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Jun 27, 2011

Police storm Telemedia Friday night in second takeover of Telemedia

As soon as the judgment was delivered, Dean Boyce headed over to the Telemedia headquarters on Saint Thomas Street and convened the Telemedia board of directors and met with employee representatives.  Accompanying Boyce was one of his attorney’s, Godfrey Smith. But later in the dead of the night, Karen Bevans entered the building while Boyce and Smith were barred from entering. The police guarded the Telemedia compound. According to Smith, the officers were not looking for drugs or ammunition; instead they were complicit in the government’s second takeover of Telemedia.

Godfrey Smith, Attorney for Dean Boyce

Godfrey Smith

“We took command and control. Mister Boyce had board of directors meeting. I went home in time to see Dean Barrow on the news saying he respects the judgment; he wants to demonstrate to the people of Belize that the government is not above the rule of law and therefore the judgment took immediate effect. I saw Net Vasquez similarly saying—well he left because he got news that the judgment reversed the nationalization so why stay around. Obviously in the interim, the Prime Minister had a change of heart. I believe that people like Gian Ghandi who drafted the legislation that has come crashing down spectacularly in disaster is left with egg on his face and has scurried to prompt the Prime Minister to stall and drag this out as well as other party hacks. You have to bear in mind that the Prime Minister made this nationalization the defining act of his political career when he did it two years ago. People may forget, but he was so bold and brash about it—everybody was cheering and this was defined as the defining act. Now it has come crashing down in ruin and it has huge implications of course for him personally and politically. And he has given in to the hawks in his party that have said look you have to fight this tooth and nail. But what does fighting it mean? As Lois Young has said on an interview given with Sharon Marin, it’s only a matter of time before Dean Boyce gets the enforcement order and then they won’t be able to resist. So obviously the question is: well why are they doing this? Obviously it’s a game involving covering tracks, removing sensitive material, shredding papers, removing assets belonging to the company and they basically are being bad-minded and mean to stall the process for as long as possible. When we went out there, we went out there because we were told that people were in there removing things. So we went there and the place was surrounded by police officers. We attempted to enter and they said you could not. We asked; under what authority are you on this property in any event? You can only be here if you’ve come to search for drugs or ammunition. Have you come for any of that? Well we are working on orders of our superiors. I informed them that they were trespassing. They were unlawfully preventing Mister Boyce from entering the property as he was entitled to do. And of course they ignored all of that and said we are acting on our orders Mister Smith. We don’t want to hear about law or what the court said; we are taking instructions from Belmopan and you need to come with a perfected order. Now let’s just quickly get to the bottom of what the government is saying.  Once a court says you that are entitled to something, law abiding citizens will respect it. There are some however who will put their middle finger up at the court and say I won’t come out until you get an enforcement order from court fi bring police fi take me out. Now is that the kind of behavior you expect from your government? The Prime Minister had the position correctly first when he said we don’t want police confrontation; the judgment takes effect. Why fight that. Now he’s obviously given in to those who would say no.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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5 Responses for “Police storm Telemedia Friday night in second takeover of Telemedia”

  1. Roy Yates says:

    Well! well! well, Mr borrow is the badest dood in town; (using American expression) Somebody need to find out what kind og drugs he took at the cocktail party Friday night, because his action is does not become that of the Head of State. He respect the court, yet he goes against the ruling of the court. if I’m accused of stealing someone elces property, and the court rule that I took the other person’s prop[erty without his/her consent, it means that is theft, and I’m subjected to whatever remedy the court decides.

    I thought that democracy meanr seperation of powers: Legislators write the laws of the land and the court interprit, and law enforcement enforces the law according to the dictates of the court. But Mr. Borrow say no to the Court’s decisions and call in the Enforcers to defend his position and that of his cronies around, in such a blatant fassion, that he will pay the cost do defend any who is on his lawless side. This is the action of a mentally insane person to be as headd of the country is tantamount to a innocent child behind the wheel of a car with the engine running and no one elce is in the car.

    The man goes on to say that he does not practice law, but in the same breath he rambles on with technicalities of the law as what the could mean other than pyhsically handing over the company. those of you who read my comment about this over the weekend would have seen that I predicted this kind of action from this man. If the Police feel that they do not have to obey the court, then maybe the country is heading for military take over should the BDF decides that they must protect law and order. I’m predicting that he will be disapointed again when the Caribbean Court give its ruling, then what will he do? Since he seem to have total control of the Police force, it could be that he will round up everybody that is involve and lock them up, and some might just vanish from the seen.

    This man has shown his true colors, and in a democracy he should be remove from office; the sooner the better, because people looking on at his action will have very little to do with the country so long as this clown and his bandits are in charge. You folks back there must make the move and you all see how much support will come to you all assistance. Is this the kind of example the country needs in an already crime infested enviroment? I will also make another prediction, and that is, it could be that this is a smoke screen to cover up the money that is not in the bank as he indicated, and he know that he is going down the stream in a boat without any paddle. This is the man and his shadow cabinet that want to amend the constitution so they can lock up fellow citizens according to their decision. If you all don’t move quickly to get this man out of office, then you all deserve what he will do to the country. Mr. BARROW, SEND AND ASK ROBERT MUGABI FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM because there is where you belong.

  2. WTF says:

    Barrow is using the Police as his own personal goon squad. Clearly they do not respect the laws of Belize and will do whatever they feel like.” We don’t want to hear about the law or what the court says” what kind of attitude is that from the POLICE!!!! What would they have done if Smith and Boyce were inside the building start start shooting to get them out? Why not if they wil shoot at children. Belize do not let Barrow pass these Draconian laws he wants to push through. Clearly he thinks he is above the law and can do whatever he wants. He is a lawyer and should know better. Accept the courts judgement and move on.

  3. Lucas says:

    Unless The GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY decides that he is not going to take anymore crap from Dean and retires him until judgement day, it would serve Mr. Barrow well to remember that he is not P.M. for life. In the very near future, the Belize Police and Defense Force will not be there to protect him. He will be safe no-where; ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE.

  4. belizeanpride says:

    this is so obvious to everyone now what dean barrow is and what an idiot the people voted in place for a pm he is. what a shame to our country and maybe the international news being displayed on the viral media might show what a doop pm we got as head of state. i really irrates when you read such attitude a pm, have what a disgust.

  5. BelizeanVoice-(Micah J. Goodin) says:

    As can be seen clearly, Belize is no longer a democratic country , it has become a dictatorship state! I cant wait to vote at the next general election!

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