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Apr 7, 2011

One more Asian Belizean murdered

Hui Sheng Chen

Less than a week after the fatal shooting of two Chinese grocers in Belize City a third member of the Asian community, a first form student, has succumbed to injuries he received during a robbery in Dangriga.  On March twenty-fifth, sixteen year old Hui Sheng Chen was inside his parents’ store on Ecumenical Drive when two armed men entered the business and stole an undisclosed sum of money.  The student of Delille Academy was shot once in the left thigh and was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital before being transferred to a hospital in neighboring Mexico.  Sadly, the teenager passed away while undergoing surgery on Tuesday.  While it is not certain whether any arrests were made following the incident it is expected that if and when the suspects are detained their charges will include a count of murder.  News Five spoke via phone this afternoon with a teacher at Delille Academy who expressed their grief and frustration over the senseless act.

Voice of: Gwendolyn Gentle, Teacher, Delille Academy

“On Friday March twenty-fourth, 2011 shortly after five p.m. Hui Sam Chen, our student here at Delille Academy was shot and injured as the result of a robbery at his parents’ store at the corners of Isla Road and Ecumenical Drive.”

Isani Cayetano

“I understand that he was later transported to a hospital in Mexico where he succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.  Can you share with us the initial reaction of both the faculty as well as the students of Delille Academy upon learning of his passing?”

Voice of: Gwendolyn Gentle

“We were all saddened. We were shocked.  We had expected that he would have recovered.  So when we got the news that he had passed away it was extremely sad.”

Isani Cayetano

“This comes in the wake of two shootings involving the members of the Chinese community in Belize.  Can you share with us your reaction in light of what has happened in Belize City over the weekend?”

Voice of: Gwendolyn Gentle

“With all that has been going on we are disgusted with the crime rate.  Our students are scared but yet they still ask the question what can we do to try to make things better, especially since we had a protest on April first.  And the theme of our protest was ‘Integration and not separation.  We shall not be silenced by crime and violence.’  So the students have learned that there must be something else that they could do so that has been one of the questions that the students have been constantly asking.  What can we do to help?”

Isani Cayetano

“I further understand that he was the only Chinese student at Delille Academy.  Can you speak to us a bit on the relationship he had with his fellow classmates or with the students there at the academy?”

Voice of: Gwendolyn Gentle

“Hui was in the class of 2 Flores and he was, given that he was the only Chinese student, he was, he made himself known here on campus not because of his nationality but his personality.”

On Friday of last week the student body of Delille Academy staged a massive protest through the streets of Dangriga, a public outcry to end the crime and violence gripping the country.  Ironically, the following day two more Chinese grocers would fall victim to gun violence. The Chinese community also staged a protest against crime in the city. According to police press officer Fitzroy Yearwood, the department has not been notified of the teenager’s death and as such has not formally upgraded the investigation to murder.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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20 Responses for “One more Asian Belizean murdered”

  1. michael says:

    The youths dem a feel so coooold!!

  2. rod says:

    another one down how sad sad sad and yhe people of this country sit back and do nothing we need to all march on this useless pm and gov. who are impotent on crime get them out bring back the hanging penalty bring it back now.nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww barrow no tomorrow nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hang them alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  3. Earl Grey says:

    WHY COMMENT???????????????????????

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am just hoping that Belizeans would come together and stop been divided.As we all can see anyone in the Jewel can become a statistic at any moment.With that said i am calling on GOB stop giving press conference and start hanging these criminals ASAP.

  5. louisville,ky says:

    The unprecedented acts of violence coming down on the Jewel like a wet blanket convinces me that we are indeed living in the very last days of this wicked world.
    People just don’t have love anymore or regard for the sanctity of life. These callous acts of violence are clear indications that a force greater than that of any man( Satan the Devil ) is at work here and unfortunately before things get better, they’ll get worse.
    We have sown to the wind and now we are reaping a whirlwind of calamity because of selfish greed and disrespect. Unfortunately, many of our parents missed that window of opportunity to instill genuine values into the hearts and minds of their children.
    At this juncture, no man made government, political party or new Crime Minister can fix this. Only a government by God himself, will be able to address and rectify these vexing problems confronting all of us, for not one of us is immune.
    Parents, talk to your children and teach them the difference between right and wrong but most importantly, set a good example because what you do is going to be remembered long after what you say. And please, none of that….. “do as I say, and not as I do”, nonsense.
    My deepest condolences to Hui’s family. If S P Chen is his father, then this is even more personal, not only because my daughter taught this youth at the Academy but his Dad and I had many a friendly competitive games on the ping pong table at the Pelican. Sad…..truely sad!!

  6. SW says:

    These murderers need to be hanged. The system allows these people to confidently murder and know that the law is on their side.
    Mr Barrow — does someone in your family need to be killed before you can make some much required changes in the current criminal system. Even though your law parther was shot a few months ago, you still don’t seem to care enough?

