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Apr 4, 2011

2 Chinese women brutally murdered

The government is in crisis mode, there were four murders in Belize City over the weekend. Statistically, since the beginning of the year, there are a total of thirty-three murders; that’s eight more than there were at this time last year, an increase of thirty-two percent. We’ll have the Prime Minister’s reaction later but a theory that the murders were retaliatory against gang suppression is not conclusive. Of the four homicides, three persons were killed in a span of twelve hours on Saturday and two victims were of Chinese origins. The Chinese community is stunned and furious at the senseless murders of two of their own women; they organized quickly and by this morning, they closed businesses and took to the streets in protest. They didn’t even have a permit but they were determined to send an unequivocal message.  News Five’s Marion Ali reports on this morning’s protest.

Marion Ali, Reporting

Between four and five hundred Chinese business persons from as far south as Toledo and as far west as Cayo, assembled as early as eight this morning in front of the country’s court buildings on Regent Street to signal their utter disdain and complete denunciation to Saturday’s ruthless attacks against two community members.

Yan Ying Chen

The first victim, thirty-two year old Yan Ying Chen, was shot to her left shoulder, chest and back inside Rose Grocery on King Street just after one on Saturday afternoon.  She died within ten minutes at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Police say that Chen was inside the shop when a youth approached her grill door and opened fire.

The Police Department’s Gang Suppression Unit later interception four suspects and also discovered a loaded black pistol through Rowland’s Alley off King Street.

Fei Lan Wu

The second woman whose life was cut short less than two hours later was thirty six year old Fei Lan Wu, a mother of two, who, like Chen, was gunned down inside her shop on Faber’s Road.  She was shot to the lower right side of her back just before three on Saturday afternoon and died around five that same evening.

The protestors, who endured the scorching sun today; bore two caskets, pictures of the victims, and placards expressing their disgust, as they marched a four mile-long circuit that took them past the Queen Street Police Station, the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions near New Road and the Ombudsman’s Office further up on New Road.

There were moments when the angry mob stormed the Police and Prison buses as they arrived at the courthouse to process prisoners—wanting to get their hands on the murder suspects.  But the suspects did not make it to court in the morning.  In fact, by the time the protestors had dispersed by one, no one was charged yet for the murders.  They also spoke to the media.

Edmund Kuan, President, Belize Chinese Assn.

“Nothing was stolen, nothing was stolen. Both of them were behind burglar bars and there were no way they could have took anything by killing. Actually if the victim were not dead, probably they would have gotten something.”

Marion Ali

Edmund Kuan

“Mister Kuan, how effective—what kinda impact  do you think this event will have on the criminal element?”

Edmund Kuan

“[Umm] I’m not sure about the effect. I’m hoping for the best and [I’m] expecting the worse. We just want to know that we really are tired of these crimes.”

And they were adamant today.

Jules Vasquez, 7 News

“What are these people saying right now?”

Philip Ying

Edmund Kuan

“We want death penalty!”

Philip Ying, Chairman, Belize/Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce

“Murderers are walking free. We cannot stop crime if murderers can walk free.”

Female Protestor

“Say me right, everybody feeling bad. I mean they have family, they have children, they have mommy, daddy. You kill them. How you feeling? Just as I say? Suppose they kill you? How your family would feel? Just like that. Government gotta change the law.”

“Change the law” and “hang the murderers” was the common chant of the protestors.  And as the march neared its end, a group of them attacked a Belizean who for several minutes hurled malicious attacks at them.  That did not bode well for him, because the police had to quickly come to his aid and lock him away until the crowd moved on to end the protest.  Reporting for News Five, I am Marion Ali.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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83 Responses for “2 Chinese women brutally murdered”

  1. Citizen of Bze. says:

    My people , we sit back and wonder what is happening. We look at the news abroad and see all thats happening , they look at ours in the same way. Its so obvious our governments don’t have the answers, to some extent the act as part all these problems. We are desperately looking for solutions & peace to come…… but i tell u the truth, the only peace to come is JESUS. Let us not grow anxious , but get ourselves prepared for his coming. These things are just veil over our eyes to not see what is before us. My people lets get prepared !!!!

