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Jun 14, 2011

Mega Bingo winner revealed to be unemployed mother of 4

Mega Bingo today made the largest cash payout ever given in Belize’s gaming history. Players and viewers watched as the jackpot rose to two hundred nineteen thousand five hundred and seventy three dollars. When the winning ball was called last Wednesday, it was presumed that a Burrell Boom resident had won since the ticket was sold at Boom’s Lisa’s Store. Well it turns out that a Belize City woman bought the ticket and decided to visit JD Financials on Monday evening to find out if she had won. Lilia Alvarez is a single mother of four children in primary and secondary school. Alvarez is unemployed and her family was barely keeping their household together with funds from her ex. Alvarez received her cheque from the Mega-Bingo host at a ceremony this afternoon.

Rachel Armstrong

Rachel Armstrong, MegaBingo Host

“We are here to celebrate the largest winnings in Belize’s history. Since January 2011, J.D. Financial has given away over one million dollars in cash to lucky bingo players. And now with fifty balls drawn to win the jackpot, the odds are even better. With this increase, the possibilities are greater and many more persons can expect to win easier.”

Lilia Alvarez

Lilia Alvarez, MegaBingo Winner

“I heard a rumor that somebody from Boom had one the big one, but it didn’t occur to me that I was that winner. Since I’m not a resident of Burrell Boom either, it wasn’t until Monday, yesterday that I decided to come and check my ticket—maybe there is a small prize there for me. And I went into the main office and they were checking the tickets for me and then I found out that one of the tickets I had [from] the last batch that I purchased the Wednesday—that’s the one that had the winning ticket in there.”

Jose Sanchez

“I guess you must have been surprised. So what you plan to do with the winning?”

Lilia Alvarez

“Yes I was very surprise, it took me a while to assimilate the news right. I couldn’t believe it was my luck. This money couldn’t’ have come at a better time for me at this time of year for me. With school closing and school reopening back in September, everybody has a lot of expenses for school. I have four kids: three of them in primary school and my oldest son will be entering second form. So it is a lot of expenses for me and I am a single mom. Right now at the moment I am staying at home; I’m unemployed. I’ve been trying to find a job for the longer but nothing. So it’s like a blessing from god for me that this money has come by for me at this time.”

Jose Sanchez

“And I guess you are also expecting to have a lot more friends right now?”

Lilia Alvarez

“I guess everyone will know me now yes. What I plant to do is to set aside an amount in the bank to earn some interest and also put away some for my children’s education and try to build myself a home and most of all pay all those outstanding bills that have been accumulating all this while. So hopefully and thanks to god, I will be free of all these bills now.”

Alvarez takes home one hundred and eighty six thousand, six hundred and thirty seven dollars and three cents after taxes.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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28 Responses for “Mega Bingo winner revealed to be unemployed mother of 4”

  1. Initiate! says:

    Channel 5, you should interview this woman again in a couple of years, and find out in what state she is in then. That would be a very interesting find either way!

  2. bz says:

    I really hope she manages her money well. These days a 186,637.00 with 4 kids wont last very long.

  3. Get it right says:

    I sure hope this isn’t a sham because rumors have it that she is being paid to say she won. I hope that she won for real because she sounds like she really needs it. People are asking how she managed to get a ticket from Boom when she doesn’t live there, but hey either way she is receiving money so good for her. Hope she manages it good and hope she realize that without a job that money will perish as easily as she got it.

  4. Wow says:

    she def got paid to claim this prize.

  5. big G says:

    i think the bingo game rig ok

  6. oscar965 says:

    Gosh…people can be so stupid sometimes. I was in Belmopan a couple of weeks ago and i got a couple of tickets at a gas station. I am not from Belmopan, i was just passing by, I live in San Pedro and was in Belmopan on business so does that disqualify me…of course NOT. Where you live does not matter. I have the right to purchase a ticket whereever i want. Come on…if you don’t like to loose just DO NOT PLAY THE GAME…

  7. Michelle says:

    I honestly think this woman d idn’t win, to begin with she said “she didn’t know…” duhhhh she knew before hand she was gng to win because she was paid for saying so.
    It’s so sad these things happen … DO not buy megabingo, stick to LOTTO.

