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Jul 7, 2011

2 persons shot on Glenn Street in Belize City

Edison Middleton

Four persons were injured in a shooting spree on Wednesday night within minutes of each other; at least one of the victims is in critical condition. We start at Glenn Street where a party was interrupted by gunshots coming from a man who rode up to the area on bicycle. Two victims were rushed to the hospital and are fortunately out of danger. News Five’s Andrea Polanco reports.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Around seven-thirty last night bullets broke up Stephony Neal’s birthday party on Glenn Street. Neal says a crowd of family and friends were socializing when several shots were fired randomly in her yard.

Voice of: Stephony Neal: Common-law-Wife

“Well when I hear the first shot I mi think like it was a pop-shot or something but when I hear the other shots everybody start run and yuh know scramble, everybody just di try tek cover. Well afta that I remember my kids and my grandkids outside and I run outside back and I seh ‘Oh my God.’  And when I look afterwards I hear somebody mention that dah Valdez get shot—well we call him Valdez. So when I di run outside fi go, everybody di run because the gunshot stop. Well I see he pan di verandah; I thought it was on the street. He was on the verandah laid out. Everybody know my condition so they neva want I really see him cause deh neva know weh condition ih mi eena first. So like they stop me, di tell me take it easy and I di try. And I remember mi kids because dah everybody out deh. I mean come on. Weh sense dat mek? So much people, so much kids ina di yard—dah random shooting, just lone random shooting.”

Andrea Polanco

“Approximately how much gunshots you heard?”

Voice of: Stephony Neal

“Well ti was like seven because two let go up deh first because ih got the hole in the verandah and then dah mussi di other one that ketch him and then the next five dah back yah because you coulda mi hear the bullet di sing, di fly when yuh di run behind.”

And bullets that were flying around met two targets, fifty two year old Edison Middleton, who sitting on this verandah and twenty six year old Burthen Garoy Jr. who was gambling in this corner of the yard:

Voice of: Stephony Neal

And when I look afterwards I hear somebody mention that dah Valdez get shot—well we call him Valdez. So when I di run outside fi go, everybody di run because the gunshot stop. Well I see he pan di verandah; I thought it was on the street. He was on the verandah laid out.”

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr.

“We mi di play dice and I hear deh shot deh and I get one shot ina my hand and run. I neva really si dah who.”

Andrea Polanco

“Suh you nuh believe deh shots mi intended fi you?”

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr.

“No. Dehn just come shoot up dah the yard. We mi got wah party mein. Lotta people mi di deh.”

But Neal says it is possible that the bullets were intended for someone socializing in the yard:

Voice of: Stephony Neal

“Well I nuh sure but I guess suh because as I said, people were in the yard standing, di next young man weh get shot was to the front standing by there.”

And while police are still looking for that unidentified gunman, Middleton and Garoy have been released from the KHMH:

Voice of: Stephony Neal

“Well he’s a in lotta pain. I guess from the wound because the bullet went in by his hip and lodge right behind his spinal cord. The doctors they said they won’t touch it, don’t want to do any kind of operation because I guess it will be ok where the bullet deh. So this morning, they discharged him from the hospital and I brought him home. So his condition is pretty stable.”

Andrea Polanco

“How exactly this shot gone in cause I see your hand band up two different areas?”

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr.

“Get wah shot ina mi shoulder yah and one ina mi back weh bust out right side ah it.”

Andrea Polanco

“So it was one bullet but it exited on the other side?”

Voice of: Burthen Garoy Jr.


Police investigations are still ongoing but it is believed that the gunman accessed the area on a bicycle. Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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3 Responses for “2 persons shot on Glenn Street in Belize City”

  1. Rod says:

    When unu dumb belizeans get enough of this senseless killings and this useless and incompetent pm and gov. And kick them out of Belize come on my people enough is enough kick them out march on this gov. Bring back the hanging penalty.

  2. belizeanpride says:

    shooting on bike ride out, so what was the idea ofthe tinted ban when this is not the main point to stop crime but to make sure that the court case comes out with a guilty verdict, but instead they come out free and not guilty freeto roam the streets again. this is our p.m idea but to no avail. knowing that this is the last point to work with he steps on it right away. few years ago he persoanlly had a meeting with the gang leaders very impressive and he well knows where they live and their area why does the gsu target those areas but go ramdomly striking the less memebers in the gang leaving behind the leaders to laugh at our system. so i’d say sarcastically go ahead keep killing sincethe p.m doesn’t what to tackle the problem directly let the killing go ahead. up to now no hanging law has been pass out but only laws that favour the p.m and his cronies.

  3. Earl Grey says:


    There these seemingly USELESS BODIES, causing harm to others, CAN EARN THEIR KEEP AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY……….at NO COST TO TAXPAYERS.

    HOW LONG CAN WE KEEP LIVING LIKE THIS???????????????????


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