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May 3, 2011

Dougal murdered at his hang out spot on Fabers Road

Russel Dougal

Two persons fell victim to street violence over the weekend. A resident of Faber’s Road was shot at close range on Sunday night. One bullet found its mark on Russel Douglas’ abdomen as he socialized with friends at a regular hang-out spot on Faber’s Road.  The gunman simply rode up on a bicycle and delivered the fatal shot. Douglas was transported to the hospital and while he managed to mutter a few words, the identity of his shooter is still not known. While his family is reeling from his murder, there are witnesses who, out of fear, wish to remain silent. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports on Sunday’s murder victim.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Twenty Seven year old Russel Dougal was shot once at ten thirty on Sunday night while he sat with friends under this shed. The shooter then rode past his family’s home and escaped onto Sanker Street.  His sister was at home a few houses away when she heard the blast.

Voice of: Karen Dougal, Sister of Russel Dougal

“I hear one single gunshot and usually my window is close to the street side, but I didn’t bother look outside through the window. I came on the verandah and saw everybody looking that direction down the street. Somebody run up back and say Russel get shot. I run inside and started to tremble. I get on the phone and I called my oldest brother and told him that Russel just get shot. I tell him get the next brother and meet me at the hospital. Put on clothes and my cousin and everybody was waiting on me and we went to hospital. He was sitting, I get to understand, under the shed and some single gunman ride up on a bicycle and he got one shot in his stomach and the bullet exit through his back.”

Only one bullet was fired and it penetrated his body. After exiting his body, the pellet bounced off the wooden frame of the shed. Neighbors then loaded him into a black pickup which transported him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Voice of: Karen Dougal

“When we reached the hospital and we got there, the neighbor that was there with him said he just get one shot and it seems like he is going to be ok. So the family neva start to panic or anything. We asked if we could go in and they said no because a next murder victim was coming in. So we just wait and wait until finally they said fine, two family members can go in. I didn’t go in, the oldest brother, Roger and Eric went in and they said they get to talk to Russel briefly.  They asked him if he is ok and Russel said yes. He said he just has a pain like in his chest or something.”

Jose Sanchez

“Did he say who shot him?”

Voice of: Karen Dougal

“My brother didn’t try to ask and Russel kinda mumbled something, but no name or anything came out. He asked Russel if he knew who shoot him and Russel said yes and that was it. Then the doctors tell them that they would need to come out because Russel needs to go into surgery immediately. One of his babies’ mother was at the hospital and she called me and she said Karen, they just tell me that Russel never make it.”

Earlier this year on January 11th, the Gang Supression Unit arrested Dougal for four pounds of weed, found in buckets which were buried in a yard on Rivero Street in Belize City.

Jose Sanchez

“I know Russel has in trouble with the law before. Was it anything of violence? What kind of trouble did he give before?”

Voice of: Karen Dougal

“Russel was somewhat a little trouble maker like everybody would say or whatever. Russel was well-known by a lot of people, a lot of friends and everything, but in terms of problems with the law, I think he had little issues with drugs issue and all that but nothing of violence.”

Black bow now graces the gate of Dougal’s relatives and neighbors who now mourn his loss. He is expected to be buried on Sunday. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Dougal was the cousin of Teddy Murillo, another victim of gun violence, whose murder remains unresolved. A post mortem examination certifies the cause of Dougal’s death to be acute lung failure due to a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Dougal was once implicated as a conspirator in the July eighth, 2005 shooting of Cyril Jones but he was never convicted.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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25 Responses for “Dougal murdered at his hang out spot on Fabers Road”

  1. my 2cents says:

    Real sad…May his soul R.I.P

  2. D-Power says:

    And the genocidal behavior on the southside of Belize continues. Is there any well respected person or persons in Belize that can educate these youngsters as to the seemingly irriversable damage they are doing to their nation?

  3. I Have Awaken says:

    tit for tat, will it ever stop? I think not. These neighborhoods are now a proverbial Purgatory for the storage and recycling of negative energy and negativity. The GOB needs to tear down entire south side Belize and employ the same Belizeans to rebuild their homes and neighborhoods from scratch, this will Belizeans value, respect, discipline and invoke and instill moral values and the value and some sort of meaning of life. Our time here is short and is a test to our mental consciousness and its ascension to the 4th density. We need to start by giving Thanksgiving to the Creator and be of service to others instead of service to self. We are not all suppose to do something grand; and we shouldn’t do anything with expectations of getting something in return; except for positive karmic energy.

  4. BZNinCALI says:

    There is a menu on the exterior wall, can someone tell us what was really goes on in this “shed”. Could it be a place where people gambled?

    Another unsolved murder, blind witnesses tell no tales but I have no doubt someone will be shot in retaliation.


