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Mar 31, 2011

Marcel Cardona not P.U.P. or U.D.P.; where will he sit at House Meeting?

marcel Cardona

On Wednesday, Marcel Cardona’s resignation from his own party was accepted, even thought he had not offered one. The Orange Walk East Representative was told that by his actions he had “constructively” resigned from the U.D.P. Signed by the party chairman, Patrick Faber, the letter came after his legendary remarks in the House last Friday during the budget debate in which he directly attacked Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Deputy Party Leader.  The reasons given for his “constructive” resignation were that he had absented himself from party caucuses and that he had been soliciting from opposition businessmen to bring down the leadership of the U.D.P. As such his actions were inconsistent with the U.D.P. Cardona is not yet ready to face the media, but today he fired back his own letter to Faber. In his opening salvo, Cardona makes it abundantly clear that he has not resigned from the U.D.P. or as area representative from Orange Walk East. Instead, says Cardona it is the U.D.P. that is intent to constructively dismiss or expel him from the U.D.P. because under the current leadership of the U.D.P. “any form of internal dissent shall not be tolerated and will be dealt with an iron fist.” And according to Cardona the rule of law and due process was not followed prior to the issuance of the letter. And that’s because from what is known, the U.D.P. executive did not discuss his removal from the U.D.P.

The letter continues with a reminder that “there is no prohibition with the laws of Belize or within the constitution of the United Democratic Party which prohibits a “backbencher” Area Representative in the House of Representatives from speaking out on behalf of his constituents (as he is legally, if not morally required to do), nor from voting against a bill sponsored by his own government, on a so-called “conscience vote” or a vote which, in the Area Representative’s view (as the faithful servants of his constituents), adversely affects or prejudices the rights or interests of his constituents, or the larger Belizean general public.”

So as it stands, the U.D.P. says Cardona is no longer a party member, Cardona says he has not resigned and that he is still an elected representative. So where does this put him? Not far from where he is right now as a lame duck representative in limbo as where he will sit if the goes to the next House sitting.

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24 Responses for “Marcel Cardona not P.U.P. or U.D.P.; where will he sit at House Meeting?”

  1. hugo RIVAS says:

    dont beg buddy. if them dont want you, leave!!!!! nobody wants to be a part of those hooligans anyways!

  2. BT says:

    There is no “UDP side” or “PUP side” in the house. There is the government side, and the side for her majesty’s loyal opposition. While that may sound like semantics, it exposes the real issue that our entire system of governance has been hijacked by the party politics. If Cardona is not welcome to sit on the side of government then there must be a seat for him on the opposition side. Area representatives are elected to the house to serve their constituents, not a particular political party.

  3. my 2cents says:

    Thats what the UDP does when one blast the truth about them. They either kick them out or have them killed. You should be so lucky that were only expelled Mr Cardona. Could have been worse. I say you hang in their and give them a good fumfum like Zenaida Moya did to them. Its not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.

  4. javier solis says:

    loco loco loco. He is fighting to stay in a political party that does not want him. He refers to HIS people from the East. He has NO people from the East. He LOST the convention miserably in december. Nobody wants loco, nobody. Pobrecito. Fade away Cardona. You have been a total failure because of your anger.
    Go marcel go.

  5. cg says:

    fair warning for thos who want to thrust themselves on any government. you want to be just, fair and good to people….they will can you tightly like sardines…..such a laughing stock we’ve become i swear

  6. WOW says:

    I guess a man that represents his constituency cannot speak for the people he represents. Mr. Cardona was only relating the concerns of the people he represents. What is wrong with the UDP, I thought that Belize was a Democratice country. Now it is not the UDP that is problem, its their leaders, their heads are swelling to the point of explosion. Some people are in government for their own self interest and self gain. WHAT HAPPENED TO REPRESENTING AND TAKING CARE OF THE PEOPLES NEEDS. Come on UDP leaders, look around and see what is going on in the country and stop being so selfish. Mr. Cardona continue to speak your mind, don’t let them kick you out for speaking out. God is with you always.

