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Apr 6, 2011

She spoke about 1st suicide attempt; now she’s dead

Daisy Cerda

On February twenty-eighth of this year, nineteen year old Daisy Cerda, a promising fourth form student of Mopan Technical High School in the Cayo District, attempted to take her life. She wasn’t successful because her boyfriend arrived in the nick of time. We followed her story because she offered advice to other troubled youths at a time when there were many other attempts among teens in Benque Viejo. The number of cases sounded alarm bells among social activists because there were striking similarities: the victims were teenage girls, they dressed in manic clothing and they used the same modus operandi. News Five’s Marion Ali travelled west on Tuesday and found that Daisy made a second attempt on her life… and succeeded.

Marion Ali, Reporting

Community activists have since the last teen committed suicide in January, led a march denouncing suicides.  They felt it was the doing of “EMO”, a cult to which the girls are said to have secretly-sworn oaths.  When we spoke with her in February, Daisy Cerda told us that she was in no way linked to that cult and that the purpose for trying to take her own life was all personal and appeared almost contrite for having attempted to take her own life.

Daisy Cerda, Attempted Suicide

“I’m not sure why. I don’t have clear my thinking of why I did it. I’m not sure, but I just know that God gave me a next chance and that I am here. Thanks to my boyfriend, he found me and now I am here to talk to next youth.”

Marion Ali

“You said you don’t know what happened. Were you troubled by something?”

Daisy Cerda

“Well I was passing through many things. My cousin killed himself and that hurt me a lot and I had another problems and I think I put them all together and that made a big deal. Then I didn’t found how to come out of this problem and I thought this was the best thing to do, but I was wrong.”

Marion Ali

“Is there something that is happening that we can’t explain? Is there something that we are not seeing that is troubling you all?”

Daisy Cerda

“Well in my case I don’t think so. People say it’s about obeah and thing, blackjack and in my case it’s not because I haven’t played on that things and that bad things. But there are rumors that it may be a bad thing but I’m not sure. I can’t say if yes or no.”

Marion Ali

“For you it was individual problems?”

Daisy Cerda

“Individual problems.”

If you were wondering why we’re running this interview again, it is because Daisy Cerda is dead. She hung herself this past Monday. Unlike what she told us back in February, the stark evidence she left behind suggests that she was not facing personal problems; instead other issues were troubling her.

This is the tree where Daisy was found after seven on Monday morning after attaching a blue nylon string around her neck.  It is two miles off the Bullet Tree Road in an area called Paslow Falls near the Mopan River and right across from the home of the young man she had been dating.  Beneath the tree on a table she left frightening messages like:  “Mami perdon, Papi perdon” another read; “To all my family I love you.” She also left notes to her boyfriend and to her friends.  Another strange one that read, “Emo for Life” and then there was this chilling one that stood by itself on the bench where residents saw her sitting minutes before they found her—the digits 666.

Jesus Parr lives in Paslow Falls, and through a translator, told us the sequence of events just before the suicide occurred.

Jesus Parr

Jesus Parr, Resident, Paslow Falls

“A taxi from Benque bring the gial straight yah fi do the hanging and according to fi him mother-in-law, ih mi see the gial yah and when ih see the old lady ih do ahn right so. And she mi think that ih mi deh with somebody else or fi bathe right? So dehn never mi know.  Ih mother-in-law mi see di gial right yah right; heng. And when ih mi see di gial heng, ih gone look fi ih son and dah ih son weh call the police.”

Kelly Guerra is a high school teacher at Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School in San Ignacio. She has been at the helm of the campaign against suicides.  She says she is convinced that is there is more than meets the eye in Daisy Cerda’s case and she is making a public appeal for help in solving the problem.

Kelly Guerra, Teacher, Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School

Kelly Guerra

“What these EMO people are doing is that they are trying to make us believe that they are stopping that this is passing and that things are getting to an end with EMO. So they just try to make us feel comfortable but this is not what is happening.”

Marion Ali

“She herself in her interview told me that she was happy, that she had plans for her future, that she was happy that she was alive, she had plans for her future, she was sorry she hurt her family and then she goes and commits suicide this time.”

Kelly Guerra

“Yeah, it is so sad. When I spoke to her she told me that she is so happy that we are visiting her, that the pastors are there praying for her, but at no point did we expect that she was going to do something like this afterwards. But one of the psychologists when she came to my office she said that they will be monitoring her closely. But I don’t know whom to blame.  There are many parents whom their children have attempted suicide and they are so ashamed to tell, to open themselves and how can we help?”

