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Jun 8, 2011

Mother of injured officer relates his side of alleged brutality case

Delroy Casimiro

The weekend brawl in the parking lot of the Princess Hotel and Casino is far from over. It left three men injured and it’s soon to spill into the courts.  On Monday we reported on Rodney Lino and Patrick Menzies version of the events that happened early Sunday morning. Their account started with an accidental bump into a female that resulted in a beating of Lino in the parking lot, followed by a hit and run on a police officer  when a shot was fired at their vehicle. Lino and Menzies claim they were also brutalized by men in Gang Suppression Unit uniforms.  The mother of Police Constable Delroy Casimiro, who was hit by Menzies’ vehicle, gave her son’s version of the story today, since he is still unable to talk after he was hit by Menzies’ car.

Althea Castillo, Mother of PC Delroy Casimiro

“Ih face mi swell up. I couldn’t believe it was him. I mi can’t take that fi stand up and watch mi son how ih mi deh. And when I hear the news, da like he da di bad one. Way far different weh happen to he from the one weh di talk—weh di say over news. How di hell they knock down somebody and police  still got heart fi go ker that person out ah ih sick bed, ker ahn dah di one weh knock ahn down fi beat ahn up. When ih deh ina pain, ih barely could get up, barely could talk, barely could move around. Then he say that he never know dah police because they dress like gang bang. From when somebody identify themselves as police, because he disrespect the young lady. One of the police officers confront ahn bout it—ih cuss out the police and try disrespect the police. The young lady gone to him again, he gone to the same person, he confront ahn and ih try fi fiyah punch at him. So when he di claim that dah he punch ahn, dah neva he punch ahn; somebody else punch ah. When the person fire punch, he duck the punch and he lift up ih elbow and he elbow di lee bwai pan ih chin. And somebody else come behind he and punch down the lee young boy. Then when police pick them up, he weh come with this story that dah scare he mi di try scare the police. You can’t edge nobody with vehicle. From the time you edge somebody with vehicle you mi mean fi knock down dah person. And Inoh take that from he—I think he mi di mean fi kill ah. Then they talk about police brutality that police beat ahn up but they neva say about the one weh they beat down. I can’t tell you when he will recover—maybe next two week.”

Jose Sanchez

“What has the doctors said specifically about his condition?”

Althea Castillo

Althea Castillo

“Ih have to take wah cat scan. He noh have no broken bone or nothing but he have to take that cat scan.”

Jose Sanchez

“So what you are saying is that he didn’t go with the other officers back to the house on Police Street?”

Althea Castillo

“He didn’t go! He can’t go if he deh pan ih sick bed dah hospital, how the hell he could move from there to go dah the person weh they claim that he gone, they ker ahn deh fi beat ahn up.”

Jose Sanchez

“They said one of the guys fired a shot at them.”

Althea Castillo

“I don’t know because he neva tell me nothing bout that because when he come and knock him from back—he knock him from behind and when he knock him, all he know something knock ahn, float in the air and when he land pan di ground, he know nothing.”

Jose Sanchez

“Has he been able to communicate what charges he would like pressed against these men?”

Althea Castillo

“No, he noh tell me nothing bout that. But I think if he woulda press charges, maybe attempt murder.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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28 Responses for “Mother of injured officer relates his side of alleged brutality case”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Mom, thanks for sharing your side of the story. Hopefully this is a case that DPP can win.

  2. RasTa says:

    u didnt c nothing…u goin by wat ur son is sayin…n lyk all mother wud say..yo cant swear fi yo pikni mam…civilians will b civilians..officers will b officers and go by wat dey tink is ryt in d force, which is pare corruption…i noh believe u nor yo son…caz i knw my youths dem to gud…so wit dat taking their side…show d babylonians we r not afraid of dem nor dey white man system!! JAH OVA ALL YER!!

  3. Justice says:

    Really reading the news in “Kriol” is getting tiresome. A translation in English should accompany the script.

  4. Belizean Girl says:

    I am not a police and was waiting to hear form the source what happen, now I am waiting to hear form blacksheep, jose, Dan Armeneau and the rest…what happen, you choke up? Speak up now we want hear your negative comments here too….waiting.

  5. friend says:

    police brutality they say but in reality what those 2 did to the officer is uncall for. in belize those so cal bad bwai have no respect for authority so now with the new kids on the block GSU i give them a 100% kudos for what they did to those criminals. someone has to be the backbone for the belize police department.

  6. Bealizean for Justice says:

    Look how these two guys run to the media to say that what they did was not intentional. And the fact that they knew that these two guys are Police Officers. All i can say is that these two guys deserve what they got. As a matter of fact the other guy was to have gotten his face swollen too. I have no remorse for these guys because i think that these people have no respect for the law and Authority and were using their vehicle as a means of weapon.

  7. yc316 says:

    I dont know why the media zooms in very close to those injuries, its very disgusting.

    NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn media people.