  2. Fed Up says:

    “And as the march neared its end, a group of them attacked a Belizean who for several minutes hurled malicious attacks at them”.
    We are ALL Belizeans whether Chinese, Mennonite, Creole, Garifuna, so why the distinction here? These Chinese people are just as Belizean as anyone else. Some of them were born here, some are naturalized citizens, but we are all citizens nonetheless.

  3. MyLegacyB4MyPeople says:

    The Chinese Protest when two of their people got gunned down they even showed signs of intolerance by storming the prison bus they even attacked a Belizean who hurled malicious attacks at them but what does the Belizeans do when their own family is killed in the streets nothing absolutely nothing just talk and thus the reason why these two lame ducks never respond with any type of action a protest is a threat against the power base the Chinese don’t need handouts from the government therefore is not influenced by the carrot on the stick games that the government plays on the common Belizean racism has nothing to do with these lame ducks action it has to do with the response from the community, Belizean needs to start responding to these disgusting actions by these monsters so that these politicians will also feel threatened of losing their grip on the people forget about the carrot on the stick and start standing up for what is right the Chinese are doing just that, mind you they are not chasing after the carrot. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  4. shock says:

    It is share nonsense why these heartless killer don’t face the fate for their crimes. A person cannot be charge for a crime if there is no law on the books relatively to such an offense, but capital punishment is on the books, so take the darn law off the books if its not enforce, simple as that.

  5. POP says:


  6. Eager says:

    We need all business in Belize to Shut Down. Where is the Chamber of Commerce? Where is Belize for Justice? Where is the BTB? Does anyone know what makes a date in History. We can all do it people lets stand in unity and make this change. The chinese start now let support them and make a change by coming out in forces…It is needed now..

  7. fromabroad says:


  8. fromafar says:

    Lisand123 and Oscar965, We may live abroad at the moment, but we are not detached. I am in no way attempting to run Belize down, but I am sick and tired of useless elected officials who have no sense of what public service really is.

    Belize needs to get its priorities straight PERIOD. Too many decisions have made for the short term, and too much time is spent recovering from previous administrations, no matter what color we’re talking about. Both parties have failed miserably for as long as I can remember, otherwise we would not be where we are at the moment.

    I would love to see Belizeans unite, and I mean truly unite to solve the evolution that has become Belize. It is not easy for us up here to see things falling apart down there. I could not imagine living in it and I am lucky to be where I am. But do not for one second think that because we do not live down there, that we do not want better for our homeland.

    The triads are the last people you want in Belize, trust me, that was a joke. And please, no to hanging. Lets create opportunities by making Belize attractive to foreign investment and industry thus creating jobs and taking idle, frustrated and desperate peoples off the streets. How about that, sounds good right. Or how about what really happens, lets line our *&^*@#$ pockets because we’re only in office for 4 years.

    I’m still not letting my kids go down for summer!!!!

  9. superman says:

    It’s just a matter of political will. How comes that say 200 well known to police idiots can act like that? In other places they would have been removed from society way before they start this $#!%.
    And is not even a matter of lack of jobs.Jobs are available in Belize if you are willing to work. Ask the thousands of immigranrs we have here.And if a minor commits a crime, hold the parents responsable for it like everywhere else in the world. Is time we start teaching our children the value of life.

  10. HiddenJewel-Bz says:

    I personally think, that what is happening now, is the result of what DIDN’T take place many many years ago. People are so quick to blame government and other people…but what people fail to realise it’s starts at home as well. I say where are the parents of these CHILDREN who are killing? where are they? how can you not know what YOUR own child is doing, who he is hanging out with etc. If you don’t have a job, or money then DON”T have CHILDREN!!! they grow up to do these crimes because you are not able to send them to school etc.
    As for Belize, we really need a forensic and up to date technology that will be able to nail these low lying criminals for good, then HANG them!!!! You didn’t feel mercy for the don’t expect anybody to have for you!

  11. ABELIZEAN says:

    This country should do like other countries such as People’s Republic of China do not allow people to keep guns with the exception of the police and military forces.I think the country will improve. If anyone steals a gun to rob or kill then they should be sentenced to death.

