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Apr 11, 2011

Taxi driver murdered after experiencing mechanical problems

Kirk Belisle

Belize City police have increased their presence on the deadly streets of the Old Capital in the wake of last weekend’s bloodbath.  But the boost in manpower has proven insufficient in thwarting criminals from taking aim at three Belize City men, two who were murdered within three hours.  We begin tonight’s newscast by reporting on the murder of a disabled cab driver who was executed while trying to repair his vehicle on La Croix Boulevard on Sunday morning.  Forty-four year old Kirk Belisle appears to have been a victim of circumstance. He was already at home around midnight on Saturday when he was called out for a taxi run.  As he drove his rented black Chevy Nova near Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church the vehicle began experiencing mechanical problems.  A group of men came to his assistance and as they tried to jump start the engine; a lone gunman rode up from behind and opened fire.  While the men escaped unscathed Belisle wasn’t as fortunate.  When the echo died down he lay mortally wounded with a gunshot to the back of his head.  His friend, Rudolph Gladden, was with him earlier that night and is at a loss as to who would want to kill Belisle.

Rudolph Gladden

Rudolph Gladden, Friend of Deceased

“He’s humble.  He just got a little burn from electricity [and he] can’t walk properly, you know.  So I don’t know why accidentally somebody would just want to kill the man.  He has no enemy.  Everybody in the neighborhood, as a matter of fact, he has a little apartment and what he do is rent it to all the poor people them.  Some people can’t pay the rent up front, he never quarreled with them.  He never had a problem with them, they took their time and paid him piece, piece, you know.  I try help him ‘round and ‘round with [some] things so I don’t know why [they’d want to kill him.]  I went home.  I told the man “hey mien it’s after hours I don’t go home out of my house when I go home” [but] he still came out.  He came home he bought a Meagan Beans, he ate half of it, drank half the coke [and] for some reason somebody called him to go and run a job [and] his car broke down on him and that’s it.  They came to hail me and I went to see the man.  I still don’t believe that the man is dead but what can we do, you understand?  We just have to take that mien.  He’s my friend and I feel for him because I’m that close [to him].  Every day, me and my brother, we sit down and play checkers with this man 24/7.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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21 Responses for “Taxi driver murdered after experiencing mechanical problems”

  1. Rod says:

    It will never end as long as this incompetent useless gov.. Stays in many more people will have to die before you resign barrow resign please resign barrow you are a complete failure at this job just admit it to yourself and resign.

  2. Coralblack says:

    The Country and the People are sick, sick, sick, sick! weather they think they know it, or
    know not. From top right down to the bottom, and from my years of doing research on Psychology, Health and Nutrition; it is apparent that Belize and it’s people are under (Mind Control Experiment) (Fact).What does that have to do with Crimes and Frustration. You do your own research. Love Justice so we can live in Peace. YHWH Shalome

  3. JAHSEF JUDAH says:



    How did Belizeans all of a sudden get this violent? I don’t know maybe its something in the air or the water that is causing this type of sporadic killings and taking of human life! Its a national crisis this far and it will take a miracle to change things in Bze, I SAY AN ORDER SHOULD BE GIVEN TO ALL OFFICERS THAT THEY ATE TO SHOOT TO KILL INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE HUSTLE AND NOT COOPERATING WITH AUTHORITIES!

  5. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    True Barrow is way over his head in taking on this job either that or he is much much more corrupted than any one can imagine, since he had plans to distribute the criminals throughout the country it would be obvious that he has a close relationship with them and know who they are but yet he allows them to run freely in the city instead of cordoning off these areas where he knows these criminals are and smoke them out their holes, imagine how many illegal firearms would be confiscated by doing this he just got to make a general statement to the citizens that the government is at war with the criminal elements in the country and that the government is not able to protect innocent citizens during these times however it is a sacrifice that needs to be made and that all citizens should be vigilant as we undergo this eradication. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  6. Coralblack says:

    JAHSEF JUDAH They say it takes one to Know One. They also say out of the abundance of
    the heart the mouth speaks. Remember blessing and cursing cannot come out of the same
    mouth, and if I like to be heard. i would be the one going around attacking others opinions instead
    of giving positive solution. Never chasties a fools because they will hate you. Love Justice so
    we can live in Peace. YHWH EL Olam

  7. Belama Resident says:

    Belama Police Station still closed down. who could have possibly imagine this possibility. we are living in a lawless city, while the GOB spends 50 million dollars on a road to benefit Guatemala. imagine the possibilities!!!!!!!!!

