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Jul 22, 2011

9th Amendment; constitutional change can no longer be challenged in Courts

Dean Barrow

A frightening constitutional amendment, the ninth such, was tabled in the House of Representatives this morning for a first reading.  It is by far, the most radical and far reaching amendment that any government in Belize has ever tabled. It appears that the Government of Prime Minister Barrow is intent on passing this amendment that is surely to have adverse consequences on the rights and freedoms of Belizeans. Barrow is proposing to amend section 69 of the Constitution which, sets out the procedure to be used when amending the Constitution. The effect of the change is that any future amendments to the supreme law of the land will no longer be open to review or challenge in the Courts. Originally, it was understood that the amendment was to prevent a challenge to the nationalization of B.E.L. and the re-nationalization of Telemedia. But the proposed amendment will have the effect of preventing any judicial review of the law of those nationalizations, and will also restrict the ability of the courts to hear any case in respect of those nationalizations. The wisdom of rushing this amendment at this particular time is under question because there are many more pressing matters of state, but the more troubling question has to do with the restrictions it will have on what has been traditionally guaranteed freedoms.  Because the government has the numbers in the House, more than the two thirds of the seats required for constitutional changes, it can essentially approve the amendment which will make other draconian measures pale in the face of the proposed new law. Here’s what the Prime Minister is proposing.

Dean Barrow

“Section Sixty-Nine of the Constitution is hereby amended, remember that is the section that tells you how you amend the Constitution, well were amending that section itself merely by the addition of the following new subsection to Section Sixty-Nine.  So after Subsection Eight this bill that I am introducing proposes a new Subsection Nine that would say this: For the removal of doubts, it is hereby declared that provisions of this section are all inclusive and exhaustive and that there is no other limitation whether substantive or procedural on the power of the National Assembly to alter this Constitution and a law passed to alter any of the provisions of this Constitution which is passed in conformity with the Section Sixty-Nine shall not be opened to challenge in any court of law on any ground whatsoever. The two amending clauses will have the effect of putting beyond argument what I always thought to be the true and obvious position that once a Constitutional Amendment Bill is passed in accordance with the stipulations laid down in Section Sixty-Nine as to how you pass such an amendment bill that is the end of the matter.  Such a bill having satisfied the requirements in the Constitution as to how to alter the Constitution would clearly be good law and the amendment thus passed valid and of undoubted effect.  But it has become necessary to spell this out in the detail proposed by Clause Two and Clause Three of the new bill we’re introducing.  And it has become so necessary because great controversy developed not too long ago in a case heard by former Chief Justice Conteh.  He accepted an argument that Section Sixty-Nine of the Constitution was only of procedural effect and that it did not allow for passage even though you complied with it scrupulously to the letter, that it not allow for passage without more of certain fundamental types of amendments to the Constitution.”

So, the new amendment is not confined to safe-guarding utilities, it extends to any future amendment of the Constitution. Say for example, if the Government amends the Constitution in the future to extend the term of a Government for more than five years, the Courts will not be allowed to declare that unconstitutional. The effect of the amendment is to remove the Constitution as the Supreme Law and to make the National Assembly Supreme.

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44 Responses for “9th Amendment; constitutional change can no longer be challenged in Courts”

  1. Ricky Malthus says:

    Barrow is a vile blackguard who wants to be absolute ruler of Belize so he can enrich himself,his harem,his brother who is working assiduously to gobble up vast oil resources, his children who make you want to puke. While at amending Section 69, why doesn’t Barrow amend it to give himself eternal Prime Minister and everyone must go to jail or beheaded. This man is a true African dictator equivalent to Idi Amin DA DA no less.The question, Are you Belizeans going to sit on your hands and do nothing? Stop this dictatorship now. The constitution is not INFALLIBLE and anyone can challenge and the laws of Belize. DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR BLACK PEOPLE!! BARROW MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  2. confused says:

    Hey Ricky boy, I guess you could describe compare Barrow to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez as well. Not only to an African dictator. But wait, that would not work right? Cause Chavez is not BLACK and hence it would not serve your racist agenda.

