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Jul 11, 2011

Shots fired at party; revelers beaten, was it the police?

A party on Friday night was allegedly crashed by police. A group of young men at the party, taking place at a house on Justice Street say that police physically attacked them. The victims allege that the police were involved in an incident on Freedom Street with two other young men and shortly after they barged in on their party. They claim police fired indiscriminately in the crowded area and later tried to cover up what happened.  News Five’s Andrea Polanco spoke off camera with one of the young men, who claims he was forced off his verandah with a gun to his head.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Residents on Justice Street say that around eleven thirty on Friday night a party was keeping at this residence when police officers barged in and attacked some of the young men at the house:

Voice of: Resident, Justice Street

“Suh he gone eena di yard and the young man tell him this dah wah private property we di have wah party. I deh pan my verandah and I watch how they gone up deh and beat up the young man up deh. Mi neighbor house; beat up di young man and pickney mi di up eena di house lee pickney.”

The Justice Street residents say that police officers fired a number of shots in the street, which they allege penetrated this zinc fence and their house. And before the matter was investigated the cops picked up the shells, but the found these that night on the street:

Voice of: Resident, Justice Street

“Then the officer come down and he start bust shots because people started to make noise. So much shots; dehn mi di bust shots for at least a five minutes. But the arresting officer who arrested us was the one who bust the first shot ina di yard.”

Andrea Polanco

“How many officers were there?”

Voice of: Resident, Justice Street

“It was a lot—about four to five vehicle, but the arresting officer who arrest we was the first one who bust di first shot ina di yard and say shot di bust. Then di B.D.F. just start to bust shot round and round yah suh.”

Polly Cameron, Resident Justice Street

Polly Cameron

“I sit down yah and dehn di shoot and shoot and shoot.”

Andrea Polanco

Miss Polly when dehn di shoot, dehn di shoot ina di air or dehn di aim at the house?”

Polly Cameron

“Shoot ina di air? Dehn noh di shoot ina no air, dehn di aim pan di house and shoot. So ui deh out yah and I di holla weh unu di do that fah? Why unu di do that? Dah weh deh bwai do unu fi make unu deh di shoot up?”

Andrea Polanco

“So when dehn deh di shoot, I understand you had to put one ah your baby ina di tub.”

Polly Cameron

“When I look, I see my son he come out pan di verandah. So I run in and dah so he ker ahn and he gone set ahn ina di tub flat fi make he lay down—he and the next one—cause then I frighten, frighten, frighten, frighten, frighten, frighten.”

Voice of: Resident, Justice Street

“The arresting officer, who dah di police, put wah gun dah my head and tell me let’s go and I mi deh way pan my verandah and I watch he di pick up di shell from around the vehicle weh di B.D.F. mi di shoot—ih mi di try cover up fi he crime scene.”

Polly Cameron, who lives on this street, says that she is shocked and frightened by the incident:

Polly Cameron

“Miss well I feel shaky still yet. I neva even mi wah talk cause I noh feel like talk but you have to come out and say something. I have to gain some strength and say something about this cause this noh fair at all. The young man weh dehn punch ina his belly, he mi gwen go buy. Fi he ma send he gone buy chicken and they meet he right deh so and bunch he ina ih belly and bunch the next one eena ih mouth.”

For this resident, he claims he was one of nine arrested and charged with obstruction but they weren’t told why:

Voice of: Resident, Justice Street

“Deh nuh give wi no warning; dehn noh tell we nothing. Dehn just run up ina di spot because dehn dah police and he said, he nuh like nobody from Jane Usher.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

The incident did not make it to police blotter.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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7 Responses for “Shots fired at party; revelers beaten, was it the police?”

  1. Eddify says:

    These police officers are a disgrace to the force and should be discipline for their evil actions. As long as the police act the fool, the rude boys will continue to act the fool. Six a one and half dozen of the other. Lawless officers must face the consequence.

  2. Gerald Underwood says:

    it seems likes miss polly is pretended she is not scared she is a gang banger herself she is complaning about the police how about when the stupid !@#$ing @$$ hole went at kill the ex BDF GO JOB POLICE OFFICER

  3. Gerald Underwood says:

    am sure the police officer has a reason why they did what they did

  4. Rod says:

    This corruption starts from the top if the pm is a thug and a crook what do you expect of the rest of his gov. But since gnu belizeans wa sit down pa gnu @$$ and do nothing but this gov then gnu deserve we gnu get stop whine and do something bout it march march pa this useless corrupt gov. The Africans wa the kill gnu children now hundreds of illegal Africans all murderers moving into Belize at the request of this pm and his gov.

  5. Shannon B says:

    just goes to show you the poor level of education that our law inforcers have, now would you look at that instead of following procedures these damm ignorant police officers choose to portray behaviors of disgraceful criminals. People will be people, the police officers have a specific job which is to protect and serve, they should stick to it. if the story is how they say it to be the officers are wrong but if not, theres not much to say. i still feel that they lack the capabilities required to be effective officers.

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Drastic times calls for drastic measures.Why are the so called Gang bangers crying, some of you idiots need to be eliminated from society.You all want to play bad and expect sympathy when the Police execute their duties.

  7. Abe says:

    I am sure these people arent as innocent as they claim to be. There is and most DEFINATELY has to be another side to this story. All these people do is quickly make it to the media house they know will support them, tell some lies, get the public on their side and HOME FREE!!!! This is as BIASED as it gets people.

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