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Apr 18, 2011

Galvez Family and Belizeans for Justice targeted by arsonists

At about two-thirty on Saturday morning a vehicle belonging to Yolanda Schakron, the outspoken founder of Belizeans for Justice, was torched in the Los Lagos area. It is the second vehicle belonging to her family that has been set on fire.  But two other vehicles parked at their place of business recently went up in flames. If you think Schakron would be silenced or intimidated, not so. She has her theory about who is behind the fires and she is not mincing words. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

A vehicle which was torched over the weekend belonged to Belizeans For Justice Founding Member, Yolanda Schakron.

Fitzroy Yearwood

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“Police visited a house in the Los Lagos housing area where they observed the remains of a cream Ford Ranger Pickup that was obviously burnt. We knew that Mario Galvez reported he parked the vehicle sometime around 9:30 on the fifteenth. He was alerted by neighbors that the vehicle was on fire sometime around 2:30 on the sixteenth. He called the police and he said that this vehicle was in his custody but actually owned by his sister.”

Yolanda Schakron

Schakron has an idea about who burnt her vehicle.

Yolanda Schakron, Belizeans For Justice
“Our work vehicle was on fire. It was parked adjacent to his house in his yard and it was totally engulfed in flames. I proceeded to his home. We called the fire truck which arrived forty minutes later. The vehicle was completely destroyed, his home almost caught fire but thanks to the help of his neighbors, they managed to keep the flames away from the home.”

Jose Sanchez

“I know we were here just recently for two other vehicles that were burnt. Those didn’t belong to the family. But the question was asked: could it have been because of the Belizeans for Justice or the work you’ve been doing because of the murder of your nephew? What is the answer today?”

Yolanda Schakron

“You know, really I believe so now. On Friday, I received a phone call stating to me that the two vehicles in our yard were burnt by two police officers.”

Last week we reported on two vehicles being burnt inside the Galvez yard at Red House on the corner of Vernon Street. According to Yolanda’s brother, the vehicles did not belong to them, but since his brother’s vehicle was recently set on fire, he believes someone is sending a disturbing message.

Martin Galvez

Martin Galvez (File: April 12, 2011)

“My pickup truck was just beside the vehicle that was on fire and I just ask the fireman if I can move my truck. And he says yeah just go ahead and move it quickly. So I moved it and as soon as I reversed my vehicle and I just lean my hand on it to close back the door, I got scorched right here on my hand. It was so hot. This vehicle was just engulfed in flames.”

Jose Sanchez

“This kind of thing, has it happened before?”

Martin Galvez

“Not in this yard here. I guess like a little over a month ago brother’s vehicle was burnt. But not in the yard here.”

Jose Sanchez

“It does seem like someone is attacking either the family or family business or family yard?”

Martin Galvez

“It would seem that way yeah; it would seem that way. The vehicles don’t really belong to a Galvez per say, but then sometimes people would just pick a yard to send a statement or make a statement you know.”

Yolanda Shackron, Belizeans For Justice

“Why is it that these two police officers can do anything they want? They can victimize us, they can burn our vehicles, they can murder people and there seems to be no one cares in that department. No one wants to bring them down; take them out of the force. Why can’t they be investigated at least? The proper way like any other citizen would be. I ask the higher rank of the police department right now: What is it that these two officers have over you all that you cannot take them out of the force. We are living in fear; I am living in fear cause these vehicles are being burned in my property. What will it be next? What next? I see Mister Barrow wants to put in these draconian laws. Fine, but you have to get to the root of the problem. Clean up that police department. There are good police officers, but there are very dirty ones.”

Jose Sanchez

“Are you questioning any police officers in regards to; Miss Schakron believes…”

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood

“Speculation again Jose. We will not speculate. We are investigating a case of arson. I will leave it as that.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Galvez Family and Belizeans for Justice targeted by arsonists”

  1. EMS says:

    Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world however if any of what is being expressed by Ms. Schakron bears any semblance of truth, the perpetrators of this evil act should be brought to justice, whether or not they are policemen or otherwise. This sounds like a job for some good internal investigative police work. Higher ranking Police officers we are depending on you, let there be justice.

  2. javier solis says:

    This is pass fool now. We must clean up the police department. Please clean up house Mr. Minsiter. Just like we know who the gang leaders are, we know the rougue cops. Just lay them off with gratuity and tell them never to apply again. Please, we dont need corrupt police men. And if caught, like the customs officers, they should get manadatory jail sentences of not less than 5years for any offence.

