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Jul 18, 2011

Bus accident leaves several persons hospitalized

What should have been a peaceful and early start to the work week almost ended in tragedy for many commuters onboard a Cabrera’s Bus.  About four-forty a.m., Pedro Cumush, the driver, lost control of the bus on the outskirts of Orange Walk. Several persons were injured and had to be rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital. News Five’s Isani Cayetano Reports.

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

An early morning traffic mishap along the Northern Highway near San Pablo Village on the outskirts of Orange Walk Town has landed a number of commuters onboard this passenger bus belonging to Cabrera’s Bus Line in the hospital.  The vehicle was heading in the direction of town when its left rear tire blew out.

Josue Cabrera, Owner, Cabrera’s Bus Line

Josue Cabrera

“It was on a curve so he couldn’t control his steering wheel and [it] slid and turned over, you know. That was it.”

The accident, as minor as it is described by Josue Cabrera, saw quite a few people including the driver being injured.  There were approximately forty passengers aboard the bus at the time.  More than half of them had to be rushed by ambulance for medical attention in town.

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette, Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police Formation

“Shortly before five this morning police receive information of a bus accident just around mile sixty-five which is also just outside of the Orange Walk jurisdiction.  Orange Walk police responded as it is closer to Orange Walk than Corozal whereupon a Cabrera’s bus was seen overturned on the side of the road.  Upon investigation police were made to understand that at least twenty-five persons received varying degrees of injuries most of whom were transported to the Northern Regional Hospital and a few were transported to Corozal.”

Joseph Myvette

Standing near her seat when the bus turned over was a female passenger whose entire hand was dangling outside a window.  The bloodstained glass is where her lower arm was trapped under the massive weight of the vehicle.  Besides the abrasions the limb was broken and was only released from beneath when the men who had responded to the scene were able to lift it partially.

Josue Cabrera

“The young gial got this hand broke because it was outside the window and when the bus turned over it mashed it.  They are going to do their report too at the station.  As soon as they [the doctors] are finished with them they will go and do their reports.”

Fortunately there are no fatalities; nonetheless, it is a loss for Cabrera whose bus is valued at an estimated twenty-five thousand dollars.  While one side of it remains intact the other is completely damaged.  On the exterior its left windows are broken; the purple and white paint job is deeply scraped to where the previous coat is clearly visible.  Inside are the remnants of fruits that were being transported for sale in Orange Walk and Belize City.  Scattered across the floor are dozens of craboo, lime and avocado.

According to Senior Superintendent Joseph Myvette traffic officers from both districts are working closely to complete their investigation of the accident.

Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette

“Our traffic man is certainly coordinating with those in Corozal so whatever part of our investigation that we do we’ll still have to pass it on to Corozal as it is in their jurisdiction.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

There is another accident that went under the radar, but it has resulted in a fatality one week later. A resident of Esperanza Village was knocked down last Monday night. Fifty year old Charles Trapp was riding his bicycle when it collided with a white Chrysler car driven by fifty-four year old Robert Nugent. Trapp received severe head injuries and was immediately hospitalized. Nonetheless, he was released the following day, on July twelfth. He was re-hospitalized on Thursday and by Saturday morning he died as a result of his injuries.

��’<�*����e=’mso-bidi-font-size:13.0pt;mso-bidi-font-family:Arial’>Voice of: Eyewitness

“The girl that works there she had moved because that’s the time that she packed her things in the freezer and that’s the moment she went into the bodega and she heard that and she didn’t come out from in there.  I was the only person that was in there buying.  It looks funny because during the weekends we have many vehicles out there and [people] drinking.  That night it was only me that drove there and I drove up and parked in front of the door because I said well I’m not going to take so long.  I will move immediately from there but that happened right at the moment I was there.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

While the Orange Walk Police formation continues its investigation into that murder, Belize City police are investigating an incident that has left a victim hospitalized but in stable condition.  Twenty-three year Frank Sinclair became the latest shooting victim on Saturday night. According to the police, its mobile unit responded to a scene on McKay Boulevard, where a gunman fired several shots at Sinclair. Sinclair, a disk jockey by profession, received gunshot wounds to both legs.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “Bus accident leaves several persons hospitalized”

  1. cg says:

    he forgot to mention he was speeding on a curve and then the tire blew out. nobody monitors these bus drivers and now this is he result

  2. someone says:

    seems they after djs now…

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    This is the reason why we need to have at least two highway patrol vehicle assigned to each district.The money that Booths spent on his phone calls could have been used to by more vehicles for the cops.

