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Aug 3, 2011

British Caribbean Bank taking GOB to CCJ to block the 9th

The British Caribbean Bank is going to the Caribbean Court of Justice based in Trinidad and Tobago seeking an injunction in respect of the hugely controversial proposed Ninth Amendment. The bank is also seeking a declaration that the re-acquisition on June twenty-fourth of Telemedia is void.  The Court of Appeal back on June, twenty-fourth ruled that the first acquisition in August 2009 was null, void and unconstitutional. But in the dead of night on the same day, government re-asserted control of the company and deployed security forces at the headquarters of the company preventing representatives of the former owners to access the company. That was followed by the company’s reacquisition on July fourth and an introduction of the ninth amendment in the House. The amendment seeks to entrench utilities in government control but in so doing, it would change the democratic way of life. Lawyers argue that the proposed change is too far reaching.  The crux is that essentially, the courts would be required to deal with procedural matters but not the content of claims. A government release today described those who do not support the amendment as “misguided people.”

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11 Responses for “British Caribbean Bank taking GOB to CCJ to block the 9th”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Mary says:

    Thank God somebody has enough money to oppose this dictator! To fight him! You see I think that is the problem. Things have become so desperate in our country. People are fighting to survive on a daily basis. So many businesses have closed down except for Mr. PM and his immediate family. So people don’t have the resources to stand up against a dictator like our PM and even if they do the stand the risk of being victimize. Even the business community are somewhat afraid to come down hard on the govt. Why? Because if they do they get slapped with some big tax bills and get harrased by the police. Wake up my Belizean people. the man is a dictator.

  3. Mary says:

    And then too maybe if I was Mr. Ashcroft, I would leave you all right there to figure out this BS. Since he is the “white devil”. I guess now you Belizeans are figuring out who the devil is now. What have any of you gotten from the nationalization of any of the utilities company. Not one @$$! Even when the PM sent in people to BTL on that night he sent his son! It is like Fidel Castro handing over Cuba to Raul, his brother. Wake up my people.

    Belize is no way ready for economic blockades from other country. We import almost everything. If these places decide no to do business with Belize, Belize is screwed.

    Look at the life expectancy of Cubans….. Only Fidel Castro lives until he is 80+. All the others dies in their 60.. Get the sense.

    PM Barrow is a dictator. Wake up Belizeans

  4. belizeanpride says:


  5. belizeanpride says:

    we the belizeans gonna pay barrow law firm and family to fight for gob which looking at it it’s a family business for barrow. no benefit for us the belizeans. he knew many companies are going to carry him to the court and this eventually will be money for his family so no wonder he is trying to make this fuss so it brings in mone for his firm for the court cases to come. a smart jackass right.

  6. Justice says:

    Barrow has no repect for the law and the Belizean people should get as agressive as theycan get and overtgroiw this ignorant dictator! Fidel actually cared for some. barrow loves his ex wife, and children!

  7. Indian Woman says:

    Mary…. the word is SACRIFICE. IF the people as a whole cared enough these things would not happen. A country against one man? Come on….. be serious.Belizeans are damn lazy. Period. They talk a lot but do nothing. They want someone else to save them.Live free or die. Stop with the excuses about we live day by day. Most people world wide live day by day and in many countries they stand up for what is right. Just a bunch of lazy people in belize.

  8. Jonas says:

    Indian woman. Belizeans NOT LAZY!!! you should go back to INDIA and stop critisize Belize people

  9. Indian Woman says:

    Jonas…. sounds like YOU live in India. If you know anything about Belizeans you will know what I am talking about.Lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy people.Ohhh…. I am not from India.

  10. Ricky Malthus says:

    We should be asking ourselves who is Barrow targeting with the Ninth Amendment. Who has done him harm in anyway? Who has pointed out the fact that he is filling all important governmrnt offices with his Caribbean compadres. The head of the Supreme Court is filled by a Caribbean Alien previuosly filled by a Nigerian Alien. The Solicitor General office is filled by another Caribbean Alien , the Presidency of University of Belize is filled by another Black Studies fanatic from the Caribbean and most of the Teaching Staff are African nigerian Aliens , BTL and BEL are filled with people from the same ethnic persuasion;the Police,the Customs,The IMMigration follow the same pattern. So if someone points this out to Barrow, will he enshrine these positions to be filled in perpetuity and no one in future GOB can change them ? Will he send out his goons to trick and incarcerate those who oppose him? Where does the accusatory finger point? Isn’t Barrow plum crazy to destroy the nation just to kill a few people he hates because they oppose him . This man will go to the far corners of thw world to try to destroy his enemies and replace them with Caribbean and other Alien lackeys. Why the Ninth Amendment Now?

  11. Indian Woman says:


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