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Apr 29, 2011

A freak hailstorm in Cayo

It’s a rare occurrence in Belize, especially since we’re in the hottest months of the year, but this afternoon residents in the Cayo District experienced a brief hailstorm. If you’re not too familiar with the term; that means it was raining clumps of ice, which are also known as hail stones, and they usually accompany severe thunderstorms. According to Cayo residents, the storm passed after fifteen minutes and the stones melted as quickly as they hit the ground. The National Met Service confirmed that the Doppler radar detected the activity in the west and they also received similar reports.

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9 Responses for “A freak hailstorm in Cayo”


    The stability of the world is no longer what it used to be. But this is a breath of fresh air ha ha. The cold and hot temperature met and produced solid ice and made hail storm to happen.

  2. Disgusted! says:

    Sign of the times!

  3. Christians says:

    We must learn to see the signs and pray to God for repentance. Some believes in Evolution and others in Christ, our Savior. Yes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions are caused mainly due to the increase i population and technology in subjunctive zones, but WHO CONTROLS SCIENCE? GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are disappearing off the earth becaue they are destroying themselves. Greed, Power and Stupidity on this earth. GOD IS TAKING BACK WHAT IS RIGHTLY HIS! LET US PRAY!!!!!!!

  4. OWtoBoston says:


    You have no human dignity in you. Your god must either have hate or ignorance in the heart to allow the death of thousands, or not be there at all. “Tsunamis and eruptions are caused mainly due to the increase in polulation and technology in subjunctive zones” That has to be the most ignorant statement on the planet. Take a geology class. People like you bring the human race back thousands of years. We need a revelation, yes. But it is not in that silly fairy tale book you claim is directed by your god.

    Go to school.

    Anyway, I remember as a kid in Orange Walk there was once a hailstorm. It was pretty cool. :)

    Happens every now and again, I guess.

  5. Xaan says:

    I’m surprised Rod doesn’t have anything to say about this. Sorry, but u can’t blame the PM for this one Rod LOL

  6. Jer says:

    OWtoBoston, you are in the right place when that silly fairy book really is fulfilled. You will then remember this day of you calling it silly and fairy tale. Christian may have some things wrong as God is not a God of hate and vengeance. In that silly book it tells of exactly these things taking place as a sign of His soon return. Yes you will want to scoff at what I am saying. See He forces no man, you are left to choose at your own freewill. God is pleading to us in that same fairy tale book. All that is written in it is coming to pass. Ting is, that fairy tale book was written long years before scientist dreamed of discovering things. For example it said that there are other worlds and are not scientists happy now that they are seeing what may be other planets that can have life? If you dont read it then yes its a fairy book to you. Look around in the middle east, killing, look in the USA, destruction we cannot imagine would happen. Look all over the world. Earthquakes sounds familiar? It said that there will be such in divers places. Now where did the fairy tale writers know about such happenings thousands of years ago? Was there universities at the time? Look in our Belize, all the senceless killings, that same fairy tale book wrote about these happenings years, years ago. I Leave the rest to you. Just take a little time to read the silly book and you will see todays happenings jumping right out of it. See ya.

  7. ang says:

    tis good to notice signs and Fatima prophecy revelation

  8. I Have Awaken says:

    Their is no god Christains; only the one Creator, who we are all it and it us, he asks not for worship, but for Thanksgiving unto him, which will be Thanksgiving unto yourself and everything in this universe, he also ask that you be of service to others to positively polarize your soul, instead of service to self, which is the norm today, thus so many negatively polarized souls on this planet which is in its 3rd density phase. No man, woman, child or being is above any other, thus worshiping a god is pointless. Many people believe that too many bad things are happening around them: death, destruction of man made and natural; however not many have lived long enough to realize that all this have been happening from the beginning of man becoming aware and existing in the 3rd density; pick any historical book about disasters and you will understand what i am saying. What we are experiencing is the human race trying to ascend to the 4th density of consciousness, thus the reason we have most of the population wanting world peace and unity, however the Illuminati will do anything in their power to have the human race as negatively polarized as possible for the upcoming harvest. But, i am not hear to teach and convince; each need to find his or her own truth.

  9. @OWtoBoston says:

    People make their own decisions. I have made mine, unburdened by tales of fancy. My conviction is with mankind, even though some on this page and around the world fail me. I am ashamed sometimes to see people give up reason for a little bit of hope.

    Reading the lines from some other commentators on this page only reveals ignorance. I am not here to convince anyone; just to show my own beliefs come true when the rest of you talk and spew what you think is true.

    Yes we have no control over natural disasters, but I fail to see how a book that generalizes can be given credit for specifics. Oh, how far we have fallen.

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