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Apr 18, 2011

Brother of former Prime Minister murdered

There were no gang related murders over the weekend, but an innocent life was still snuffed out in the crime wave sweeping across the country. The brother of Belize’s first Prime Minister, George Price, was found dead in his home over the weekend. The police believe that the senior citizen, eighty-four year old Samuel Price, was bludgeoned to death.  Price was last seen at five-thirty p.m. on Friday and the investigators believe that his motion sensor light was either not working or turned off.  Price lived in a secluded area just over the Haulover Bridge at a house called Tarpon Cove. He mostly lived a minimalist life, but still had been targeted by robbers on previous occasions. The motive for the heinous murder is not known, but the police department has detained two minors and one adult for questioning.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Police visited the residence of Samuel William Price, eighty-four years of Miles Five and a half Northern Highway. Mister Price resided at this place alone, but on a routine basis every Saturday, his grand-nephew and one of his nephew would take him shopping. On Saturday when they visited the home, first of all, they realized that the grill door that they usually entered was pried opened and the wooden door also there were signs that it was tampered with or broken. Upon entering the house, they found the lifeless body of Mister Price slouched in one of the bathrooms over a tub with apparent signs of violence towards the head. They immediately called the police. Police responded where we tried our best to remove certain prints. We lifted some fingerprints from the scene which we’re currently trying to find a match for. We have persons detained for questioning, but as far as any arrests, we haven’t made any in this recent case of murder.”

Jose Sanchez

“Was anything missing from the home?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well because he lived alone, family members cannot ascertain whether anything was stolen. I can tell you that police removed a licensed 30-30 rifle and some ammunition that were still on the scene when we arrived.”

Jose Sanchez

“And that would have be from the assailants?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“No that is licensed to the victim, Samuel Price. Mister Price had a license for the 30-30 rifle.”

Jose Sanchez

“But Fitzroy, have you had any reports before of Mister Price being attacked in his home?”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“I was going to get into that. Actually Mister Price was a victim of previous burglaries. As a matter of fact a point thirty-eight [millimeter pistol] was stolen on one of those occasions from him. I know that in this area, because it is a remote area and he lived alone, he made several reports of his home being burglarized.”

The autopsy was conducted this morning. The results have not been released, but Price will be laid to rest on Wednesday following services at Holy Redeemer Cathedral. He is survived by three, seven sisters and as we said earlier, his brother George Price.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Brother of former Prime Minister murdered”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    And upon conviction……….PRISON FARM FOR LIFE……..


    THEY could learn to grow/FARM FOOD to provide for school lunches….

    THEY could learn to make things from wood, i.e. desks and chairs for all the schools and government offices.

    BUILD A PRISON FARM IN TOLEDO…………..Kolbe too close to Belize City


  2. islander says:

    Such a sad and tragic story, It sucks that Mr. Price was not able to use his 30-30 rifle to defend himself as he had done eight years ago…


  3. eyes on Belize says:

    Not even the senior citizens are safe. How the Belize people get Hungary for blood like this. Maybe it’s the lack of education when the parents couldn’t afford to send them tha school, and the Government just let them hangout on street corners and get ruthless. Instead of the Government stealing up all this money, they should look into paying for some of these poverty stricting youth education. Remember everything starts from the youth them. It’s better for them to go to school and learn something, then hang on a street corner and learn how to smoke weed and bust a gun. They don’t have any sense, so when somebody say bust a gun. They going to bust a gun, and when somebody say kill, they going to kill. Hanging out on street corners makes the ruthless thugs there role model. The youths needs better role models, and it starts with the people and Government

  4. Belama Resident says:

    Belama Police Station still closed down!!!!!!!!!But Barrow and Singh have 3 police bodyguards each.

  5. Disgusted! says:

    Well if this is not enough to bring back the death penalty I don’t know what will. Prison farm my @ss. Wait for them outside the courthouse or ambush the prison bus and exact vigilante justice. Put these scums of the earth out of their misery and erase every trace of their existence from humanity. Now, what puzzles me is, why leave this gentleman in a vulnerable position in this isolated area knowing he was victimized over a dozen times. The family should’ve installed security cameras or at least hire a round the clock caretaker to be on the safe side but hindsight is 20/20. Such a tragedy. Now I want to see which one of the heartless attorneys will rush to defend these callous, cold-blooded dogs!!!

  6. Disgusted! says:

    @ Belama Resident….You have been sounding this cry repeatedly but obviously these incompetents in government are out to spite the people of Belama and your concerns are falling on deaf ears. Well, my advice to you is to arm yourselves to protect your families and properties and shoot to kill any of these stray dogs that are wreaking havoc on the innocent, hardworking, law abiding residents of your community. KILL THEIR @$$E$ LIKE THE DOGS THAT THEY ARE!!!!

  7. Justice says:

    I did not realise that barrow and Singh each had three body gursds! Now that i more than ridiculous, Barrow is acting as if the crime situation is nothing to be worried about as he does nothing yet he has bodygusrds? Something is not equating! This poor man has died and I wondr if because of the connection barow will ignore things again. I am more tha ntempted to send all these clippings to the international press to make the world aare of what my Belizean peple are sufferring and see if any one can aid us since our pwn government is just a poor excuse for a government.