    You would never see this on cnn or bbc

  8. roska says:

    we Belizeans at times are so fools and are easily led astray…. From the beginning I knew these “church saints” were nothing but thugs using once again the media to cover their nasty deeds…!!!! And we the general public are ready to join in their frenzy to chastize the police…

    Iam telling you people….. THERE ARE CORRUPT AND ABUSIVE police officers in the force (just like in the media and everywhere else)…. but also there are also many good officers….. and not everytime a wanna be thug goes to the media with a fantastic (even though this one honestly seemed so skewed) story about POLICE BRUTALITY… the media seem to take like a scripture from the Bible… and we the populace swallow the bait, along with leader and sinker…

    It was also interesting to hear the interview on channel 7 of the woman these fools “accidentally bumped” into and “apologized’……her account of the incident was exactly what many of us not so fools knew had happened from the beginning….



  9. prayingfor bze says:

    How do we know what the police are saying is true…they are liars just like everybody else, and we know for a fact they would lie the heavens down to cover their @$$#$. So how these guys know that they were police if they didn’t have their uniforms on…and who believes that a bunch of cops who are that bold to get a bunch of other cops to run up in someones home and beat the crap out of them wouldn’t do anything to these guys from the start of the situation. One thing we need to learn to do as belizeans is to think for ourselves…go by the evedience…shm belize is like this because of the way they brainwash the people because they are looking for a way out of this crime crazy place of ours.

  10. Clifford says:

    @Bealizean, preach it again!

  11. isalnder says:

    POLICE again…. Always takin advantage of poor ppl. No feel sry 4 u BWAI. Instead them suda mi mi mess up u face more. MAMMY BWAI>>>

  12. RedGyal Belize says:

    Listen yah Lady.. if your son caan talk how di hell he tell you di story. If he coulda mi tell you di story den he could talk fi ih self. Majority of dem police da Belize !@#$%^& corrupt!!! Wake up Belize!!!

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    If Delroy can’t talk then how did he communicate with his mother?I guess Althea communicated with her son using sign language.This story is conflicting.Last but not least,It is in my opinion that the Deacon should have walked away from this situation.Furthermore what Menzies did was uncalled for,Menzies’ action could have led to the lost of lives.

  14. rasta2 says:

    rasta, ignorant people like you we need to kick out of belize. and make belize a better place.

  15. cayobway says:

    This story is quite comical, the media reports that this officer cannot talk because if injuries, his mother plainly said that he knows nothing, however she is claiming that the son told her all that occured. if he can’t talk then, how did she get all this information? and in other related news the media states that this report was passed unto them through the police department. kinda fishy.

  16. Dan Armeneau says:

    Belizean Girl –

    It matters little if the offending duo are guilty or not.

    What DOES MATTER is law enforcement officers believing they have THE RIGHT to decide the verdict (total disrespect for the Judiciary) and ultimately deliver the sentence (total disrespect for the Penal Institute) and ultimately TOTAL DISRESPECT for the Belizean Constitution. If you equate “negative” with “wrong” then there you have it!

    While you’re waiting may i suggest you visit:

    That could be a “positive” if what’s available there penetrates your thick skull!

  17. Mount Zion the highest region says:

    I just believe that this incident is deeper thann this and the whole story stemss from corruption. The police need to know their limits…or the streets gonna get them. Belize police force is full of corruption just like the politians in the country…But God nuh sleepp know unu make beforee it gets worse…word from the wise.

  18. 100% BELIZEAN says:

    HMMM… DEM PEOPLE WHO TALK BAD BOUT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT ARE THE SAME ONE WHO DO D SAME@#$%^&&%#…. They are the one who do not have any respect for the POLICE AND AUTHORITY …they think dat they can do anything and dat bze doesnot hve any law… but excuse me they are wrong… !1!!! All those criminals and people who disrespect the law should be treated the same way… thats good for that Two IDIOTS, STUPID dumdum….. come on they tried to kill that officer, they use dat car as a mean of weapon … Go forward GSU and the whole BELIZE POLICE DEPARTMENT….!!!!!!!!

  19. Pure corruption says:

    Miss tell yo liad son come talk cause he sure did alot of talking for u to bring the fairytale to the over exaggerated media

  20. concern belizean says:

    i dont understand why officers have the need to be violent at all. we belizean are too aggressive and MUST find alternative ways to resolve conflicts.

  21. dah me dis says:

    Dan armenua as far as im concerned ur still a lawyer and a politician. cant change my mind from that. i think this is probably the first time u have not quoted a part of the constitution. do u kno the members of the gang suppression unit?
    do u kno how many guns and drugs they have taken off the street?
    do u kno how many intended crimes they have intercepted?
    why are u so hell bent on dismantling the gang suppression unit?
    i do think ur a politician. and a darn power hungry one too.
    i no way shape or form am i condonin beating of people when they are already detained.
    and i have no fear of the gang suppression unit. i kno im not involved in any corrupt activity.
    and when the gSU does come knockin at my door i wont shoot at the gsu with my license firearm or knock them down with my vehicle to feint them bcaz i kno much better than to !@#$ wit the GSU!!!!

