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May 18, 2011

Special Branch Cop questioned about counterfeit notes

Tonight Belize City police have one of their own in detention after he was busted with sixteen thousand U.S counterfeit notes. The thirty nine year old Sergeant, who is attached to the Special Branch, went to the Belize Bank on Coney Drive to make a deposit. The incident happened at around ten forty-five this morning when CIB police were called to the bank after it was suspected that the US currency was counterfeit. The officer was said to be dressed in civilian clothing and on duty at the time of the incident and was taken to the Raccoon Street Police Station for questioning. Reports to our newsroom indicate the high level officer is not cooperating with the police. There is one report that the money came from within the department, possibly kept for sting operations. At this point, his identity is being withheld since it is not known what charges, if any, will be brought against him.

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25 Responses for “Special Branch Cop questioned about counterfeit notes”

  1. Bengal says:

    That’s what happens when we make the rat guard the cheese and the cat to guard the fish.

  2. Truth says:

    What dump officers we have in the force,mein…He already knows the money is counterfeit so why cash all the at once in the bank, bank clerks get suspicious with the amount of money and would definitely see hteir manager and the US money would have been tested if its counterfeit dollars,but still we say special branch.
    Why is the system so corrupted, we have custom officers ripping off foreigners not only them but immigration officers as well, but the biggest thief of them all is the Police officers who are out there to protect citizens. They can organized many crimes and do be warn its happening already, these guys are the ones organizing drugs to be land in the jewel.
    Now is it because only the miniters and CEO are well paid in the country that other need to be plaque by darkness to gain what the CEO’s and ministers have..Indeed the price of living is at its peak with no sense of pay increase but do our official that we appoint must scoop this low to gain wealth..Better treatment start with the people and also them, if u all dont like the pay ur all getting, i suggest u all March to the streets because i know indeed the pay is not enough for the officers that put their life on the line every single day…BDF, Custom officers, mmigration officers and Police, let things start change n Bze for a change..U DON’T HAVE TO BE CROAKED TO ACHIEVE WHAT U DESIRE…

    Special branch…what a shame…

  3. Rod says:

    This is what I have been talking about total corruption from the top down when will you belizeans get enough of this corrupt useless gov. And pm they need to go and go now resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  4. Lindsay Howard says:

    Why would you try to deposit “sting operation” counterfeit money in a commercial bank. That’s BS.

  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Why is his identity being withheld?This fool needs to be exposed to send a message to other officers that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

  6. Justice says:

    So who’s surprised? Both the governmenr and the police are coeeupt that is why blize is in the stae it is in!

  7. Sugar says:

    He betta go look fu the magistrate da Corozal….or simply rely on cover-up from his department.

  8. Corozal Queen says:

    Why am I not surprise that his name was not released. If it was anyone else it would have been. Why protect these no good police officers?

  9. REDS says:

    If this was a regular citizen his/her photo would have been plastered all over the place their name would have been publicly printed and announced but its hush, hush when a top brass is involved a regular citizen would have been bangles in d bank and escorted out in a alarming manner, they would have been made a spectacle of…but not an ‘innocent” officer no he gets special treatment

  10. Btasty says:

    This is ridiculous. They dont want to give his name? Please. They give everyone else’s name for less. This smells of cover up and inside big people. Pile of crap!!!!

  11. Last Chance says:

    Rod, the only thing you always say is “resign barrow”.
    Who knows, this time it maybe should be Jeffries.
    My point is, the PM cannot be responsible for all personal little screw ups. I agree, he’s not perfect, but wat can a PM do to a dumb officer like that?
    Baby sit Him all day long???

  12. Bzean to the bone says:

    ……………… I stand behind that Sergeant innocence. Something went terribly wrong. He has all to loose and nothing to gain with a situation like that. I know him for several years now and he is not desparate nor studpid and more so, especially when you are in a position where most people are envious of you they will do all sorts of evil things to undermind you. I hope a thorough investigation gets done starting at that darn bank and the teller. That is B.S.