Now that she has succeeded in taking her life; family, friends and the community by extension, are left to grapple with trying to unravel the mystery behind their immensurable loss.  Reporting for News Five, I am Marion Ali.

Daisy Cerda will be laid to rest in Benque Viejo del Carmen on Thursday.  Meanwhile, Kelly Guerra plans to start a non-governmental organization to assist troubled youths.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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93 Responses for “She spoke about 1st suicide attempt; now she’s dead”

  1. Damn Right says:

    Sucide: a PERMANENT solution to a Temporary Problem…..

  2. cayogial says:

    She was a very beautiful girl and had everything to live for; a long life ahead with so many possibilities and opportunities. I wonder if anyone near her told her so:(

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    This child was depressed & struggling with inner turmoil. The decision to parade her in front of a camera to bring attention to the problem only added to it. She was then stuck with the voices in her head, people passing judgment, her peers cruelty & sarcasm & adults lecturing her about how wrong she was. Hindsight however is 20/20.

  4. spanglish says:




  5. belizean4god says:

    it’s sad to hear a young lady commit suicide,i have seen many of the comment blaming everything and everyone except the real culprit… Satan! poeple is saying “oh she had problem .. everybody have problems but that doesn’t mean you would go and write 666 for the style of it on a bench then proceed to hang yourself.. something is seriously wrong and because many people is looking for a logical reason they close a blind eye to the obvious. the devil want us to know who is responsible hence his signature 666. I live in the south and have seen things that goes beyond logics so i know something we cant see is out to get us… if u believe in god then you would know there is also a devil and he is busy at work .. everyone in belize need to get closer to god and teach your kids to pray and command the devil to go back to the pits of hell where he belongs. alot of kids are falling victim because if u notice in the wild the preditor always seeks the young and vulnerable. If the sheep walks near the sheperd the wolf cant get them in other word belizean you and your kids keep near to god and the devil will not touch u

  6. Child of the King says:

    Belize needs to wake up and realize that one must repent. Mighty God you said that they have eyes but they can not see. This is the work of the devil. When the wicked one let you feel that there is no hope and that death is the only answer knowing that if she died he would have conquer one more soul. You see there is no pardon unto the dead there is no repentance in the grave. Committing suicide is a sin that cannot be forgiven, simply because your dead. Only Jesus could have helped her and she had to wanted His help. The voice in her head no one could have stopped it. It was down to her and the choice was hers. My people the things you lesson to, the music the movies you watch the games you play its all the source of the devil and possession takes place in many forms. The devil have no hope and because he knows that man have a hope and that hope is through Jesus Christ he does all in his power to deceive you into believing a lie. He knows his destination, for God made hell for him and his 1/3 angels. God did not made hell for man but if you choose to follow the devil be sure to know that hell is where your going. These evils that some plays with they believe that they are the one controlling these spirits but in reality, there are the ones controlling you. You can be free today from these things and from SIN. Repent and turn! Tell God your sorry for all the things you have done and truly mean it. Remember you cannot fool God. You have to be sincere and truly want a change and believe God. Read your bible for your self and pray. Repent before its too late. REPENT I SAY REPENT

  7. FULTN says:

    Sad to hear that a teenager who have a prosperous future ahead of her would resort to such. It make us question ourself as mothers, are we doing enough for our children and if so how much is enough. I request urgent assistance for the other members of EMO. Daisy successfully took her life, kindly refrain from taking the other for ganted, believing that they have quit and all will be well. Pleaes jump on the situation and try to immediately rectify the situation. We certainly do not want to hear of another teenager committing suicide.

  8. pp says:

    I’m reading all these comments and I laugh at some and agree with others but in the end, like it or not, believe it or not, (and you cannot change the Truth) Belizeans need to start turning to God for answers. He gives everything else that is needed…love, understanding , patience, peace, protection and the list is never ending. Parents can’t change their children over night after they have been neglected for so long but through prayers they can eventually make a turn for the right. Our problem is we don’t have perseverance.

  9. The Truth says:

    Macal River get a life!!!

  10. love fm says:

    she is sso stupid to do that because she said she so tankful for god because he gave her another chance

  11. love says:

    what is EMO

  12. hugo says:

    i see some people are trying to blame counsellers, parents, teachers etc.. i dont think there really is someone to “blame” . We all play a function within society, we all live within the margins established by it. what makes some of us think they had the obligation to have saved her? probably the parents played the biggest role, nevertheless, every family has a problem of its own. I would dare to say, its the education and love we percieve while growing up. our values, insights of life and philosophy of it thought from our parents, sisters/brothers, family and friends. Friends which are the most influential factors during our teenage years. please, its disgusting blaming regrets to others. things change throught the course of time, people change, the world keeps spinning, just mind the next time you are not the one with the rope in your hands.