  7. BZNinCALI says:

    Shouldn’t the bullet if it was still lodged in his leg go to the BPD after it was removed? The police should have been notified as soon as the boy died. We may not be proud of their work but they are all we have right now & we need to ask what procedures are in place when these situations occur. Let’s not forget that the PM’s law partner was flown out of the country for emergency surgery as well, his would be assassin is in jail & I want to believe that we are not so slack that our police department would not make sure they had the bullet to help tighten up their case.

  8. Truth says:

    Now lets face reality of how lost we have become as people, since when have we done a job with great passion, knowing its a call to change individuals, or give inspirations to generations coming up. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PAPERS. In my time as a supervisors I have met people with no passion with what their are doing, custom officers, transport officers,police which of course are crooked in making quick papers by hustling passers by. Didn’t really want to say this but their are also few teachers who are like mein, Bill will never learn and plus he is connected with alot of fights around campus, rather than saving this child they just put him aside,letting him feel like its him against the world,and not thinkin about social factors and that the child is struggling to fit in. Some teachers are also like when will end of the month get here….Pay-day. Its not the teachers most people working, no life or passion in doing there job…As to our leaders, those who we only see when there is re-election time, nnoooo passion for their status-quo, cant believe people rush to their aid but its only bcas people want to hustle as well….SO IN OTHER WORDS WE CANT EXPECT NOTHING GRAND FROM THE POLICE FORCE, NO PASSION fr D JOB….Sorry for the lost of death but it seems that the criminals are the one with passion… And with all our growing passion combine we can kill theirs…….

  9. Zoe says:

    Very sad .. Some thing has to be done to these senseless criminal …

  10. Disgusted! says:


  11. k..l.. says:

    A hitman should be hired for the three who were caught!! An eye for an eye!

  12. Earl Grey says:

    WHY COMMENT????????????????????????

  13. mags says:

    Chinese !!!!!! close down your shops for at least two weeks, its the same ones doing this that will suffer- send a big message- 2 days is too little, we sympathize with you, chines police would do a good job with the crime- bring in reinforcement before its too late, man will be falling on the street side soon and we will just be walking over bodies and no where to put them to rest- wake up Gov’t!!!!!!! stop sleeping while your people suffer, or are you waiting for it to come to your door for!!!! I dont think you are feeling the pain like others, for you its just another person dead

    wake up – you junk heads-

  14. Sasha says:

    Talking talking, talking, and no action. The PM gave a press because he was SCARED of what the ASIAN community could have done, but violence is not in their DNA. The PUP/UDP along with parents who do not DISCIPLINE and COMMUNICATE with their kids are to blame. There are some students who go to college and their is no jobs, the GOVENMENT IS NOT CONCERNED about the community except their PERSONAL WEALTH. IT is a shame that people are SUSPECTS and they can be the CRIMINAL but because of INCOMPETENT/CROOKED POLICE they don’t go to trial. Whatever agreement was made to dissolve DEATH PENALTY NEEDS TO BE REVOKED, and if you talk about they killed the wrong person, let government pay for it. In fact, the family receives more money that what these LOSERS would have made even if they work all their lives.

  15. Last Chance says:

    In belize there is one problem.
    Everyone just sits back and cusses the government.
    We should learn from other countries, bring the entire country to a halt, get together and protest, and bring back hanging. Lets have it our way you people. Who will organize a shutdown?

  16. Nate says:

    We are condemning the acts and saying that the wrong doers need to be killed too!is that the solution!we are just repeating the same acts of wrong doing a cycle of non sense!come we are fighting ourselves,when we should be attacking the ONES who really is responsible for all of this chaos!think about it and look at the bigger picture!

  17. Swamp Dragon says:

    Like the US, Belize is facing a Government shutdown. It will happen when all the Chinese close the doors to their businesses in protest of living in an uncivilized society. It’s coming again soon. Watch! Then you’ll be complaining about high prices.

  18. Byrd says:

    Well, the crime in Belize are escalating because of too many GUNS in the streets. Majority of the murders in Belize are committed with GUNS. Therefore, new GUNS laws has to be implemented to try and get the GUNS out of the hands of the criminals on off the streets.

    Belize is still a beautiful, but the criminals have made it look UGLY! People don’t want to walk at night, anymore…

  19. Gustav says:

    1. Why is Belize becoming a racist state, where some people think that other races are “sub-human?” That’s from Hitler, and shouldn’t exist here or anywhere today.

    2. CONVICTED MURDERERS MUST HANG. No excuse, no mercy, no exception. We need to take our country back BY FORCE from the gangsters, criminals, and corrupt ones.

  20. DappaBZ says:

    And I agree with you Gustav… slavery didn’t end in Haiti from the French through peaceful demonstration… it ended with a war. Someone needs to overthrow this current government and bring back the old fashion British method of hanging murderers. I also believe Belizeans abroad should get together and raise funds to support the overthrow. That means it should be a collective effort and not just talk.

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