  12. k.z says:

    Belize should bring back the dealth penalty as what majority want, government should change the policy start by now. Due these past few years, belize has many people got murder. we all know that are not only chinese people, also belizean people. Murderer don’t care about who they are?what they did? how old are they? where they from? We know that we can’t do anything, because the murderer has gun, which mean we cannot defiance back unless we got kill faster. Government should firstly control the those people secretly transport the gun or drug into the country, or else, will have more people death by gun or drug. And also change policy bring the death penalty….

  13. Tommy says:

    Mr. PM why don’t your government bring back capital punishment? do you think that u will loose your election if you extinct their lives? These murderers don’t vote they are pests to the society of decent people so my suggestion to you is to so hang them HIGH.

  14. abnerl says:

    its time for us belizeans to stand up and stop waiting on politicians to do something. we cant depend on the police for everything yes some police dont care. but who can blame them look the police was shot , where was yolanda and here belizean for justice. Every body forgets police are humans too. but yet i bet you if the police would have shot one of the suspects for the chines murder then yolanda and her belizeans for justice would be out

  15. abnerl says:

    Mr PM become what we need a real hero for us belizeans. Do what you have to do we the real belizeans for justice got u back…. dont worry what anyone says. the majority of belize are asking you for something just do it. remember you need the majority to become government again.

  16. chinese lady says:

    It hurts my heart to hear that two kids will lost their mother forever. how cruel…no matter what color we are, we are made of flesh and blood, and we have kids and families, I call out the other ppl, the creole, the hispanic to come forward too. All belizeans have to work together to fight this crime, it is not ONLY chinese they are killing, it is everybody who lives in this beautiful country of ours.

  17. 50 Cent says:

    fromafar and Oscar965
    The Triad is a criminal organization you dumb $hit. Do we really want professional criminals in Belize? NO.. TRIAD (Google is your friend, use it).

  18. wisdom says:

    Ironic that the Chinese are leading protests in Belize when they are not allowed any form of protest in thier own Country. Any type of protests is stiffled immediately in their Country, but by the same token murderers and other criminals also get swift and very harh punishment.

  19. ABELIZEAN says:

    This country should do like other countries such as People’s Republic of China do not allow people to keep guns with the exception of the police and military forces.I think the country will improve. If anyone steals a gun to rob or kill then they should be sentenced to death.

  20. Nigel says:

    Take note my people, the only way these so called “government officials” will listen to you is by doing exactly what the Chinese community did yesterday. It sickens me to see you all complain and are the most boisterous behind closed doors where none of the so called “government officials” can hear you. Are you all afraid like little children are of their abusive parents? Are you all afraid that if you stand up for your rights (against the same people you voted into power after they did you a personal favor for your vote) they will victimize you? The time has come for you to stop being afraid, the time has come for you to be lead by example and take to the streets. If it is fear of the so called “government officials” releasing their dogs (the police) on you for standing up for your rights then you better sit in your homes and don’t go outside and just wait for one of their killers (the same gang members that work for them) to come and kill you in your own home. I myself am afraid, the Easter holidays are coming up and I am thinking to myself what should I do? Should I go somewhere and risk getting killed? If not come back home to an empty and burglarized house? Should I just stay home and wait for the burglars to come to my home assuming that because it’s Easter I may not be at home and they break in and kill me? What should I do? The short answer to it all is I don’t know. There isn’t a safe place for us anymore in this country and sad to say that is the only thing I know for sure. But the society we live in was made by us through our silence and fear of authority.
    So I say get out in the streets! Do not be afraid of the police for they can only gun down (as they have done in the past when we stand up for our rights) a certain amount of us. I would rather be killed for standing up for my rights than to lay down for some human garbage to come rob and kill me or just kill me for fun. It is time for two things… for us to either demand that the so called “government officials” do their jobs that we the people have voted them in to do and are paying them to do or to take the law into our own hands. The reality is that none of the proposed measures the P.M has mentioned will work. How will it work when they can’t even arrest or prosecute the perpetrators because the police and the criminals are one of the same? How many times has the government of the day made a try at some crime prevention measure of some kind and all it yields is victimization of innocent people to make it look like the police are doing something. I will make this suggestion to the Chinese community (as they seem to be the only ones concerned about being victims); you should start hiring paid assassins to clean the streets. What does the city council do when there are a lot of stray and nuisance dogs on the streets? They start an eradication campaign. These people have no value for life so why should we and on that note scr@w you Amnesty International; you fools probably live behind a high fence in a gated community in a country miles away from Belize. But who knows maybe that is what you want, you probably want us 3rd world …….. to kill ourselves.
    It sickens me to see how my fellow Belizeans find the time and the money to go out in droves to see a half @$ fool on stage spew a whole lot of garbage (about a “ruff life” that he doesn’t even know about or hasn’t even lived) and you can’t even go out into the streets and speak up to save your very lives.
    The bottom line is that we need to stop looking at colour, creed, culture and above all political affiliation and just come together as Belizeans to fight these sub-human monsters that are now shooting us for fun because the powers that be have embolden them to believe they are untouchable and thus can kill at will.