  13. check it out says:

    Only one psychiatrist fot the whole country in 2011, ,we need 1 in each district and2 in Belize City.. but wire man Pablo gawn to Brazil and says he brought back a Breast Milk Bank. what a fool.. Offer full scholarships to 6 young Medical Officers and bond them to come back and work inthe public health care system.

  14. fendra says:


  15. Belizeaniz says:

    I think this is very heart breaking. THese people need real counseling.

  16. lisa says:

    she must have been going through some personal issues and didn’t have no one to talk too. in life u need to have a strong mind to get over difficult situations.

  17. my 2cents says:

    can anybody say CULT…what the hell is EMO?…somebody better look into that.

  18. RealLife says:

    Pointing fingers at people or EMOS will bring no solution to the problem. they already live hard lives and struggle to stay alive as is, so instead of pointing fingers at them and their ways or cults as they are called, why not talk with them and help them. they feel left out and misunderstood and cry out for help everytime they get a chance to do so, so instead of pointing fingers and saying stay away from them lets hear what they really have to say for a change

  19. RCvosey says:

    What is Emo?
    A culture beyond definition.
    Search on any online dictionary for the word “emo” and it will be extremely hard to find a single definition. Maybe that’s the whole point. Emo simply can’t be defined; it is a music genre, a way of dressing, a lifestyle, a persona and, above all, a personality! For those dedicated followers of all things “emo” its appeal lies very much in its obscurity.

    The Birth of Emo
    Some of you are, perhaps, are not only concerned with the question “What is emo?” but are also interested in where this word actually came from. Whilst emo is no longer a term limited to the music industry, it certainly has its roots in all things punk. “Emotive/Emotional Hardcore” is a term that is commonly attributed to an 80s band named the “Rites of Spring,” whose use of emotion during their performances departed from the typical hardcore D.C Punk pieces of the era. For a music scene that was traditionally associated with aggressive and destructive behaviors, such displays of emotion and self expression required the creation of a new genre term. The word emo was born to describe this latest form of music; punk with feeling. Whilst it should be noted that Rites of Spring themselves deny any association with this term and its ensuing mini-movement, it has indeed been frequently used to describe their music, thus explaining why they have been identified as the founders.

    What is Emo beyond Music?
    The word emo has evolved to be much more than a music genre. People don’t just listen to emo; they dress, talk, act and even think emo! For the people who follow this movement, it isn’t something they want to be, nor is it a label; it is simply something that they are. Whilst the people who follow emo trends tend to choose similar styles of dress and appearance, (tight black clothes, messenger bags and long sweeping fringes) their style is very much focused on individuality and unique personality.

    In today’s press the word emo is utilized to describe anything associated with open, direct displays of self-expression or emotion. Unfortunately, in some circles it has developed negative connotations with depression, self-harming and suicidal behaviors. However, one must question the logic of this. If encouraging teenagers to express their emotions openly is causing such angst, one dreads to think what impact suppressing them would have! The reality is that emo is simply a youth culture (the average emo follower is between 14 and 23), which encompasses individuals who use clothes, music and hair styles to explicitly portray their innermost feelings and personality.

    What is The Future of Emo?
    Some people believe that emo as a popular trend is coming to an end, slowly being replaced by “scene” which is being heralded as a less emotional and self pitying version of emo. For others though, emo is what they are, it is part of their individuality and etched in their hearts. For these people emo is forever.

    I hope this answers the question of “What is Emo?”

  20. The People Had Enough says:

    RealLife are you kidding me? Are you one of these retarded Emos, stop watching t.v. kid, turn of the computer and go outside and breath some fresh air and actually mingle with your friends OR if your parents is reading this, please turn off your kids t.v. and turn off or monitor your kids internet activity…EMO…when did shit crap become a part of our culture? Please go to Youtube and search “The Extermination” and find out how the damn world works. Damn, I know i was oblivious when I was a kid, but not ONE of my friends ever, ever, ever talked about suicide or some stupid shyt we learn from t.v. or internet….oh wait, we did not have t.v. or internet as kids, we actually played outside. We have weak, weak, weak human beings populating the earth. PARENTS, PARENTS, PARENTS THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!!