  7. my 2cents says:

    I guess the people from East are just like the ones from Port Loyola. The would rather relate to people like Boots Martinez than someone like Ms Balderamos or Mr Cardona. Its not easy to take the pigs out of the pig sty be cause they can’t relate to well educated,decent people. Mr Cardona deserves better than those people so I hope they will eventually end up with a Boots Martinez or worse.

  8. javier solis says:

    We fail to understand that Cardona lost his convention in his constituency by a very large margin. He has no divisional committee or support because no- one wants to work with him. His wife is his contact person because he meets with no-one. his office has been closed for 2 years now. He hated being with this government and wanted to change over long time ago. he has been courting briceño to run for the PUP in the East. Dont shed a tear for Cardona: he is a hypocrite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  9. Carrie says:

    Javier solis is more loco than Marcel cause its obvious he sides with the hooligans in government and don’t give a damn about the poor…guess his bread is well buttered on both sides. Cardona has every right as a member of the house to speak for his people, not because you are a UDP or PUP rep. you will acknowledge and approve everything your government does even if its wrong. Kudos to anyone who has the balls to stand up to his government and say…..what you are doing is wrong and I will not support it……but there are many puppets in gov’t that ….when the puppet master says “jump” they ask “how high?” (like faber and marin)

  10. my 2cents says:

    If he wasn’t given the tools to take care of his people how else could he have done it? Why should he open a door to people everyday just to sell the people dreams? With people like Dean Barrow and his flunkies,I would hate being in the government too.

  11. Swamp Dragon says:

    He may have lost the convention but atleast he stood up for his CONSTITUENCY, which is his job. To represent ALL of the PEOPLE in his CONSTITUENCY. Not just the ones who paid bribes for favors.

  12. Do it right says:

    Cardona can sit in the bathroom bc he all full of $#!%. A lazy @$$ cry baby that when he doesn’t get his way he throws a fit. Been this way from a long time and people in Orange Walk East knows him well thats why he didn’t win the convention. He was bought out by the PUP to do what he did and expect to still be a UDP. COme one Cardona, you are more stupid than we thought. You cant run for PUP and you are no longer a UDP. Your people don’t want you as their representative. Why don’t you save face and just ride off into the sunset bc your political career is over.

  13. rod says:

    i support you marcel anyone with the cohones to stand up for what is right has my vote power to the people do not stay in this useless impotent gov. one day longer or you will go down in history as part of the worse gov. and pm in the history of belize.

  14. Jan says:

    The man is making his point loud and clear. And if he is being kicked out just like that, well there are rules & regulations in everything even in political parties. And still yet they cant remove him as area representative. Cause that would be the last straw. Only in Belize my people. We need a major change. We need people with fresh & innovative ideas to serve the people not their pockets. The time will come…

  15. Truth says:

    Its a pity that some of our fellow Belizeans are separated bcas of their political agenda. Some of my neighbors children always play around with each other but but these children parents cant get along because of UDP and PUP. The only reason this is bcas of our leaders both the present party and opposition,lets have respectacble house meetings…but trust me as soon as these kids get older and realized behavior portray by their parents and g.o.b that would be it for their friendship…..We’re not war mongors, leaders should set a good example for the nation and parents need to grow up as well…IF NOT LETS GET RID of the parasites!!!!!!!

  16. neyda young says:

    Hugo Rivas and BT I so agree with you guys .well said.

  17. chups says:

    If Mr Cardona is serious about the people which he so passionatley defend and stands up for kudos to him. However where were those people when he needed their support in the convention. Why fight for people who don’t support you and why cry to a party which clearly at this point doesn’t want you. Your between the proverbial rock and hard place.

  18. javier solis says:

    Carrie sound like one rabid blue! Look, i dont have anything to do gain when i tell you the man is plain loco. I hitch to no political party, but will call a spade a spade. Small advise, never defend something unless you are absolutely sure its worth defending.

