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Apr 5, 2011

Do you support the proposed draconian measures as a means to tackle crime?

Tonight’s question is: Do you support the proposed draconian measures, such as trial by judge alone, as a means to tackle crime? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to

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22 Responses for “Do you support the proposed draconian measures as a means to tackle crime?”

  1. Truth says:

    Draconian measures by the pm i dont support, we all need to gather as one, even if all Belizeans dont do it then all the J.P of each district should meet and discuss terms at which they have for the betterment of the country…We kno whats happenin in the Belize city but what about other districts, all J.P should voice to the pm about situations happenin around the country bcas house meetig with ministers are not effective at all…No one represent the people from the present government to opposition…lets hold a big meeting with J.P from different parts of the district…hell with these cabinets.. not working and i hope all J.P have a voice rather than being intimidated by these scumbags…I said No to draconian measures from the p.m this is not North Korea…..We’ll do it as a people of a united nation…

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Absolutely,it is easier to protect one man than a panel of jurors. We are between a rock & a hard place, victims are threatened when they manage to survive, witnesses are afraid to come forward for fear of becoming the next murder statistic & jurors now face the same fate. Before we describe the new proposal as Draconian, please remember, last year Ms Sanchez was murdered even after she made it clear she would not testify, Mr. Francis(?) was murdered a day or so later because the murderer thought he was a witness to the murder of Sanchez who was a witness to another murder. Eyeanni was killed in her bed as she slept because someone needed to get even with her uncle. Last year we had a man who survived more than 60 stab wounds develop amnesia because the perpetrator had 3-4 years to threaten him.

    Draconian? Maybe…. Terror? Absolutely

  3. rod says:

    no i do not suppoert these measures no less than the hanging penalty will be enough .

  4. SouthsideBzean says:

    I support ANY action that is aimed at combating the crime situation in Belize! Those who sit by and worry about those whom rights will be abused are the same ones condoning the criminals. If u are doing no wrong then u have no need to fear the changes. Truth suggest we come together as a nation… look at the reality. Our country can’t come together on ANY issue!!! How many more people will have to lose their lives before we do something. If u have felt the pain and horror that these criminals impose on a family then u will have a better understanding of the need for action – ANY ACTION!!! Its easy to sit and make suggestions when u have not been personally affected by the crime situation. Walk in the victims and their families shoes for a second then decide how long is long enough to wait to do something that appeases everyone.

  5. bobby says:

    no to trial without jury. we want killers to continue having a easy way to beat a murder wrap. I can’t beleive people are opposing this proposal simply bcas its a UDP proposal and they are PUP

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Trial by a judge with 100% conviction rate hell yes.I believe that the only way these draconian measures would work is if the conviction rate would increase drastically.

  7. B B says:

    Many inocent people will be caught in this irresponsible law. If my grandmother is believed to have an intent to commit crime she’ll be arrested. People with different political opinions can be victimized through this medium. This draconian law is not the solution. Simply implement the death penalty! This is what we want. Can the Government listen to the people? Also, make options available for witnesses to testify without fear for their lives.

  8. Junie says:

    They only sound draconian but desperate times calls for desperate measures to be taken to corrrect the ills that have befallen us………talk about Human Rights??????Unu di tek 2 long fi tek deh idiotic criminals outta deh miseries.

  9. javier solis says:

    I support this measure. Only criminals would feel nervous about something like this.

  10. wisdom says:

    Rod, seems to have a hard time understanding basic things. Someone please explain to him that there can be no hanging if a jury says “NOT GUILTY”. What do you want, Rod? For the Jury to say “Not Guilty” and still hang the accused? Infact why argue with this guy? He will not support anything that this Gov proposes. No matter how good it is. Thats what you call a brain-washed political tool.

  11. Eduard says:

    Severe problems require severe solutions.

