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Jun 17, 2011

Montserrat and Belize football team arrive for 2nd football game

There are two stories tonight that have huge implications for the jewel; government it appears will be moving to take control of B.E.L. We’ll have more on that later but the other story is about international football. The standoff between the Football Federation of Belize President, Bertie Chimilio and the government’s point man, Minister of Sports, John Saldivar came to a head today and it has serious ramifications for the future of football.  The football mess escalated in the past few days. The National Sports Council decertified the F.F.B. last week saying it couldn’t fly the Belizean standard abroad.  But the F.F.B. fielded a national selection to play Montserrat as a qualifier to World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The team won handsomely and the return match was set for Sunday in Belmopan. But Saldivar wrote to FIFA saying that the government will not be providing security for Sunday’s game. It all came crashing down early this morning when the F.F.B. was advised that because of “severe government interference” it has been suspended from play until July tenth. That was the bad news that greeted the winning team on arrival at the P.G.I.A., this morning. News Five’s Isani Cayetano has the first report on developments on the national sport.

Woodrow West, Goalkeeper

Woodrow West

“Me personally, I give up and I’m very young, very talented and to the government they’re wasting a good talent like this right here in Belize because we players had great intentions and football is a part of our lives, is part of our job and regardless of what people might say we get paid for doing this.”

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The five-two blowout of Montserrat in a preliminary match which would qualify Team Belize for a seed in World Cup 2014 in Brazil is a Pyrrhic victory for the twenty-eight young men drafted to the National ‘A’ Team Selection.  Despite playing in protest on Wednesday  Belize went on to defeat Montserrat whose team is comprised of a number of UK-based professional athletes.  The win nonetheless has been a bitter success as it is marred by a legal and political battle being fought on the home front.  Caught in the crossfire are the players for whom competing at the highest level of football has been their lifelong dream.

Elroy Kuylen, Midfielder

Elroy Kuylen

“This national team ya most of the players we deh together at least eight years di play together and this da wah stepping stone fi we, you know.  We just really like, you know, di get more competitive and thing and yeah.  This weh we di do da noh really fi we noh, da fu Belize and di upcoming youths dehn cause den da time fu mek Belize step up mein eena ball and thing.”

At the Ato Boldon Stadium in Cuova, Trinidad striker Deon McCauley led the offensive with three goals, making history with a spectacular hat trick in the twenty-fourth minute of play.

Deon McCauley

Deon McCauley, Forward

“Well da neva wah hard game.  The team gaan far, travel far, you know, [and we] come out with di victory eena di end and that da all weh we mi want fi win di game.  Come back home and fi show di fans dehn da Belize and di people ah Belize that we have wah good national team weh could represent.”

Their arrival this morning was not met with the customary hero’s welcome that they had expected.  Instead, it was to sobering news that the team had been barred, by FIFA, from playing game two which was scheduled for this Sunday in Belmopan.  Bearing the bad news was FFB’s senior vice president Bernaldino Pech.

Bernaldino Pech, Senior Vice President, F.F.B.

Bernaldino Pech

“What precipitated this was the statements made by the minister and our understanding is also that a letter was sent up to FIFA advising FIFA that because the ministry and government does not recognize us that they would not be providing any support, security and otherwise for the game on Sunday.  And we’ve been trying.  We’ve been working very hard at it over the past few hours but unfortunately FIFA has handed its decision and that decision is that Belize is suspended.  As of this minute it is suspended from any footballing activity.”

It’s a feeling that, for Vallan Simms, is completely deflating.

Vallan Simms

Vallan Simms, Defender

“I came home just now walking off the plane and I feel good to come home with a victory, a big one like that, five-two and as I reached here at the airport I hear I’m suspended, [we] cannot play the game in Belmopan.  Damn that really broke me down.  I don’t know what will happen after that.  These guys are taking bread out of our mouths.  I don’t know what will happen after this mein.”