    Every decent, hard working family are entitled to a drug- free environment, but the police can’t monitor every unit or every alley to secure a drug- free environment. Therefore the affirmative assistance of all law-abiding citizens in their neighbourhood is needed to achieve zero tolerance. But when family such as Russel’s condone unacceptable behaviour from their family members their action defeats the entire purpose, and they too should be held responsible for their actions.
    People make no more excuses for people like Russel; he was lazy and wanted the easy way out, just like all the other murdered drug dealers/peddlers, and gang members/leaders and associates.
    They way they died were inevitable.

    Zero tolerance for illegal drug use.
    Zero tolerance for illegal guns.
    Zero tolerance for violence.

    Why didn’t Russel family turned him into the police for selling drugs?

  6. Rod says:

    Resign barrow just resign how can you sleep with all these murders on your hands.

  7. chabelli says:


  8. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    These guys riding around on bicycles, look for the signs there are lots of them in Belize city very suspicious looking the cops should be trained to spot them with back packs, sweat shirts with hoodies in 90 degrees weather clothes looking bulked up common police department lets start pulling in some of these guys you will peobably get half the guns off the strreets if they are innocent they will not mind a pat down, make them uncomfortable. Remember, My legacy B 4 My People.

  9. Elyh says:

    It is sad to hear that someone’s son , brother or father is killed especailly sad for the family but it’s just one murderer killing another criminal. What is he doing sitting his lazy @$$ socializing at the regular hang out spot???? Was he planning on doing what was done to him??? Hope they kill one another so only half of them are left!!!!!

  10. Justice says:

    It is sad yes but when you choose to live a certain lifestyle and choose to be affiliated with drugs and the persons promoting drugs, you should also be willing to accepet the downfalls of that lifestyle! Life is about choices.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    Until the death penalty is implimented let’s expect this trend to continue.Criminals are been slaped on the risk for heinous crimes as a result the carnage will continue.

  12. UDP no matta wat says:

    “my brothers and sistas, you have been surpassingly productive, I and Boots and the UDP are extremely proud of you” Dean Oliver Barrow

  13. Bush Lawyer says:

    did you all notice the amendment to the Gun Control Act.
    ; delete section c and replace with,
    Does not apply to UDP bigwigs and BRADS hangout crew.

  14. Drama says:

    And the murder count continues……

  15. Nate says:

    chabelli has the equation totally correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! having said that, now Borrow wants to full the jail cells cuz if someone throw a gun in ur yard and the police find it there then the entire household will be arrested until u can prove u have no knowledge of that said gun!!come on this no make no sense!innocent people done the dead now innocent people will be arrested for not committing any crime, i guess just for living at ur residence u will commit a crime!!!well i hope this law is just and can be binding upon itself cuz if someone throw a gun in Borrow’s yard and the police find it there i hope they give him the same treatment and arrest him,for ten days, until he cud prove that he has no knowledge!!! but lets be realistic, we no that he will not get arrested cuz he is a criminal lawyer who get out of that plight and moreover justice does not exist in our country only on poor masses not the opulent ministers and their folks so to speak!!!once again another unjust law which only us the poor masses will get the shitty end of the stick!!!!but we allow it to happen sad for us!!!none of them are dieing u no only us the poor masses!!!!! open ur eyes and realize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Swamp Dragon says:

    Seize the properties of drug dealers, and charge the people who help him as conspirators! If people house drug dealers and hide them from the law they need to be charged as well. This a big problem here. We got guys selling drugs and moving place to place. Neva got the house in they name, no light bill, nothing. Who paying the bills? Who hiding this behavior? Belize need to take the properties from drug dealers and sell it off at auction! No money for Police, handcuffs, Belama Station? BS! Money everywhere. The GOV got to get creative. Take dem things and sell.

  17. Swamp Dragon says:

    BZNinCALI you been gone too long. Dat a resaurant! Dat a house, no shed! HA! Not what you are used to in Los Angeles? HAHAHAHa, funny, a shed!

  18. belizeanpride says:

    like i’ve said before why is the black community youths killing themselves every single week? they are exterminating themselves very fast and where is the home values for these youths? it’s a pity but a reality. each one picks the lifestyle they want to live but it’s sadly to say that some never reach the golden age. is it pride, jealousy, hate or just some kind of bad spirit that affects these youths?

  19. Lyfe says:

    Sometiime we have to wake up and open our eyes….because the government wont do anything about the violence, so in order for them to do somethin i thing some one needs to get KILL from their family and they will move quickly and do somethimg about the senseless killing that is goin on in BELIZE

  20. Cush says:

    R.I.P. Russell! I knew that man from high school days, and he is certainly not the monster the accusers say he is. He may be involved in weed but he is no killer. I guarantee that we all have blacksheeps in our families, so judge not; dont throw stones if you live in a glass house.
    Condolences to the family. We lost a Good Guy in the streets.

  21. tobelizeincalil says:

    ok Cali. first buildilng is a restaurant where people mourn him hence the black bow. his sister lives in the next yard, hence the black bow. then 2 houses after is the SHED, spot…where he was gunned down. hope that clarifies it for you.