  3. Lex says:

    You lose credibility by trying to suggest this has anything to do with race. That is one of the first things Belizeans need to overcome. We are all equal, and trying to push each other down, and say he or she is inferior because of skin colour is barbaric. We all came from some sort of oppressive past, why on earth are we trying to carry on the tradition? We first have to start acting like one country and one people before we can do any good. If you dare to call yourself Belizean, you have to be willing to be part of, and accept every member of our society.
    As for the the matter at hand: I’m not a Barrow fan at all, but I still expected more decency from him. This is just embarrassing. He is an ‘educated’ man, and has seen a bit of the world, so tell me then, why is he acting like an ignorant man; a dictator? How can he not see this makes us look really bad as a country?
    He trys to justify it by saying it’s for the ‘greater good’ and for our country’s interest, but at what cost? And to say there were a few mishaps with the law and procedures in taking over BTL is even more humiliating because he practices Law by profession!
    I want to see the Belizean public take a stand on this. I think we need to voice our opinions and show them that we are not to be taken as fools.This is not democracy. Come on Barrow, be a better man.

  4. BLVNJAH says:




  5. WTF says:

    Wake up and smell the Coffee Belize….What Barrow is proposing is absolutely insane…What he is saying is that he wants the right to add anything to the constitution and no one can change it.
    This is the way dictators begin thier reign. He will slowly change the laws wrapped up in good will for the people but with what he is proposing he technically could vote himself or his party into power forever.N.DO NOT LET THIS PASS…CALL YOU LOCAL REP AND COMPLAIN LOUDLY AND FORCEFULLY.. NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!

  6. Ricky Malthus says:

    I forgot to mention that Black Slavery was enshrined in the Constitutions of Britain, Spain, Portugal,France, and USA(where a Black slave was 3/5 of a white man), and the world went to war and civil war to un-enshrine those vile and odious laws of oppression. Barrow in his infinite negro wisdom is breathing life into them. Be careful Barrow what you do and wish for. Because as there is day , there is night, and there is result of your action. Be careful how you weave that web of deceit, you will entrap you and your families. So mote it be.

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    I totally agree with Lex.

  8. Rod says:

    The revolution
    Is officially open watch whey wa happen to barrow and all his friends in gov. We have been warning you barrow but you no wa listen soyouwill learn the hard way the struggle begins starting today and Ricky is right this man barrow is a bigot he hates Spanish people or anyone who is not black well am telling you que viva la revolution todos Los Latinos Maya y mestizos de be lice ha llegado la hora de marcher y quotas este burro de nuestros piaz be lice el dice que todos Latinos son estupidos pues Gamow a mostrarle queens son estupidos que viva el Che.

  9. Liberty and Freedom says:

    No matter what the color, any form of dictatorship will end the rights and freedoms enjoyed by Belizeans. This proposed change can alter the future of Belize. Please contact your representative, whether PUP or UDP, and remind them that this change will impact either party in future elections, if there are any. Barrow could appoint himself, with the majority of the UDP, dictator for life. Any opposition would be jailed without due process. If you believe in Liberty and Freedom for yourselves and your children, get up, stand up for your rights. Do not let race or personal prejudice stand in the way of FREEDOM. God Bless ans Save this great Country.

  10. indian woman says:

    LEX… CONFUSE… U R BOTH STUPID. Black people do not know how to handle power. That is a fact.It is not about being racist. That is simply the truth.ok?

  11. indian woman says:

    Belize is finished!!

  12. brainiac says:

    to me…people don’t understnd the fact that this is probably the best option we have yet….remember how the P.U.P sold all the public utillities to foreign investors…by placing this law all the profit is for belize….Think people think….

  13. defend BZ says:

    This have the markings of the 1930`s Adolph Hitler Germany. We already have the Papa gander minister Joseph Goebbels in the name of Delroy. Come on Belize the time to save our country is before we lose it.

  14. Eugene says:

    AS far as I I know Belize is not under a dictatorship rule. Barrow can’t do this by himself, there must be a panel of legistators that will seek the best interest of the people. The race card should not be thrown in there, the decision should be pure and simple and dealth within the law and lawfully so all citiizens benefit. What would be more noble and decent is if Mr. Barrow tackle the issue of crime in Belize, which is managable by all means. This is when I will have respect for the man. The place is a mess. Safety for its citizens and visitors is a must in any situation. Just do your homework Mr. Barrow, much love and respect.