  8. BT says:

    So she’s unemployed, has 4 kids, can’t pay her bills, and spends the kids maintenance money on gambling! Oh, but she won so let’s all rejoice and follow her example. Like I said before, lotteries are a tax on poor people who are bad at math.

    All lotteries should be required to clearly and boldly publish the probability of winning on all advertising and at point of sale. They should also be required to publicly state exactly how much money they collect from sales versus how much they pay out in winnings. Belizeans need to understand that lotteries are not a way out of poverty. Sure, a few people will “hit the jack pot” every year, but the overwhelming odds are IT WILL NOT BE YOU!

    If you spend $10 per week on lotto, every week for 20 years you will spend over $10,000 and the odds of winning are 1 in 237,336. But put that same money in the credit union every week and you will have nearly $20,000 in you account.

    Gambling has been around forever and I have no problem with people spending disposable income on gambling for entertainment. But it irks me to no end they way lotteries are promoted and accepted as some sort of magic bullet for poverty or household financial management.

  9. m says:

    No Comment but we all know what happened!!!!! :(

  10. Ojo says:

    Something smell like cato again ina Belize.
    Look like people de get “shyne” left and right by these crooks.

  11. Do it right says:

    Oscar965 you seem to have a problem bc you always calling people derogatory terms for expressing their opinion. Apparently you are an all knowing being my ignorant buddy. Did you hear what you said, you live in San Pedro and went to Belmopan to do what? to conduct business. Which means you doing your job buddy. Now if you didn’t have a job, would you be in Belmopan and had the oppurtunity to buy a ticket there? I see the point that the blogger above is making, but you obviously missed it. Maybe you will figure it out later my friend, but i would think twice before calling someone stupid and losers bc you my friend is just ignorant. Like i said before, just bc the views up here don’t agree with your own does not mean that they are wrong and your are right. Only one knows it all and he is known as GOD.

  12. RedBwai says:

    What the hell was she doing way in Boom buying mega bingo?????? Lisa’s Supermarket is the only shop in Boom to sell Mega Bingo and Belize city has how many stores who sell Mega Bingo??????????? why would someone way from city go to bush to buy Mega Bingo??? something seems shady here. JD financial reluctantly declined to give channel 5 a chance to interview the winner or even say the winner’s name….now all of a sudden you see who won and its on channel 5…smells fishy to me very stink and fishy to me…

  13. RedBwai says:

    From her appearance she doesnt look to too happy to have won…..hmmmm…mein i would have been smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the year if it was me who won……something still seems fishy here.

  14. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    You do not have to live in a area to purchase a lottery ticket.I live in LA county and I always purchase Ca lottery ticket in Victorville when I am driving to Vegas.I am sure people travel from one district,town,or village travel to another in Belize.

  15. UNHAPPY says:

    Excellent and WELL PUT @ redbwai… @ do it right … and all the other people up there that see’s that this is a SCAM. You guys leave me speechless. I could not say it better myself except that I predicted it and it happen the EXACT way I did. Absolutely nothing change from the way I said it was going to happen; it was like almost like I was a part of the plan. Mega Bingo is a big FRAUD. I DON’T and WON’T ever support them. I have been recording every game night and it’s all lies. They are just like the the other con artist in Belize taking advantage of us. After all the support we gave them, this is what they did to us.

