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Jul 26, 2011

Human rights group sends message against death penalty

Antoinette Moore

Discussions on this newscast about the deterioration or proposed amendments to section eight and nine of the constitution would not be complete without one on section seven.  That section of the constitution prohibits torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. To combat crime, the current administration has decided that implementation of the death penalty would curb crime. There are two arguments against the death penalty; the first one is guided by common sense and says that more than ninety-five percent of murders go unsolved, so the death sentence does not dent crime. The other argument is posted by human rights activists.  Saul Lehfreund and Parvais Jabbar, Executive Directors of the Death Penalty Project in the United Kingdom have issued a statement about the death penalty. News Five spoke via phone to Antoinette Moore of the Human Rights Commission of Belize who says that the opposition to the amendment of section seven by the UK based solicitors, is part of the international drive to prevent capital punishment.

Via Phone: Antoinette Moore, Attorney, Human Rights Commission of Belize

“This is now coming from the international community along with the human rights commission of Belize so it is. The OAS inter-American commission on human rights was asked before to make a ruling on Belize’s proposed amendment, but that was back in 2002 under a different administration and I believe they in fact did ruled that what was being proposed by then the P.U.P. administration actually violated rights. So general human rights of people in the country in terms of access to justice. This is not the first time it is being done and I would hope that we don’t have to go down this route again. When people in the country are concerned that the government is not hearing them or is not listening. But I would be very pleased to hear if the government withdraws preventative detention. This matter will still go forward though because this has to do with section seven of the constitution, not section five. Preventive detention is not the only provision in the eighth amendment. The anonymity of witnesses and then the amendments to the torture prohibition in the constitution is all in the eighth amendment. But anyway, what is being done domestically to educate people and to really oppose what the government has has put force. Now there’s also work being done regionally and internationally about this because human rights is considered a matter of internationally concern. It is not something that just stays behind closed doors in individual country. What happens in one country affects other countries and what happens to the people in one country affects the people in other countries. And so the fact that these amendments impact the human rights of persons in Belize is a matter of internationally concern. Therefore a request has been made to inter American commission of human rights, which is part of the Organization of American States to hear this matter. Procedurally they can hear matters and give an advisory opinion. Well that is what’s been requested that they hear the matters with respect to these proposed amendments and give an advisory opinion with respect to whether these matters comply with human rights norms around the world or don’t comply.”

The death penalty is included in the raft of bills in the eighth amendment to the constitution.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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22 Responses for “Human rights group sends message against death penalty”

  1. Lucas says:

    While the anti-death penalty Belizeans have the right to voice their opinion, non Belizeans have no right to do so. In the USA, a professional licensed in one State cannot excercise his profession in another State without first being licensed by that State. Too many outsiders come into our country just to tell us how we are to manage our affairs. If our Govt. is truely NATIONALISTIC as it claims it is, it should be passing laws to protect our SOVEREIGNTY rather than trying to curtail our rights and freedom by tampering with the constitution. A couple weeks ago, A Mexican was executed in the State Of Texas. No International Treaty, not President Obama nor Mrs. Clinton (Secretary of Foreign Affairs) much-less the OAS, could stop the Sovereign State of Texas from carrying the death sentence upon this convicted Mexican criminal. The people of Belize has called for the death penalty. The govt. of Belize should obey the voice of the people. SO LET IT BE WRITTEN. SO LET IT BE DONE.

  2. carlos Martinez says:

    That is a bunch of bs. Death penalty will be a good thing everybody is against it until someone in their family is killed by someone then it is (I want justice ). If you kill someone you and you get caught sorry time to meet the GOD you serve. No need to put you up in jail and feed you and give you three meals a day and a place to sleep. There are people that are working and they don’t have that but we have to treat the criminals like they are special bs. The government could use that money for something else. As for the lesser criminal bread and water all day everyday and see if they would want to live on that for a week or for the time they have to serve. We don’t need some other country to tell us how to run our justice system they have problems of there own that they cannot solve. As for the criminal who just do stupid s–t just because the are too lazy to get a job then they need to be put on an island all by them self. Let them figure life out. I say HARD CRIME, HARD TIME no bed no door just a yard with 30 foot wall and guard tower and one gate ot let them in and out.Criminal don’ t need protection when they are commiting crime why would they need protection when they are behind bar.Pass this on until it gets to someone who can do somethin about it

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    It is in my opinion that the death penalty should be implimented.I am also afraid that the Human rights are sending the wrong message to the criminal elements.I am not in favor of all these laws.However something must be done to curb crime. Furthermore if Antoinette Moore is going to oppose everythig that is brought to the table then she should have some suggestions as it relates to curbing crimes.