  12. Truth says:

    these outrageous crime are happening for awhile folks, suddenly the goverment will come up with draconian measures, indeed the people are fed up, I am too and this got nothing to do with whether i am PUP and UDP if u saw my posted comments u’ll kno who i am, i am for the people and good decision making…We need kool heads to lead regardless of the situation, talking about politics only divide us more…come on folks…@BizNincal I live in a rough neighborhood as well and to survive there u need to be Strap and have a cool head or else i could have shot alot of school children who ask me for a safe trip at school, Hang the murders yes but we still need to think about this, let a huge majority have the final say…We dont want statistics from channel 5, we want a majority meeting’held by Belizean witnesses’, so it can be implemented by a majority, we Belizeans BizNincali but we need to have a cool head…

  13. lynne says:

    can some one plz explain the draconian measure????? pls

  14. Janet says:

    I do support the trial without jury as many of the jurors barely finish high school. I believe that it is difficult for them to understand and put the whole case together to come up with a guilty verdict. We need people who could help to convict these criminals without bias, we also need quick trials.

  15. Skywalker says:

    I agree with trial without a jury but I do not agree with preventative detention. Preventative detention will not work, as many of us have acknowledged that a large part of the police force is corrupt. Preventative detention WILL BE ABUSED.

  16. javier solis says:

    How can someone with any common sense say that something that has not been tried will not work? come on! lets give these methods a break. If they dont get results, at least we can say we supported the measures

  17. NED says:

    Javier, I would agree with Skywaker that the preventative measures would not work and yes we have tried stuff like this that doesnt work, we have tried it with crazy gun laws that are abused by the Police. Take freedoms away from a nation is always done with good and decent intentions but they never accomplish the goal and only make us the good guys weeker and weeker until we are nanny state and non us will like it.

  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    Draconian laws doesn’t necessarily mean higher conviction rate.What we need in our Judicial System are people of integrity i really don’t know how this law is going to work if implimented when the mastermind of this law the PM is corrupted like the criminal elements in the Jewel.

  19. DISAPPOINTED says:

    If that is what it takes to stop these animals at least let’s try it. Better to do something than to do nothing because obviously what is in place is not working. I say try and try until something free hard working citizens of Belize and put these animals where they belong which is obviously not with law abiding citizens.

  20. yow says:

    what does Drakkar have to do with anything? draconian. what the hell is that? use plain english

  21. Hear Ye says:

    I support, if not in 5 years there will be a mass exodus of people from Belize, seeking a better quality of life for their children!!!!!!!! is is draconian primarily for the criminals…

  22. BZNinCALI says:

    Thank you SouthsideBzean,. @Truth, I grew up on the south side of Belize City when we could walk home any time of day or night, when adults could correct us when they saw us doing something wrong & our teachers could whip our backsides when we were disruptive, when almost every adult was addressed as Miss or Mister. I won’t tell you where I live but I do not walk the streets of my city in fear nor do my neighbors, burglar bars are few & the police response is quick. I appreciate the fact that I do not have to dodge bullets but it pains me to see our old folks, my family, afraid to walk to the store. To look at a young man who has taken the time to get a decent education come home at the end of his workday & stay there because he fears losing his life is sickening. As I bolted down Albert St., I ran into an old family friend & while talking to him, made sure my eyes kept surveying the streets. I do this, they do this because we have been to too many funerals. In response to strapping or carrying a piece, I am not against law abiding citizens bearing arms & I have had the desire to wash some annoying kids mouths out with soap & feed them habaneros but never the urge to shoot them. As a parent, as a mother, I know the pain of childbirth, the joy of watching my children grow & reach different milestones, I also know what it feels like to stand over the grave of a loved one who has been murdered & cannot as a parent be so selfish to condone criminal behavior.

    My children know that if they commit a crime & I am aware of it, they will be turned in, I love them enough to know that condoning criminal behavior will only lead to me being that parent standing over their grave bawling & pretending I don’t know why.

    I want to see our children grow up & thrive & if the draconian laws give them that opportunity, SO BE IT.

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