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Jun 30, 2011

High school teacher remanded for carnal knowledge of a 15 year old who is now pregnant

Ivor Nicholas

A well known teacher, Ivor Nicholas of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School, was today arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate Court on a single count of carnal knowledge of a fifteen year old student. The incident took place way back on February fifteenth of this year. The student alleges she had sexual intercourse with Nicholas and recently discovered she is pregnant. Nicholas appeared unrepresented in court before Magistrate Adolph Lucas. No plea was taken due to the nature of the offence and he was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until August eighth.

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39 Responses for “High school teacher remanded for carnal knowledge of a 15 year old who is now pregnant”

  1. Justice says:

    Not sure where we are all going wrong. Why do you need to be sexually active at 15. What are we teaching our children? Also why as a grown up do you take on these girls who will sqeal anu=yway if they are in trouble? Both parties are wrong and both should be punished.

  2. belizeanpride says:

    what is trying to do some gang hand signs damn bad teacher and needs some good correction time.

  3. belizeaninterest says:

    I hope he does not get another chance to be a teacher. He is the adult and he should act and take responsibility to of one.

  4. JCA says:

    He is not the first and will definately not be the last. Glad that justice will prevail. At 15 years old I was thinking about graduating and furthering my education not having sex with my teacher. Gosh times have changed and I am only twenty three!

  5. Gazombadam says:

    and with earrings… tsk tsk..

  6. Lover Boy says:

    The student is not from the school where he is teaching. Want to set the record straight

  7. belizegal says:

    you all know these youths today are !@#$ing everything that moves so why be surprise.its nothing new. some get catch and some don’t.

  8. deedee says:

    Hmmmmm…im hoping that this picture that channel 5 has of this pervert is not him in his school uniform attire, what’s up with the earrings?? This guy deserves the book to be thrown at him, sleeping with an underage person is just wrong but to get the individual pregnant woooooooooo. He is the adult in this situation & should have known better, as for the 15 yr old girl her mind should have been open to books & not her legs.

  9. Michellete says:

    Well first, if he did he anything, he deserves to be punished, and prosecuted. But this girl, was telling everyone in Belmopan that she was pregnant for her neighbour, infact almost everyone in the vicinity, knows she was dating her neighbour, but after she told him he got pregnant, he left. So who is it for….I dont know the teacher at all, so am not defending him…….like i said if its him, prosecute him, and give him life…..But as for Belmopanese, we know what she said, and what her parents said, which was a completely different story.

  10. sexy slim says:

    I can’t believe Ivor thought he would know better than that and i really don’t think he needed to have sex with a teen as he has his beautiful girlfriend. That to just show you how men cant keep it in their pants.

  11. PrinceMichaels says:

    Absolutely preposterous!!! If this were my daughter, you’d be a dead … you disgraceful, worthless pig!

  12. Concerned says:

    This is not the first time he has been accused of “messing” with young females. There was an incident at the school he taught involving him and a 4th former. The incident was “brush” to the side after the principal decided it was hear say. The principal has been getting numerous reports but she never documented them I guess because of the lack of evidence.

  13. Friend says:

    Let’s not cast aspersions, Prince, because if it were ur daughter it would reflect poor parenting. After all, it takes two to tango. She is as much to blame as he is. And concerned, you keyword is accused. People can be accused of anything and without evidence it’s just hear say. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge because the world spins.

  14. Shawn says:

    It’s funny how people are ready to find the accused guilty without going to court first. It should not be a surprise to anyone that a 15 year is having sex with older men. It happened while I was attending HS in 1997. And majority of the time, it was the minor pursuing the teacher. Nothing’s changed since then. I’m not condoning his participation, it’s reality get with it! Secondly, throwing up peace signs (it’s not a gang sign btw) and wearing earrings doesn’t make you a bad person/teacher. It’s a form of expression. You have teachers who live a lifestyle you wouldn’t approve of. Unfortunately for Ivor, his is being put on display. Nobody likes a child molester, but there are two parties involved here, and as an adult he should have known better. How about we wait until August 8th to find out what really happened?

  15. student says:

    That picture was taken at a halloween crazy day, where he decided to come dressed as a student…

  16. Stan says:

    it does not matter what school the child is from. as a teacher he should have moral values… he is a pedophile… no other way about it… she is a minor and he is a predator! Shame on him… i hope they dont ever allow him to be a teacher again

  17. Lily says:

    Ok. I understand this child is only 15 years old and this thug/teacher should be charged for his action but who will be financially responsible for this 15 year old mother child if the father is lock-up in prison. He should of course pay the consequences of his action but the mother also needs his financial assistance to raise the child.

  18. lisa says:

    i believe before the first day of (high school) they should have a parent-child-teacher meeting about this exact topic. That each child is there to learn not to be used and abused. i went to sec2 and it was well known that some male teachers were sleeping with their students. Fortunately i had a great parents that keep and eye on me and was always involved in my whereabouts. These sex offenders are all over belize. Be careful about who is with your children and what they are doing with them.

  19. b1o2o3 says:

    the girl n the teacher shld be in trouble she knows exactly what she was doing at that age

  20. Belizean Thinker says:

    After careful reasearch i have come to find that the scope of average level of thinking of my fellow Belizeans are limited and tend to belive the first thing they hear and swallow the pill. The reality is that in our justice system just a simple accusation of a crime of this nature cause the destruction of lives and no though is give to anyone other than the parties concerned. The brother of the said victim has had in for nicholas from the start and wanted damage done to him well knowing that the father was living on the other street and he went as far as to confess but no attention was giving to the confession because the brother is a police officer in belmopan and play the system and use it to destroyed nicholas’ life because of a personal vendeta. And everyone swallow this story hook line and sinker. The females in the family are know the BELMOPAN to be readly available to belmopan and this accusation has cause devastation to nicholas and destroyed a man’s live. I say this because this system condems citizen’s on just an accusation meaning this may happen to any of our belizean inculding you.