  4. Rod says:

    Hang all murderers hang them high.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    What happen to the human rights of those that have been killed?Will the human rights fight to ensure that the family members of those victims get justice?

  6. Abe says:

    Way to go! Enforce capital punishment! I agree with it 100% They do this in Texas all the time, and we need to do it here. We would only have to hang 2 or 3 murderers and crime would be cut big time.

  7. wicho says:

    I believe it it the peoples choice! Why dont we have a poll, let the belizeans choose! It is us belizeans that are living in this nightmare! I had a brother killed and nothing would make me happier than to see justice. An eye for an eye and a life for a life! I VOTE FOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!

  8. WICHO says:

    I say let the belizean people choose! Make a poll an let the belizean vote!

  9. Grant says:

    What about my human rights ?

    I want to live a trouble-free life, but certain ‘animals’ (sorry to offend our furry friends with this comparison!!) seem to care little about the value of my, or other, life. I say ‘civilized society’ should care equally as little about theirs.

    Screw the human rights activists. Let them go to the streets and try to convert the bad guys, instead of sitting in some comfortable office, out of reach of the crime.

  10. belizeanpride says:

    Mrs. Moore where were you when all this murders are going in the city? where was the so called human rights to have access the calamy that the city residents fear the must, death, because of senseless murders happening. now that we, the grieving families and concern citizens of this jewel ask for death penalty you show up with your bs about human rights!! Mrs. Moore please stop this stupidness because of you and the human rights org. we’ll never have justice served. the murders kill people they never ask you if it’s against the human rights. they do what they want, how they want, when they want and you now step up to bring this bs. get a life mrs. moore we need to stop this murders and the only way is by death penalty. we neither want any other international org. to bring in this crap also. we’re fed up to the max that in other words we the people will start to take matters in our own hands if needed.

  11. beemtheman says:

    no death penalty,let them kill your kids ,your mothers,brothers and walk free after 2-3 years spending in jail and kill again….
    the human life worth nothing in Belize
    way to go!!!

  12. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    What about the Human Rights of the victims killed by these cowardly monsters that shoots and hides. Do these victims have no rights? I believe that the only concern when dealing with a suspect should be do we really have the right person however if this can be proven without a shadow of doubt then no rights should exist for a murderer since you have lost all your rights when you took the life of another human being, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, damn these advocates of crime what else can they be called when they do not seek the rights of the victim but that of the perpetrator. Remember, My Legacy B4 My People.

  13. senotar says:

    Bring the death penalty back into law, the rate of murder will go down when these so called “bad men” realise that they to will lose their life, for the crime they commit.
    All those on death row should be executed forthwith as soon as the law is passed . The next person sentenced to death should have the sentence carried out with in 2 weeks. Human rights activists need to ensure that the murder victims, famlies have their rights guarded as well , why should a murderer be given more rights than normal law abiding people .
    Why should the tax payer have to house, clothe and feed these people.
    Why should we be held hostage in our own houses because of the violent few
    Why should lawyers get richer year after year sending in appeals
    Hanging is not a cruel punishment when conducted properly, death is instant
    Hanging is not an unusual punishment either, its used widely , so when the Human rights activists yell “Its a cruel and unusal punshiment” do not be swayed by fancy words and ideas that we should have pity on these people who have been found guilty in a court of law

  14. Cacho pequeno says:

    Boy! oh boy!
    all of you spoke with ABSOLUTELY GREAT TRUTH!!!
    Wow!!! I am sure I could not find better words to say the truth about those stupid criminals!!! What the hell!!! this is our country, not for the so called human rights!!!
    Human rights NEEDS to protect the criminals so the criminals can continue killing us , and so keep the world population. Let human rights take ALL criminals into their homes!!!