  4. me says:

    Well, its sad that so much people got hurt. Speed is a factor with them orange walk buses. Especially the Tillett buses. Some of them running close to 80 miles per hour as I have physically clocked them while driving behind them and I have always wondered what would happen to the passengers in them buses when the tires would blow out at such high speed. Gilharry bus don’t run so fast and that’s why the orange walkenos didn’t ride his buses when they were running. They referred to venus buses as the turtle express but we got home safe though. Our turtle express got us home safe and we felt safe as well we never had the stress going home as we have right now. All bottled up in orangewalk having to scramble in a bus to get a seat if not you would have to wait another bus to catch and go home.

  5. veteran says:

    Whats sad is that in belize is those poor belizeans wont get compensated by that accident,maybe there are laws against belizean citizens saying they cant SUE bus company’s,everything time there is a accident in belize,one never hears this issue,belizean been compensated for their pain.the media is not doing thier job.

  6. CEO says:

    The problem is speeding, bad tires, lack of oversight, lack of enforcement, bad roads, carless conduct, no highway patrol, no inspections to make sure these busses are roadworthy…and the list goes on!

    Instead of wasting youyr resources on making sure cronies get permits to operate ubfit busses they should invet all their time and money in over sight, inspections and enforcement…I am sure things would change then!

  7. Carlos Gera says:

    let me tell u all a little about history i have over 30 and more years driving buses for diffrent companies Novelo’s, Batty’s, Venus and others i have had diffrent blow outs and the one that happen Yesturday was for that bus to turn over if it would have being a front tire then i would say other wised but not a balk outer tire.

  8. happy in north carolina says:

    Nobody knows what happened that morning. Maybe the bus was overloaded you 40+people riding on the pluse you have bags of bags of produce. Now if you would do the math on the people and the produces that was on bus you would get and overloaded bus. Here in america these buses are used for children not adult. So then if you speeding around a curve with a overload bus that what you get a flip bus. Also to Mister me,don’t ever tailgate speeding bus.

  9. jose luis says:

    it has being many years since the Gilharry bus line have had an accident in the early morning yes the bus line may be the little turtle bus it get us to work on time and save and balk home i don’t why this government choose to take them off from the roads after the have being serving us in the north for many years. and choose to bring in some other company who don’t even know the road or better say the roots

  10. me says:

    north carolina, I dont tailgate buses, i got more sense than that. I pass them when i am in private vehicle. I was just curious of the tillet bus i caught up with and clocked to see how fast it was travelling as those buses always zip pass gilharry bus when i used to ride with them. My concern was to find out how fast they going with all those standees as the tillet bus really used to go ram jam as well as the others from orange walk. See my concern was what if the front tire would blow out with all them standees in those speeding buses. See the results with cabrera bus and it was about to take a curve. What i am trying to bring across is that transport need to regulate dem buses running 80 miles per hour. I had an experience in one of the gilharry bus where it was approaching toll bridge. Front tire blew out and the buss passed the toll bridge on the other side with a strugge from the driver. He honked his horn until he stopped so anyone on that side of the road would see and move out the way. He just couldn’t apply brakes. Hence my curiosity about dem buses from orange walk speeding terribly.

  11. spanglish says:


  12. check it out says:

    Minister Flippin loves to go on talk shows, but he is defintitely responsible for this

  13. Elena says:

    Mr. Veteran – you have a point, the media does not do a good job when it comes to informing the public. The media is also supposed to advocate for the public, but they fall short. I hope that they investigate the accident as “professional journalists” and infrom the public on what really happened and also educate the families of the injured on what their options are when it comes to ensuring some form of compensation. A collective law suit perhaps? Can you imagine the trauma this people when through? Can you imagine what the life of the girl who had her arm amputated will be like? In my point of view, as a Belizean, is that we do not have a civil society, that is why we let people get away with horrible, despicable acts.