  8. gena sanker says:

    kirk is my brother on my father’s side , i haven’t seen him in over twenty – five years. I am dis gusted with all the bs that has been happening in belize. I have some advise for the the people of belize, its is time for all of the people to come out against all the corruption and bloodshed . Its time for everyone to come out and march against the government and don’t stop until belize get the international attention it so desperately needs. I love my brother and i hope his killer is punished for this crime.

  9. Out of towner says:

    WOW, This county is a very beautiful place with lots to offer it own citizens and foreigners living in the county. But all of this violence and death has scared me off. I was about to make a trip down and invest in a small farm to employ locals and break the burden of poverty for a few hard working belizeans. But now it looks like I will take my investment to another county. I just hope all the violence will stop and let belize go back to the loving place that it is. My decision has been made by watching the news broadcast here and other channels it is a shame of what has happened to this beautiful place.

  10. Elgin Martinez says:

    Hello Mr Gladden.Who is the somebody who called Mr Belisle to go run a job?Let’s find out who that mysterious person is.Maybe that’s the investigation need to start with.

  11. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe the investigation needs to start with the mysterious individual or individuals who called Mr Belisle to go run whatever job he went to do.Sounds like a setup to me.

  12. SW says:

    Mr. Barrow is definitely not doing a good job. My question is “Will PUP do any better?” We just a new Police force imported from other countries that have no connections with anyone in Belize. Then also make sure that once arrested, the death penalty stands.

  13. want to come home says:

    am so sadden by all the crimes going on in Belize. I plea the Blood of Jesus over our Nation.

  14. ang says:

    Pray that Satan/evil leaves Belize, it is in the minds of our children representing EMO’s, weegees, gang glorification according to turf control, corruption,…if everyone is let to get a gun for a 10 dollar license we citizens would long ago had helped the police get rid ah them bad cruffy-wicked seed- unwanted vermin-among us.

  15. 50 Cent says:

    mylegacyb4mypeople guess what….
    there are already 5 George Street Gang Members stationed in Corozal Town and 5 more in Orange Walk Town.
    They are Pretending to be Working with Ministry of Works and the Government of Belize is Paying for these Gang Members to Live in a Hotel.
    They even have a driver when they want to move around the area.
    All paid for by YOU Mr. Taxpayer.

  16. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    I believe you 50 Cent like I said before this is all Barrow’s doings these gang members are working for him that is why the violence cannot go away, I think all honest citizens needs to arm themselves, since obviously the government is not able or willing to protect them against their monsters. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  17. BZNinCALI says:

    @ Coralblack, I have wondered out loud if we are guinea pigs in a social experiment. That is the only reason I can imagine that we have allowed lawlessness to run rampant & continue to put up with this spit .

  18. janedoe says:

    listen up the Govt. hv nothing fi do wid the crime.. dah the parents fi send deh pickney dah school an teach them about family values!!!! also stop sen unu pickney out by the supa-market fi hustle.. tellin ppl that deh need mony fi buy school uniform..while the muma deh home waitin fi si humuch money deh bring home… the govt noh put no gun enah deh han….the young man deh now adze noh hv no respect fi deh parents soo when deh go out whey u think…if pup dah mi the gov de same !@$$ mi wah de happen cause when deh mi de een fi 10 yrs the sam !@$$ was goin on sooo unun stop… pup get back in power dog wah eat unu suppa… deh wah thief up the mony again cause thats all pup do dah full de packet…

  19. Gustav says:

    His friend is wrong, We DON’T “have to take it.”

    We have to make sure all convicted murderers are hanged. A handful of animals are terrorizing the Jewel — the Jewel must rise up and defend itself, eye for an eye, meet force with greater force.

    I think the Chinese have the right idea, and can lead us to clean up this country.

  20. rasman says:

    What is needed is a coup detat and a new junta to have the constitution be rewritten. All these politicians on the southside know who the criminals are. A case in point: Barrow and Boots send hard core criminals to the districts to do nothing with payday every weekend and hotel amd food and cable pay for by the tax payer. Now who the hell would do something like this.

  21. my 2cents says:

    Back in the days,this dude use to terrorize Belize..a classic case of what goes around comes around. When people start believing in retribution, the country will be a much better place. He did his deeds in the late 70′s-80′s when he was just a teenage and 20′s…now see how long it took to come back to him/…but it did.No matter how long it takes,its garanteed to come back around.I hope he had time to repent.

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