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Apr 8, 2011

Men convicted of murder attack an officer inside courtroom

Michael Peyrefitte

After the men were found guilty, there was a confrontation inside the courtroom and at least four armed officers had to rush in to keep the situation under control. News Five has learned that it was because Pipersburgh and Robateau resisted the use of shackles instead of the usual handcuffs. Pipersburgh is said to have kicked an officer in the face when shackles were being placed on his feet. His attorney, Michael Peyrefitte says the chains were unnecessary and he also spoke on allegations that his client was sending threatening text messages to a witness.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney

“It wasn’t really a scuffle. I know for a fact that during this trial, Crispin Jeffries, the Commissioner of Police, sent was ransacking the cell of Leslie Pipersburgh whenever he came to court. Mr. Jeffries personally went to the prison, he heard that Leslie Pipersburgh was using a cell phone, he went eh searched the cell phone, the history of everything because he believed that they were committing threats. The prisoners are usually transported to and from the jail house in regular handcuffs but tonight the sergeant indicated to us that they needed to be in full chains like a chain gang which was totally unnecessary and when I asked one of the officers who was in plain uniform, why that was necessary he told me to back off and not get involved and of course, I will not put up with any idiotic police officer.”

Jules Vasquez

“However, a complaint was made by an individual that your client had sent a threatening text message to a witness.”

Michael Peyrefitte

“And last night I had lunch with Jennifer Lopez. Anybody can say anything. It doesn’t mean that it’s true. I would like to think that that stuff doesn’t matter to the jury and that they decided based on whatever the instructions of the judge was.”

As we heard, the prosecution did not seek death by hanging and sentencing has been deferred for next week Friday.

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14 Responses for “Men convicted of murder attack an officer inside courtroom”

  1. belizean says:

    sorry but i think Idiots who represent murderers ( i know it’s their jobs) Should be chained up with the same savages they defend!! It’s about time we get a guilty verdict on murderers!!!

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Maybe there need to be more confrontation and Police Officers getting kicked in their face in the Court House for the death penalty to be implimented.

  3. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Now you can go hang them an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth they are worthless monsters why lock them up at the expense of the people, with that display in the supreme court my predictions is that they will kill again while in prison. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  4. mylegacyb4mypeople says:

    Since the prosecutor does not have the ….. to seek the death penalty he /she needs to be replaced, it’s a tough job but if you are going to take it you will have to be able to make these tough decisions.

  5. EMS says:

    Apparently these half a$$ slick attorneys make every effort to pull all kind of shenanigan to prove that they are so good at what they do. How dare, this attorney calling the officers of the law “Idiotic”. Even during the trials of some of these criminals they should have them fully shackled, especially when they are accused of these brutal crimes and are perceived as potentially dangerous. Kicking a police officer in the face, especially in court shows the mentality of these criminals. additionally if in fact the commissioner did go the prison personally to ram sack and search for evidence that criminals are threatening witnesses via cell phone or otherwise I agree with him, there most be prevention intervention to stop criminals from attempting/intimidating witnesses. I salute the actions of Mr. Jeffries if this is so. These are exactly some of the measures that GSU should be doing/taking in order to prevent criminal activites, whether it is in prison or in the community at large. GSU should be doing gang surveilance, and acting upon the intelligence gathered. On the contrary it is almost impossible to do suppresion. Therefore, the GSU should be called Gang surveilance Unit or GIU Gang intelligence Unit. This would be a very smart way of putting a serious dent in criminal activities, thus controling gang activities. Once again, hats off to the Commisioner of Police.

  6. BZNinCALI says:

    I am disappointed that the police did not use deadly force to restrain him. I agree with Michael, his comments are proof that people can say anything, let’s not forget that some threatened witnesses have become murder victims. So what if Crispin was present when they tossed his client’s cell, every boss should show up once in a while & it would have been irresponsible of his department to ignore the threat even if it could not be mentioned to the jury. Your worthless client’s actions only confirmed what most of us believe, they should hang by the neck until dead & left outside until jancrow (crows) have picked their bodies clean.

  7. Earl Grey says:

    More students for the RE-EDUCATION CENTER…….. AKA …….THE PRISON FARM.


    BUILD THE PRISON FARM IN TOLEDO……….Kolbe too close to Belize City.

  8. Mellow Belizean says:

    Like Cruffy seh: da fool di talk but da no fool di lissen! Peyrefitte shows just how condescending he is to the police when he describes the officer as ‘idiotic” for performing his sworn duty. Was the officer just supposed to let Michael Peyrefitte have his way and remove the shackles from a hardened murderer? Who the Hell does he think he is?!

    If our court system is so badly off that these two guys get off, I firmly believe they should make a visit to the Peyrefitte and Twist homes in the dark of night. I mean, it’s only fair if they help get these guys back on the street, right?

    One last note: the officer who got kicked should be applauded for his restraint. If dat criminal woulda kick me eena court, him woulda go da prison hippity-crip afta I tek di bloody shackles and bruk fu him foot!

  9. Peyrefitte is a frustrated "UDP wanabe" says:

    This arrogant, greedy lawyer (sorry about the redundancies) is acting as though he is unaware that Police Officers have policies by which they must abide when dealing with violent murderers and fugitives. The Officers were just doing their jobs just like you were when you were forced to take this case, for ‘government salary’. These cold bloodied murderers” have been babied too long, and given the history of successful appeals in this country; these two wastes of space may just appeal again, and get their sentenced reduced to “time served”.

    On a positive, after watching Peyrefitte in action on the news, I’m so happy that both the people of Freetown saw right through his arrogant @$$, otherwise he would’ve been our Attorney General and Minister of Lands.

  10. Ginseng says:

    APPEAL!!!! We want a GUILTY verdict for ALL FOUR MURDERS!!!!

  11. deedee says:

    What is wrong with Michael Peyrefitte talking about how he “will not put up with any idiotic police officer”???? These men were only doing their job you arrogant, stubborn @$$.

  12. Gustav says:

    Hang all convicted murderers.

  13. c says:

    I’d like to see this 8-hole to be so defensive when the criminals come after him or his family… he will be crying mommy mommy to the police (even the idiotic ones)…

  14. Skywalker says:

    I am sure Michael Peyrefitte also thought it was “totally unnecessary” for his clients to be in prison in the first place. Come on. What a thug.

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