  19. javier solis says:

    I just read Carrie’s blog again. Looks like she, like Moya, is infatuated with “balls”. Anyone who dont see things their way, definately lack of testicles. Well let me tell you, Moya as thief as Cardona crazy. If one of these days you get to meet the guy you will remmeber j. solis. By the way, any of you notice that Shakron take over the nightly news from bubble-gum-jaw Willoughby? Yolanda is the rising star, the new Cardona…. “defender of the poor”!!!

  20. OW East voter says:

    The thing is if you don’t live in Orange Walk Wast you will think that he is taking up for his constituency. But the thing is that ever since Cardon won he has abondoned his supporters and his constituency. I live there so I know. Now he comes to the house like he so care about us. We did what was right, kick him out. If he would have stick to his people and then complain because we are not getting services then we would understand. It is very clear that he does not know what is happening in Orange Walk East because all of the things that he was saying we are not getting, we are getting, but through other sources e.g. the Deputy Prime Minister.

    As I always say, once a PUP always a PUP. Go back home Cardona.

  21. my 2cents says:

    ! Carrie, im with you on this one.I met Mr Cardona afew time before and nothing crazy about this man.He’s a well educated,soft spoken guy that gor tired of being Dean barrow’s #!%(#. the minute you step up to the plate and put them in check,they label you as crazy.Well its better to be crazy than to be a thiefing baldheaded @$$!@#$ like Dean Barrow.People keep thinking and saying that he abandoned his constituency but they dumb as hell because Mr Cardona is fighting with DeanBarrow because he didn’t getwhat he was supposed to get to give to his people.Damn you people head hard…or you all just plain stupid? He fought with the fool because he DID NOT get funds to take care of his people.I wish i knew how to say it in Garifuna because only then will you all understand what he is trying to say..Dang people. Unnu stupid as hell.How can he give you what he didn’t have?…OMG!

  22. Carlos... says:

    You know…I have read the comments you guys have place in this forum and some of you are right and some of you like Mr. Solis, who obviously sides with the current administration only sees the situation in one view instead of seeing the whole big picture…

    I personally know Mr. Cardona, He is a genuine guy, in my view. He is educated and he isn’t afraid to speak the truth and stand up for what he believes in. Since his inception in politics and even before he was always involved in the issues affecting the Orange Walkenos and especially the people from the O/Walk East constituency. He projects the image of a good leader and he has delivered and accomplished some of his political promises he made. However, I have noticed that Mr. Cardona needs improvement in his timing in the execution of his political duties and the guy obviously needs to improve in his anger management.

    I am not happy with Mr. Cardona because when he had the political backing from the U.D.P. and the ministerial power to accomplish most of what he promised to the people of O/Walk East, he failed. His own constituents were unhappy. One reason for this was the simple fact that you had to go through a whole interview with his wife or his secretary before you could meet with him and most of the time, they attended to you with an unfriendly attitude. All of this, in my view he realized a little bit late and should I mention the tantrum he made across the border? It made Belize and especially the people of O/Walk East shameful. The people gave him the opportunity and even if he was promised a higher office than the one he got at the beginning, he was still in good position to do what he was elected to do and that is to lead and improve the lives of the people of O/Walk East. He was still in a far better position than the one he is currently in.

    I end my view with a question. Mr. Cardona, why did you wait so long to open your eyes and ears to the concerns and opinion of your own constituents?

  23. Carlos... says:

    So I further state that, I am from Orange Walk. You only know what is going on if you live it through. So, again, Mr. Cardona, shouldn’t be surprised if his constituents are NOT FULLY supporting him now after all the time that has passed without signs of O/Walk East constituency improving to a satisfactory level under his leadership.

  24. sense says:

    well as for me to say i am with Cordona. People are only looking at what this G.O.B is doing to O/W east this is happening country Wide at least cordona had the B> . mein we should all come together and see this problem through. MR.BARROW u and ur puppet followers pocket everything thats why u guys were acting like Apes when they were setting u guys to the point. And the ones who were shouting LIAR is only speaking for himself. Go SIR.CORDONA i respect ur thoughts.

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