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Apr 12, 2011

Should G.O.B. attack social ills instead of implementing draconian laws?

Tonight’s question is: Do you think that government should attack the social ills instead of imposing draconian laws to reduce crime? Get involved by emailing your comments and responses to or by sending a text, using SMART phones only, to 8686. You can also participate in our online poll at

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14 Responses for “Should G.O.B. attack social ills instead of implementing draconian laws?”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    There is no reason why both cannot be done. The crime rate has to be brought in check, we cannot allow murder to continue to be young people’s primary solution to disagreements & problem solving. Anger management & basic communication skills have to be taught at every level. Hang a few of the spawns friends & we can talk about grief counseling for the rest of the gang & anything else that will help after we their homes & take their guns.

  2. Earl Grey says:


  3. crime free belize says:

    Prevention is always better than cure,but so many of or youths is now past the stage of prevention.The GOB cannot do one without the other,we need to save the ones that can be saved,and eliminate the ones that has been fully infected,change has to come from within,not by rehabilitation.Or belizean society complain’s about the government,crime,poverty and the injustice,but merely looking at the amount of voters that elect our representatives into office is 300,500,700 voters,shows the majority of belizeans does’nt care.Belize is being extorted by our elected officials,and gangs,and only when we have gotten enough of looking the other way,and stop looking to our government for free hand out’s, will belize be on the road to recovery.

  4. crime free belize says:

    Poverty is a misfortune for some,but a way of life for others,some of us are looking for a welfare government,and to lay the blame of our social ills,in the laps of our government,and on the backs of hard working belizeans,while others try to uplift themselves out of poverty.

  5. EMS says:

    Absolutely, by all means yes, draconian laws will create more frustration and anger, deprivation, detention, will lead onto abuse of power and eventually the wrath of all this, will fall upon the faceless, nameless individuals, historically it is known that suppression of certain individual’ rights will lead into criminal activities, shootings, knifing, choppings and an array of social ills. If GOB would show genuine concerns and effort to rectify social ills, with the help of the divine we would see some real meaningful change. However, this will not come easy, ease will only come after some major difficulties coupled with much trials and tribulation. All of the above mentioned would only be effective with inclusion of all willing and decent Belizeans, regardless of political affiliation or social status. We must make effort to develop a solid think tank in order to brainstorm some sincere policies uplifting all boats, not a tsunami of radical events and mindless laws to protect the haves and deprive the have nots of their rights to pursue, happiness, prosperity peace of mind, etc, etc. This not to say that we will become a lawless society, law and order is very essential however, laws must be equitable! In short this will be a huge task, however it is not impossible. Imagine the possibilities!!!

  6. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Of course they should attack social ills, everyone knows that criminals don’t obey laws reason why they are criminals, first thing they should do is straighten out that much damaged justice system so that when the criminals do get caught they can pay the consequence of their actions. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  7. islander says:

    We do not need new laws to deal with the criminals. It is already illegal to rob, kill and carry guns without a license. What we need is to engage these youths at a young age so that they do not become gang members and ENFORCE the current laws to deal with the hardened criminals.

    You can enact a million laws against murder and carrying guns without a license but if there is weak enforcement, lack of proper investigative methods and a strong prosecution then it doesn’t make any sense.

    Draconian Laws empower any government against their citizens, they give what Manuel Zelaya was seeking in Honduras. IT ALLOWS THE PRIME MINISTER TO MAKE CARELESS STATEMENTS LIKE ” WE WILL LET THE BDF AND POLICE DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET RID OF THE PROTESTERS” Ending with law enforcement officers firing upon civilians.

  8. wisdom says:

    Both measures are equally important. Implemenatation and enforement of stiffer laws and adequate measures to address poverty, unemployment and delinquency especially among our youths. And its a good thing that Government is doing both of them.

  9. Proud Belizean says:

    A combination of both will yield the best results. Draconian laws should be geared at imposing hefty penalties on criminals and also to reap results in the longer run, social ills must be treated.

    Draconian laws could discourage criminals since they will face longer jail time given that the justice system works. This should be coupled with programs that provide employment, social programs which seek to teach youngmen and women how to be a responsible parent, teach the youths a trade, teach them to anger management (in school), teach children the value of life and that one must work to survive. It has to do with a change of attitude and perspective. It should start at home, then in school.

    Treating social ills will take time to yield results but it is essential in curbing the ever rising crime rate.

  10. enuff mein! says:

    i think if government was able to attack the social ills, such as poverty and ineducation, they would have done so. but everybody is obsessed with filling their pockets and grabbing for land before their term is up that no money is left for things like that. they do the bare minimum and advertise it on tv over and over what a great job their doing. and expect to be elected again!!!! none of those ministers or their children or children’s children will have to suffer any of those ills because in office they grab as much as they can. their unborn grandchildren have a piece of land already. their children have scholarships to study at cambridge and UWI. while the reall poor black people of belize have to hustle a piece of land they squat on…or haftu be behind a minister for help with a scholarship for education. ministers’ families have the best of the best, so they dont feel the pinch the rest of belize feels. they dont even know what it is to have the vehicle that you depend on to get to and from work to break down because of horrible roads we drive on, or tires that go flat when we fall into a pot hole or taking money from their own wallet to pay for a tank of gasoline. they dont feel that pinch. now for the average bzean who earns $175/$200 a week and is trying to sustain a family (water bill, light bill, grocery bill, education, gasoline/transportation, school uniform, etc) they have the morale that all they do is work, work work, HARD…and barely have anything to save at the end of the week, barely scraping by, eeking through life. people get tired of it. while at the same time, a minister sends his messenger to go buy meat pie at pou’s and while d messenger waits for meatpie, has teh engine of his huge 2010 vehicle running with the a/c on (i can see because the condensation has formed on the glass). how can life be so easy for some toe and so hard for others????? and its not a small fraction it is hard for, it is for teh majority. we have a disappaearing middle class. themiddle class has now become the middle lower class. and teh more bzean people appeal for something to be done, the more their appeals fall on deaf ears. by the way, thanks again, dickie bradley, for defending and trying to keep criminals on the street. i can understand its your job bro, but in times like these we live in where crime is the number one problem in our tiny country, you are not helping things!!!! you are contesting that criminals have more rights than they actually should have. please, use your conscience, dont defend people who you know are guilty. they belong in jail, not back on the streets to kill again, or rape again, or steal again. what you are doing is a very DISHONORABLE thing.

  11. enuff mein! says:


  12. danilo says:

    Criminals walking free is a asocial ill. The so called Draconian laws are aimed at sloving the biggest and most evil social ill in Belize which is murdererd and killers waking free

  13. Earl Grey says:

    DO BOTH……….call it……….THE CARROT AND THE STICK approach.

  14. Storm says:

    Why can’t GOB move ahead onmultiple tracks?

    Violence is out of control, the police department is a failure, and so are the courts. Work on fixing those problems ANY WAY NECESSARY. I would support a posse law and summary trials until peace is restored.

    You can’t really help the social ills — poverty, drugs, and fatherless children — without acting EFFECTIVELY to improve the economy. That means LESS reckless spending, so people can keep what little they earn by the sweat of their brow, and save toward a better future. and it means making Belize attractive to foreign investment — we haven’t the capital to build the country without outside resources.

    And NO MORE GOVERNMENT DEBT! borrowing enslaves our children to pay it back. THAT’S IMMORAL! Not to mention really, really stupid.

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