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Jul 12, 2011 named Corozal on list of great places to retire outside of the U.S.

An article by, an online American personal finance magazine has named Corozal Town on its list of eight great places to retire outside of the US. The writers paid close attention to the cost of living and health care services in each destination and consulted experts in travel, tourism and overseas retirement before compiling the list. So what did have to say about Corozal? Well, the warm climate, ease of access to the international airport and the town having its own hospital were positive points. But according to the article, a key factor is that a retired American couple can live comfortably in Corozal Town on two thousand, five hundred dollars a month. It notes that Belize is second on the Global Retirement Index for cost of living, but nineteenth for real estate. Corozal is described as the best of both worlds since it offers retirees beaches and tranquility in town as well as big-city amenities such as malls and museums just across the border in Chetumal, Mexico. Another plus, according to article, is that the local government has a “qualified retired persons” program, which allows non-Belizeans to enjoy perks such as tax-free imports of household goods and cars. The other retirement hotspots on the list are Merida, Mexico; Lunigiana, Italy; Bocas del Toro, Panama; Granada, Nicaragua; Nha Trang, Vietnam; Roatan, Honduras and Bearn, France.

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17 Responses for “ named Corozal on list of great places to retire outside of the U.S.”

  1. Preeti~gal says:

    yehh!!! I was so pleased to have read Kipling’s insight on Corozal yesterday. I totally agree with them that My beautiful hometown Corozal is the most peaceful, tranquil, relaxing, safe & affordable place in Belize :)

  2. Preeti~gal says:

    However, I do think Kipling exaggerated a bit on the cost of living per month because you can live in Corozal at a still way cheaper price than that stated above.

  3. Maria Marshall says:

    Great news, I’m a Belizean abroad and want to go home.

    Must start thinking of retiring to Corozal. Right now.

  4. me says:

    Corozal is so inviting. I went there in 1980, finished schooling there, got married there and stayed there until now. I do travel every day to Belize to work but the sacrifice is worth it. The city is in too much uproar – crimewise, right about now. When Friday comes its like goodbye to a hectic place and peaceful Corozal here I come to relax for the weekend. The sea is extremely beautiful in the dry season and very nice and clean to swim in. Out of all the districts, Corozal Town is the one. I just met a fellow who said he moved there three weeks ago to live because of the tranquility and the environment and that he want his son to grow in a quiet environment. This person is now commuting. Imagine that! That’s what peaceful and beautiful Corozal does to you.

  5. Joe says:

    They should have taken a look at PG. (not taking away anything from Coro) – but PG is for people looking for a tranquil environment and lots to do – rivers, sea, Barrios, mountains, streams, wild life etc

  6. Terese Worrell says:

    Indeed! Born & raised in Corozal Town..I’m already prepared & planned retirement in my be-a-u-ti-ful addition, the whole country of BELIZE is stunning & wonderful..

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    If this crime situation is not addressed.No where in the Jewel will be safe to retire,Real talk.


    Joe you need to promote PG so they can BIG UP PG because I agree with you. When an international company recognizes Belize for things like that it should be Headline News on all Radio and TV Station news for 3 days in a row.

  9. Higher Level says:

    Great news. There is still promise and hope in Belize.

  10. Ringo says:

    Corozal is a Dump. horrible potholed streets, ignorant people, uneducated local politicians, cheap and poor expats, border officials treats you like $hit, too many gimme dalla beggers, old delapitated houses, and the list goes on.

  11. belizeanpride says:

    come on ringo eaze down bro.
    let corozal get big up, later it’s your town, just let it go bro. corozal is indeed a cool town not much crimes and seems to be less stressful like the others. Toledo should be the next one but sadly theres no good road and tel, and other comodities which makes it more lifely btu naturally it’s amazing for the beauty of the mountains and the rivers it’s a natural beauty.

  12. Joe Mcguire says:


  13. Sad says:

    And the article of course failed to mention that enough of the locals are resentful and hateful towards gringos as to make it uncomfortable to do anything but stay in your gated community home. It’s sad to move somewhere to get away from racism and hateful people only to find more hateful racist people. The locals aren’t entirely to blame as there are a big number of US retirees living in Corozal who do nothing but complain about how bad it is there, but it’s a damn shame that the locals automatically assume that all Americans are like that. Apparently to only thing that’s truly worldwide is hate.

  14. Peter says:

    Good news about Corozal. Keep it clean. I agree with the others. Toledo should be next . they are rich in natural resources and natural beauty and less crime rate too especially out of town. Beauty is awaiting too there. congrats Corozal

  15. Victoria says:

    I love Corozal and PG would move to either town. I am a Belizean living abroad and visits home every so often and was not aware that there is gated communities in Corozal!! since when do since when we Belizeans have to jail ourselves in gated community? I bet it’s all the american nonsense that is going on in Belize, the americans run from their own country go to some other countries and want to impose their lifestyles etc on others. In reference to your comment SAD yes the locals will be resentful and hateful to towards the gringos, and don’t talk about racisim in Belize, look at your american immigration laws and talk about that, don’t expect to go to someones country and have an open arm waiting on you, if you are out of touch check out the Arizona immigration law and other states. If you are a foreigner living in Belize and don’t like it then get out!!!!!!

  16. me says:

    halla all unu want bout peaceful Coro. Di houses dem no so bad like di ones eena di city. Gated community? We no gat thieves di harass we. Case in point, I was out at the children’s park 2 nights ago with my family just enjoying d sea breeze and peacefulness watching di kids playing happily. Want more? We were out there till eleven Dat night!!!!!! Figa unu can do dat in di city? Unu no get jealous now n runnin down Coro. BIG UP CORO!!!!! Right Place to live. See we can just cross d border to enjoy more. In PG., I no know if Honduras big up like Chetumal. Dats di difference yu all. So no di get all worked up bout Coro. CORO IS FOR REAL!!!!!!

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