    Dan armeneau stop being a pig head. notin u have posted is nuetral completely biased. it appears to me that u get ur jollies from insulting people and being totally arrogant.
    as Belizean gril said. when u start helpin then start talkin these police officers put their lives on the line everyday. what u do. sit behind ur computer and condemn everything that pertains to law enforcement


    Belizean for justice you are 100% right, please go and tell Yolanda Shackron and Moses Sulph that please, they are encouraging those aliens who have no respect for the law and authority in our country.

    they are traitors to Belizeans!!!

  23. Pure corruption says:

    We should know that this incidentt goes deeper than this and that the Belize police Force is corrrupted just as the politicians. Play with the streets and u become apart…take what u dish out and know the limits of the law . System is out of order in this country..pure corruption but God will be the last Judge.

  24. spanglish says:


  25. Elgin Martinez says:

    Been an activist doesn’t make someone a traitor.

  26. L.C. says:

    1. @ spanglish: What is a HYPOCRATES?

    2. For the love of all that is righteous on the internet, please don’t type in all caps… It makes you look ignorant of Internet Etiquette , and then 90% of the time, your posts get skipped over. Unless you really ARE ignorant, then by all means go ahead.

    3. The fact remains that we’ll never really know what happened. I know both of these guys, Menzies and Lino, and this doesn’t sound like them. That being said, no one knows the intentions of the heart, and things that are done in the heat of the moment. I am in NO WAY defending what they did, and probably never will, as I read on the Channel 7 newscast that Menzies actually said (and i quote)
    **”I saw a big split in his chin and so I told him that I will take him to the hospital to deal with the chin. So we got in the car and we are leaving Princess now and he (Rodney) show me them up the street walking and so I told him that I will fake one of them. The same officer was on the street ( the one that elbow him) so I pull into him with my car and pull out back but he jump on the sidewalk and when the other officer saw what happen he step out in the street to try to stop me.”**

    Friend or no friend, this made NO SENSE to me. Absolutely none. What will become of the situation, I don’t know. It is a known fact that the standard 6 police we have in Belize seem to be out of control, but there was no excuse or reason for this action by Menzies.

  27. Dan Armeneau says:

    dah me dis -

    As I’ve said before, I am neither a politician nor a lawyer. I can’t quite fathom how you’ve managed to make the leap to that idiotic conclusion! As a matter of fact I don’t have much more than a basic education and no post-secondary education at all. I live from paycheque to paycheque and live a pretty normal life far removed from politics or law. If anyone is being pig headed about this you’re making it abundantly obvious who that is – just keep beaking off – you only dig yourself a deeper hole.

    I am who I say I am and I don’t hide behind some silly alias when I post here. Go ahead and Google my name if you’re curious.

    I have no problem with law enforcement officers that act with integrity but I do have a major problem when law enforcement officers act with impunity and disrespect for human rights or due process. My views on this are very closely aligned with the spirit and intent of Part II of the Belize Constitution. Clearly your views on this differ from mine and as a consequence show a complete lack of respect for the Belizean Constitution. Just re-read your comments and if you still don’t get it then re-read them again.

    It matters little how many guns are off the street or how many crimes have been prevented. From what I can glean from the daily headlines I would have to suggest that maybe the GSU is not nearly as effective as they would have us believe. Has the crime rate gone up or down since the formation of the GSU? You answer that question then you’re one step closer to understanding why I’m so “hell bent” on seeing them dismantled.

    I highly doubt the crime statistics would differ much if basic human rights were respected so there is no excuse for blatant abuse of authority. A rogue cop with a superiority complex is no better, and arguably worse, than a common street thug except that your taxes pay the rogue cop’s salary. You’re deluded if you think the GSU is the answer to the very serious crime problem that plagues Belize.

    All I’m trying to do is get the message out that, “Abuse of power and authority has no place in a modern civilized society”. If that message somehow escapes you then all I can do is offer my condolences to your wife and children for having to put up with your extremist views. Don’t be asking for my sympathy when the GOON SQUAD UNIT kicks the living daylights out of your handcuffed bone sack because they’re acting on “Information Received” and in a manner consistent with your interpretation of their mandate.

    My accolades to all those law enforcement officers who EARN their own respect. To those that DEMAND it, may your sorry butt rot behind bars!

    You want answers and solutions? Don’t expect them to be offered up on a silver platter. Try and understand Part II of the Belizean Constitution and when you get a handle on that ask yourself how you can make a difference. Save your rants for your Beliken bellied cohorts.

  28. dah me dis says:

    Dan Armenua!!!

    U know ur no Dan Armeneua. Ur a lawyer and aspiring politician…. and as for me i am a 21 year old female born and bred in Belize city. It wud be very foolish of me to say that GSU is the answer. There are many other initiatives taken on by the police department that caters to the other social problems that is affecting our society. get a city bus from by san cas (take off those ugly boots tho). ride on it all the down boulevard and into queen charlotte until u see a neon green building wit a sign Yabra Community Center. Take a step in on any given day and monitor the activities. Many positive information gets fed to the media in relation to the roles undertakings of that unit. but the media chooses not to highlight it because Its positive. how dare they be a positive story about Police. u can continue to lie and be in denial. i kno what i kno and i kno who u are. be real wit ur self mistah man. Law enforcement is only one component of restoring belize.

    Politics is a very nasty thing and u my friend are a filthy man.

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