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Aug 3, 2011

Family believes foul play involved, but no viewing of post mortem exam

Roy Enriquez

After murder victim, Sydney Richard’s body, was taken to the morgue, the family, already distraught were upset that they were denied requests to witness the post mortem examination. There are questions surrounding Richards’s murder as well as that of another man who lost his life in less threatening circumstances. On Tuesday night, fifty-one year old Roy Enriquez visited his sister Evelyn Enriquez Lopez on Mahogany Street at seven.  After he left her residence, he rode off on his bicycle en route to his house on Raccoon Street.  He never made it home. At nine fifty, police officers responded to a scene at the corner of Ebony and Santa Barbara Streets, where they found Enriquez’s body lying face down in a drain with his blue and white bicycle beside him.  The police say no signs of physical injuries were observed on his body. News Five spoke to Enriquez’s son and Richards aunt who say they both families were denied access to witness the post mortem examinations of their loved ones.

Ian Enriquez, Son of Roy Enriquez

Ian Enriquez

“The information we get when we were at our village was that at one o’clock my father died; dropped off his bicycle from a heart attack or something like that. When we come from the village, we came with that on our mind. But when we get here, witness the body to see like his face half open under ih nose and ih bloody. That automatically tells us that this is no heart attack. My father probably got murdered. Now when we come here now we say we need fi see this we wanted to see the autopsy. They don’t want us to see the autopsy. They just tell us that we are to go in there and confirm this is my dad and get out without somebody see and say alright this da no wah homicide, dah noh wah foul play. They deny we to the very end up to right now. Now we went to the crime scene where they said my father was supposedly found. When we went there, we extract his hat and a sun glasses. Automatically that tells you that proper policing work neva done. How could you go back to a crime scene eleven thirty and this crime happen from nine o’clock? “So we basically noh know when this crime gone down, but we can go back to the crime scene at eleven-thirty and find his hat and his shades there. What kinda proper police work that?”

Therese Clother

Therese Clother, Aunt of Sydney Richards

“They are doing the autopsy on my nephew and we would like one of the family members to go in and witness the autopsy, but they are forbidding us from going in and I would like to know the reason why. And there is more than one family of us who is going over the same thing. We are arguing out here why they don’t want us to go in while they are doing the autopsy on our loved one.  The father doesn’t want to go in because he has seen enough. But me or my brother wanted to go in and they told us we don’t need to be in. And we asked them why and they cannot give us an answer.”

Jose Sanchez

“Is it the hospital personnel or the police or do you even know who is denying access?”

Therese Clother

“Well I don’t know who is denying us access, but a guy who is in there with the doctor that does the autopsy say that we don’t need to be in there. We don’t know. The police doesn’t give us a problem.

We can’t say it’s the hospital authority; it’s just at the morgue here.”

News Five spoke to hospital officials who say that they don’t allow anyone to witness post mortem examinations.  According to police press officer, Fitzroy Yearwood, the exam is for police purposes only. The family is only required to identify the body. At the conclusion of the post mortem the body is handed over to the family.  Although the police and the hospital coincide in their statements, many times the reporters have interviewed grieving family members who have been present for these examinations.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Family believes foul play involved, but no viewing of post mortem exam”

  1. Rod says:

    Don’t you all know that there is no dr in Belize who can do a true post mordom Estrada an is a fake and is getting paid to do a job that he knows nothing about sue him sue this gov. And this pm for putting a fake imposter in a job like this sue this pm for this mess wake up belizeans.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Everyone in Belize seems to be acting lawless including the staff of Killa Heushna

  3. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Is GOB now conspiring to cover up murder because they have no solution for all the killings that are going on in Belize? if this is so then it is bad real bad, since what this will do is give people a false sense of security that it is fine to walk those deadly streets. Remember My Legacy B4 My People.

  4. check it out says:

    the police and Estradabran will always coincide because Estradbran is paid by the police on a case by case basis. the moment he gives any trouble they can cut him off. There is no independent Coroner’s Office the way it should be. It is also a fact that his pfofessional qualifications are very dubious.

  5. Need Justice says:

    My people, we are living in the 21st century and event though we are a 3rd world country we have to move with the times. No one is allowed to view an actual autopsy not in d Caribbean, Central America, North America nor Europe. Only the Medical Examiner/Pathologist can give the “ok” for a family to go in. How it was done in the past is not how the world is doing it today. Now we all know that a morgue or a hospital has nothing to do with police case. a morgue just keep the bodies, the examiner does the autopsy and the family claims the body back. i think Belize only has 2 pathologist Dr. estradabran for the police and the other one is private; meaning more Belizeans need to look into becoming Pathologist, then maybe grieving families can choose if they are crying police cover up. Also, we have to give the devil its due, KHMH has been doing good and the same doctors at the so call “killa heusner” are the same ones at the two private hospitals so then what name we give those hospitals when those same doctors tend to us there. I am sure those hospitals have medical mishaps but we dont hear people go off. We have choice so go to private if you don’t like KHMH, but I am sure you will be ignored if you don’t have cash to pay up front. While many of my fellow Belizean go to KHMH get their services and leave not paying a dime. I have been to KHMH several times and i notice people tend to be rude and disrespectful and those same people i would see by chance at a bank and they don’t behave like that. If you act up at the bank you are escorted out of the bank so they behave. if they act up “which I believe this family did” they should be escorted off the compound. How is that news at KHMH and not at the bank if somebody behave rudely and don’t get their way???? And why would you want to take pictures anyway. remember your loved ones alive not when they are dead. THE CIB should be the ones to give that family a picture caz they take pictures at the scene. The morgue is no place for pictures anyway, especially KHMH morgue

  6. sonia rodriguez says:

    Rod why dont you make sure that you put your brain in gear before you put your stinking mouth in motion. Everything that comes out of your mouth stinks. You stink. Stop !@#$%ing and give some possible solutions to some of the concerns you have. Stop blaming the PM and the government for everything that happens in the country. I feel sorry for you, so sorry. You are a dunce and retard. Take time out and read all your comments and you will feel so sorry for yourself. You stinnnnnnnnnnnk.

  7. CEO says:

    Rod, all over the world this is a problem: most who do autopsies are not trained or qualified specifically for this. Even here in the great US of A, but at least they have a little more experience than the common man on the streets. By the way if we STILL lived in a civil society this is a trade or skill that is not needed hardly because people would live to a ripe old age without being gunned down, but gone are the days when we were once very civil and cordial to each other so now we need someone everyday to perform autopsy!

    So Rod, if you see there is a shortage of this expertise in the country then why not go get the necessary training and you would be the only game in town and much less time to rundown your country: good idea?

  8. Dr. I Ray says:

    Estradabran is definitely not a pathologist. PLEASE MAN!!! Even Blind Eye Jamesie could see that.

  9. rod says:

    its people like you sonia rodriguez that has the country in the mess its in ignorant people like you who support this pm and gov. while the rest of us belizeans are suffering i wonder what position you or your family have in this corrupt gov.

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