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Apr 13, 2011

American child predator captured in Belize

Thomas Donahue

U.S. national, Thomas Donahue, is the most recent U.S. most wanted fugitive to be captured in Belize. Donahue was busted on Tuesday at the home of Hector Polomo, who resides on Santa Rita Road in Corozal Town. The forty-four year has long rap sheet and is a registered sex offender wanted for allegedly producing tons of child pornography in Manchester, New Hampshire and for possession and distribution of pornographic material in Ayer, Massachusetts. Classified as a level three sex offender, Donahue was under investigation since 2008 when he sent sexually explicit videos to an undercover agent in Canada. In the probe, it was discovered that he also made contact with young boys through a Russian webcam. Agents seized a computer and an external hard drive, on which they found about seventeen thousand five hundred pictures and more than videos of child pornography. Donahue has already served time for sex offences in the U.S. and upon his release it is reported that he continued engaging in sexual activities with young boys. On March seventh, the F.B.I. went to his apartment in Ayer but he had already fled. According to the local police, Donahue entered Belize in early March.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“We received information from our counterparts from the U.S. Embassy that Thomas Donahue, who is wanted on child pornography charges, was someone in the Corozal district. Our police in Corozal immediately visited a house where we received information that he was staying where Mister Donahue was detained and transported to Belmopan where the U.S. Embassy will deal with his legal status in the U.S. What I can tell you is that Mister Donahue entered the country on the eleventh of March legally—that is, from the records in his passport. So it’s not that he was here illegally, it’s because he is wanted in his homeland in connection to answer charges.”

Jose Sanchez

Fitzroy Yearwood

“Has the police been investigating whether or not Donahue has come in contact with any kids?”

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well we have launched an investigation into him. Actually from receiving the information we actually checked around, investigating the neighborhood who he came in contact with and try to find out his activities over the past month whilst in our country noh.”

Jose Sanchez

“But anything leading into believing he may have been inappropriate with children?”

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“Well not as yet, not so far. But we are still investigating his whereabouts whilst in Belize.”

If convicted in the U.S., Donahue faces fifty years in prison, a fine of a quarter of a million dollars and the rest of his life on federal probation.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “American child predator captured in Belize”

  1. rod says:

    see how incompetent this gov. is this shows you that any criminal from anywhere in the world can just walze in to our country with no fear of being detected because this gov. is so incompetent that they cannot screen anyone coming into belize this is why we have over 550 gang members from the us now living in belize because barrow has eighter taken them back legally from the us for a few pieces of silver from the us embassy and the rest have entered on their own accord and no one is checking anyone coming into the country where is the minister of defence why is this being allowed to happen come on channel 5 find out find out exactly how many gang members have been returned to belize my figures are pretty accurate but you can do a better job where is this minister of defence why are you not asking perdomo why all these rapist murderers child molesters gang members are all being allowed to come right in to our country with no kind of screening whatsoever how incompetent and useless is this minister of defence and this pm and gov. are pitiful pitiful.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    When is the Government going to start doing bachground checks on these foreigners?Belize seems to be a safe heaven for American fugitives.

  3. cg says:

    once a sex offender always a sex offender. why does the law permit those with living vicitims to roam free?? i’ll never understand it

  4. Swamp Dragon says:

    ROD! You are sounding like a broken record! Do you have a solution to any of the things you are complaining about? Belizean gang members will be returned to Belize because that is where they are from. You do want this guy returned to the US do you not? I agree with your sentiment and yes it is frustrating. Perhaps you can direct your anger towards a solution rather than repeating your comments over and again. We know, USELESS, INCOMPETENT GOV. RESIGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. WE KNOW! What else do you have to offer. I think this is another good capture and shows good cooperation between Belize and the US. It is captures like this that will put Belize in a better light with the US and shows a commitment to get these guys off the street. Which also shows an effort in the Human Trafficking situation which the US only recently condemned Belize as being INCOMPETENT in controlling. This is a good outcome and yes he will be deported back to the US. Will someone up there write in a blog that he should not be allowed back in the states to keep their children safe? Probablyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. westernmermaid says:

    Rod== why are so negative, seems you have a very low self esteem and lot of hatred for this government, but to be honest with you, your government didn’t do any better, in fact your government couldn’t solve the country’s problem instead you guys make it worse, common rod you need help you are mentally deranged, i really fill sorry for you cause you are suffering inside.
    I am sure Dr Claudia Cayetano would give you a free check up, guess what poor lee rod! if you feel that Dr Cayetano can’t help you then just hang your self, make sure you tie the rope around your neck six times OK, tie your self high on a tree and just jump just make sure the rope is tied tight enough to help you end your miserable life.


    Maybe the United States government should start sending reports to Belize regarding their criminals since this is where they escape to that way when they arrive they will be detained immediately at the entries. We have more than enough criminals here so why allow foreign ones to even enter, send them back on the same plane they arrived in. I am quite sure there is a lot more hiding out in some of these villages that no one bother to visit. Just a suggestion……

  7. B Groovy says:

    I wonder what would happen if Elgin yell Barrowwwww in Rodneys ears????

  8. louisville,ky says:

    Swamp Dragon and Westernmermaid, you have to excuse Rod. That poor boy is a simpleton. Quite frankly, I don’t even read his blogs anymore, as what he wrote today is what has been coming out of his pea brain, word for word, for the past year.
    He obviously is singing for his supper and poor thing is not even literate enough to know that they have him using the same lyrics over and over again.
    Sometimes, you just have to let fools enjoy their own oppinion. This would be a perfect time.

