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May 24, 2011

Bert Vasquez back in Court; pleads to judge for damaged reputation

Bert Vasquez

Also in court, twenty-seven year old Bert Vasquez was arraigned on three counts; Aggravated Assault, Abduction and Harm upon a sixteen year old minor. Late in the hearing, Vasquez requested that the media be barred out of the session, saying that he cannot allow any further damage to his reputation, claiming he is being framed. Magistrate Albert Hoare granted his request since the alleged victim is a minor. But before our court reporter was asked to leave the court, Vasquez pleaded not guilty to the charge of Aggravated Assault. Abduction, however, is an indictable offense, and since it is linked to the charge of Harm, no pleas were taken on those two counts. The charges are in connection with an incident that occurred just after eight p.m. on May thirteenth. According to the minor, she was waiting for a bus in the Pound Yard area when a heavily tinted car stopped in front of her and that a man placed a point thirty-eight pistol at her left side and forced her into the vehicle. The minor says, she complied out of fear for her life and she was taken to an area in Vista Del Mar, Ladyville where the man put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger but it misfired. Vasquez was unrepresented in court and he has been remanded until June twenty-seventh.

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16 Responses for “Bert Vasquez back in Court; pleads to judge for damaged reputation”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Wasn’t his reputation the same thing he complained about the last time. While I agree that the minor’s identity should remain secret because she is the victim, I think the absence of the media may allow this case to disappear into that dead zone like many others & the result brought to light after this prick harms another child who may not survive to tell the tale.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why was this criminal’s request to bar the media out of the session granted?He needs to be exposed.What about freedom of the Press?

  3. Sugar says:

    What special privilege does he think he has because he has money?? did he try to abuse of his position and reputation when he did what is alleged?? or maybe he has police on his payroll and so wants special treatment……it should be unlawful to cover your face while stepping out of court……let justice speak, not your money…..simpleton…

  4. deedee says:

    Hmmmm….somethings are missing from this story, he just pulled up at the bus stop…saw the young lady…put a gun to her side & ordered her to get into the vehicle…took her to vista del mar…tried killing her but the gun misfired?????? Did the accused & victim knew each other??? Was he high on something & was out for blood that night??? Did someone had a grudge against the minor & ask Vasquez to deal with the matter??? While at pound yard…where there any other witness/witnesses who saw Vasquez put the gun on the victim & took her against her will???? There are many holes in this story…i’ll wait to hear the outcome.

  5. chabelli says:

    Lord look how justicwe is bogus just as the executive

  6. Sugar says:

    Search for bert vasquez on the news and U will find out this is no angel…..not first time he before magistrate and not first time da back……maybe he like being ‘da back’ ….no bail for him and remember “freedom of the press”

  7. Me says:

    what do we know about this guy??? what if he is the one killing all the little girls because he is physco!!! what if he is the one that took that little girl that time because he is ANGRY and just wants to release his anger on the innocent….Only because he is a business man and has some money no one investigates him…But men like him are the ones that do $#!% like that….the should be HANGGED! HANG THE MAN!!! PRIME MINISTER GET some balls what if that bullet had popped then no one would have known it was him!

  8. Me says:

    I wish i knew who the family of this girl was so i can pay for her lawyer to sink that …. down its about time to send some people to jail…NOT ONLY THE POOR GO TO JAIL!!! THE RICH ALSO!

  9. Do it right says:

    This guy nuh have money. He just pretend to have money. He is a con artist, rapist, kidnapper, thief and now potential nurderer and he is still out. They need to convict his @$$ and lock him up bc he seems to like being locked up. This guy has some real mental problems from he was young. The next time the victim might not be so lucky. I do agree that there is more to this story than what was reported, but whatever the case he is still a criminal. He is an eyesore to society and to his family. LOCK HIS @$$ UP.

  10. WHAT! says:

    He has been sick for a while…his family is to proud to feel that his son is innocent…He has had a gun since he was way young…The jurisdiction has to do something only so much times in court…send his A** to JAIL…..Teach him a lesson

  11. Disgusted! says:

    This psychopatic maniac is the nephew of Ramon Vasquez and the son of Debbie Vasquez who owns and operates the laundry on the corner of Pickstock and North Front Streets in Belize City. He’s a con artist and a sexual predator but somehow channel 5 failed to highlight his past transgressions like they normally do in most cases. This is a macabre-minded @$$hole with multiple personalities and a sick sexual predator. I wouldn’t doubt he’s responsible for other missing minors and the law should not hesitate to convict and put him away for the rest of his miserable life. BUT…..we all know the charges will be dropped after the case goes under the radar and everything quiets down in a couple of days. Belizeans are too !$%&ing complacent with short term memories that’s why the political madness and crime will NEVER be remedied!!!

  12. Earl Grey says:

    HE COULD GO TO THE SRC…..Prison Farm too……

    There he can EARN HIS KEEP and CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY at NO COST TO tax-payers.


    Kolbe is …………A RESORT!!!

  13. Zeus says:

    This same guy pulled a gun at a rasta man becaused he tought the man was trying to break in his car; while the man was just fixing his bike chain. he did not pointed the gun at the man’s body but directly at his head. he made the rasta man lie on the ground while having the gun at his head pushing it with a force. cursing at him and told him dat if anything was missing in his car he will kill him…..he was just so much in a rage and looked so trigger happy.
    when will Belize’s justice system become un-biased. when will belize be ‘the land of the free’..i guess “the land of the free” means that every criminal will be free.
    Belize-just treat mr. Vasques as if he was of a different skin color!- Equality to all!!!!!!

  14. Conscious Youth says:

    I am surprise to this about Bert. Its a sad thing for the female, but I know for a fact that Bert is on the other side (if you know what I mean). Bert is a con- artisit and tries to sell people dreams. Poor guy he felt that by assault a female that would make him straight. Bert is at the right place…where he can get all he can get for free and do what he does best….take it in the a$$

  15. Bzen says:

    If this is true bout this guy, would like him to come across me and then we see him go down and never return.

  16. blackwidow says:

    @ conscious youth: when i heard bert was in question of the young lady’s murder, jasmine lowe, i thought to myself there is no way it could be bert because he’s gay. Bert is very shady tho. I know for a fact that he’s a fraud and a con artist! This is crazy!

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