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May 10, 2011

Police follow leads into recent shootings and murders

Fitzroy Yearwood

There were nine persons who were shot between Friday night and Monday evening. Two of them were fatally wounded during the bloodshed, spiking the number of murder victims to forty-eight. That’s nine more than last year in the same period. The shooting of a fireman, a security guard, and a youth riding a bicycle all appeared to have been without motive.  But police believe that the two murdered men were targeted. In fact during Monday evening’s brazen murder of Jerome Jason Wade near the Saint Martin’s School, as many as eight bullets riddled his body. Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood says that the Police Department is stepping up patrols.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Jerome Jason Wade

“On yesterday’s date, the ninth of May, police responded to an incident where they visited Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw the lifeless body of Jerome Jason Wade with eight apparent gunshot wounds. Police then visited the scene at the corner of Partridge and Vernon Streets where they recovered eight forty caliber expended shells. We know that Jerome Wade was on that street with his two brothers. They were checking out a vehicle that was on sale when a lone gunman came from the direction of Partridge Street opened up fire on them, hitting Jerome several times.”

Jose Sanchez

Were the brothers hurt?

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“No.  None of the brothers received any injuries. I know he was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now is police looking for a particular suspect?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“We are looking for someone in connection with this shooting incident.”

Jose Sanchez

“In connection with the other homicide that occurred over the weekend, Donavan Bailey, are there any leads to that particular incident? There was another incident before just in March I believe where another man was shot in that same vicinity of that house.”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

Donavan Bailey

“Well Jose, we have someone detained for questioning in connection with that murder also.”

Jose Sanchez

“Police patrols, what’s happening?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“You will see the police presence. We will continue patrols. We have stepped up patrols. You will see us in these crime ridden areas—what we refer to as hotspots, we will continue to patrol them. You will see us from C.I.U. Special Branch, C.I.B. and the Gang Suppression Unit.  We have deployed all of our specialized units in the streets hopefully to curve this crime problem noh.”

News Five spoke to several other shooting victims.  They wished not to appear on camera for fear of reprisals, but said that the bullets did not hit any organs and they feel lucky to be alive.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Police follow leads into recent shootings and murders”

  1. Earl Grey says:



    THEY can GROW THEIR OWN FOOD, AND FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES, build desks and chairs for schools and government offices…. ETC…

    Kolbe too close to The City.



    The murder rate in Belize is at a staggering and tragic high, and in the views of the outsiders Belize is one of the most dangerous countries to travel to, I agree. Belize is dangerous because of the poverty level, lack of education and no jobs, all of which leads to frustration and gun violence regardless of a few disagreements here. This is the grim reality of a country gripped by poverty, and bad leadership and the poverty level, and the senseless killings can only get worst next year.

    The reality proves that Fitzroy Yearwood is much better at keeping up with a recorded murder rate, but is clueless of solutions to fix a very bad economy problem, and even worse at relocating murder suspects, one need to ask the same question over and over again like a play back message.
    “What is the GOB actually doing to curb the violence on the streets of Belize”.

  3. Rod says:

    This guy does nothing but lie and give ridiculous statements as incompetent and useless as tits on a bull like this whole gov useless.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Yearwood you were futunate to have found those expended shells knowing that you went to the hospital prior to going to the crime scene.

  5. Earl Grey says:


    Belize is one of the most dangerous countries to travel to, I agree. ….

    As bad as Belize is is it better than all those places and more…..

    Belize is dangerous because of the poverty level, lack of education and no jobs,
    The reality proves that Fitzroy Yearwood ……… is clueless of solutions to fix a very bad economy problem….


    It is not his job……Fitzroy is JUST A MOUTH-PIECE for the Police Department.