  15. Bdf says:

    The opinion of all here comes out because you either a pup or Udp deciple

  16. Vuk says:

    Before I continue with the response that I have in the regard to this topic, I’ve got to say that I’ve just about had enough with those of you who continuously insist that PM Barrow is being “racist” towards “Hispanics” and others that aren’t Black. As I have said before, you guys haven’t provided the evidence necessary to verify this accusation, so you all need to stop with this kind of talk as it is only helping to create an environment conductive to the kind of violent ethnic conflict that led to the devastation of countries that had the same level of cultural diversity that Belize currently has.

    Now, with the response:

    Like many, I am, to some degree, concerned about the direction that the current administration is taking in regard to this amendment. However, I can understand the reasons why they’re pursuing it and, if it passes, I hope that it’s used in a manner that is appropriate to the general state of affairs of the country.

  17. confused says:

    @ Indian Woman: So Adolf Hitller, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and many many others were black right? Get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wil Garbutt says:

    Listen to all those pup supporters with their bogus comments here. The utilities of any country belong to the people.Water, electric, etc. Barrow is doing a great job. People forgot how it was with the last admonistration where musa and fonseca sold out our country to foreigners and rob the country of undeclared $$$ to undisclosed banks and location all over the world. We Blacks been ready for the war… Belize is for Belizeans… not foreigners and guatemalans….

  19. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    It seems like there are some confusion on what the real issue here is, people just be careful of those certain individuals that are trying to make this a race issue, for if you have adopted the belief that the problems that Belize is having is based on race then you are surely on the losing side and the world is much too modern for this type of agenda, there will be no soldier stronger than the one who is being persecuted just because of his race, so mark my words you make this a race issue and you have already lost before you start. Remember my Legacy B4 My People.

  20. Rod says:

    Well I say to all the cane farmers that you will be taking orders from hondurans so gnu so stupid like barrow say son estupidos y no le importa que les pasa a ustedes and to all you udp supporters barrow is a bigot racist and that’s a fact.

  21. indian woman says:

    ok, acuse me of being racist. no problem. I am not. I speak of who and what is at hand.. Remember the union jack?? Hard core followers even when loosing?The progress of our country and our people is what matters. Not our love for a party or its members.Times have changed.Certain things have not.The stupid ways Belizeans think have not changed.YA’LL ready to suffer? To live like Hatians?Ready? Keep up the good work of doing nothing.What happened after the british left? Listen. your village leaders… Barrow and his gang… Briceno and his gang…. all not competent for that job. Like taking a knife to a gun fight.OK?

  22. confused says:

    Thank you Legacy. I really dont know what is up with some of the people here. They really seem to wan to divide our country along racial lines like is the case in the countries that thier ancestors come from. That is Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador etc. In these countries black are not allowed to even get much of an education and hold office. Indians either for that matter. They are govern only by their white elites. Now they seem to want to bring that sort of nonsence to Belize. We will not stand for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. indian woman says:

    Hey Confused…….. I never compared Dean Barrow to Hitler, Chaves,Castro or any other dictator….. Those people have and had intelligence. Dean Barrow is like a village elder, a bush lawyer.Should not be PM of our beautiful nation.It is not his fault. The poor man is trying his best but what do you expect?He is not qualified.He is a Sarah Palin….Lets move on and search for a qualified contender.Make a list of requirements …… intelligent people do. Not just put someone there because they are liked. Belize is not a village.People come to our country and say…..WTF?

  24. Ringo says:


    And you all were scared of Musa’s Cuban ties. lol

  25. Belizean Diaspora says:

    My God, the man has done it now, he is going to throw away the constitution, and every set of idiots hereon out will be the bloody constitution. Happy people who voted in UDP in ’08, although serious problems happened under Musa, but this is too extreme, where is the BDF in this, someone should stop Barrow from implementing this, this is saying we have no damn rights in Belize, and they don’t give a damn what we think about it at all. I hate to say it, but I could see why some leaders do get overthrown, because they are becoming too powerful, Belizeans, we have to stop Barrow, we cannot surrender our freedoms to these idiots, so they can do whatever they want, and we can’t have redress in our courts, we need to be free.