  8. CEO says:

    Maybe something will be done about crime now because someone of prominence is now a victime to the senseless murders!

  9. Jan says:

    There is no more mercy in the hearts of this people. We can blame everyone the government, the society, our families. But lets take a look at ourselves. I am not saying that we all have a killer inside, but its the fact that we have been broken, our spirits and again not talking religiously. We don’t have love or mercy. Yes we need more protection from the police force they need to do there jobs. But again we need to do our own as society. And stop being mean. For everything we want fast & without a thank you even in the most insignificant thing. Think about it Belize…

  10. lynne says:

    !*&%^ the prison farm EARL GREY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kill them alll……………. that is the win-win situation!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill the killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM TIRED OF SEEING NEWS ABOUT MURDERS AND KILLINGS……PLEASE………..BELIZE NEEDS TO START THE HANGING AGAIN!!!!!!

  11. Joyce Price says:

    I am the daughter-in-law of Mr. Sam Price, married to his son William Cadle Price for 38 years. I can assure you the family has made numerous attemps to convince Sam to install more aggresive security features on the property to no avail. His sons have asked him to come and spend time at their home here in the states and he refused to leave the place he so loved and called home. Mr. Price was a healthy 84 year old of sound mind and made his decisions on his own, he was strong willed and set in his ways. He loved his homeland of Belize and when he did live here in the United States some years ago he spoke constantly and lovingly of returning HOME to live out his life where he belonged after his retirement and that is what he did. It is horrid, tragic and unbelievable what has happend to this man who kept to himself and bothered no one!! His life has been stolen from him so brutaly and his family, a family of good people, has been victimized and wounded by these usless beings! We are hurt and angry and want justice so another family does not have to go through this kind of pain and disbelief.

  12. BZNinCALI says:

    While I believe that every law abiding citizen should have the right to bear arms, it did not make a difference in this case. Mr Price had a gun & so far there is no indication that he fired it. He may have been asleep & did not hear them prying the door open or like many older people had some hearing loss which limited or delayed his ability respond. Many old people do not want to give up their independence & privacy by having a full time caretaker in the home & there is nothing their families can do about it. What we need to address in Belize is the lack of empathy that exists in our society, there was a time when we valued & respected our elderly, regardless of who they were, that has been lost.

    I hope we can get arrests & convictions, if not, maybe this will be the opportunity for the UDP & PUP to finally put their heads together to try to find a solution to the country’s problems. It is time for the lawyers who dominate both parties to stop the dog & pony show every time a new law is passed or a rat prosecuted for murder. They are as much a part of the problem as the criminals who are murdering their brothers & sisters. Let’s not forget, the Mayor of Belmopan lost his son, Luke Espat was murdered in his home & now Price, prominence or being a part of the Belize elite has not protected anyone from the violence.

    Converting Sec I & II to 4 year High Schools did not address the growth in our population & while I doubt that free secondary education will make a difference with irresponsible parents. Until parents are held responsible for truancy & delinquency, everything else is a waste of time.

  13. Xaan says:

    Whosoever murdered this man should be deal with to the fullest! My goodness they have no respect for the elderly! This news story just upsets me very much, i mean what the hell could an 84 year man do to you???????????? I DON’T UNDERSTAND! May he RIP and God never sleeps….

  14. family first says:

    Barrow is behind this just like he is behind the arsonist acts against Mrs. Shakron….

  15. GUMA says:

    My condolences to Mr. George Price, Father of our Nation on the death of his beloved brother and to all the Price Family.

    I truly hope the police find the scum who did this and make sure they are taken to court. I also hope that the death penalty is returned to our country not just because of Mr. Price’s violent and senseless murder but for all those innocent people who have been murdered. No one deserves to experience so much pain during their last minutes on earth especially an elderly person like Mr. Price. May he rest in peace.

  16. lisa says:

    i love my country and its so sad to see what it has become. i would never go back there,

  17. TALK TALK TALK says:

    My condolence to the family.

    It amazes me that we can construct good statement on papers or always say the right thing; however, our actions do not reflect our GOOD INTENTION. In my opinion, all what Belizeans do is talk talk talk etc and that is about it and then we accept and adopt to the situation. We can’t put everything on the government, we the people are to blame as much as the government. I do believe the government aren’t thinking- taking draconian steps will solve the problem for a few minutes. GOVERNMENT WHY NOT THINK OF A 5 YEAR OR 10 YEAR PLAN where we can actually see result. Our problems can’t be solve in a day, a month or a year. People seriously think- our society has become an uncivilised one where anything goes. We the people have to say and stand up that we have had enough, enough is enough.

    But once again I am just talking again.

  18. N. Price says:

    I love you Grandpa! Thinking of you a lot today. ;’(

    ♡ Nichole, Alfredo, Emilio, & Antonio

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