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Apr 14, 2011

After losing convention, Joe Coye blasts his party. Sour grapes?


Is it a case of a fox and the sour grapes? According to Joe Coye who lost terribly to Anthony Mahler last Sunday in the Caribbean Shores, it is rather a case of “grapes of rational wrath.” So ends a statement Coye issued today following his defeat as standard bearer in the Caribbean Shores where he had been a political force for twenty years. It all started this morning when Coye called the P.U.P.’s Vibes Radio to chastise the party and its leadership claiming the opposition is not a credible alternative. Then came the explosive statement against his own party. Coye recalls that in the campaign of 2008, his family got the full brunt of U.D.P. attacks and according to him, he finds its reprehensive that the line of attacks against his family was repeated last Sunday, but this time it came from the blue sea of a paid mob. News Five pressed Coye on what he said is a smear campaign against him.

Isani Cayetano

“Would you believe, at this point, as though your party has betrayed you by the actions taken during the convention?”

Jose Coye, Defeated P.U.P. Candidate, Caribbean Shores

Jose Coye

“No. I cannot take the action of a group supporting a candidate to treat it as if though that was a party’s decision.  I would not do that.  I wouldn’t say the party has betrayed [me].  Again I am not in any way opposing or complaining about anyone who chooses to support a candidate within.  That was not really my concern although that was there in a very overwhelming way but I am not too concerned about that.  I repeat my position that it’s about the negative campaigning, the dirty politics, the smearing which persisted throughout the campaign and right up to the day of the conventions and the undue influence with money.  Those are my two concerns mainly.”

Isani Cayetano

“Mr. Coye you ended off your statement by saying that the release is not one of sour grapes but [one] of another kind.  One would want to think that you have been defeated [so] why not leave things the way they are?”

Jose Coye

“Your question is one that is not surprising because I sense that whenever one makes a complaint about these kinds of things the first thing you will be accused of is that it’s because you did it.  Well if someone burglarizes your home and you believe that you have lost maybe then you shouldn’t report it.  So I really don’t see it that way.  I believe I took a position on principle and I believe that this is an example, it’s an unfortunate example of an irresponsible way of conducting a convention and it will not enhance the party.  So it’s easy to be accused of being the views of sour grapes.  Those are the grapes of rational wrath and that’s why I made that release.”

Isani Cayetano

“Are you prepared to support the standard bearer in the Caribbean Shores Division?”

Jose Coye

“My intention is not to do anything that will undermine the People’s United Party at the poles.  But what I am doing here is to enhance it and that’s what I want to make very clear.  I am making this known now because it’s something that we must put a stop to and if we don’t it could hurt us in the elections.  If we carry out these kinds of campaigns, and I think it should be right across the board, not only within the P.U.P. I think this thing about buying votes to win elections, these things about negative campaigns and the types of negative campaigns; I think we have gone too far.  There must be some minimum standing as to how we will choose our candidates and our standard bearers or representatives in this country.”

So what’s next for the defeated Coye? The P.U.P. is not commenting on the statement so it’s hard to know. Coye as former standard bearer of the Caribbean was named chairman of the Eastern Caucus and as such holds an executive position in the P.U.P. But now that he is political wilderness, time will tell if he will be removed.

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8 Responses for “After losing convention, Joe Coye blasts his party. Sour grapes?”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Your opponent did what he felt he needed to do to win, now both parties have dirt coming at them from their own members & some savvy independent candidates can exploit it.

  2. Conscious Youth says:

    I believe this is indeed a case of sour grapes. Mr. Coye needs to realise that his time in politics is over. The PUP is about change and reform, and thus needs new fresh and young people who are more current with the times we are living in. Mr. Coye should have walked away with his political diginity…his time is over and he needs to come to terms with that. Then again power isn’t that easy to let go…Blessed

  3. j.Daniel Longsworth says:

    Politician must learn to be humble in defeat…..
    Leaders must know when its time to exit the stage. If Jose Coye was doing what he was supposed to be doing he would have never loose his seat in the house or the his division. He should exit gracefully. He neglected the basic needs of the poor of the division when he was in office. In fact the crew that sweep him out of office was the same crew he appointed and gave lands and contract to when he was a minister. Such a shame a man who was once considered a person of integrity and had a passion for the poor got greedy and allow money to make him. I remember when he took over that division from mr humphrey’s. Do every body a favor and exit quietly Joe Coye

  4. Sabrina says:

    Why do these people not know how to take a loss gracefully, Joe needs to understand that maybe the people in Caribbean shores do want a change that is why they voted him out in 2008 and now they voted him out again. There is no need to blast the party, just be a man and accept the facts as they are, Caribbean shores wants a change!!!

  5. lovemybelize says:

    Nothing surprises me about this….just that someone finally came out and said it publicly! A convention held by any party should be attended by ONLY the supporters of that particular party. But because people are greedy for votes they know go to EVERYBODY and bribe them with money ANY PUP KNOWS full well that by going to a hard core UDP’s house to ask for a vote is totally senseless…they don’t want a PUP to represent them likewise a UDP goes to a PUP house and asks for votes

    It is common knowledge that people get paid to go vote and this happens on both sides. WAKE UP people once they pay you to vote they DON”T OWE u anyhting…u have gotten paid for your service…..stop being dependent on these politicians….that the way they try to keep u dependent on them……

  6. chica says:

    With the BS this gov’t is doing – the tides are changing and people are longing for the days under the PUP administration…however, they will not support the party if we keep the old heads like Joe Coye on our election slate. Joe Coye has had his name associated with too much scandals of corruption….what he should have done was gracefully bow out and support they young Anthony Mahler or Austin Waight

  7. Do it right says:

    The land hog is cooking after yet another embarrassing lost. Didn’t expect anything better from him. Surprised that he would be talking about money politics when he knows that is the PUP’s way of life when election time is around. So someone outspent you in the election and you lost. Get over it. Your time is done and was done a long time ago. So why rant bout things that you are accustomed to. They say do so nuh like do so. He got beat at his own game and is now angry bc his colleagues no longer support him, come on Joe. ITS POLITICS, you know how this game is played.

  8. Islander says:

    Same in San Pedro… The OLD should step aside for the New Vision… The OLD is depending on her NEGATIVE Campaign to win… Time is now in the PUP for Newer Faces… Fresh Visions… She should take her Negativity with her to the MANY People she has taken money from for lots that have NOT been delivered… Land Scam !!!

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