  6. Dom Perignon says:

    @Rod need fi stop blame governemnt when it is these street youth shooting other street youths. U need to take a deep breath and count down from 10 to 1 everytime before you write a comment saying useless this or useless that. The police can’t be a million places at the same time. bELIZE DOWESNT EVEN HAVE A MILLION PEOPLE. Barrow and Musa never put a gun in anyone’s hands. So it aint no governemnt fault that these street youths are killing each other These killing are part of a societal problem. Its not a government thing or creole or spanish thing ITS OUR THING all of us have a direct or indirect involvement whether it is via marginalising youths who later turn out to be killers or by not being the proper parents we are supposed to be. These crimes are not a concerted plot by any GoB red or Blue. Its a problem that stems from a lack of good upbringing and lack of ambition to live a clean life on the part of the Killers themselves. We need to stop blaming Givernement and get our households in check.

  7. CEO says:

    I agree full with the comment from Elgin Martinez! Now why the heck will the police go to the hospital before the crime scene? The crime scene is always the most important. That evidence could have been tampered with, how the heck can that hold up in court even if a suspect is braught to trial? Dickie will be all over this!

    I am not a cop and have never been a cop so how come I know this and Elgin know this but the cop don’t know this? If you wanted to send some other cop to the hospital then do that but don’t ignore the crime scene to make a stop at the hospital!

    Doctors and medical staff rush to hospitals and police officers rush to the scene of the crime; a dah!

  8. BZNinCALI says:

    The entire community has to get on board. Time & time again, the Police have announced the number that people can call & leave information anonymously. Our people have to start doing what’s right in order to survive. Poverty is no excuse for criminal behavior.

    I believe Fitzroy mentioned that they are questioning someone about one of these shootings & that the Police were increasing patrols. He can only tell us what his superiors tells him & it is safe to assume that information is given on a need to know basis, by informing the public of everything their department is doing about a specific case they are alerting the criminals. We do not need to know whose cage they are rattling at every turn.

    I agree that sometimes Fitzroy’s press conferences can be a little annoying but he has stood there composed & addressed or not addressed questions the way we wanted him to regardless of what relation he had to the victims. And like everyone else in the city, he too has lost relatives. Placing him on the same level as his superiors, the PM & Ministers is ridiculous, he is a civil servant. like all the other Government employees & if he is making the kind of money, the big wigs are making, it is certainly not reflected in his personal life.

  9. Swamp Dragon says:

    Operation Jaguar 24/7, 365 days a year. That need to be the normal way of live in Belize City. Constant presence! Put the BDF on the streets. Kick down the doors and seize the properties of convicted drug dealers and gangstas. Charge the others living with them with abetment. Maybe if the wives and other family members realize they will be charged with abetment to these thug’s crimes, they will stop helping and hiding them.

  10. asdf says:

    listen. CIB officers went to the hospital to identify the victim and look for relatives. While that happened, if you actually looked at the story, you would have realized officers were immediately placed at the scene also….regular foot or bicycle patrol, Scenes of Crime and CIB. how do i know, i was there. i understand you read the story but you also need to watch the story people. i know you are all being critical and it is good, that you all pay keen attention, but sometimes the visuals help also. Fitzroy knows excalty who does the murders in most cases. but the officers don’t have the evidence, the witnesses only say who did it, but they said that’s it, we won’t testify.

  11. Es says:

    At this rate Belize is going, tourist will not want to come to our country. Our country is slowly going to distrustion by the hands of the youth. Dean Barrow do something and do it now.

  12. Observer says:

    The crime has become senseless. What happened on Black Orchid Street was a case of mistaken identity, but furthermore, the gun men attempted to kill all witnesses around. INCLUDING CHILDREN. I grew up on that street and still visit when I can. The house the shot is a working class hang out spot and not a tug house as some media houses were trying to portray it . People in the neighbourhood know who are sending the shooters, but the problem is the police force need to act quickly.

  13. show me results says:

    Mr yearwood you keep repeating yourself in interviews. can’t you see that increase in patrolling hotspots is not reducing the crime rate. Please find other solutions. Until then I do not want to see your face in the news what I want to see is positive results. Decrease in crime rate especially those gang related. Stop the police abuse of power and peoples rights cause it is not producing results.

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