  9. rod says:

    westernmermaid you sound like you just came out of a mental institution in the us please stay there please dont come back to belize we do not need anymore mentally challenged people in the jewel please go back in for some more help.

  10. westernmermaid says:



  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    B Groovy:I am not on this blog to entertain your idiot @ss.I am here to ask the questions that a no brainer like you is afraid to ask.

  12. westernmermaid says:



  13. westernmermaid says:


  14. Miley says:

    I like the constructive comments on this blog. I am also happy to see that some people are wise enough to point out somethings to rod. it is kinda of irritatting when you read comstructive criticism and then you come across Rod’s repetitve comments which we read day in day out. If your gonna offer some criticism rod, you should at least try to be objective…Anyways big ups to Belize Police for tracking down this guy. Who knows how many kids he might have ended up molesting if he was not tracked down on that day.

  15. BZNinCALI says:

    Belize is not the only haven for pedophiles. What Belize offers to Americans & others who speak only English is a place where they can possibly hide where they do not really have to try to learn a new language. Many of them when they can afford it go to Asian & other Latin American countries. Many have gone to Eaatern Europe & poor European countries where people looked the other way until the British & Italians & eventually the EU started pursuing & prosecuting them. The US has far more financial & technical resources than Belize does. I have to submit my passport number whenever I book an overseas flight, I have to scan my passport before I am allowed to go to the gate to board a flight. If he has been convicted several times, he should have been listed as a high risk sex offender which means that his neighbors are notified as soon as he moves into their neighborhood. Maybe it is time that our Government & others ask that they have travel restrictions placed on them, if Homeland Security in the US does not red flag these people, other countries have no way of knowing what they have done because even the countries that require a visa to enter, seldom do background checks.

  16. FedUp says:

    To those who are making this about “Rod” (don’t know who that is)…this is the reason we never get ahead…why the hell are we getting off track with the point? It’s not only about government…as a people we like trust and welcome anybody once they are white. I’ve seen parents trust their kids to visit the “Bobs, todds, Rons, etc” and feel quite comfortable about it. We have to teach our children not to trust strangers and talk to them about child abuse (sexual) and have them be open and honest to us if they are ever approached or offered money. Another thing is parents having their little children on these Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc…these perverts surf the web for these children and find a way to exploit them. Get with it parents!!!

    I agree with whoever said we have to know the whereabouts of foreigners coming into Belize at all times!!!

  17. daveyt says:

    The US authorities should hold travel documents for all suspected of, or convicted of sex crimes, especially those who molest children. They should also be on a sex offenders list for life, and that list be made available for all law enforcement agencies, home & abroad to have access.

    On our side, our Immigration Authority should have access to the FBI Most Wanted Lists, and photos of those on that list should be displayed at all points of entry. Most Passports are machine readable nowadays, and G.O.B. should invest a few thousand dollars to install the machines, with live internet links to the FBI & Interpol etc. so that passports can be scanned on entry to Belize, and those who are in trouble with the law arrested, then returned BEFORE they can live here & molest our children, or rob us.

    The total lack of security in Belize is alarming, and it allows criminals, drug lords & smugglers, money launderers, child molesters, murderers, terrorists etc. a safe bolt-hole to run to, knowing that they’ll be fairly safe, especially if they have loads of cash to splash, and silver to cross palms to ease their way in.

    What would it cost, a top of the range SUV for a Minister & his family???????

    The rest of the world is watching, and unless something is done, and fast, we could end up a pariah state, and have sanctions stacked against us by the US & Europe! after all, if we aren’t in the war against drugs & terror, we are part of the problem!!!!

    Imagine – NO TOURISTS, NO EXPORTS, NO TRAVEL IN OR OUT OF THE COUNTRY…… The US would have our airspace monitored, and they might even enforce a no-fly zone to stop the drug planes passing though & landing for fuel. The same could happen to the seas – US Navy patrolling offshore, and no private boats allowed outside a certain distance, and never at night, which would kill our fishing industry (And restrict where we can take divers to go).

    Think I’m being dramatic? Eyes are already on us……… The US has already published a report, claiming the drug & human trafficking problem isn’t being addressed properly, or taken seriously in Belize due to lack of political will & corruption! That wasn’t a mere comment, that was a warning shot across the bow……………

  18. Disgusted! says:

    Why not just post billboards of these predators at international airports instead of advertising junk food. In addition, let them wear a monitoring device that track their movements globally or at least inform the FBI if they go outside a certain radius. These people are convicted of heinous crimes against children. I mean, MY GOD, how much more of this must we be subjected to. What are they waiting for, a psycopathic serial killer to make Belize his next killing field???

  19. westernmermaid says:

    please i need help can someone help me i need my meds can anyone in belize send me some money so i can get help maybe my friend barrow will help me.

  20. Earl Grey says:


  21. Storm says:

    Let’s find out if he molested any children in Belize before we extradite him. If so, he should be castrated here, like all sex offenders should be.

  22. Elgin Martinez says:

    The Belize Police Department need to find out if this man had any contact with our Belizean kids prior to handing him over to US Officials.

  23. Swamp Dragon says:

    If he did have inappropriate contact with Belizean children he should do time in Hattieville for that! Then send what is left of him to the US or Canada. Which ever one want him most. It sounds like he sent the picture to a Canadian Policeman. Has anyone seen the news from Florida? The top dog at ICE who was in charge of tracking down these guys, along with illegal immigrants, is now under investigation for storing these types of pictures on his computer. That is sad. How does such a disease become so prevalent? Obviously the internet! What a shame that this is the world we live in. Disgusted, I am disgusted. I may need to use your screen name from now on!

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