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Apr 1, 2011

Boyfriend stabs girlfriend in neck and leg

A teenage girl is in stable condition after her boyfriend reportedly stabbed her in the neck and leg at his shack this afternoon. The girl, seventeen year old Stephanie Wagner suffered stab wounds to the left side of her neck and leg during a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, nineteen year old Linsford Baldwin.  The incident happened inside his small wooden house on Ebony Street.  Neighbors told News Five that they heard Wagner screaming sometime after two this afternoon, and soon after, she ran out bleeding.  Minutes later, Baldwin reportedly jumped on a bicycle and sped off towards Magazine Road before police could apprehend him.  Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital authorities have confirmed that the wounds are not life threatening.  Wagner lives with her mother just a few minutes away from Baldwin and the two had gotten close over two years ago.  Baldwin’s neighbors allege that the relationship has been abusive.

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17 Responses for “Boyfriend stabs girlfriend in neck and leg”

  1. islander says:

    Dumb modern young girls want gangsta “n@##@$” like fifty cent, and this is what they get. God forbid anyone sees them dating the nerdy kid from high school..Ironically its usually the nerdy kid in high school who treats his woman better and provides better for his family.

    Keep going for your fifty cents gangsta rapper lookalikes young girls yall doing good real good.

  2. Earl Grey says:

    WHERE IS THE LOVE…………CHILDREN OF THE LORD………where is the LOVE????????

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Sad but a reminder to all of us that we need to get out of abusive relationships while we can so that our children do not grow up equating jealousy & love with abuse. Since it sounds like there is prison ministry in jail, let’s try giving this ignoramus some anger management classes while he serves his time.

  4. PISSEDBZN says:

    gOODNESS, WHEN WILL THE VIOLENCE END?!?!?!? thank God for this girl she survived to tell the story… do these girls not get the message??? GET OUT OF ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS!!! Look at what happened to Christie Carrasco, a young, beautiful girl, full of life killed by an abusive DUMB@$$ boyfriend!!! SENSELESS MURDER I TELL U!!!! get these ………. off the streets, they do it once, they’ll do it again.

  5. Mad says:

    AGAIN come on sistas don’t you watch the news ???? Girls leave these good for nothing men and stay in school .You deserve better than this.

    Well said islander

  6. queen marie says:

    Well said islander

    What is wrong with these young girls is it that their self esteem is so low they think they need a good for nothing man in their lives. Well GIRLY thank God you are alive to tell your story but now RUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!! leave this @$$$@#$ .

  7. student! says:

    I definitely agree. Being a girl myself, i find myself wondering what/how the heck these young girl’s mind work nowadays! Everyday there is nuff violence not only on the newscast, but im sure around them. some cases dont even make it on the news. and yet they voluntarily get involved with jerks and pitiable excuses of ‘men’…there is more to life than ruining their lives so early on!

    In light of all the senseless violence and unrest, id like to do a little survey here. please note that its SIMPLY A SURVEY. im neither encouraging or suggesting!
    “How many believe or think that lynching [the public taking justice into their own hands] is the answer to stabilizing crime rate? Do you think its a last resort to our escalating murders and injustice??”
    Thanx in advance for each feedback!!

  8. The People Had Enough says:

    Damn, these young girls these days lets any fool crawl up on them and in them. Islander is right too, these young girls seem really dumb with the choice in men they make, the nerdy guy who talks sweet to them, try take them on a date and have an intelligent converstation etc…they make fun of these types of guys as being soft…but they tend to turn out to be the most productive members of society who can take care of their families and treats their women nice. Oh well, I agree keep the gangsta Gs, who bust yo !@$$ and !@# yo sista or best friend and leave two a unu …….. pregnant.

  9. Justice says:

    I canot understand the mentality of these younsters. At 17 and in an abusive relationship! What woul;d possess anyone in theor right mind to gravitate towards these gang related individulas? Do they enjoy living life on the edge? It is quite puzzling and sad but as I see it she hopefully might learn from this incident. Sometimes only when we experience certain things can we be enlightened.. In the interim I would get a restraining order.

  10. Earl Grey says:


    WE CANNOT RESORT TO THE ANARCHY that you suggest.

    ORGANIZED neighborhoods would be a good start……..STARTING WITH AN ORGANIZED BLOCK and BUILD FROM THERE.


  11. The People Had Enough says:

    Student, you may need to do some hardcore historical research and find out of these acts have ever worked. I do believe in some instances it may, unfortunately, when communities have to revert to taking the law into their own hands and start lynching, by then our society will be in complete and utter anarchy and chaos and people will simply start killing each other for whatever reason…I have read case studies of this, briefly, but my findings was that in many instances many innocent people were hurt or killed because of mass hysteria, one single rumor and the ‘mob’ goes berserk. Lynching is an extremely unstable ground to stand on and in my opinion would only make maters worse. But, do some research, history has a lot to teach us.

  12. Nate says:

    We need a civil war to fix the ills of our country cuz those in power in loving the chaos as it allows them to maintain their power!we r hurting ourselves wen we need to be wising up and over throw them who have us hurting ourselves!think about it!

  13. BelizeanGirl says:

    We the people on the grounds and in the neighborhood need to stand up to crime at all levels. We need to speak up against criminals, get them searched for weapons (gun, ammunition, grenade, etc ) and report criminals who are violent and contribute to instigating crimes. Weather it be my cousin, neighbor, brother or anyone I might know or not know. If each person contribute to prevent a crime we can rehabilitate a potential criminal and clean up our neighborhoods from gangsters who are killing and risking the lives our young people. Controlling Crime is a community responsibility too.

  14. BZNinCALI says:

    Student, thanks for the post but like the others I cannot support anarchy or encourage us to descend further into hell. While all of us are grateful when the streets take care of the thugs, none of us are willing to accept it when innocent people fall prey to the violence. WE, us Belizeans have to have the guts to demand & expect convictions by showing up in court & making sure the criminals understand that we will die together as a community rather than live in terror. What happened this weekend should be a slap in the face to every man, woman & child in Belize & any parent harboring these worthless twits should rot in jail with them but preferebly hung from Swing bridge & left there to feed the bloody crows.

  15. student! says:

    Earl Grey & The people had enough

    Thank you very much for your opinions! Quite frankly, i agree with both completely…I’ve done my research fully dont worry:) Please note that its NOT my idea or my thoughts…its for a school project. Verbally, there are confessions which support and entertain the idea in question. I guess its mostly out of frustration and desperation though, at seeing the escalating crimes come and go without justice brought. Its understandable, but of course can never support personally.
    Thus i decided to get further feedback in order to tally up responses. Thank you very much for your help and honest opinions. My regards^_^

  16. DappaBZ says:

    From ratchets to ar-15s to hand grenades, whats the next weapon of choice that my people kill each other with, rocket launchers or armed nukes? Its a very depressing reality.

  17. Old Fashion says:

    What about a old time a** wipping on both kids? this youngster probably grew up in a family that is abusive and the girl certainly need some parential guidance. Can she even do laundry or cook a meal for herself?

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