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May 26, 2011

1 man shot and chopped to death while another is hospitalized

Shane Simpliss

Earlier we told you about a murder in the city. Hours later, in the western village of Teakettle, a twenty-four year old man was shot in the chest and chopped on the head and arm. Shane Simplis’ family is still in shock at the brutal murder that happened when he was among a group of friends. Another victim of the brawl was a minor who is recovering at the Western Regional Hospital. News Five’s Andrea Polanco spoke to Elton Vasquez in Belmopan.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

On Wednesday night between the hours of seven and eight a group of about seven friends were at this house socializing, when two others paid seventeen year old Elton Vasquez a visit. That visit ended with the murder of twenty four old Shane Simplis while Vasquez is hospitalized. Today, the teenager who wished to appear off camera recounted the events from his hospital bed.

Elton Vasquez: Hospitalized

“Five minutes after my uncle left, the man they haul up ina di yard and I walk into the man dehn cause I think dehn mi wah talk to me. I see the man wap me with a gun and then bally chop me. After that, I walk weh from them. I tell my bredda bwai they chop me—the man deh chop me deep. Then I walk back and di yard and I gone sit down. Then from there, all ah di bwai dehn run. When they run, Simpliss run come and ask weh gone on. I seh di man they chop me. I tell di man run cause I noh know weh di man dehn di deal with. And the man dehn run and the man run behind the yard. Simpliss run around the house and same time bally mi di come and ih look like they see Simpliss the run round and the bally they turn round back  and when they turn round now, they meet Simpliss close up and they shot ahn ina ih chest and then the man chop and then bally chop ahn two times ina ih head.”

Andrea Polanco

“So all ah this happen outside ina di yard dah your house?”

Elton Vasquez

“Yeah right dah my house. All ah my door; cause my door deh got two door right and dah right round deh two door ih happen. Di way how deh come dah like the two we deh mi wah kill because how bally chop me, ih look like only one bullet ina di gun. Cah bally chop me fi kill me and when I walk weh ih look like they safe the bullet fi bally because they mi think the bally mi wah run after they done chop me and thing. So dah mi ina my head dehn mi wah chop me and I just give the man my back because I mi half dizzy and thing after they wap me with the gun and thing to.”

Adalia Simplis is still in shock that her son was brutally killed for simply trying to break up a fight:

Adalia Simplis: Mother

“Ih gone help one ah ih friend because deh mi di tek advantage of ah and when he see that deh have wah gun, ih run and deh run ah down and deh shoot ah. Deh run ah down and chase ah round and round the house three times and shoot ah.”

Andrea Polanco

“You know how many guys were involved in this incident?”

Adalia Simplis

Adalia Simplis

“Two, two ah deh that’s why deh get fi kill my baby because dah two ah deh that’s why deh get fi kill my baby because dah two ah dem. Deh tag team ah when one gone one way the next one gone the other way. One had a machete and the next one had the gun.”

But the parents of the two young men say their sons were not troublemakers.

Gabrole Vasquez

“Fi seh deh dah bad bwai to that extent not that I know of and ih grandpa live right next to deh and everybody who know we, know we reasonable enough like good people.”

Andrea Polanco

“Suh Shane was he somebody who maybe had problems in the village, any enemies or anything like that?”

Adalia Simplis

“Nuh weh I know about but then again I dah just the ma. I nuh really know. I nuh di seh that my son dah wah perfect angel but he dah neva wah perfect tyrant either.”

The suspects believed to be involved are no strangers to both families.

Andrea Polanco

“So these are guys from right around here in the village?

Adalia Simplis

“Right around here in the village.”

Andrea Polanco

“Are they people who Shane was familiar with?”

Adalia Simplis

“As far as I know all ah deh dah mi friends. The lee bwai weh chop ah used to come dah my house right ya, eat outta my son plate. Ih use to complain to my son bout the abuse weh ih suffer from ih pa. And he turn around and chop mi son.”

Andrea Polanco

Gabrole Vasquez

“Suh you and the guys weh involve inna dis unu dah mih friends, unu mi straight otherwise?”