  21. Sadmaku says:

    can someone plz tell us what EMO stands for………may she rest in peace……….Satan at work let us continue to pray for our country.

  22. Az says:


  23. rog says:

    why the hell Daisy neve get the counselling at her school in fact even the counselors musi wah need counselling with all the problems in belize righta so we have to stop point fingers and hel lpeople out her cause more ppeople will die not onely dah benque but all ove dah belize if we not help them

  24. From London says:

    EMO…emotionally depresses, self harms.
    EMO…dresses in black, listens to hard rock, piercings. In some cases, self harms
    Got this info from my 14 yr old :-)

  25. From London says:

    EMO is not a cult, just a bunch of kids asking for help

  26. Hot sex says:

    My people in Belize iz sick as !@#$ if yur family get kill kill them back, eye fi and eye ppl

  27. vitamin de3 says:

    listen too all these people talk. because they have a mouth! EMO IS NOT A CULT, NEITHER A PART OF OUR CULTURE. emo is what we teenagers use to ID us, to let people know we are here, we have a unique personality, daisy had problems indeed but iM sure as hell it had nothing to do with emo! she was depress n felt stock between a wall and a rock… we all know how that is. we all have felt wat its like to have alot going on and no answers or solutions, for a much younger person its even harder ESPECIALLY IF WE (PARENTS ALSO) ARE NOT EDUCATED. how is it that we never asked the questions…WHY INFRONT OF HER BOY FRIENDS HOUSE? HOW WAS HE TO HER? HOW DID SHE FEEL ABOUT HIM? DID HE KNOW HOW FRAGILE SHE WAS AFTER TRYING TO KILL HERSELF THE 1ST TIME? THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME, DAISY NEEDED SOMEONE TO TRUST IN… AND WE ALL KNOW THAT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MOTHER, WE ALL WANT OUR MOTHER WHEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM DON’T WE?

  28. Le_dude says:

    @ Chrstian Girl. The word may have originated to mean something completely peaceful but leave it up to christianity to construed it. If it was left up to them there would be no polygamous religion in this world. Did you know that Jesus Christ KILLED Hades, god of the underworld? He is a GOD How can gods kill other god. I really see no logic. Also, What happen to the Maya’s when Christopher Columbus invaded the americas? Religous cleansing. But all this just an entirely different story.

    I’m also reading the other comments & i see a lot of ‘lets turn to god’ for solution. I mean i understand that it is a part of human nature to want and choose to believe in a diety of some sort but can we get real? We need to ACT on this OURselves. Find concrete SOLUTIONS while we’re living.

    Believe in Self. Not a Unicorn.

  29. Elgin Martinez says:

    EMO is a cult in the US from what i can remember EMO has been linked to a couple suicides.

  30. The People Had Enough says:

    When I listen to people/kids like vitamin de3 talking about, “I was emo….” I know parents have lost a grip on their kids….sad, sad, sad, parents or lack thereof have let their kids wonder off being raised by the american culture of stupidity and now its too late to bring these kids back to reality. I mean no disrespect to america, but that country is filled with a lot of sad, depressed, pathetic people trying to find….whatever it is they are looking for…a culture i suppose….and our children here in Belize get abandoned and sit in front of a t.v. or computer all day or hang around their little friends who do and simply do stupid crap, listen to stupid crap and have their mind infected with stupidity….adults seem to forget how impressionable young people are, they believe anything they see on t.v. and worship such, and try to imitate what they see as being ‘cool’…do you all forget about when you were kids…adults have disassociated themselves from relating to kids and remember what it was like, and this is the reason we (parents/adults) have failed the young people of this country.

  31. BBGIRL says:

    She just had the devil in her! She got another chance and there she went again, oh Lord, she really didn’t want to be here!! Poor parents and siblings, they are the ones who are suffering now, God give them strength! I know how it feels to lose a loved one!
    God bless her soul and may she rest in peace! She was just weak, the problems or depression were just stronger than her love for her parents……….i.e. if she really had any problems, or was just following the devil’s rules…….every person is different, I have been through the worst S”"”T in life, but have never thought of suiciding myself, because I think of my parents first, even though I’m far from them, I think of how I will hurt them………..other ppl wish to have a life and some just take it off themselves!! Whatever she was thinking at that time was stronger than that love for GOd, that love for ther parents and her boyfriend…..PPL in Belize and everywhere in the world need God in their lives, when we are close to him, this temptations can never defeat us……..and stop blame counselors, parents, etc…….her in the US there are so many therapists, counselors, etc and none of this help all those ppl and teenagers committing suicide. Still suicide rates are higher than homicides!! Kelly, you are doing a great job, wish you all the best!!!