What happened a few hours later was an application for an injunction filed in the Supreme Court which was preceded by a solemn testimony by team captain Shane Orio during an emergency press conference at the Biltmore.

Shane Orio, Team Captain

Shane Orio

“They’re presently asking us right now or they want us to sacrifice two to three generation of footballers in Belize just to get to one person.  Because can say it over the media and with all due respect the minister told me plain “I deh atta Chimilio” and I looked him in the face and asked him “Sir you’re willing to sacrifice twenty-eight players or thirty players, and not only twenty-eight or thirty players but also our families for one person?” And his answer was yes.”

While Team Montserrat also arrived in Belize this morning along with other FIFA officials it is expected that they will be departing earlier than scheduled as the game has since been deferred for play by July tenth. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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30 Responses for “Montserrat and Belize football team arrive for 2nd football game”

  1. belizeanlatin says:

    This is disgraceful!!!!! What government in their right mind would dare sacrifice true talent of the this country that has for some time seen violence erupt in it’s streets, these players are an inspiration for many kids, youths out there. Some of those same youths who can see that there is hope out of the hell hole they might be living in, that sports and commitment can and will push them through. Then you have these idiots like the ones running our country doing something like this I am sick and tired of hearing all this bull sh*t!
    I am or at the moment don’t know if I still am a UDP supporter I was out there campaigning for one of these idiots because I thought they might be bringing real change for the country It seems i was wrong they are as corrupt as the last government I believe our country need fresh blood to help and guide it along.

    You know what we should blinking do a huge protest in front of Mr. Saldivars office and not only him but all the ministers who are supporting this! Come on people lets move on these idiots!!

  2. Lindsay Howard says:

    It’s really a shame that no government, PUP or UDP, was willing to deal with this issue before it came to such a sad impasse. My sympathies to the team members, my disdain to government AND to Chamillo for his cronies. Same ol’ same ol’ whether it’s sports, crime or good governance. Does ANYBODY really care about Belize or just themselves?

  3. subKonshus says:

    Just goes to show once again how this anti-Belizean UDP Government will stop at nothing to carry out their political angenda. I always believed that John was out to get Chimillio, Shane’s interview confirmed it. Its obvious because for the past 3 years Elvin Penner was the Minister for Sports and this problem never did surfaced. John Saldivar is just a selfish vindictive idiot. He would rather destroy our national image just to show his power. Bob Marley had good reasons to say “Jah would neva give the power to a bald head”. This government would stop at absolutely nothing. When will it end Mr. Barrow. When will the oppression and victimization and malicious acts against your people will end? When will this government realize that they are not only to govern for the UDP’s, but they are obligated to render good governance to all BELIZEANS…because all BELIZEANS pay taxes!!! DAMN IT!!! Election has passed like over 3 years ago. Its time to start to govern like real statesmen. And sister John Saldivar, you keep talking about rules and regulations…when the hell will you remove those tints off your vehicle? The law has already come into effect. But of course leading by example was never one of your strong traits you sick SOB!!!

  4. Disgusted says:

    This is what you get when you give power to a callous, vindictive, self aggrandizing, cold-hearted black man in the person of Dean Oliver Barrow. One of the worst dictators and lowest form of human scum that ever infested the earth. I hope there is aspecial hell reserved for him and his ghetto-minded administration. May the god’s have no mercy on them as they rot into oblivion! This government is the Pandora’s Box of politics and I hope they get EVERYTHING they have coming to them………SOON…VERY SOON!

  5. belizeanpride says:

    i feel very sad to hear this mein, i as a proud belizean feel the hurt for our brothers who represented us in trinidad and look how the gov. turns off talent, looks like he rather encourage the crime than a bunch of athletes that can make an inpact the lives of many youths. God bless Belize and …………….barrow and all the adminitration this gov is really pissing me off to the limit already.