Elton Vasquez

“We neva have no hard talks with deh bally deh neva yet. I tell yoh I just come from them half an hour ago. So we mi di talk good and everything. If they mi wah do me anything, they could ah mi do me from I gone dah fi dehn yard. Nothing neva gone on and thing.”

Andrea Polanco

“So you know more or less maybe why dehn gone and attack unu?”

Elton Vasquez

“I noh got no idea. Like I say I noh do they bally nothing so I noh know why dehn bally come deal with me fah like that. And they come fi kill too. I noh know why they want kill fah but ah nuh know weh gone on.”

Gabrole Vasquez is trying to understand what could have led to his son’s injuries and Shane’s murder.

Gabrole Vasquez

“I woulda wah get wah clear picture ah wat actually happen why deh duh Elton that cause he dah my son and I raise deh up the best I could. Deh lee mischievous cause deh dah all kids. I wudda feel satisfied fi know why deh duh ah that.”

Reporting for News Five, I am Andrea Polanco.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “1 man shot and chopped to death while another is hospitalized”

  1. dee says:

    Hang them,no question ask….then again this is Belize, they will only get two years for your lost Ms. Simpliss.

  2. Julie A says:

    RIP Shane this is so sad my heart goes out to my dear friend Wilbert and his family during this time of grief Shane was a nice guy :( may justice be served on the scumbags that took you away.

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Last weekend the other child’s friends killed him over a bike, this week, more friends killed over only God knows what & he/she is looking at the mess & scratching his head. I no longer care why they are doing it, hanging them will at least take two of them out of society & encourage the others to think before acting out..

  4. JCA says:

    Shane was my classmate. He was always the one to break up a fight or offer encouraging words. After high school we did not keep in touch much. He dedcided to enter the work field and I decided that I would continue school! I had some difficult times in high school and he helped me through. I still remember the guys in 3 rd Tech he use to hang out with. He was the tallest and the easiest one to talk to. I know I said thank you for helping me through all those time i’m just sorry we didn’t keep in touch. R.I.P my friend you will forever be remembered! We have lost our guardian on earth and we have gained an angel that will guide us through the rest of our life! I am praying for your family and your child that they may be strong through all this. I pray for those who did this to you for they have taken away a great friend, a loving father, a brother,an uncle. R.I.P Shane see you later! :(

  5. Storm says:

    A fair trial, then swift execution. It’s the only solution to protect peaceful Belizeans and restore respect for human life here.

  6. lori Anna says:

    This is so sad .. it seems like no one is safe. It could be any one of us at any time for any reason ..

  7. MS SMITH says:

    OMG WHAT IS GOING ON?I am from Teakettle,i grew up there you never hear these things happening when i was a child all this killing needs to stop.I’ve lived in Los Angeles for twenty three years and was planning on going back home to live, o lord now i will have to think where in Belize i want to live since the little village i call home is now getting violent too.

  8. Nan says:

    I cried when i got this news from my boyfriend who was one of his closest friends from high school days. This just shows the type of person i met because i only got to know Shane since last month and he was the coolest person ever. These murderers should not be excused for any reason whatsoever because they have no idea what they take away from people. All Shane used to talk about was his son and for them to come and take away that child’s father, they have no right…..i wonder if anyone took away their father from them????? Mein i just hope and pray that he rest in peace and when i heard this i said God needs the good-hearted ones up their perhaps that is why Shane went so early!!!!!! Condolences to his entire family!!!!!

  9. Karina Vanegas says:

    This Is sad news and it breaks my heart. Since I was born in Belize and I grew up in Teakettle Village I never thought, that this quite and peaceful place could do such a damage. As a kid I walk those roads know the people and always, think of the place often. Since I move from Belize and now living in the states to further my education. I am in Nursing school I said to myself as soon as I am done with school I will work over here and go back their to get married and maybe raise my kids their. But after this sad news not anymore. They kill an innocent person who have a child, now that baby have to grow up without a father because of no “reason”. I know Laverne and Willbert and I just wanted to say I am sorry for your last and your mom especially I know how hard it is to loose a child. I feel your pain just reading this story makes me cry and sick to my stomach its a sad thing. I hope these 2 individual get whats coming to them. I hope Justice prevail. I am sorry once again and know that an Angel is somewhere around you during this time of sorrow. May your RIP Shane. God Bless.

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