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Jan 29, 2008

Brothers stabbed by jealous assailant

Story PictureIt began with a jealous rage which led to a fight … and ended with two brothers in the hospital. The altercation occurred last night sometime before midnight through an alley off North Creek in Belize City. When it was over, twenty-five year old Dwight Palacio got the worst of it with a stab wound to his left lung. He underwent surgery this morning to improve his breathing. News Five’s Marion Ali has more.

Marion Ali, Reporting
The fight was between Dwight’s brother, forty year old Patrick “Super P” Palacio and a man described to us only as “Kevin”. Dwight said his girlfriend was the one who alerted him of the fight outside.

Dwight Palacio, Stab Victim
“And then I buss out of my house eena lone brief and I si the boy di hold my bredda and I run into him and tell ah “leggo my bredda yo know, leggo my bredda boy”. The man noh want let go my bredda and so I grabbed ah by ih throat ya and I bang up ah eena ih face and thing and so he let go my bredda, check?”

Marion Ali
“He had a weapon all this while?

Dwight Palacio
“All the while he got a weapon. He done juck my bredda two times but my bredda never feel that. And he come after me and he fire juck after me. The first juck dah weh catch me and the second juck weh ih gone fi juck again he never catch me.”

The man who was the first target, Patrick Palacio, says while he has known his attacker’s girlfriend for over a year now, last night he was only trying to protect her from his abuse.

Patrick “Super P” Palacio, Stab Victim
“And I just come out of the studio last night when I come I found my friend at my house.”

Marion Ali
“Your girlfriend?”

Patrick Palacio
“Well, you can call it that. A girlfriend of mine and ih explained that she and the boyfriend got wah misunderstanding and he beat her up and she come this side. Well I open my doors, a friend of mines. When she done explain everything to me, I tired, I just come out of the studio. I gone lay down pan my bed after I done eat something. Then I heard this guy call, call her name. I noh pay the first two calling no mind, but ih di get pan my nerves because I know da she. So I open my window and I ask the guy “what da your problem”. He seh ih just want ih baby them. “

Marion Ali
“Oh, she was here with the children?”

Patrick Palacio
“Yes ma’am.”

Marion Ali
“And the children are his?”

Patrick Palacio
“Yes ma’am. So ih seh ih just want Ih baby them. Well, anyway, I haul back my window and I decide fu continue lay down. Now I heard his voice again all of a sudden at my gate. Well instant I get up and come out of my room and I approach ah da the gate and tell ah “You can’t come eena my yard.” This is when now I stand up eena wah defence mode holding on to my gate and at the same time now, the young lady stand up at my kitchen here so I look on her and I tell her “Why you noh give this man ih two baby and mek the man go.” Then time I turn my back to him. That was my mistake; turning my back to him. He grab me, but I know he had an object in his hand left hand. But he grab me with his right arm around my neck. Now, he grab such force and speed, I done calculate the move and I spin ah ova with ih own speed weh he come at me and now I got the upper hand but at the same time he grab my tools and I grab a machete that I had.”

Marion Ali
“So you had a machete?”

Patrick Palacio
“Yes ma’am”

Marion Ali
“You were prepared for this?”

Patrick Palacio
“That’s what I come out with in my hand, a machete. Yes ma’am, I come out prepared. And at the same time now he grab mine, I grabbed his. And that was the jostle for like a whole … I woulda say ten minutes.”

It was at this point that Patrick says he realised that his younger brother had come to help him.

Patrick Palacio
“And all of a sudden I saw my brother got him in a locked grip behind his neck while he still does not let going the tools but the three of us now joggling left and right and he pushed hard and hit my brother in the cement fence—the cement fence—and my brother seemed to let him go. That’s when he give a juck and caught my brother on the left side of the chest.”

While the Palacio brothers might have learned some lessons from last night’s incident, they remain philosophical about life and love.

Patrick Palacio
“For as long as she needs me as a friend; I’ll be her friend. She does nothing wrong to me. I hope the guy open his eyes and realise dah wah good woman he got and why ih mek ih good woman slip through his hands by deh kind of abusive…”

Dwight Palacio
“I know love hurt. I’ve been through it, but a man da a man. Yo have to start humble yourself. If your gial noh want yoh, yoh have to deal with it. And he can’t deal with it. That’s why he gone on so.”

After the surgery to insert a breathing tube into Palacio’s left lung, he was admitted to the surgical ward where he is recuperating from his wound. Reporting for News Five, Marion Ali.

When police apprehend the assailant, likely charges will include Attempted Murder and Dangerous Harm.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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