  22. I Have Awaken says:

    what is poverty chabelli? Do you material poverty? I know people who would be considered destitute when it comes to material poverty, but i would trust them in fort knox, for they do not consider material possession or lack their off poverty, they consider happiness and love or lack thereof poverty, yes there are material things that is necessary for a man, but this is not a reason or excuse to kill your kind. We are too consumed by material poverty to we completely miss the spiritual poverty in this country and that goes for the material elites of this country more so than the material poorest.

  23. BZNinCALI says:

    Thank you Swamp Dragon & tobelizeincali, I stand corrected. When I read “shed” & saw the picture, it made no sense. As an aside, I travel a lot, Belizeans already have issues with vises & restaurants are notorious covers for just about everything especially prostitution & gambling. I was born & raised in this general area, I speak my mind & question what I see because I remember walking down Fabers Rd., saying hello to Miss Sadie, Miss Rose & the old folks in that area & it pisses me off that my generation allowed our children to turn this community into a virtual hell.

  24. BZN_MARINE on Faber’s Road. says:

    Russel Dougal, my brother R.I.P. Tears stained Faber’s Road the day our Father called you home.

    Let me just put this out there. I was on Faber’s Road days before this to place. Standing in the same “shed” (BZNinCALI) next to the same man that you all have a opinion on. As a former U.S. Diplomats, Cultural Ambassador, current U.S. Service Members, and an educated individual I believe I would not associated myself with the kind of individual you all seen to believe this man to be. Reading all these statements I see nothing but ignorance (WEBSTER DEFINE AS: the state or fact of being ignorant: lack of knowledge, education, or awareness). The restaurant we see in the picture, is just that a restaurant. I am sure the menu on the exterior wall reads; Today’s Special. I know this because not only do I know the owner as family friend but it’s where I get food. So I can say it is not a “covers for just about everything especially prostitution & gambling” (BZNinCALI). You are 100% right Belizeans already have issues, one way of dealing with these issues is to do something that only a few have the knowledge to do, that would be becoming an entrepreneur. Hints the reason for the restaurant, which will take care of the “Poverty=unemployment=misery=crime”(chabelli). “We all have blacksheeps in our families, so judge not; don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.”(Cush). Let’s not “speak my mind & question what I see” (BZNinCALI) unless we know some facts all that does is add ignorance as an issue.

    Individuals addressed: BZNinCALI, chabelli, Cush, NEWS 5

  25. BZNinCALI says:

    @BZN_MARINE on Faber’s Road, my condolences on the lost of your brother. There is a saying that opinions are like ahs, everyone has one & some of us are AHs, I get it. Disagreeing with us does not make us wrong but poverty does not justify the level of violence we are seeing in our country. If we started asking questions & dealing with facts in Belize, we would not be quick to resort to violence to resolve every dispute & we would not have a society in which someone in clear view of witnesses can walk up to another person, murder them & walk, run or ride away knowing that their actions will be condoned, if not by words, by the deafening silence.

    I don’t want to be 100% right about our vises, I want to be able to walk down Fabers Rd without fear that like Mr. Rhamdas, I will lose two children, get shot & watch my grandchild spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair because some trigger happy fool could not control his ignorance & did not give a damn about his own people. It pisses me off to listen to our “Tour guides” call & in hushed tones make arrangements to have girls dropped off somewhere for some tourists’ pleasure. Of course by our present standards, it is okay because it’s just someone’s “hustle”. We are better than that, we may not know it…. but we are.

    Years ago while I was traveling, I stayed in a hotel that did not have a restaurant, after being on the road all day, I walked down the block to a very nice restaurant, was taken aback by the waitresses attire & wondered why they did not have anything that was on the menu they gave us. When we returned to the hotel, I asked one of the locals what was going on & that’s when I was told that it was a cathouse. Hence the attire & fake signs.

    No one is accusing you or your sister of doing anything wrong, the Dougals I grew up & went to school with were gainfully employed like most of the people in the city & if you are sensitive about the few who were sometimes seen as antisocial, let me assure you that I knew all of them as well, most of them were very decent. I won’t pick on their Patriarch but their Matriarch was a very good person & so were most of those girls. In fact, I often saw your eldest Aunt “M” working her behind off to help the children she left in Belize.

    When a 14 year old girl can tell the person who interviewed her after her father was murdered that her brother could not order a hit because he did not have the $150 or $250 that is the going rate to snuff out a life in Belize, when Miss Croombs(?) is still waiting for the arrest of the animal who took her son’s life & Hoare’s (the Cable guy) murder is still unsolved, it is tough to get Belizeans to come into the country as entrepreneurs when their lives can be taken for less than the price of a pair of designer shoes.

    None of us like what is going on in our country & all of us have buried loved ones. Peace..

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