  26. Liberty and Freedom says:

    Reply to Brainiac – are you serious? The money is going to the people of Belize…. You better ask yourself “which people”? It will not be you unless you are part of the “elite” (Barrow and his thugs).
    As to foreign investment, you had better pray that foreign investment flows into Belize. The GOB is financially broke. The global economy is having problems. Foreign aid is starting to dry up. What kind of political atmosphere draws investment to Belize? Surely not one that is a repressive government and openly discourages foreign investment. Why would Lord Ashcroft invest any more money into a country that screwed him? Rich or not, he earned his money. Are you a Marxist that would favor wealth redistribution? So that means if I worked all my life and bought 10 acres of land, I should give you 8 acres because you pissed away your money having a good time? This whole situation is about freedom. When the government fears the people, you have freedom; when the people fear the government you have tyranny.

  27. Robert2 says:

    When the constitution is invalid, your rights will also be invalid. The only two hopes for the creole people of Belize are God and the constitution! Mr. Barrow is mislead and perhaps self-serving.

  28. Roy Yates says:

    Let me first state up front that I’m a black man a real black man in colorblacks so that you all undersyand where I’m coming from in making my remarks. Regretably, the UDP croud are recist with serious inferiority complex. When they won the first elecetion it was pointed out to me from the inside the Party that they, the blacks were in Power, with an emphasis. I was not in Belize, but I spoke to many of them from over here. When it was realized that I did not share their racist idea I was put on ice. I came to the USA when racism was the order of the day. Two days after I arrived in this country I was bared from entering the white section a restaurant in Texas at the Greyhound bus station, and everywhere I went in the southern United States I had to be concious of my ethnicity moment by moment.

    I moved to Southern California where the race card was plaid out more suttle, nevertheless it was still deadly. I saw race riots first hand and I know how ugly it is. I have no illusion about the fact that Belize has its pockets of racism, but again its suttle. Before I left Belize over half a century ago, some of my Latino associates use to comment, that I was black, but I had class; I paid the comments little attention, except for one time in the North of the country when a Latino told me that I should know my place. I did not accept his comment as a positive compliment, so I got physical to taught him a lesson I hope.

    The problem with Borrow is two fold at least, he is racist and a want to be—–in the process he is setting up an aligarchic family structure. He is like the snake charmer that show the snake one hand to distract it from the hand that will eve tually hold it. What I mean is, he is using the so call nationalistic card to distract and gain sympathy while he fill his bank account and that of his family. Its so obvious, its like mid day and mid night. I see from the responses preceeding mine that people are waking up to his schinanigans, unforunately its bringing with it ugly baggages, such as division amongst the races. The PUP did a good job, in my opinion, in blending the race problem that was a simmering in Belize. Only a person living in denial would not agree that the Garifunas and Mayas were treated poorly by the creole sector of the country.

    Folks, nothwithstanding the problems that faces the country at this time you all must clear this mess up with a level heads. Life is a learning experience, and we should live to learn as well as learn to live. Problem(s) does not fix problem(s) of themselves, therefore the outcome of the problem is dependent on the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the problem solver. The folks in government at this present time is not capable of solving the problems that confronts the country Its quite clear that in their attempt to solve the problem(s) they are making it worst. Because Borrow is a lawyer does not mean that he is a good politician; which its obvious he is not. And his team players are no better off. .They are operating like a one arm paper hanger; likewise like a one foot man in a butt kicking contest. One of the best comment in this forum, was made by Indian woman. Follow her advise you all.

  29. Sir Wil says:

    We are all Belizeans first and foremost. We are in charge of our government and we can stop them from leading us in the wrong direction.

    Democracy, Education and Freedom are essential to the continued development of Belize.

    I am hoping that this is when all Belizeans and Belizeans at heart will rise up against the PM if what I am reading is true.

    I am not student of the law, but I do know the coming of dictatorship when I see it. This is when we need to appeal to the Governor General, CARICOM, CCJ, Privy Council and whomever else may have any sort of power in Belize to ensure our democracy continues to grow and bloom as it should.

    We need more democracy, more checks and balances in the system and more transparency in Belize. Barrow and his regime have no right to try and usurp eternal power in Belize. The High Court should always have to power it was intended to have. They are being led my Chavez and the left. This is when we need to draw closer to the Caribbean and our Caribbean values.

    We are a commonwealth country. The only thing that keeps commonwealth countries safe are our constitutions when we obey them.