  21. Silly man says:

    this is pass the limit!

  22. bert says:

    i blame the goverment because of the corruption with -in the police department and goverment these things happend polotitions are too busy feeling there pocket and egnor the poor people of belize cry for change . first change should be in the police department by getting rid of comissioner of police jeffreys and put some one who is serious about there job and stop playing politics with the belizean people lives

  23. shanice says:

    I’m tired of hearing this bs and this murdering.Why Belize can’t settle down and just leave the people alone.They could live as much as they want, BUT WHY THEY ARE STILL KILLING THE PEOPLE????????{SUCH A BAD BELIZE}

  24. dawg says:


  25. appreciator says:

    Rather than killing the chinese ppl we shud appreciate what they do bcuz they provide jobs and goods to the community. the chinese ppl are developing our country bcuz they sell alot and then pay more taxes which government can use to fix roads, place more policemen etc.

  26. DPP (Death Penalty Please) says:


    It doesn’t matter if we dont have a high conviction rate right now, LETS START WITH WHAT WE’VE GOT: THAT 7% CONVICTED COLD BLOODED MURDERS!

  27. Leo says:

    The police knows who these &^%hole dimented criminals and, for some reason, are afraid to act. It could very well be that, the police are tired of taking criminals to court only to have them released by the corrupt officials in the judicial system. This ^%$# needs to STOP. We are losing a generation of Belizeans.

  28. ReVoLuTiOn says:

    This is such a shame. The government needs to do something real about the crime situation. No excuse need to be made about who didn’t do what when. They are in power now and they need to assist the people of Belize by finding a solution to stop all these senseless murders. Other Belizeans need to learn to unite and protest like these Belizean chinese did and stop letting whatever is holding them back do so. It’s a damn shame and WE the Belizean people are the ones who are letting this BS continue.

  29. Belizean says:


  30. name anonymous says:

    To the mother,of medina what go,es around comes around, now it,s your turn to cry. you have three more behind bars,and still saying your child was a good boy, i think you have to be lock up your self. left the police them alone let them do their job. we need to bring back belize the way it was in the 70,s,and 80,s when we use to go to dream hall, and lodge hall and dance the night away. may your son rest in peace,you don,t do the judging for your son let god judge him,what you should do miss medina is pray that god would have mercy on him,when he reaches the gate of saint gabriel in 40 days.

  31. Justice!!!!!! says:

    Si la pena de muerte para todos los acesinos ya nosotros no podemos andar libremente en su pais ya todo es temor para nosotros. Hurray they should implement Death Penalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop Crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its just not fair for those murderers to be walking freely!!!!!!!!!!

    Levantemoslos y Pidamos Pena de Muerte para todos esos acesinos.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Belize CC says:

    i think Belize done have enough people in jail or done burry. dah time for belize to chill out and really be a country..

  33. biggsexxy says:

    I say LOL……………………..reason, you say blame this one and that one, blame the police blame the politicians blame the parents, we should do this and do that put this one in jail hang this one and that one, have you or have we ever look in the mirror lately BLAME THE MAN IN THE MIRROR THAT`S WHO TO BLAME!

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