  3. chabelli says:

    stop incriminating ourselve;shakron is missing the boat she is wealty need we see and say more
    stop defrauding and bad mouth ing my polivcemen otherwise you will really get the sense
    your kids are admittedly no saits
    shut uop annd gocus on your mothers for grievibng the hopskotchin g is helping you not methinks

  4. Star says:

    wish i can sympathize with this woman…sorry for the incidents, nothing justifies that, however, her personal grievances towards the entire Police department has me exhausted, what’s her activist cause again?

  5. Belize all ovah says:

    there is obviously a crime here, these people are being intimidated ,and they as all Belizeans are entitled to freedom of speech under our constitutuion.

  6. Disgusted! says:

    Regardless of Yolanda’s monotony, she anmd her family is obviously the target of somebody’s wrath and fury and it’s evident that they’ll stop at nothing to have her silenced. If anyone expects the police dept. to investigate themselves in regards to this and other incidents of criminal activities, you are a bunch of gullible @$$hole$. You’ve got the $$$ Yolanda. Arm yourself and your family members and shoot to kill or hire a hitman. Justice in Belize is non-existent…but then again, that’s what started you fighting in the first place. WHERE ARE THE VIGILANTE?????

  7. Elgin Martinez says:

    We need to stop violence against our Citizens or any human being.Keep up the good work Schakron .

  8. B Groovy says:

    Put or shut up …..give names of the police……

  9. Justice says:

    I am not sure that I like the look on Fitzroy Yearwood’s face.

  10. Juniore Guerra says:

    Chabelli, you sound very ignorant. It does not matter if she is rich or poor, the vehicles should not have been destroyed. …. And for those of you who do not sympatize with her cause of trying to expose the corruption in the Police Dept., wake up and smell the coffee. Belize cannot let the Police department be corrupt and get away with it . I am not aware of the tactics she is using, but someone has to grow cojones and speak their mind. I saw a documentary where Belize ranks lower than CUBa, yes Cuba, when it comes to human rights. It all had to do with the way the Police department conduct themselves. Belize is a free country, not a Police state. The Police department cannot be allowed to do as they please. Fight on Yoland and show these cowards and ignorants like Chablelli that you do have Cojones.

  11. my 2cents says:

    Maybe someone needs to investigate the deeds of the brother because at one time he was a known associate of James Swan Jr. He is one of Belize’s biggest drug dealers.One day,the true story about this family will be brought forth and all hell will be broken loose.This story might look like she is the target but in all reality,he have his own drug dealing issues to deal with and the saddest thing about these 2 people,is that they have plenty nieces and nephews that are in the middles of there nonsense. Not necessarily because of thing they are doing but just being a part of this family.remember the story the other day with the niece Rachael Armstrong? yeah exactly. Just being a Galvez is a curse.One day the whole of Belize will know exactly why her nephew was killed and Mrs Schakron knows fully well that the little boy was into things that were much bigger than him.She on tv acting stupid like she don’t know. He was her partner in crime and even though its sad to see someone very young gets killed, he simply reaped what he sowed.

  12. Hearts says:

    serve you well !@#$% you tend to push your long lip in every body business. Try go and do constructive with your life we tired of seeing you on the news with you big eye like dalla…….. Try go and get some work done on your face look terrible … You just sicking thats why people tired of see you so they giving you something to talk bout……..Please media we no wah see she no more

  13. BZNinCALI says:

    When you have financial resources & you feel that you or your properties are being targeted, you invest in things like surveillance cameras. Unless it can be proven, an accusation is just that & nothing more & no one should lose their job simply on someone else’s word. If this family is involved in criminal activity, they have other enemies & we cannot close our eyes to it.

    BY the way, even a fake surveillance camera is a deterrent & the ones with night vision are not that expensive. Scream bloody murder, !@#$% & complain but do what all the rest of us who have nothing to hide would, cover our backsides & make sure every animal who sees you as prey know that they will blink first. Until Yolanda has proof & can prosecute someone civilly, I will suggest that she continue with her work & make sure her case is air tight when she presents it. The constant accusations along with the stories of unsavory characters in her family are making her appear flaky & opportunistic.

  14. Earl Grey says:


    STAY TUNED……………..for the REST OF THE STORY!!!!!

  15. ReVoLuTiOn says:

    Keep up the good work Belizeans for Justice, Keep up the good work Yolanda!

  16. LARGE AND SEXY says:

    yolanda fool di talk but dah no fool di listen, I knew this was coming, yolanda light fire on her own vehicle and holler VICTIMIZATION, she know exactly what is happening, she love to be the center of attraction even she have to set fire on her own vehicle, or maybe she need insurance money, WHO KNOWS!!
    and if the vehicle was not insured then she should be march to court to answer her charges.

  17. cloud says:

    that’s dso true! finally someone is talking! seems u know this idiot n i have been a victim of her family. u are right Large and sexy

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