  6. Bruce B. says:

    I live all the way in Las Vegas, Nevada and had to see this on the local news here. I just want to say what a sad day this is for Belize in the international community. Belizean citizens in Belize have got to find a way to keep it’s government to respect the people of the country. This was just down right Immoral! :( .

  7. moses says:

    Is there any one who can put a stop to this madness. Mr Barrow why are you silent on this issue. Sports bind the people of a nation together. Why are you letting her (SALDIVAR) destroy the fabric of our nationalism. Come on Mr. Prime Minister show some leadership and cohones, I’ve lost all respect for her (SLADIVAR). He would rather destroy our one chance on the world stage for his own ego than to let our boys play. Come on Mr Barrow, show some leadership. You are the leader of our country. Johnnie is behaving like a monkey trying to screw a football and making us look bad

    I expect Mr. Prime Minister that you will quickly resolve this insanity. Country before politics, all the way.

  8. Ja Ja C says:

    It’s interesting how the population’s majority of Belize is no longer blacks; but hispanics. The Kriol are killing themselves senselessly in the Shity, the so-called Kriol black leaders are figthing against the Garifunas. Black on Black war. The hispanics are smiling & laughing, in 15 yrs we’ll hear “Belice es nuestro”. John Saldivar leave Dr. Bertie Chimillio alone the day will come when you might deeply regret it. The $$ you think he’s making is not all what you think, FIFA employs or feed many families in Belize, you might taking away their bread. I think the record speaks for itself, they who unjustly rise-up against him……….

  9. mike barrera says:

    Why blame all to the gov,t. Chimilio as well needs to step down. We need new faces and blood in this football businesss. we have e new federation NFAB. Hopefull they can guide the football team to higher levels. Its time for HIM to step down and stop running the FFB as his toy and be accountable to the belizean people about monies given to you by FIFA which you have beeen gettin g for years to improve stadiums across the country as well as the belizean players to improve which you have failed miserably to do.

  10. Contributor says:

    SHAME? SHAME? SHAME? Its a shame that the PUP, YES, THE PUPS, the same one who write bull crap above would make it into a PUP and UDP thing. Why about Chimilio? What about the wrongs that he had done through his leadership at FFB. Yes, its true that the players are down hearted and upset but we MUST LEARN TO TAKE A STAND for BELIZE. This is about FFB and Chimilio doing what is required of them. It is about Chimilio dictatorship, Its is about holding fair and clean elections. For every PUP that comes on the site and write negatively about what the gov has done, there are 10 people who are happy that the gov took a stand. They are happy that Saldivar had the balls to stand up to a mafia organization such as FIFA/FFB. It clear and simply Chimilio and FFB. Do the right thing. Tell the players the truth and lets move on to what needs to be done. Stop behaving like a child throwing tantrums and trying to get revenge. I’m disappointed that the players have chosen to only blame the gov for this fiasco. They need to educate themselves and understand why we are where we are today.

