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Apr 12, 2011

Government fires COLA President, Moses Sulph, from public service

Moses Sulph

The group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action has been at the forefront of social issues affecting Belizeans. COLA has been very vocal about the offshore drilling issue and the government’s sharing agreement with Belize Natural Energy. Recently, COLA has even gone as far as staging a sleep-over in front of the Prime Minister’s Belmopan office.   The firebrand president of the group is Moses Sulph and today, he is without a job; having been terminated from the General Registry on April eighth. No reason was given and he has chosen to remain quiet. A press conference was set for this morning but it was called off at the eleventh hour. Instead, he was locked up with the Public Service Union executives strategizing on how to proceed. COLA will meet with the full union on Saturday and it is calling the termination unjustifiable and unacceptable.

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19 Responses for “Government fires COLA President, Moses Sulph, from public service”

  1. Earl Grey says:


    REMEMBER……….freedom of SPEECH………. IS NOT FREE!!!

  2. Truth says:

    Belize g.o.b always trying to keep a brother mouth shut,’U need to be with the gov or else’ they probably blackmaid the brother on some scandal, so now the recognized Moses who always give info to the people and fighting for offshore drilling is not safe or good for the environment now need to keep his mouth shut…Dont let these people try to manipulate ur paste brother, do ya thing and if ur really in trouble, practice what u preach and let the people know…We got u

  3. EMS says:

    I don’t know the facts of this story, however, it appears to be another event that clearly contributes to deprivation, suppression and victimization by GOB? Which in short influences social ills.

  4. Justice says:

    Just another of Barrows vindictive moves. We see them so often it is now the norm in Belize. One day he will get his turn. Like they always say “God no sleep”

  5. blvnjah says:


  6. Iniate says:

    Isn’t Moses working 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 32 days a month.. even in February and Easter April …for righteous social causes. He should truly feel “relieved” of his mundane duties at the General Registry!!

  7. LARGE AND SEXY says:


  8. Truth says:

    Think about it folks, Barrow have the post for one of his family who will do as he says, Moses dont tolerate nonsense from no ruling party….Even the PM is doing it wrong instead of unity, he separate us by knowing which side ur on…Most of the poor people are like this neighbors dont talk bcas of red and blue…this what the leaders are doing…Who are pup or udp….

  9. lucas says:

    I have said it before and I wil say it again. We have enough home grown trouble-makers and have no need of foreigners to come and give us more head-ache. If this reggae boy wants to help; why does he not go back to reggae-land and help his country people?. I believe Jamaica needs him more because we certainly have no need of him. Or is it that Jamaica would not tolerate him as he has been here in belize?. I suggest, for humanitarian reasons, Barrow should give Sulph the Cuban treatment. Fix his boat and put him back to sea.

  10. nokindaP says:

    This guy only got a job with GOB for being political in the first place so who cares if he gets fired? Now he’ll have more time to return to UB and continue working on that degree he’s been pursuing for the the last 15 years.

  11. enuff mein! says:

    give shyne the job!

  12. enuff mein! says:


  13. westernmermaid says:

    when it comes to these aliens I think they should go back to their country, I am talking about Moses Sulph Elston Keseke and all the other kekes, go back to where you belong. Let hope that a full breed Belizean gets the post he vacate.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    MOSES SULPH does what not many Belizeans do………… HE SPEAKS OUT AND TAKES ACTION.


  15. No Bias says:

    And I am very serious. We as a people need to start doing more for ourselves, family, community and country. With that said, Belize’s population is about 350,000 while Jamaica is 2,804,332; 8 times the population of Belize. We all know that these agitators are motivated by thier will to survive- personal gain. Remember the 1st Jew Boy from Vernon St. We have enough Belizean who have stood up and gotten little or no support. Just to mention one; Murphy McLauren. Moreover, they are so many qualified Belizean, at home as we speak, day dreaming of employment. All public servants should be Belizean. Sorry buddy, I am Black, I am prejudice, I discriminate and me and my Black, Belizean family will make it.

  16. westernmermaid says:

    earl grey you know what dah COLA in spanish?? It means TAIL, Sulph and the COLAS dah part of the JAckass Ok they are the tails, hahahahha this is so funny, how can they function, that is the worse part of the Jackass, LA COLA, SU COLA, SUS COLAS, LAS COLAS, SULPH< SHACKRON !@#$%^&*, son colas del jackass hahahaha

  17. belizean1 says:

    Some of the things that have been written on this blog shows the ignorance of our people and it is sad. Globalization is allowing all caricom country citizens to all live and work freely with caricom so all the haters and vile racist belizeans that are spiting venom better get used to this. Jamaicans can live and work freely in Belize and Belizeans the same in Jamaica. Learn tolerance or you will be left behind!

  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    We’re criticizing this young man, then we the Belizean people need to step up to the plate.Foreigners are ruling us because we allow then too.We patronize foreigners more than our own.Look at for eg the music industry in Belize.We promote more Foreign artist than our own Belizean Artist and yet we complaint about the foreigners when we are the ones supporting them. Get out of tha colonial mentality my Belizean people.

  19. Moses SULPH says:

    We are one people no matter where we were born, all around the word we see leaders who rule with an oppressive mind, Jamaican Belize is no different, however this has been a system from the days of Moses and Egypt and before. I say to all you who seek to say I should go back to Jamaica well this is a statement that is on no significance to me, since I believe we were all created as human, where there is suffering regardless of one’s birth place it is our responsibility to our fellow human to stand up against injustice.

    For those who believe in Christianity or in some form of higher power, the creator did not create Jamaican, Belizeans, American or any Nation, he created human, if a person in Jamaica is Hungry, and a person in Belize, or China or wherever hunger is the same.

    I would urge you to stand with me in solidarity as a brother in humanity seeking better for humanity not specifically any gender, or race, however since I am presently in Belize and have been for a while now it is my Civic duty to be a vanguard against injustice, if I was in Jamaica or America or where ever I am, I remain human, being my bothers keeper… Keep two things in mind Love God and love your neighbors. I am not standing for justice for any Political part, I am standing for justice for all of humanity and at present all person who are living in Belize who are suffering because of oppression.

    In closing I say I will continue to stand up for justice no matter the consequences, Today the vehicle I am with to make this difference is COLA Citizens Organized for liberty Through Action, tomorrow, may be a different, You are welcome to be a part of the movement. I am not responsible for the high rate of crime, poverty, unemployment, high cost of living, Limited access education, high gas prices, and minimum benefit from our Oil etc. So I say to you all we are holding those we have elected to make better country, accountable.
    One God
    One People
    One Love
    Moses Sulph

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