  13. JG says:

    WHAT??!!?? a belize police officer caught with a load of counterfeit US currency? i don’t believe it!!! mein, and the belize population already trusts the Belize police force so much!! (sarcasm)


  14. belizeanpride says:

    new case for dickie which surely this scum will be free in no time, what really pisses me off is that when it’s some gov. official being the criminal they never want to reveal the name BUT it was a civilian they post even the picture for everybody to see, i know we’re getting tired of this bs idea they have, of not revealing the identity due to further investigation.

  15. dezzmae says:

    a lot of people is talking $#!%, why dont we get the facts right before speculating! THIS INFO IS FROM THE DEPARTMENT “Reports to our newsroom indicate the high level officer is not cooperating with the police. There is one report that the money came from within the department, possibly kept for sting operations.” only they can say such things. IIMAGINE YOU WORK WITH PEOPLE AND TRUST THEM WITH YOUR LIVES AND THEY STILL PUT YOU TO THE LOWEST AS A GOOD AND HONEST PERSON.

  16. Oscar965 says:

    Yeah…i agree with Last Chance…take a break Rod….we already know you no like the PM. I don’t like him either but i dont blast that out on every post i make. How about posting something more constructive. That being said. I would hope in the name of transparency which this government preaches..that the names of all officers involved be mentioned and furthermore they should be off the police force without pay…no matter how high the officer may be.

  17. joe says:

    why withheld his name we need to know who he is so we can stay as far as possible from him. If you thief you thief!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mick says:

    Rod is getting a bit too emotional and is partisan in his commentaries. Nothing wrong with having a political ideology but try to be a little more objective in the commentaries. If it rains too much in Rod’s neighborhood I am sure he will see that as a cause for Barrow to resign!
    There needs to be a serious investigation into this situation with the Sarge as it points to a myriad of possibilities. His name should be revealed as he is an alleged crimminal. Isn’t that the standard for others who have faced similar allegations?

  19. runnree says:

    Bzean to the bone, u got to be crazy! U must be the sergeant in person to say such a thing. how on earth could he be innocent? he just want easy money that’s all.
    Criminal? maybe DISHONEST? YESSSSS MAN! desparate SHOULD NOT BE (HE IS A sergeant) studpid? HAVE TO BE! Commissioner should ask Officer Diana Hall to pray for this sergeant.

  20. fromafar says:

    accountability, honor, respect, decency, morality, etc…. We need to set up a system where civil servants are held to a higher standard, PUP or UDP, and stick to it.

    Otherwise, this is getting realllly boring….

    Days of Our Lives is probably more interesting…

  21. CEO says:

    Special Branch is this kinda like the Special Olympics? Hey Jack couldn’t you have tried to spend it one note at a time instead of showing up with it all at once. Now even if it was real money you aould have been a suspect because where the heck would you have gotten that much money on a policeman’s salary.

    By the way Mr. Barrow do you see how easy it is to catch these crooked officers? have them show a financial statement and keep tabs on their financies every year, and being clean should be one of the main criterias fro promotion. I am sure the Interpol would be able to keep tabs on any foreign deposits.

    Back to the bone head cop! Like I commented yesterday. How will they be able to identify crooks to take them off the streets to prevent crime? Perhaps they need to start by picking up anyone in a kaki shirt and a blue pants with a green strip down the side! Now do you see how stupid a law like this is?

  22. Disgusted! says:


  23. D-Power says:

    Wait a minute…you don’t release his name? Is he a minor? I mean…OH!!! now I get it, he’s a minor in the entire criminal police organization activity and he is about to reveal the names of some major players in the criminal activity game. Know what they’re doing right….they’re debriefing and coaching sargent criminal before he tells his story and I do mean STORY, (aka LIES) before the media is informed.
    What a load of crap…some higher ups are definetly being protected.

  24. Mavado says:

    police and thief couldn’t be friend, because the two a them a follow the same trend…… Mavado

  25. MACAL RIVERA says:



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