  11. Bzeanbuay says:

    I believe as Belizeans we must wake up and look at the details of this issue before we start casting aspersions on particular players within this scenario. Bertie Chimilio has been in charge of the FFB since 1997; that’s 13, going 14 years…. Belize was ranked 176th in the world at that time and we have seen us go from our highest ranking of # 157 to our lowest # 201; we currently sit at #172. What does this say about our footballers, our association or our overall development as a footballing nation? Personally, it seems that nothing much has changed since 1997 and we are stagnant in our growth. This isn’t a legacy I would like for myself; but the football Gods of the FFB seem to be quite comfortable with the level the sport has “achieved” throughout the years. FIFA pumps a lot of money into these smaller countries for the development of the game and if I’m not mistaken, they recently spent a couple millions in Central America/Caribbean on said development. I’m certain that Bertie got “his” quota… And I’m certain he also got another quota ($40k US) in the recent FIFA elections for which Jack Warner is being investigated.
    Now, I see the players getting on the TV and having their say and many thoughts cross my mind. First, how is it that the players don’t have an association? A body independent of both FFB and GOB that acts on their behalf. Normally when the FFB/GOB gets into these disputes; the players are the ones that take the biggest lost. They don’t get the opportunity to experience the elation associated with representation; The thrill of experiencing football at another level, the taste of a different culture, country and of course the Pride of saying ” I AM representing BELIZE”. Now, I do believe the players are responsible as well for this fiasco.. This being from decisions they have made in the past; 1.) playing our “home” game in our dearly beloved Guatemala when we played St. Kitts, 2.) playing and not being paid as promised by Bertie 3.) knowing that they don’t necessarily agree with all FFB does, yet continue to support such an organization due to their own selfish pride. Nevertheless, it’s unfortunate that they didn’t get the opportunity to possibly do at home what they did in Trini. Now the Minister of Sports…. I for one for the longest, wanted something to be done about this dictatorship at the FFB and along came the spider. Mr. Minister did his thing; however there’s a lot of arrogance to his way of doing “his thing”. It would seem that he really wanted to “lick shot” on Bertie; but ultimately “lick shot” on all of us. Nevertheless, I truly want this situation resolved whereby there can be unity with the FFB/GOB and real progress in Belizean Football.

  12. billy says:

    ja ja cs ur stupid bro belizean are not hispan some are latinos or we are all mix.

  13. chuckie says:

    it’s regrettable that a couple players are caught in the middle of this fray, but fortunately the majority, maybe 99% are not affected. The dictator, Chimilio, needs to be brought down, anyone who follows Belizean football can attest to this fact. Dr. Dirtie Chimilio has put no programs in place to develop football in Belize. Fourteen years and nothing to show. We won Monserrat, how great!!! They are ranked loss, ultimo. In their last outing before Belize they got whipped by Bermuda 20-0. Yes twenty to nil.

  14. Contributor says:

    Well said Bzeanbuay.

  15. cindy says:

    Get Chimilio out. Remember its not only a national team that can represent us. HE sold the spot for concacaf to salvador. Get real belizeans dont comment if you dont know what is happening in football. HOw many kids cant succeed in football since chimilio doesnt give them that opportunity to do so? get the facts then comment. and players are real hypocrates dont think on yourself think on all the football players in belize!

  16. Sugar says:

    I agree with Contributor…….NO mafia organization should be allowed to operate above the law of the land….its just unfortunate that it had to happen this way BUT….John Saldiver did what past sport ministers did not have the BALLS to do

  17. EMS says:

    No one should be above the laws of our country, furthermore amidst all the corruption charges of certain individuals in the higher echelon of FIFA, who is to say that this character Chimilo is clean and not involved in some corrupted behavior. Mr. Chimilio with his shady arrogant behavior has brought all of this on himself, and the players, In short he has victimized the players and should show some respect the laws of our country. He should take responsibility for this and stop blaming Minister Saldivar. Mr. Saldivar did the right thing. Yes , he may qualified to be Prime Minister.

  18. Bzn2DBone says:

    If anyone remembers clearly, when Chimilio was working in the ministry of agriculture and he had just fired the coach that had made Belize win a game (I don’t remember if it was Costa Rica), Chimilio was being questioned by the media here about his actions, he went on to say that football was on “Past-time” for him. Shortly thereafter, he was no longer employed by MOA, he said that football was “bread and butter” for him. My fellow Belizeans, Chimilio is not interested in the improvement of football for Belize, he is interested in improving himself only. The peeps in Kremandala can tell you alot about this whole scenario…I am sorry that Chimilio’s stubbornness caused football in Belize to reach to this situation. Have you not realized that the same thing that Chimilio did to stay in place is being done by Blatter to disqualify the other contenders? No wonder Blatter says he has confidence in the way Chimilio is running football in Belize. Chimilio, I urge you, let football free in Belize, step down….