    Look out guys this is wrong.

  21. Lambert says:

    I can’t believe my highly educated family will ever do something like that. He brought shame to our family. Dude you should know damn better than that!! See what u brought upon yourself now! Unbelievable!!!

  22. cali says:

    @lover dsont matter where the 15yrs child went to school,he should have never touch a child in.a sexual way,he is a grown @$$ man

  23. I Have Awaken says:

    Why do people automatically feel sorrow for these 15 year olds? Sorry to break the news but at 15 years old, you are fully aware of what you are doing and many of these young girls intentionally seduce older men and then black mail them into paying money and when the deal goes sour, they go to the police crying wolf.

    Of course, this does not let an adult of the hook; this guy and people like him are just weak and stupid to think they won’t get caught or these young girls won’t talk.

  24. moses says:

    Hold on.. dont rush to judgement…there is a diffference between a 15 year old slut and a innocent female child. Belize is full of 15 year old sluts who are screwing more than adults. I feel sorry for the young man.. he comes from a good family and I’m surprised he was unrepresented at trial.

  25. Rusty says:

    Shame and disgrace on that Ivor! There are so much Mature, Adult Belizean Women out there! Find a mature woman dude…

  26. BZNinCALI says:

    Whether or not she is a virgin is irrelevant, this man & every adult who violated her should be prosecuted, Being “hot” & from a “gold digging” family does not negate his responsibility, he knew or should have known better.

  27. Belizean Blimp says:

    It is sad to say but ” El Chacalito” (as he is known in Corozal) “IVOR” is getting what he is due. Girls like this one, who is 15 ,should also pay some type of consequence , for I am sure that it was consensual. Men like “Chacalito”use the excuse of having an old and very unattractive girlfriend to seek out foolish young “things” All in all they get what is due to them. Funny how things turn out, here in coro El Chacalito was also known to be a “Chichiman”.

  28. Friend says:

    I do not agree with Blimp. Everyone knows that Ivor has a nice and sexy girlfriend. Hell she is a former Queen of the Bay and finalist on Miss Belize. I think that Blimp is just jealous and the only way he could know that Ivor is a chichiman is if Ivor was screwing him

  29. MOSES says:

    ME,, i DI SLIP UP,

  30. MOSES says:


  31. REAL TALK says:

    lol OMG! These comments are killing me! I have known Ivor since he first came to Belmopan. And since then i have had my own personal experience with him…to make a long story short Ivor is finally paying for his dirty deeds. Despite my many warnings to him he still continue his inappropriate doings. I know his woman is trying to be supporting but the truth of the matter is that there are more dirt to be dug…this is the only story that he got caught with his pants down. As for the 15 year old, who happens to live in my area, knowns that the child she carries could have another possible father who lives behind her. Thats the thing with our poorly trained police officers they should get everyone involve with this matter cause I know for a fact that there are more men involve in this. so they should have had a list of men charged cause the 15 year old herself has admitted to being with other older men. But because of the problem between the girls brother and ivor and his girlfriend he is the one paying for the rest. He did wrong and he is going to pay for it yes he is accused but i damn well know ivor did it. I speak from my personal experience with both parties. My advise to the girlfriend, girl, he is nasty i known you love him and all but he has done so much other than this story he has shared with you. You deserve better!

  32. REAL TALK says:

    By the way that child needs counseling. Although it is common for a 15 year old to be having sex these days it is obvious that she is seeking attention in the wrong places. Now is the time for her older sisters to play a positive role in her life.

  33. peace says:

    what positive roll is there for the the young mother to be her sister are no different. what about the home she broke up everybody know that Gary Gentle Jr just had a daughter in April 17 2011 so why didn’t he went to jail along with Ivor. his uncle is high up in police so where is the fair justice she got what she wanted. let the both of the pay for their action. the brother the push it but where were him and his sister and parents when the child run away from home to go have sex with older man or attacking these men woman where were them they didn’t care so why care now and make a big fuss

  34. bmp says:

    you no worry about blue kid mine your own business that is totally legal back off

  35. BMP queen says:

    n Gary gentle Jr. is that invole with that so called 15 yr old

  36. Shawn says:

    WOW! You people are scandalous!

  37. Mz.Thang says:


  38. Opinionated Passerby says:

    Hmm…. WOW!! But truthfully speaking… Ivor got what he deserves! I so don’t feel sorry for him because he tried with most girls that age, and that’s a FACT!! But only the “stupid” falls for it. He preys for younger teenage girls and this is not the first time that some thing like this is happening, not d 2nd, 3rd, 4th nor 5th… N i don’t think it’ll be the last. N az to d young girl.. She knew what she was getting into from the beginning and should’ve been smarter than to do what she did. But at the end of the day such iz life and everyone makes mistakes. But if u take a deeper loook… u’d realize that she’s searching for love and sadly she found it in the wrong places.
    Az to his girl I know u love him and ppl mite b tlln u shyt but everyone has their breaking points; when u reach it u’ll c what u were blind to see all those years!

  39. young and wise says:

    MOST OFF YOU are wrong!!!!!!!!!!! I am may be young but my teachers tought me well!!!!!!!!
    Dont you see you are taking sides, saying that the man or the teenage girl is the innocent one, but neither are innocent!!!!!!!!!YES The man and the girl made a huge mistake but there is nobody perfect in this world!!!!! you are all arguing about blaming one each other but get the facts right beore posting the comments on the internet, you may just ruin someones life one day.and shame on the news, they are acting like those papparazzis these past few years!!!!!!!!!!!!

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