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Jun 13, 2011

Recently charged for firearm assault, now shot nine times

Englebert Reynolds

The body of twenty-seven year old Englebert Reynolds remains at the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight following a vicious slaying at the start of the weekend.  On Friday night, shortly before eleven o’clock, Reynolds was riding his bicycle near Waight Street when he was penetrated with an economy of rounds which found their mark in his left forearm, left upper chest, right forearm, right inner and outer arm, right ribcage, shoulder as well as his right and left lower back.  His family and friends are uncertain as to why he was wanted dead but friends believe that an old beef may have played a role in the tragedy.  Earlier today, News Five spoke with two women who claimed to be Reynolds’ girlfriends, about the loss of their loved one.

Voice of: Girlfriend #1

“Englebert was coming up the street, Waight Street, on his bicycle and I was at my gate and all I heard was gunshot so I ducked behind my fence and then I peeped back in front of the gate.  I saw him on the ground lying [and so] I ran inside back to get my mom and I told her that Bert got shot and we ran outside and we went to see if we can help him and then they rushed him to the hospital.  I never saw anyone or anything.  All I heard were gunshots.  It’s like they [the gunshots] fell from the sky, that’s all.”

Isani Cayetano

“How many gunshots more or less did you hear?”

Voice of: Girlfriend #1

“It was like no more than ten because I think it was like from close range you know, so it was like no more than ten [shots that] I heard.”

Voice of: Girlfriend #2

“His friend weh he mi live with he mih deh home and he say ih mi just left, ih say “Georgia, Bert just left and Bert say ah gwein soh.”  So he say alright but when he gaan deh fi he bike neva mi deh deh.  One ah fi he friends mi gaan pan ih bike so di weh I live with tell ahn “use my bike dat straight, use my bike”  So he gaan pan ih bike now and he gwein and he say he just hyah so much shot just gaan off, right.  He say jump ova ih chair and he buss through di door cause first thing he holla Bert when he hyah dehn shot because Bert just come outta di house.  And when he run and gone by di lane he see Bert pan di ground pan di bike still yet, you know, and da soh he and friends dehn pick up ahn and ker ahn, run with ahn da di lane fi try get wah vehicle and dah soh dehn get wahn vehicle and ker ahn da hospital.”

Girlfriend #2

Isani Cayetano

“This is a tough question to ask [uhm], do you know if he had any previous misunderstanding, if he had any affiliation to any of the groups in that particular area?”

Voice of: Girlfriend #1

“Not that I know of.  All I know is that he was recently released from jail and that’s about it.  I noh really know nothing about what he was doing or nothing like that.”

Voice of: Girlfriend #2

“While on their way to the hospital di vehicle weh dehn mi deh eena crash into some van or some next vehicle and deh Bert tek ih last breath eena ih friends’ hands, you know, and then dehn still end up di gaan dah hospital til when dehn pronounce ahn dead.”

Isani Cayetano

“Now I understand [that] that vehicle collided into another prior to actually arriving at the hospital.  Can you explain that in some detail?”

Voice of: Girlfriend #1

“Well I don’t know anything about the vehicle weh run into no next vehicle but I know that he died on the way to the hospital so maybe it was then.”

One person has since been detained and police are looking for three others in connection with the incident.  In June 2007, Reynolds was charged with the attempted murder of Ernest Sacasa who was shot in the hip and wrists following an altercation at the Q Club on Queen Charlotte Street in Belize City.  A year later, Reynolds was acquitted of the attempted murder charge.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Recently charged for firearm assault, now shot nine times”


    He was penetrated with an economy of rounds which found their mark in his left forearm, left upper chest, right forearm, right inner and outer arm, right ribcage, shoulder as well as his right and left lower back, such typical Belizean news to get right to the dirty, or the pointless bits of every murder, or crimes, but what annoys me even more are the two women who shared no shame into admitting or being the girlfriends of Englebert Reynolds. When will Belizean women start having some decency, and some respect for themselves?

    Englebert Reynolds got what he deserved, plain and simple.

  2. Rod says:

    And the carnage continues because of this useless pm and gov. We are the murder capital of the world, now we find out that someone in the gov. Is giving out registries for ships to of all people the country of north Korea the us has caught a north Korean ship of carrying nuclear parts to myamar and that this ship was registered in Belize and was flying the belizean flag who in this gov. Is being paid off inquire channel 5 inquire.

  3. belizeanpride says:

    the tint ban will backlash barrow in the face like fool since more murders are going on even do i reap off my tint in my car but i’m just waiting for election for a revenge on his foolish idea. maybe they used a heavily tinted gateaway car this time. a joke is this bald head pm good for nothing.

  4. Justice says:

    What goes around,comes around. I cannot understand the mentality of some women. This thug attempted murder, was in jail yet had two girlfriends! Not sure where some people brains are located. All the same society is free of another useless person. Many more should go the same way!

  5. Elias says:

    Removing tint wont make a difference… We have fewer drive-by shootings and more ride-by shootings!!!! What will PM do now? Analyze the skid marks off your bike?!?!?!?!

  6. Crazy says:

    Good one Elias!!!

  7. belizeanpride says:


    i like you idea Elias maybe that’s what barrow is gonna bring on later what a joke this pm.

  8. dah fool di taak but dah no foo..... says:

    who Barrow will hang, you have to find guilty first to be able to carry out the death penalty. this crowd can’ get a simple conviction, much less make a death penalty stick..

  9. cali says:


  10. Jungle Guy says:

    Pm just pretend like he is working on crimes but what he is really doing is enriching his family and friends can we all belizean be your friend then maybe crime will be reduced

  11. S.S.G says:

    i am making this clear englebert reynolds wad no saint yes he did fool every one does but he did not deserve ten bullets in him he was a good person once you get to no him he is quiet doesnt like to talk much .. he was a fun person and he didn not desever to die no one deserve to die and you all dont understand his situation all you do is lysten to news and say oh this one yah bad and he deserve to dead have you ever wonder why people dp wat they do think people

  12. m.y says:

    who are you guys to condem anyone who are you to say who deserve guys leavin them stupid comment are no better than the killers out you even you have your day you illiterate !@#$ guys can talk but only god can judge me

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