  32. Idont get it says:

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    emo is short for emotional…but some teens have made it into a style and a way of life. Some “Emos” imitate depression in an attempt for attention. Some just like dark stuff. But sometimes, teens who really have a serious problem with depression can be labeled “emo” and made fun of for it since “emos” are supposed to be known for exaggerating life’s problems and taking things too seriously as well as being very sensitive. So my advice to you is to just make sure she’s ok. It might just be her style. I have plenty of friends at school who dress in black and wear heavy make up but they aren’t depressed. Emos are also stereotypes to cut themselves or use other ways of self injury. I just thought you should be aware of that. But even if she does were wrist bands and arm warmers, that doesn’t mean she cuts, though it could be a sign of it. Look for things like her refusing to go swimming or wear short sleeves or shorts. You shouldn’t freak out about it though. As long as you’re sure she’s not depressed and isn’t hurting herself she should be fin

  33. mar says:

    I sorry…but straight up I think this chick mi want attention bad from her buay from the minute she mention that “he save her”. She hang herself front of his house.
    what is emo? when i was like 13-16 the emo style was a really big trend. i’m 19 now. it’s not a cult, but an expression. a fashion. this stupid fashion includes dressing in black and being depressed. sulk in your sorrows. emo kids can come from really affluent and happy families. nobody is to blame but the individual themself to choose it as a style to model themselves after.
    Parents, you want my suggestion? YOu make your child know straight up how stupid you think this trend is. emo kids bask in attention& end up doing some stupidity for more.

  34. manofgod says:

    Young people especially, the same our God is real, satan is also real. The Bible tells us that satan,job is to steal to kill and to destroy. Those young people who get into the accult out of curiosity or for fun needs to realize the seriousness of their irrisponsible behavior.The only one who can help in these situation is God.No workshop, counselling nor the forming of an NGO to help financially can/will help.They need the mighty delivering Power of God . The Churches have to start playing the role that our leader Jesus Christ commissioned us to do. He promised/assurewd us that greater works than what he didwhilst on earth we will do, including CASTING OUT DEMONS. Pastors, let us stop worrying about collection of offerings and tithes and start attending to this sin sick nation of ours. For the parents of those children who wish to see Goid,s power of deliverance, bring them to Holiness Temple in Esperanza or call 804-3855

  35. JELO. says:

    Stupidness this now! only thing i have to say is to seek God.. He’s the only way, the truth and the life.. seek him and he will be there.. bcz he loves you and he will never leave no one ALONE!!

  36. edith says:

    these people need help and some just do this because thier family maybe didn’t pay them much attention but this can be stoped.. we should help these people not insult them!

  37. Belizean100 says:

    It’s sad to see that many people call the occurrences as stupidity…ready to judge and condemn. We should all turn to God. These mishaps are just a reflection of where our society is at today. God bless her soul.

  38. OG 3ple OG says:

    I don’t belieave that daisy wrote those stuff on the bench. I knew her for one school year and she never gave me any sign of being a emo for god sake she never even dress like one or put her hair like the emo girls,

  39. asher lopez says:

    all don’t be stupid nothing about what happened to this young girl is not mental every thing in the last days are spiritual and it is nothing to mess with.This girl died because retard’s like all of u do not address the demonic problems that happen in the schools everyone is scared of emo’s
    jesus is the way people do not be scared

  40. asher lopez says:

    and those other people like @Jelo an @all of u are saying seek god when u know u all of u are very far away from him Belizeans need to tighten up and dont be dis maid by vybaz kartel and those other gay’s god bless

  41. lubi says:

    i think she make a bad choise taking her life i fill bad for my friend ellis zalazar but they choose that way to hell god forgive them and forgive there perents becouse there the main peorson why this is happening they need communication whit there family god bless benque viejo del carmen my old benque

  42. prims says:

    she was the best person. But only she knows why she made it. It was very wrong what she did so don’t tire to do it teens we are good to be doing those things. GOD LOVES ALL OF US EVEN IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN HIM. te quiero prima . lets pray for all the youths please. only god could help us. Your family is praying for you to go to heaven. We pray for you and Kristy. We miss you both.

  43. unknown says:

    it is sad to know that she is in hell<suffering and will be there forever

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