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May 10, 2011

105 grams of cannabis at Geronimo Choc’s home

Geronimo Choc

A retired Ladyville businessman and his family were hauled out of their home early this morning following a search by the Police Anti-Drug Unit. One hundred and five grams of Cannabis were found under the sofa at the home of Geronimo Choc at mile nine and three-quarters on the Northern Highway. Geronimo, his son Omar, daughter Lattiana and her boyfriend Delvin Retreage were all arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Retreage initially offered to plead guilty to possession instead, but that was rejected. All four then pleaded not guilty to Drug Trafficking and released on bail of two thousand dollars each. Magistrate Kayla Teck adjourned the case until June tenth.

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15 Responses for “105 grams of cannabis at Geronimo Choc’s home”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Kayla, these guys know the system better than you do. I hope you can get convictions & did not forfeit a conviction.

  3. cruffy to the bone says:



  4. Mara says:

    Don’t see what’s the big deal over Marijuana… never killed anybody…so many other fools on the street to deal with..had it been a gun, then the situation would have been totally different.

  5. CEO says:

    Please why don’t they go after the big fish and leave these guys alone. Get the rapists and the murderers. This guy is just consuming what he grows…He’s just an old hippy and don’t know what to do.

    By the way 105 grams is less than 1/4 pound; 3.70 ounces to be exact. I have never smoked but this ain’t much to waste time with. If it was same weight but crack hell yes…lock them up! It is a crime yes but let’s solve the real problems first and when you run out of work and the country is peacefull again then you go after these guys.

  6. JUSTICE says:

    To BZNinCALI sound like you are a hater! Everybody should know the system…its your right to know it because if you dont, the system ends !—%ing YOU! They might be a target to the police but they dont or didnt kill anybody! As for the 105 grams I heard its less than that the media sure know how to twist things up ………! They didnt have to show their pictures for a handfull of weed but they want to say they trafficking drugs…..and I know for sure they dont traffic drugs esp a habdfull of weed!

    Everybody knows these people in Ladyville…everybody knows who is who from who is not! So you are right Mara what is the big deal about Marijuana? But its ok for the Government to control the cocaine thou? THAT”S DRUG TRAFFICKING!!! So people should shut up their mouth because they dont know what they are saying! WAIT UNTIL IT REACHES YOUR DOOR!

  7. BlackWidow says:

    I will repeat what CEO says Please why don’t they go after the big fish and leave these guys alone. Get the rapists and the murderers. This guy is just consuming what he grows.105 grams is less than 1/4 pound; 3.70 ounces to be exact. I have never smoked but this ain’t much to waste time with. If it was same weight but crack hell yes…lock them up!

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    The quantity of drugs does not change the fact that it’s illegal.Let’s put things in perspective my Belizean brothers and sisters.

  9. RadicalBelizean says:

    Really? This make news? 105 g? What about the real news now? Libya, Osama, Obama, Earthquakes, come on. Who know people need this to chill with all the craziness happening around them. How about personal use as a medical aid? Lets target for the real criminals.

  10. BZNinCALI says:

    @Justice, “Retreage initially offered to plead guilty to possession instead, but that was rejected.”

  11. angrybelizean says:

    I gotta agree with CEO .Will still be angry until yaad man could live in peace.

  12. WhatIThink says:

    I dnt knw y?? the poliemen dnt get this in there head and stop wastin time going to ppl house early in the morning harashin ppl for little of noting..Wat is 105g weed NOTHING…Wat happen to the KILLERS out there..Y?? The policemen dnt go after them..I think i could answer this myself..Caz…Its the policemen out there killin out the Bealizean tryin to get rid of every1 so only them can live but u knw wat i got to say to the Bealizean one of these fine days..GOD will lash us all wit someting we would wonder y??? is it happen to us..
    Honestly i really fed up wit wat is happen in our country….Really…Barrow want try Develop the country but how in the world he could possible do that when he is the one bring dwn our country…This is my message to Mr..Barrow when u will start do ur job.? when its already late?? The cost of livin is not nice for the poor ppl…Prime Minister plz open ur eye caz its seem to be somewhere idk.??
    One ting i forget to say…There is no job in the country and the poverty rate is very high.. and the youth them is so stress out dnt have noting else to do and they want to live juss like the Minister he..They want to eat so they have to do anyting to eat..So y?? the government juss leave the ppl them to sell them weed then there will not be no stealin…Gosh……

  13. Roy Yates says:

    Marijuana is a plant that grow wild, so how come its illegal? I know of a popular fruit tree blosom that can give a high like marijauna. I won’t give the name because we have enough problems with mind altering drugs,nevertheless how could it be unlawful to smoke that should if become known? Many countries have face the music in realizing that no amount of jail time is curbing the usage of drugs. As Jessy Jackson pointed out a long time ago how much it take to keep someone incarcerated compare to spending that money on giving an education.

    These folks are in their place attending to their own business, all of sudden that are invadid and hauled off to lock up. Total B.S. in the first digree. I had some very good respectable friends most of whome have left this world, that were habitual user of marijuana. They raised respectable and productive children, and was never arrested for anything up to the time they departed this life. When I was quite young I tried marijuana and realize that it was not my cup of tea and stayed away from it even though I was with my friends when they used it. The hard drugs is another bag of worms, I want nothing to do with anyone that is involve with it, Why don’t we go after the WINEOS who stand at the door of the liquor store waiting for it to be open to get their first taste for the day?. Do we see how pityful these folks look?

    Some good friends became olcoholics and died relatively young due olcohol abuse. I’m still going reasonable strong because I never let anything control me, such as smoking, When I realize it was bad for my health I dropped it like a hot brick. Will power and good self esteem should be the reason to kick bad habits. From the time we were born we have to face this Mr don’t. Don’t do this. don’t do that, and most don’t have to rational to it. We are not thought how to use the wonderful gift of choice and proper reasoning. Collective compliance, people like sheep. Teach children how to be responsible to themselves and society and let them live their lives without all these stupid laws. Imagin, when we had lest laws we got along better; we learn how to work out differences without killing each other. Enough said.

  14. Wisdom says:

    Only the small people will continue to suffer in Belize in all aspect

  15. SW@GVILLE says:


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