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    Who inspect these buses prior to been put on the road .Also chek out my blog @<href=""

  15. *J-bird says:

    I have heard these opinions….. We have no one to blame but the government. All buses need to be regulated. The fact is Belize is small. There are various other small countries struggling in a similiar manner. Asking the bus companies to only use new buses will be difficult. Am just glad they got out alive. Trust me l would sue the bus company if l were a passenger during the incident. Regarding the journalists, let’s not point fingers. The police was also terrible in handling the situation.

  16. Michel says:

    if the had not took down Gilharry probably an inccedent like this wouldn’t have happend all this is the government and its trying to regulate the northern runs i have being traveling with Gilharry for over 10yrs since when i was studying in UB, and i can vow that the have some of the finest experiance drivers since balk in the day and as far as buses the have one of the modernest fleets of buses from coach buses that are currently us in the United states by Gayhound to blue bird buses curently used by school in the us. Gilharry buses even go to diffrent pars of mexico as excursions, not to mension that mexico are being linient as in respect to old buses. main it unfair that G.O.B made a company like this to stop runing and serving its people of where it acctualy base on and put a companies of other distrcts and this is the results. bottom line is i have seen many blow out with Gilharry and not accident the may be the turttle bus but the get me home save

  17. For the People says:

    This happens when Government gets involve in the PEOPLE rides and not focus on the safety or insurance of the people comfort for a better life. For the poeple have the right to passage, the right to move about, the right to go and come, so in other words, the Government is for the people and not the PEOPLE is for the Government. There has to be a neutral ground for the transportation system for the people of Belize, so Belizean can sustain some type of order and stability. The Government, should act a the Father or as a Mother and nurse its’ people needs to be able to go to work and back to their homes; but instead the Government is always acting on their own behalf and forgets the people. Maybe it is time for a new party that can demonstrate neutrality in the best help to its’ people…

  18. Sugar says:

    Instead of Flippin regulating runs, they shud open it to competition and let the commuter decide what bus they want to ride. Flippin’ shud then use the resources to monitor the system…check tyres, driver conditions, speeding, how roadworthy is the bus, disposal of garbage…..and if/when someone is found breaking the rule, be firm with them…irrespective of color/political believe/religion

  19. spanglish says:

    the buses check up and service is the responsibilty of the owners and drivers OK

  20. *J-bird says:

    I think that the bus situation in Belize is terrible…… It is so sad when the people are not heard..

  21. derdd says:

    according to your comments on the turtle express maybe you forgot to mention that they have to go slow because i once experienced a blow out from a bus a gilharry bus and yes there was a spare but the driver refused to change the tire because the spare tire was only held by treads and wire he said that it would be a waste of time ti change it as it would just blow out a few miles ahead. yes i agree that buses are speeding and racing to get as much passengers as possible but the people at the transport management only chek for busses that overloaded and want to get the people who are standing down if they are getting paid to manage the runs then i think they should see that the buses are road worthy

  22. king kong says:

    well it was a nice new bus dat was only 2 mount old in runing my runs and i wast a lot of money for geting it and only to go lik dat but d best part is dat now one died!!!

  23. OrangeWalkenio says:

    it appears that certain people don’t like Orange Walk nor its buses. I know the bus and the driver. The bus was new, it was not old. It had operating for less than a year. The driver also drives slow, that’s why many people who know the bus company know were shocked at the news of the accident. So the problem we believe is that he was falling asleep. It is all due to the ridiculuos schedules given to the bus company by the minister. The bus driver and the company are from San Jose, Orange Walk and they have a bus run from Corozal to Belize City at 3am. To get to Corozal they had to wake leave San Jose at 2AM.UDP supporter and Corozal bus company Moralez was given the original bus run held by Cabreras (because it was more profitable). By the way, the owner compensated passengers for their medical expenses.

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