    In Africa, Latin America, Asia and most Non-Western countries they have all had dictatorships at some point or the other, because someone decided to usurp perpetual power and NO one stopped them.

    STOP Barrow, his regime and anyone else in the future, from becoming a dictator. Keep Democracy alive in Belize forever.

  30. Vuk says:

    Mr. Yates:

    Firstly, sir, I and those who are of the same opinion don’t care that you’re Black. What I and those who are of the same opinion care about, that is, when it comes to the issue of ethnically-based accusations, is whether or not there is the necessary amount of evidence in existence to verify those accusations, and, so far, we have not seen the evidence necessary to verify the assertions that you and others have been making against PM Barrow. Thus, by continuing to make such accusations without proof, you and those like you are helping to create an environment that causes the breakdown of peaceful relations between the ethnicities that make up the Belizean people and that is a prospect that we do not wish to see emerge.

    Secondly, sir, you say that there are many individuals in the UDP that are racist toward those that aren’t Black. This is true to a certain degree but the fact of the matter is that they are a minority amongst the UDP’s support base and that they come from a segment of the population that has been in proportional decline since the early 1960′s due to emigration to the United States and Great Britain. Thus, their opinions aren’t that representative of the party’s overall nature. What is more representative of the party’s overall nature is the opinion of those amongst the majority of the population that support the UDP and clearly, their opinion isn’t anything that is racist towards those who aren’t Black. If it was, then they would be engaging in ethnic self-hated and I know for a fact that’s something that they are not collectively capable of engaging in.

    Thirdly, sir, you’re are making the same accusations of racism against PM Barrow that you and others like you have made before when you say “he is racist”, and again, I have to ask, where’s the evidence necessary to verify this? If you have it, then show it. Otherwise, *cut it out*.

    Fourthly, sir, what he and the UDP are doing with this is something that I and many can understand: they’re tired of seeing the basic utilities of the country constantly change hands between whoever is in power and various private owners of foreign origin and they want to make sure that, once they [the basic utilities] are all nationalised, they will stay under government control for the foreseeable future by making it impossible for the supreme court to reverse their nationalisations, and, despite the concerns that this rightfully entails, I believe that this is a justifiable action.

    And fifthly, sir, I and those who are of the same opinion understand that the current administration isn’t capable of solving all of the problems of the country. However, from what we can see, they are *at least* trying to solve some of the problems, which is something that I can’t say about the last PUP administration; an administration that was, again, so abysmal about the way they tended to the social and economic affairs of the country that they ended up getting thrown out of power by the average Belizean voter in 2008.

  31. Diehard Belizean says:

    We should all be very, very concerned at the changes in the Constitution that Barrow and his gang are making. The Belize Constitution is the supreme law of any country but here, Barrow is destroying this supreme law and making the H of Reps the supreme law of the land. Haven’t you noticed that? Now no one, not even the supreme court could challenge the things that Barrow is doing. He has changed Section 69 of the land. Go to http://www.belizelaw and check out. It is really serious. Look at the forced detention law… you will not be able to get bail, no attorney, no family visit, no trial by jury…. this is FRIGHTENING!! Look at the GSU… it looks like the one Esquivel set up during his administration, only that this one is more deadly. .. they could mess you up very badly and you will have no one and no where to go to complain.
    And please, don’t fall for all the rubbish Barrow is saying about nationalism.. he is saying that what he is doing with BTL and BEL is good for Belizeans. You tell me sister and brother… how much will you gain from the nationalizations??? NADA. Don’t believe me..just ask the people at helm of these organizations… they are NOT promising cheaper rates in electricity nor phone… and remember these were the things Barrow and his gang lied about during his campaigns.. and poor Belizeans “believed in the possiblities”
    It’s time to stand up… at least let your thoughts be known… barrow is dragging our country down a dangerous path. I agree with one of the comments that we let the area reps know of our disgust.. IF you get a chance to tell them..if they will even listen to you… if you can catch them somewhere.
    God help us.

  32. Starky says:

    Deeply thinking, not everybody likes what Barrow is doing. However, if the UDP had never come to power, we would have never been able to know what all the PUP hierarchy had been doing with government present money and decades of our monies to come. Simply put, whatever PUP made, we will have to pay for decades to come. Never mind however, if we had something to show for it. WE HAVE NOTHING BELIZEANS. What I know is that many millionaires poped up like mushrooms during PUP tenures!!