  16. UNHAPPY says:

    Do you know that it is a KNOWN FACT that MEGA BINGO sells 40,000 plus tickets every game night.(Forty Thousand and MORE). They SHOULD have no need to steal but they DO because they can and we allow them to. Why do you think they can say we have given away over a million back to the community… yeah right. So do the math if they have given away so much then how much are they making????. Think about it my Belizean people. Forty Thousand is the minimum that they sell. Stop given away your money. Save it because we are going to need it when the Government get done with. This is SERIOUS!!!!!!!! There was not one STREAK of excitement in that lady face, it was more like MEIN… I WISH I MI WIN THIS MONEY FI TRUE…. :-(

  17. UNHAPPY says:

    @ Oscar it’s not what you do you know… it’s how you do it. People could buy from anywhere but who buys a ticket in Boom, live in the CITY and takes a whole week to go collect right from the HEADQUARTER in the CITY…. come on… both you and I don’t believe that and if you do… you fooling yourself buddy. GET IT RIGHT!

  18. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Something certainly does not sound right since she did not acknowledge that she bought her ticket in Boom and even thought that it could not have been her since the ticket was said to have been sold in Boom. Remember, My Legacy B4 My People.

  19. journalist says:

    she and her kids spend the weekend regularly in Burrell Boom. that is how she sent her son to buy regular tickets while they are there.

  20. MegaBingo says:

    I can just picture silly people infront of their TVs playing the Bingo Game hahahaha not knowing that all this is a set up and at the end of the day, both the hosts of the Mega Bingo and the staff laugh laugh and laugh as they know all this is programmed to happened this way. Come on people, don’t let others take you all as fools, open your eyes and realize that it’s untrue. Save your $2.00 to buy your sugar and flour which have become scarce thanks to the UDP government. Grow up Belizeans!!

  21. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Where is the evidence of fraud.

  22. Village gal says:

    @ Oscar i agree i live in California and i was in Belize in march and i bought tickets in boom also,so why should it matter where you live come on people use your common sense.@ unhappy you are also right when i but any kind of lottery or bingo tickets as soon as the numbers are drawn i check my tickets because if i win i want my $$$$$$$$$$$.

  23. Shy says:

    Is it just me or did one of the ladys daughters not come out in a mega bingo commercials as one of there workers who usually gives out cheques when people win?

  24. RedBwai says:

    @UNHAPPY yeh mein i agree wid u …wen u really look pan it….the whole thing looks shady…..its a big conspiracy…..i dah from boom….an me neva yet see dat lady in boom and yo kno how village pple do it…..everyone kno everyone….

  25. RedBwai says:

    As i said before Lisa’s Supermarket is the ONLY store in Boom that sells mega bingo…now she heard it was someone who purchased the ticket from that store..the same store she bought her ticket. You mean to tell me she wouldnt be checking those damn tickets with a magnifine glass????? i bought my tickets right at that store…i threw mine away….but wen i heard the winner bought the winning ticket there….with a lil hope left i went back in the trash to find it lol…something isnt right with this story….she seems to casual about the whole thing…like its no big deal…

  26. Mr right says:

    you know i think Mr. unhappy is a lotto man, and no matter what anyone say he obviously a lotto man and cant take that lotto is better than bingo, lotto never use to give money may be two times a year and suddenly they start give jack pots one after the other, just what happened!!!!!! i can tell you what happened Mega bingo happened when Mega Bingo started they start to act and give back poor people money Mega Bingo in just 5 month gave more than what the lotto give in a whole year i see they give people money every game Lotto huh never do that the most i won with lotto is a ticket back thats why i stop play lotto i will always play bingo because i won with mega bingo, why?????? because MEGA BINGO IS THE GAME by mr Lotto

  27. Do it right says:

    Shy you hit the nail on the head. Is it just me or does this lady seem like everything was scripted and she did not know how to answer the simple questions asked by Rachel on the show. For someone that won that amount of money, she really dont seem thrilled. If its a scam and a scripted win, i hope she collected a nice figure to say she won.

  28. mr you...!!! says:

    congratulations to the winner…!!! is all i have to say….. :)

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