don’t they will because we are neither famous or afluent.

    Common Belizeans are not protected by our law and our servants the ministers of government who we pay to work for us.

  8. Everol Sedacy says:

    It is with intense reproach that I comment on the death of my cousin who I carried in my arms a few years ago.
    The worst part of it is that nobody will be taken into account for this murder!
    Why? Well simple, we are neither government people or alfuent ones so I think we’ll just have to loss our loved one and go on.
    Seems like if you’re not in the “in” crowd you’re just doomed to mistreatment and a lack of the same lawful protection that is written in our constitution which by the wayis being attacked like crazy!

  9. rod says:

    everol everyone in belize doesnt get justice with this useless impotent gov. if i were you id sue this gov. and pm for being impotent on crime it is because of their policies that all these deaths are occuring no leadership in the country worse gov. and pm in the history of belize hang all murderers when will enough be enough only when we belizeans get up and throw out this useless gov. and pm .

  10. ang says:

    A call b4 his death doesn’t that mek you question who wanted him there?

  11. j killa baby borther says:

    Rest in peace raymond killa gentle ……

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    Barrow only use his dictator skills when it’s pertains to something that is going to benefit him and his affiliates.He could have push his agenda with the BEL issue dispite the court ruling.Then why cant he do thesame to impliment the death penalty?

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    Check his phone records and find out who called him prior to his slaying.Do we even have common sense Belize PD?Some of these cases are so easy to crack.All we need are people that can think logically.Paybe the Belize police department got to start having logical reasoning classes.Or make it a prerequisite to attend the police traning school.

  14. check it out says:

    BUt the PM said” it is only black peolple killing black perople” what exactly did he mean by that statement.

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    The masterminds of some of these murders are not even Belizeans.There are alot of foreigners living in the Jewel that are orchestrating hits on our people and Barrow is aware of that.Talking about taking back BEL for the Belizean people and then put a foreigner incharge.How does that make sense?

  16. Eyes on Belize says:

    Hint Mr, Corrupted Policeman/Politician… Another Gunman committed murder on bicycle. Give the country back to England before its too late

  17. sonia rodriguez says:

    Rod you stink.

  18. Sonia Richards(NYC) says:

    What has this country turned into? This is pass the mark. How many families have to deal with losing their loved ones before something is done to stop the criminals? I am very pissed of that my nephew lost his life at the expense of another human! Belize need to put the death penalty into full affect in order to show this people who feel like its ok to take another life that there are consequeces for their actions. Because of all the crime that is taking place alot of people who was born and raised in Belize is afraid to go back. Its time for change!!! My family and I want justice and it needs to start with the government!

  19. m.codrington says:

    citizens of Belize i don’t understand why the government cant remove the current police force and implement a foreign police force maybe from England or another allied country even U.N. peace keepers will do, it’s seems to be time for ending all the political red tape cause lives are being lost. I think that alot of Belizeans have lost confidence in their own police force which creates a open market to kill, rob ,and rape at any criminals will… this must end

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