  33. bzn2dabone says:

    In my opinion, the discussion has gone into the wrong and totally different direction.
    The issue at hand is the constitutional amendment that is being read at the HOR.
    The amendment is in fact being done to ensure that the majority ownership of BTL, BEL and BWSL are maintained by the GOB and that no challenges can be made to this owenrship. In principle, I agree with it as it will ensure that no successive government (weather UDP or PUP) is able to sell off the majority shares of the said companies to private individuals.
    I urge everyone to be more open minded as I notice that different news stations bring the issue with their very own twist to it, thus changing the whole fact of the matter. E.g. This very same issue. God Bless Belize.

  34. louisville,ky says:

    Vuk, I agree with you 100%. Quite frankly, I could not have said it any better myself.
    Those of YOU that are perpetraring racial animosity in the Jewel need to cease and decist. It’s an ill wind that blows no good. You are starting some mess that you have not a clue how it’ll end. Please do not allow yourselves to get your draws in bunches over a stupid party color, let alone skin color. Let there be peace in the Jewel…… for heavens sake. A word to the wise is sufficient.

  35. OG_Rick says:

    Oppression of rights, civil war, assassination! hmm I wonder where all this is leading…. well I know one thing for sure there aren’t any jobs or opportunities for young ppl like myself in my country….. even a scholarship is hard to get if ur not on the right side or know the right people and government ain’t helping you get any either…… maybe we should stop commenting and start taking to the streets in protest….

  36. Economist says:

    The issue we’re facing with the constitutional changes being made by Barrow strikes at the main pillars of our democracy. While as Belizeans we don’t feel sympathetic towards the idea of privatization of the utilities companies; basic economics and laws of efficiency must prevail. Government is not the most efficient at operatiing these companies. GOB role is to have strong regulation and regulators (PUC). The constant constitutional amendment is NOT the way to go!!! STOP Barrow NOW!!!!!!!!!

  37. ladymatura says:

    Dear ALL – amendment of Sec. 69 is not only about nationalization of utilities – if it was that I would not make a fuss at all – I may not agree with some of the things done – but do agree utilities shoudl have never been privatized to the detriment of our people. ………..

    what I want all of you to realize is that sec. 69 will affect ALL our rights and freedoms and all other provisions of the Constituion. Eg. Preventative Detention was put on ice not for the good of us… but to allow for this new amendment so that when it is passed because it can be passed once they have the majority and without them even consulting – then no matter how much us the people do not want PD we cannot go to court to challenge it. this is called oustign the jurisdiction of the court which cannot be done in a democracy because our Judiciary is the third and strongest pillar. God Bless us all we we keep addressing the issue maturely.

  38. Knowledge says:

    Hey Indian woman black people were in power in egypt for hundreds and hundreds of years they were the most POWERFUL race that ever existed. Our knowledge is known up to now look at the pyramids of egpyt compared to the buildings of rome guess which one is still standing tall check yourself when you speak about black people indian woman better yet know your history and know for a fact that everything that the greeks and romans learned was from black people and if it wasn’t for us the black people you wouldn’t be eating your corn today,you would still be commiting beastiality……nuff said

  39. Roy Yates says:

    Hello VUK, I take your response seriously and in the good spirit that I sense in your communication. Let me point out for the benefit of our exchange on this serious matter, a natural cosmic law, that for every action, there is equal ot grester force of reaction. It could well be that the government is doing its best to set Belize on the right oconomic course, but in my opinion and the opinion of many, they are going about it the wrong way; thus they have stired up negative centiments in a highly politicallly charged environment. The straw that broke the Camel’s back, is the disrispect by Dean Borrow of the Supreme Court. Even the ordinary men/women on the street does not agree with his action, and Borrow know this, but he is acting like the jack ass he claim Said Musa to be.

    As Ashcroft stated, he see nothing wrong with nationalization, but it must be with proper compensation. As an investment banker, I see ways whereby the country can buy out those utility companies without additional debt to the already fragile economy. I know the process that Ashcraft used to take over what is now Belize bank and BTL, and the government can be assisted in setting like strategy. The so call SUPER BOND that is a mill stone around the necks of Belizeans tax payers, can be done away with almost overnight instead of been drawn out for years.

