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Jun 14, 2011

Civil Suit filed against Dr. Gough and neighbor for alleged beating of youth

John Gough

Dr. John Gough was accused of brutally beating a sixteen year old boy in February 2010, reportedly over a relationship with his teenage daughter. That case ended with Gough being exonerated and his neighbor, Egbert Nicholson was convicted of Wounding. But the family of Carlos Zelaya Junior is still seeking justice and has now filed a civil suit for damages against Gough and Nicholson. Attorney Kareem Musa filed the lawsuit late last year and in the Supreme Court today, the trial date was set for July twentieth.

Carlos Zelaya Junior

According to Carlos Zelaya Senior, at the time of the assault, his son was recovering from brain surgery due to a traffic accident and the beating caused further complications. Carlos Junior was reportedly spotted by Nicholson as he jumped the fence of Gough’s yard and ran off. The sixteen year old claimed that the men tracked him down and beat him with an object that resembled a gun. In trial, Nicholson admitted to hitting Carlos but Gough claimed that he was inside his vehicle. Gough and Nicholson are being represented in the civil suit by Attorney Lieshe Barrow.

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20 Responses for “Civil Suit filed against Dr. Gough and neighbor for alleged beating of youth”

  1. siru says:

    Anyone caught jumping into my yard or out of my yard that is not supposed to be doing so will get an @$$ whopping, or will let the dogs catch him down and turn him into dinner.

  2. Uris says:

    Agreed Siru, but not if it’s a sixteen year old boy. How would you feel if something like that happened to your son. It’s a complete miscarriage of justice. The punishment don’t fit the crime. Dr. Gough is a disgrace to fathers and doctors in this country.

  3. JG says:

    i know that lil kid zelaya. he smokes weed, and drinks heavily. i didnt know the part about him being in a car accident. from what i know from him, and im only assuming, he probably caused it because he was intoxicated. i agree with siru, ur probably jumping over my fence because you’re doing something you dont want me to find out about. i’d kick his a$$ too!!

  4. bz says:

    That kid deserved the beating he got. He should have counted it as lesson learnt. This is not news by the way…its just gossip!

  5. Get it right says:

    Its unfortunate that a kidgot beat, but if my neighbor told me he just saw a guy jump my fence im assuming he did or was trying something that wasn’t right. From what i heard, this boy has a very disrespectful manner and acts like he is a bad @$$. I heard this is how his demeanor was when the men approached him and got a beating as a result. I mean obviously from the fact he had to hop a fence to get out of the yard says that he was not welcomed there and did not business there. That is trespassing, and lucky he didnt get shot by the neighbor who could ve easily thought the guy was stealing.

  6. EMS says:

    All of the above comments continues to contribute to the terrible state of affairs in the jewel! May ALLAH (swt) SAVE US FROM OUR IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE!

  7. J says:

    Regardless of someone jumping your fence you still cannot take the law in your hands, if you do they are consequences. Nicholson should have stayed out of it and let Dr. Gough handle his suspended son-in-law problem. Again, friends let other friends influence their behavior. Don’t be a follower and be a leader. All parties learned from this situation.

  8. John says:

    Dr. Gough should have never gone after the kid and beat him. I have once caught someone jumping over our fence, caught them and called the police. Too many people are taking the law into their own hands nowadays. As for the 16 yr olds habits of drinking and smoking, this is Belize tell me what normal 16 yr old boy hasn’t tries all of this out, i’m sure you did at that age! I have heard many sides of this story and I have heard that Dr.Gough was upset prior to this incident that zelaya was dating his daughter…. Now try to tell me that when he caught up to the kid he didn’t know exactly who he was! Its a disgrace to see someone so prominent in our health system behave like this!

  9. Crazy says:

    Uris what sense does that make…. sixteen year olds are killing people in Belize. I wouldn’t take no chance and would have probably beat the crap out of him as well. You don’t know what these kids are up to these days. If Belize is not willing to uphold the standards then we will have civilians taking the law in their own hands. Do what you need to do to defend yourself and your hard working property.

  10. Crazy says:

    EMS, who the hell is ALLAH and what is he doing to help these people!?!?! Nothing! So before you put your retarded god in this how about you go out and help these people cause Allah aint doing $#!%.

  11. oscar965 says:

    The doctor took the law into his hands which is wrong. But the laws can be bent left or right to accomodate people with money and power. I guess the doctors gets special treatment….

  12. Justice says:

    His @$$ needed to be whipped as well. He deserved the beating plus more. If it was me I would have done more as he disrespected the doctor’s home as well. Zelaya, take your civil suit elsewhere as you are not getting sympathy and might only make it worse for your ill mannered brat of a son!

  13. EMS says:

    Well, crazy, approx. 1.97 billion people in World know who ALLAH is, perhaps most of the remainder of the estimated 6.92 billion people in the World know or don’t want to know who the Creator is, due to their ignorance/arrogance or irrational indifference. Furthermore, It is said/written that, many people are suffering many hardships due to their lack of knowledge. Nevertheless, as human beings, we will be tested. But this doesn’t mean that we are going to live our lives in perpetual hardship, because ‘unquestionably, so many of us do not know who ALLAH is? the help of ALLAH is near.’ So what does it mean when we are going through hardship? Well, today with modern technology computers etc, etc, knowledge is at our finger tips. So, who can we blame?… for not knowing, who ALLAH IS?

  14. OriginalWoman says:

    @ EMS I fully agree with you…Crazy your name goes well with your comment….. Respect is due to our Creator whether some call him Allah or God, they are one and the same. If you are an atheist, so be it, but don’t disrespect others because of their beliefs. I suppose you don’t believe that Satan exist either. In case you didn’t know this….We ALL have free will and choose the way we want to live. When people kill, steal, lie, rape, abuse, etc…they do it by choice….Some people are not thugs on the street, but they are just as cold, and hateful to others, and like EMS said, FULL OF ARROGACE AND IGNORANCE….Money does not make any man or woman better than the other. In most cases, it makes them selfish, judgemental, and thinking they are better than, those who live in poverty. I too pray that God/Allah have mercy on us!!!!

  15. journalist says:

    does everyone forget this is the same doctor who got into a sparring match at the corozal border with doctor Gabourel. And Doctor Gabourel Beat his @!$#…lol.

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    This man Gough should be reporting abuse not condoning abuse .I definately wouldn’t want to be one of your patient Dr Gough.As far as i am concerened this abuser should have been stripped of his license until this case has been investigated.

  17. Elgin Martinez says:

    EMS:Well today with modern Technology computer,Knowlege is at your finger tip if you have access to a computer with internet.As a result you can’t assume that it’s someone’s fault for not knowing certain things.Furthermore someone can have a computer and no internet access as a result of financial constraints.

  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    What don’t we as Belizeans understand about abuse?This kid is a minor and Doctor Gough as someone who works in the healthcare field has a responsibility to report abuse of any form.Let’s not try to justify this man’s action he is a professional who is been payed by the Belizen people as a result he needs to conduct himself like a professional.Had someone whip the hell out of his daughter would the result have been thesame?

  19. NYC GAL says:

    Dr. Gough you are a big dumb @$$ bully!!!!! thats is the reason you were arrested by the force!! You went after a really man and you got your @$$ whipped!!!! You are a wannabe!!!!if you were all that you wouldn”t have needed the government of belize to pay for your education!!!!

  20. Eye in the Sky says:

    The doctor should beat his lee daughter fu like … so much.

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