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Aug 2, 2011

Still on the Proposed 9th; Hubert Elrington denounces it

Hubert Elrington

Hubert Elrington also says that the idea that government can protect utilities is illusionary since in an economic meltdown, the financial institutions would require their immediate privatization.

Hubert Elrington, Attorney

“Let’s say this country gets into a depression and we need help from the World Bank, we need help from the IMF; the first thing they are going to tell you when you get there, sell off the utilities. That is going to be the first requirement when you get there, sell them off. When you have sold them off, then you come back here. That is what they have told Greece, that is what they have told Ireland, that is what they have told Spain, that is what they have told Jamaica. So the idea that you can protect these utilities is purely illusory. The first requirement they are going to tell you sell them off and let me tell you when you’re dealing with the IMF and when you’re dealing with the World Bank, they come to the Cabinet and they get right in your face and they say look if you want help from us, you have to be committed. We don’t want support, we want commitment from you. And you know what commitment is? Let us give you an example of what commitment is. Have you ever had ham and eggs? The chicken is supportive but the pig is committed, we want you to be like the pig. This is an example that was given to us by the World Bank and the IMF. So they don’t mess about. So this idea—you hear Barrow telling you nonsense about you can protect these utilities; that’s a waste of time, it doesn’t exist anywhere in the real world and it is all a figment of his imagination.”

As we said, there is growing disapproval to the ninth; the consolation is that the Foreign Minister says that it can be withdrawn if the public so rejects the amendment.

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4 Responses for “Still on the Proposed 9th; Hubert Elrington denounces it”

  1. Non-ACB says:

    Hubert is talking a lot of sense. Keep it up Hubert. Maybe you should run again for office. Politicos have made Belize vulnerable when it comes to a sound economic agenda. Belize is overdependent on freebies and loans to cover its budget deficits and to implement projects to develop its infrastructure. So when Belize turns to IMF, IDB, or World Bank for a loan, one of the requisites will be to privatize–to sell. Privatization is part of globalization, a phenomenon that the modern world is living. The IMF and World Bank are products of globalization. Well, Belize can’t remain in the old economic era. Belize has to partake in globalization. In order to do so Belizean gov’t. must make Belize to become competitive in the world market; to advance in technology; to balance export and import; to improve the education & health system (and not necessarily to amend the constitution in the name of nationalization and for other unknown reasons to the Bzeans). The 9th amendment is a game that Barrow wants to play. When he turns to IMF and this institution tells him to privatize, he will wash his hands, close one eye and tell the people, “you see I need to privatize.” At the same time, with the other eye he sees the green bucks (Million $$) in legal fees. One needs to question Barrow’s intention: Amendments to nationalize utilities. But he is after the sell-out of BSI. Very contrasting actions!
    The proposed 9th amendment is ‘a package of harm’ for the Bzean people but a package deal for
    Barrow and associates.

  2. Ocaso says:

    Ultimately with regard to public utilities and the state of the economy the goal is to become financially secure by getting OUT from under the IMF and the World Bank. No country has EVER become financially secure in the long term following IMF/World Bank “structural adjustments” and that is precisely why all those countries Mr. Elrington mentioned are in the mess they find themselves in.
    Ideally Belize could achieve growth and stability by nationalising the petroleum industry but we all know that this isn’t in the interests of any traditional political party given the opportunities to fleece Belizeans by making “accomodation agreements” with foreign oil companies.

  3. Lucas says:

    Mr. Hubert is a man who do not only butters his own bread but pays for his bread and butter with his own money. He says what he means and means what he says. Here we have a true BELIZEAN PATRIOT. LORD!, PLEASE LORD!, give Belize twenty-six Hubert Elrington and your Belizean People will be alright. Mr. Barrow do not tell us you are a democrate but show us. Put the 9th amendment to a REFERENDUM and then and only then shall we know the people’s will.

  4. Belizean says:

    Right , I’ve been questioning a long time now, why is it that Barrow main excuse to renationalize BTl is that he heard 100 employees were being threatened, and then put all our little resources we have left to save BTL and BEL, when there are 6000 farmers who will be subjected to a company we dont know nothing about (Atlanditda)…i keep saying this, foreignors coming to Belize willing to spend so much, see profits and opportunities, why cant these low life narrow minded leaders see the same, there isnt a threat when a foreignor comes with a 100+ Million Dollars and say I’m willing to bail you out, he is actually saying, I’m willing to make this opportunity mine…!!!! So they turn around and change the nationalist campaign to we dont have the money, this is an opportunity, blah blah blah, someone should tell him north stop believe them long time…!!

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