    Because of lact of experience they are compounding the financial prolems of the country. If I’m riding with a driver that I realize will not get me to my destination safely, its for me to abandon the ride and minimize the risk of been in an accident. The previous government may have done doing their best, but the country has to now face the bad music because of their blunder.

    If I may address bzn2dabone: This is what I mean that for every action there is an equal or greater force of reaction. By Dean Barrow’s actions, worst of which is defying the Supreme Court, now forces him to take action to tie the hands of the court, which lead to a tampering with the Constitution, and lets not forget causing the Police and the BDF to side with him in his unlawful act. He, the head of state that swore to up hold the constituion, not only is he going against it, but is encouraging others to follow his unlawful act, that he will shelter them for any legal action against them Laws and contract are useless if there is no enforcement to back them, and when the enforcer is nuetralize then we are in for an exercise in futility. Whenever his prior statement is use against him he try to get legalistic with double talk. I don’t see anything positive in what is he is doing,

    Because Barrow is a lawyer, I watch very carefully what he says, such as when he was asked about his brother leaving the Court? He indicated that he already had a position for him to handle some of the litigations for the government and his fee for doing so will be money well spent. Its very clear that he does not care that it give the appearance of compromising his high office as Priminister. IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK & QUACK LIKE A DUCK, ITS A DUCK. For me, his actions are that of a dictator and the setting up of an oligarchic family structure. You folks back there better get very serious with this individual and those in his government that are supporting the rubish that he is asking the public to accept.

  40. edward says:

    response to Mr Roy Yates on the UDP stupid racial proftling.

    referring to the 08 elections in Belize, i personally can recall being at a convention down south when the UDP were picking there standard bearer for that constituency. i could clearly recall that the officials from the party who came to preside over the convention was detailed to have one individual to win that convention clearly stated at that time by MR Barrow. the only black man contesting in that convention was to be the winner by any means. at that time no candidate was allow to canvass in the building. i could recall some of the candidates were still canvassing in the building including the only black candidate at that time. so i stood watch on all that was transpiring. suddenly all the other candidates excepting the black candidate was thrown out of the building. at this time i went up to one of the official and said to her hey all them candidates were canvasssing and she told me that she havent seen the black candidate doing so only the this moment i wail back to my seat were i kept on observing all the unfearness in the building and the black candidate just continued to canvass with no inturoption from the officials so i know what all these people saying about PM Barrow is true the UDP is deeply racist.

  41. indian woman says:

    Hey Knowledge…….. ready for this? Are the pyramids in Africa? Or history is wrong for saying the Egyptians build the pyramids?Listen…. drop your complex about being black. At the end of the day….the prime minister is not qualified for the job. Plain and simple.There are a bunch of Belizeans who don’t care about the country….. only about themselves.Most of them are in politics .It is not and should not be racial but blacks are very sensitive about being black.Why not be sensitive about being lazy? Talk is cheap but it takes money to buy whiskey. Heard that one before?

  42. ivan says:

    our fundamental rights will be violated…….its a HITLER LAW, Belize is getting more dangerous now.

  43. I Have Awaken says:

    Borrow, is not racist, he is simply a sociopath and a person of this mentality will use any and all tool, if he has to, for a means to an end, so, racism is simply a tool for him, i don’t think he could really care much about black, creole, spanish or any other person or ethnicity. If he thinks he can use something or someone to his advantage, he will. It is all about absolute power for Borrow, he wants to go down in history and any scholar of history will tell you that the tyrants and despots are the most remembered, due to the atrocities they cast upon fellow humans.

  44. Verdad says:

    Pray tell, how the hell did we get into a racial issue here? This constitutional amendment is not about race, it is a about a man high not only on power (but clearly something only he knows) who has lost all sense of democracy!!! When the former Chief Justice ruled against him, he pilloried him publicly; when the Bar Association President voiced any dissidence, she was personally attacked by him; when Chamber of Commerce voiced their opposition to his mode of nationalization, the executives were attacked publicly; when the Court of Appeal ruled against him, he defies their court order and abuses his executive power and now abusing his legislative power by seeking to amend the constitution!! Wake up people, this is not about race; this is about our way of life, about the rule of law, about democracy!!

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