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Apr 6, 2011

Youth chopped in his head during attack in Georgeville

Travis Sutherland

There is fortunately no murder to report in this newscast, but it doesn’t mean, there wasn’t any violence on Tuesday night. In Georgeville, a youth was critically wounded on the head around eight-thirty. The nineteen year old left his home to assist a family member who was under attack. He ended up at the San Ignacio hospital. News Five’s Marion Ali reports.

Marion Ali, Reporting

The small community of Georgeville along the Western Highway in the Cayo District is alarmed at a recent spate of violence that has erupted in the village and the residents are calling on the police to give serious attention to the youths.

The call for help comes after a chopping on Tuesday night of nineteen year old Travis Sutherland in front of the village’s basketball court.  The youth was viciously hacked in the head when he went to aid a cousin who was being attacked with machetes by two other young men.

Helen Jones McKoy, Grandmother of Chopping Victim

Helen Jones McKoy

“Dehn bway dehn want hurt Manuel and he see the bway come with the machete, haul ih machete offa the bicycle soh he gone rescue ih cousin and same time the bway get weh with from how he mi got anh hold and ih chop ah eena ih head.”

Voice of: Eyewitness

“This thing happen from the night before. Two young man come di ride pan bicycle and my cousin just di keep to fi he self. When the young man deh reach by the bump yah so, deh spin back and when deh spin back, one of the young man jump off ah di bicycle—weh name Raheem—he jump off and he pull out ih machete and he di go fi attack my cousin and my cousin spin round. When he spin round, he spin with ih bicycle di shield ahn cause he noh wah get chop or chop up. Anyways, fi he bredda and his friend, they run to fi he aide. And when  they run deh, dah then the next young man come off ah his bicycle—weh name B.J. And dah right deh dehn start tackle.”

Helen Jones McKoy

“The doctor seh that ih get wah terrible chop eena the head and ih lose so much blood that ih noh too arite.  Ih noh di remember things.”

Sutherland’s wound is not believed to be life-threatening, but Vice Chairman of Georgeville and other residents of the community are appealing to the Belize Police Department to conduct more patrols in the village to prevent other incidents.

Bernz Salazar, Vice Chairman, Georgeville Village, Cayo

Bernz Salazar

“I would ask the Police Department to intervene more and to make their presence more visible in Georgeville. I keep on saying it that when the guys are practicing on the football field, the police need to take a little walk around man. The guys are playing basketball, take a walk around. Some of these things can be avoided. But if they are doing their part, then we can expect worse to happen. I hope this is not the beginning of a worst case scenario.”

Helen Jones McKoy

“We parents want to know, get to the bottom, fi find out weh di cause this now because we noh used to that fi dehn children di fight up with one another like that right.  The last time dah when deh mi kill dah one pan the court.  Dah from then this thing continue off and on.”

San Ignacio police have detained the suspect pending charges.  Marion Ali for News Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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4 Responses for “Youth chopped in his head during attack in Georgeville”

  1. Marco says:

    All call on the police when things happen? what happen to the village council? what are they doing about issues? Is this not a part of their mandate to lead? These things happen because of poor leadership? The village council should seek and develop productive activities to occupy these young minds otherwise. All we think about is sports, sports and sports, television and self gain. Cant these youth become engaged in other activities that encourage team building, leadership, vision?

  2. concerned youth says:

    Hey Marco, you raise and interesting point, but there is little that can be done by the village council, when Central Government is taking all the money for themselves, and still not allowing the village councils to work and raise funds independently…mind you, and that is because the Village Council is also UDP, and they refuse to take action by providing assistance…but soon, very soon, Dean Barrow and all his UDP Ministers will be VOTED OUT!!!! The people are hurting, and they will never give the UDP another chance to lead this jewel, because they have proven to be nothing but incompetent lame ducks…

  3. The People Had Enough says:

    don’t blame anyone, everyone is in charge of their own decisions, actions and reactions. People want the police, village council and other authority to put their children in check, to control and ‘deal’ with them, but none of the parents or lack theirof ever gets blamed. Parents don’t don’t raise their children properly and then try to control them when its too late. You can control, bend, guide a young plant to any way you want it to grow – sideways, a bend at certain point etcs…but you can only do that to a certain point in time, because after a while you will not be able to do much to that tree in the way of how it will grow…same with human beings, after about 15 years of age a human will be what he will be for the rest of his/her life, a human is to be parented from the day they enter this world until they hit puberty, this is the most important years to form a human being into a productive, intelligent, thinking member of society…after around 15 years you are wasting your time….this sounds cold, but I once read where an economist/sociologist exclaimed that in Haiti the only thing to do to help that country is kill everyone over 15 years old…..harsh: yes….reality:absolutely.

  4. westernmermaid says:

    I ask where are the parents?? Stop blame government, village counsel all this is about parenting, people learn and listen it’s about PARENTING

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