  19. HALLAPOW says:


  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    What Mr Barrow is doing to the Belizean people is no different than what Bertie is doing FFB.So why not call for both of them to resign?Ialso agree with Carlton’s statement all this division and discrimination as it pertains to race in Belize needs to stop.

  21. CEO says:

    Bertie Chimilio should have been removed a long time ago but timing is everything! Now why the hell we can never get anything straight. The amount of yeras Belize have been playing ball you would think that we should have a world class stadium by now! bertie has done nothing for the advancement of football in Belize. he should have been removed from the time we had to go play our home game away in th US (by the way I made that trip in support anyway). Don’t wait until now that visitors are coming to the jewel to muck up the game and cause embarasment.


  22. Bzeanbuay says:

    In all truth, the timing might have been just right…. Some people have to be kicked, clapped, licked before they budge. Bertie da like stubborn mule. He has been hiding from the media for the longest and it had to take this drastic measure to get a reaction out of him. Do you honestly think Bertie would have been as worked up and willing to take the stand, if a game wasn’t coming up? All Bertie’s interest is in the $$$ he would have made and could care less about our status in the football world. We need a change and that change must come now in order for us to advance.

    @Bzn2DBone couldn’t agree more….need more ppl to shed some light to those in the darkness about this football issue.

  23. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is Shyne our musical Ambassador when he havn’t even payed his dues of taxes to the country of Belize?Supa G or Dan Man for musical Ambassador.

  24. Elgin Martinez says:

    Bertie is doing a better job than the PM.Aleast our Football team under the management of Bertie could have secured a win in Montserrat.While on the otherhand in Belize the PM can’t even ensure that the Belizean people are provided with something as basic as electricity.

  25. Bzeanbuay says:

    As stated before, some people refuse to deal with issues and facts and use this outlet to voice their dislike for the Government. Fine, but let’s stick to the FFB situation..

    @ Mr. Martinez- If I were you, I wouldn’t get in a discussion and praise Bertie for securing a win against Monterrat. For your information, Montserrat is ranked LAST in the World… If we can’t beat the last ranked team in the world, something is seriously wrong with us. If you are impressed with that, then it would seem you subscribe to mediocrity….

  26. Elgin Martinez says:

    Bzeanbuay:Montserrat ranking last in the world doesn’t change the fact that the Belizean Football Team under the management of Dr.Bertie Chimillio secured a win.

  27. futballman says:

    hey, its all about the money, Mr. chuc and Saldivar are no different than Chimilio. what they fail to realize is that the are putting the talent, of, future present and past athletes it limpo. So lets think and try to place patriotic members that are willing to represent our country at no cost……
    As the proverb say. SAME DOG JUST DIFFERENT FLEA.

  28. Lucas Black says:

    Pretty embarrassing situation. Common sense failed to prevail here. Shame to see the Jewel make BBC for all the wrong reasons. GOB cannot bully FIFA like it can everyone else in the country. Saldivar is swimmingi in the big leagues and sadly, Belize and not Barrow or Saldivar will fry for this. The sycophants will spin this as righteous GOB action. But it’s not! It’s Belize against and world. And guess what, we have already lost! PUP and UDP!!

  29. BZNinCALI says:

    @Bzeanbuay, thanks for the stats, i agree that for the good of the game, we need new leadership. Let’s get beyond our ethnic & racial identity issues & pretend we are all part of the same little country. Dr, Chimilio was a great player back in the day but if he has been in the same position under two different Governments & we have made no improvements, then it may be time for him to go. Pitting two or three black men against each other & assuming that Bertie is disliked or facing challenges because of his ethnicity is just as bad as keeping him there for that reason.

  30. realbarber says:

    Bzeanbuay hit the nail on the head! Let’s get the country moving forward in sports! Remove the problem and bring in the people who genuinely want to improve sports in Belize. The youths ARE the future! I sympathize with the players but it’s high time for change!

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