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May 30, 2011

Murdered outside his mother’s home in Orange Walk

Alberto Tutt

A twenty-six year old was executed on Sunday night in Orange Walk Town. Alberto Atarna Tutt was shot multiple times, including to the back of his head. Just prior to his murder, he was at his mother’s house on the Belize/Corozal Road; he didn’t go too far when he met his tragic death in the cover of darkness. One person has been detained for questioning and according to family members; Tutt’s killer was someone he knew. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

An Orange Walk resident was murdered outside a home two lots away from the district’s Heritage Bank Branch.  Alberto Atarna Tutt was shot four times as he sat on this red bucket near the back of his mother’s house. She was inside when gunshots reverberated outside her home on Sunday night.

Hortencia Cabrera, Motherof Alberto Tutt

“He said, “Ma, lock the door because I gwen.” I said ok then. So I mi think he gone, I neva mi know he sit down out here. Because ih mi di wait for a text. A gial would have text him.”

Jose Sanchez

“What time was this?”

Hortencia Cabrera

Hortencia Cabrera

“Eleven I think or eleven something.”

Jose Sanchez

“And what happened next?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Well he tell me he gwen, so I tell my granddaughter lock the door. And when she come lock the door, she lock it but she neva tell me that her uncle out deh. Then when she hear di gunshot ih tell me, ma dah mi uncle because mi uncle mi di sit down out deh when she mi di lock the door. Then she start to bawl. But then I neva come out because I fraid that they mi deh out yah. So I wait like ten minutes or five then I cross dah mi neighbour and me call them fi come help mi because me neva wahn come out yah by myself out yah.”

Jose Sanchez

“How many time was he shot?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Dah four shot he get—one dah his head and three in his back.”

Jose Sanchez

“So it’s clearly someone who disliked him a lot?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Hmhmm because I think he mi deh dah ih back cause dah ih head dehn shoot ahn first and then when he drop, they shoot ahn dah ih back.”

According to Tutt’s mother; when he was still involved with the mother of his child, he found her with a lover, a man whom Tutt allegedly beat.  Apparently, that is the man with whom Tutt was exchanging angry text messages before his death.

Hortencia Cabrera

“He said ma, guess who call me? I tel ahn who call you? Ih say Chema, di gial weh ih used to have. And then ih say, well me neva ask ahn we ih tell ahn or anything cause he dah wah person that me noh like question he. And then he seh that how Matthew William’s son send him a text. And then ih tell ahn me noh know what. Then he ansa he and then he send wah next text and then he ansa back the text and when he ansa the second text, the boy never answer him again—neva ansa the text. Then he said I sent him five texts more but he no ansa me. I wah send ahn wah next tone right now—so ih tell me.”

Jose Sanchez

“And who is this guy he was texting?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Matthew William’s son.”

Jose Sanchez

“And what is the relations to him?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“They have a misunderstanding sake ah ih gial.”

Jose Sanchez

“The ex gial or current gial?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Ex gial—well ih use to be ih woman because ih got wah lee baby with ahn.”

Jose Sanchez

“This yard is very dark at night so it had to be someone who knew this is where he was at that time because he doesn’t live here right?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Yeah, he noh live yah. He just come drink tea and bathe and then he go.”

Jose Sanchez

“And the person came from where?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“From back there—from back there they come and from back there they gone because later when the shot done mi finish, you hear the dog di bark back there.”

Jose Sanchez

“Have the police detained anyone for questioning?”

Hortencia Cabrera

“Only one they have.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Murdered outside his mother’s home in Orange Walk”

  1. Moron Country says:

    LMAO, this country and people in this country has become so goddamn retarded that we killing each other over some pieces of trash women Jesus Christ, it is absolutely !@#tacular how retarded, moronic Belizeans have become, in this case seems like just some retarded spanish fighting with some dude over some stinking fum fum over text, lol. good riddance to bad rubbish, Darwinism in full swing in Belize.

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Another life lost to BS. Fellows, no one should die or risk going to jail for a woman who cannot keep her legs closed. If you cannot meet her needs, work on your skills or go play in a different league, there is no need to kill the competition.

  3. BETSY says:

    show joe grind face and the woman , mek wi get di full stats..

  4. Earl Grey says:

    STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that she was at least a very beautiful woman!!!!!

  5. WTF BSH**T says:


  6. Inglebert says:

    it looks like these girls are driving these …… crazy mien just be strong and leave those hot leg girls alone they will make you do things you regret its not worth it at all there is somebody for every one and most of the time when you have patience you end up with someone good. try to over come loneliness.

  7. deedee says:

    Mek we see Joe Grind face as well as the remarkably beautiful woman that stole their hearts… :-)

  8. walnut says:



  9. Storm says:

    Another child to be raised without a father so the cycle of suffering continues.

    Give the killer a fair trial, then hang him without delay.

  10. Drama says:

    If it’s (matthew williams) son this kid is known to have anger issues since he was very young. Look at the enviorment he was raised mom flirting with all types of men thru out the town dad is known to be a drug dealer this kid needed help like many belizeans do with angermanagement so before we judge let’s try to help out whomever needs help……nuff said

  11. Bxegal30 says:

    I have not lived in OW for 18 yrs and know Matthew Williams reputation. For God’s sake why is he still a free man?? Get this kind of garbage and his spawns off the streets!! But I’m sure they’re still lining the authorities pockets to maintain their immunity. My condolences to the family.

  12. concerned says:

    u people are ridiculous seriously….not becuase of a text means someone would kill get uno facts straight and because of a woman geez …noone said he was killed because of a text his mom is just alleging he got texts…so before u all jumping to conclusions get the details. That is y Belize deh how y deh bec of everyone being misguided by rumors. and drama …dont be talking about people’s family and saying how this guys mom flirting with other men…what’s wrong wit u, have some respect!

  13. Relative says:

    Whoever is drama, watch he ur tking about the williams family because none of you guys knws wat happening….it shud have been u in the situation.chope was a bad guy from a long time, it was his time to leave dis world and goh da hell, fu he ma nuh knw $#!^% n d tk b s, wats wrng wt dt old lady!!!nbdy wnt gemma neither and da spanish bwi d fite ova sketel gemma, matthew williams has his family to take care of!!!

  14. sonny says:

    @ relative ur so angry thoughts like urs spark criminalism

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