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Jun 8, 2011

Witness says that she was harassed outside of nightclub

But the focus of the incident centers on a woman who was either bumped into or harassed. Well, the woman who walked out of the club and interacted with Lino and Casimiro also spoke to the media today. She preferred to remain off camera and while sitting in a darkened studio, she related what happened after she exited Princess’ Club Next with two friends on Sunday morning.

Voice of: Witness to Altercation

“He da mi like, what the [bleep] di go on with you. Now I don’t even know him from adams. So anyways, the closer he di come to me, I di go back way so at the end, I gone behind wah vehicle to make him move from me. He mi intoxicated and I not even know he. So anyways, I di move away from him and same time he di continue cuss up me and I noh know ahn. So one of my friend come out and he start to cuss he but he mi busy texting. We di walk weh now and one of my next friend come behind. I tell ah no worry bout it. Anyways, we di walk weh now and the young man still behind we, following we, di cuss up and none ah we noh even know he. So anyways he still come behind we, di throw up phrase and cuss up bad word. So two ah di young man turn round and they ask what is the problem? So he dah like noh because unu da police unu think anybody [bleep] fraid fi unu. Just like that he say it. So anyways, he deh deh the talk and the talla one weh mi deh with ahn, he mi di make wah vehicle reverse out and he dah like weh dah fi unu problem? Unu try move from back ah dis vehicle. And I dah like, they di try reason out something. Anyways, I noh even conscious when the gial is the move out. The talla one noh even mi know weh mi di happen. So anyways, the gial they end up reverse out when we walk away. And when we walk away, we di come out of the yard by princess now, everybody di talk—di mind their own business—the rest mi deh pan the sidewalk and me and the young man mi di walk more pan the street, not too far from the side walk. So, they got some lee young bwai weh mi deh out there, they mi di try signal me fi tell me that the vehicle di come towards fi we direction. But I neva mi di pay it no mind weh everybody di talk and thing. When I feel the side of the vehicle knock me and the young man weh I mi di walk beside push me so that I noh get knock as much as he. So anyways, when I di spin pan the side walk and I look up, I see he di flip pan the air and then I just see he drop pan di ground. And then my foot mi di hurt me and thing. So I couldn’t run to he. At the end of the night, I end up di see he when time he reach da hospital. And I couldn’t believe that happen to he. This dah weh I di try say. That dah noh something weh di young man say he mi di try fake we. Why you wouilda want fake somebody, you understand, that was intentional.”

Jose Sanchez

“One of the guys said he apologized for bumping. So it wasn’t a bump?”

Voice of: Witness to Altercation

“It wasn’t a bump.”

Jose Sanchez

“He was harassing?”

Voice of: Witness to Altercation


Jose Sanchez

“Who threw the first blow?”

Voice of: Witness to Altercation

“One of the young man dehn who mi deh with me. When time deh di tell the young man calm down. He didn’t elbow him in his mouth. To be honest, the young man punched him ina ih mouth and when the young man punch ahn ina ih mouth, he stand like ina shock and after that he continue to cuss him up and thing and to avoid problem everybody just walk away.”

Jose Sanchez

“Any of the guys identified themselves as police officers?”

Voice of: Witness to Altercation

“No, they neva identify themselves as police but they young man mi know the young man mi know da police because like I say when the short one say—the tall one neva deh deh fi even say deh in front fi know weh di happen. The short one said no because unu think unu da police anybody fraid fi unu.”

Jose Sanchez

“Did you hear, when the police officer was knocked down, did you hear any gunshot at any point?”

Voice of: Witness to Altercation

“Yes.  And weh di young man say that they jumped front of the vehicle, nobody not even jump in front of that vehicle. We di walk and we not even know a vehicle di come behind we until I know I get knock.”

Both the interview with PC Casimiro’s mother and the woman involved in the incident, were facilitated by the Police Department

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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6 Responses for “Witness says that she was harassed outside of nightclub”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Oh my & I thought these God fearing, churchgoing souls were out at 3AM trying to save lost souls. Menzies Sr., come forward & defend your boy or better yet, let his lying @$$ deal with the courts. It is safe to assume that he & his friend saw this girl as being beneath them & hid behind alcohol to excuse bad behavior.

  2. deedee says:

    So anyways…So anyways…So anyways,lol.

  3. Elgin Martinez says:

    The deacon must have been trying to get a date.At 3am in the morning the deacon should have been sleeping or getting ready for church service.

  4. David says:

    This is either an elaborate cover up being “facilitated” by the police or the church going boys were not telling the truth.

  5. cayobway says:

    If this female was in the center of all this bull crap, and knows what went on, then why not show her face, does she have something to hide?

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    @Elgin, the boys were looking for lost souls to save & they heard that they are nocturnal creatures. LOL

    @cayobway, there is no reason for this woman to show her face, she simply went out to have a good time, the way we all did as young folks & she was in no way responsible for these men’s behavior. From all indications, Menzies appears to be a part of the “Belize elite”, I believe he took his arrogant, entitled attitude into the criminal realm. This woman does not need her character sullied because these boorish men could not get their way & will now do whatever they have to, to avoid being prosecuted for Hit & Run & possibly attempted murder. I don’t think anyone believed for a minute the BS about their Godliness.

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