  15. Indian Woman says:

    While these human rights activists ramble about saving worthless trash in our communities, law abiding citizens world wide suffer.Innocent children get raped.Hard working people get murdered ,beaten up, robbed, tortured and the list goes on.So, where are their rights? The lawyers are out there for financial gains.They don’t care if their clients are guilty , money is the goal. I say , if govt. does not want to do their job…… then we should.O tolerance for these animals. Did you folks read about the reported attempted rape on a 14 yr old boy in Succotz and what the villagers did?Well, that is what is needed. We have to look after ourselves. Take care of ourselves as a community. Time to change the way things are done. Make Belize a better place for our children and their children.Look around and you will see that Human rights does not work. Humans have too many rights if you ask me. That has been the down fall of societies.Do you think we would have great wonders of the world if their were human rights activists back then?

  16. Teana says:

    Absolutely right !these comments are so true i couldn’t have said it better!!!Get rid of the murders i say …

  17. islander says:


    Why is it that Mrs MOORE only comes out to defend CRIMINAL RIGHTS?

    Where was Mrs Moore when those murderers were killing young kids, chinsese workers. Where was Mrs MOORE when the serial rapist was raping women in Belize city?

    But yet the moment we are thinking of stringing up a criminal she shows up with this HUMAN RIGHTS B.S…….

    MRS Moore is not interested in Human Rights she is interested in Criminal Rights, afterall she makes her money out of saving criminals from going to jail.

  18. subKonshus says:

    Human Rights Commission need to change their name to “Criminal Rights Commission”. All the protection only refers to the criminal. What happens to person whose life was taken. My MO is simple. Everyone has a right to live, thats understood. But the minute you take someone else’s life, in that same moment, you are giving up your life to live. If you view it from that perspective, only you can take away your right to live. Safeguard your right to live by living in peace with each other. Don,t kill unless you are prepared to die. It is the duty of the state to vindicate the person whom has been killed. Human Rights and all these commissions need to start protecting the innocent and hard working law abiding citizen, instead of pampering and protecting these murderers…..

  19. Indian Woman says:

    Antoinette Moore……….people like her make this world a dangerous place for the law abiding people. These people should not be given the time of day with their quest to make our lives worse. Please do not entertain these people. Lock them up with the criminals so we can see how much they can help them. DO NOT ENTERTAIN THESE PEOPLE. We are responsible for the safety of ourselves and our children. The penalty is a must.Last night, two hooded criminals with guns walked into a grocery store in Punta Gorda. IT was late evening and there were people around…. they held up the chinese owners and took all the money and more…. thank god no one was killed this time. These animals don’t want to work so they take what they want and sometimes destroy lives while at it. All this is nothing new….. what is new is that we are still messing around with them. Kill them is what I say. What do you do when you see a cock roach in your house? Soon we will have cock roach rights.

  20. alexa says:

    whenever and wherever human rights gets involved , everything starts going bad, criminals actually have people voicing for them, Like the gentleman said eye for eye, Bring back the hanging law. don’t let this happen, honduras had secret elite group of soldiers back in the 80′s i believe that took care of these scumbags that were no good to society, they would actually get as much info on the individual that was causing problems in the area, and by next day they were found shot to death or with a cut troat trown in the fields, problems were solved, so actually people think twice b4 commiting a crime, but since human right made themselves known everything went out he drain, elite group was dismantled and now the consequenses are gang bangers that rape and kill children , women, elders with no respect for life, there is el salvador and guatemal for more examples, Kill them , if they commit the crime let them do the time, and get rid of all the crooked cops that love to lose paperwork for some money under the table. Belize is next if nothing is done about this group of idiots that has nothing better to do than to defend criminals, try and help the poor this will take you to heaven.

  21. Nelita says:

    i am a belizean so i would say death penalty will only be fair if there is enough evidence of muder!! evidence and let those people have what they deserve.

  22. Sonny says:

    Vengeance is not ours it’s for God. We have no rite to take the life of a criminal even though he/she did. RESTORATIVE JUSTICE – giving a second chance to criminals in life. The second chance that every one would like to have in life. we got to learn to forgive each other no matter how painful it can be forgive and give a second chance.

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