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Mar 31, 2011

Cadets get free care packages

Twenty-nine cadets today received care packages from a US national who had earlier conducted a health clinic for them. Dr. Stephanie Sweet was touched by the lack of personal items during her first visit with the Cadets that she raised enough funds to provide the goodies. The items were well received by the cadets at a brief ceremony this afternoon. News Five’s Delahnie Bain has a report.

Delahnie Bain, Reporting

A handing over exercise was held at the National Youth Cadet Service Corp to give young men enrolled in the program packages donated by Dr. Stephanie Sweet of the US. The gifts were bought with money Dr. Sweet managed to raise in the height of the Christmas shopping, after she visited the cadets last year.

Christine Smith, Director, Youth for the Future

Christine Smith

“What is happening here this afternoon is as a result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diaspora Focal Point, Mr. Patrick Menzies, and the Ministry of Education and Youth. In November of 2010, we were visited by a team of doctors led by Dr. Sweet. They took time out of their schedules to come to cadet to do a clinic with the boys.”

Patrick Menzies, Former Diaspora Focal Point, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“She walked out a few times if you all notice that because she was crying, because of the stories she was hearing from you guys. You touched her heart so much. Then when we walked out to take the pictures and somebody here didn’t have a pair of shoes, that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back; that really touched her heart.”

William Swan

And so Dr. Sweets ensured that each of the twenty-nine cadets received a pair of tennis shoes along with clothing and other personal items.

William Swan, Director, National Youth Cadet Service Corp

“We appreciate this offer that you guys have made for us and I know that our challengers are madly and really in need of such gifts that will be presented to them today and I hope we continue to collaborate with the doctors to come back and assist us, especially in the medical field with our challengers. We thank you very much.”

Christine Smith

“At the end of their visit, they promised that they would continue to work with the Youth Cadet Service Corp in providing certain essentials to the cadets. I am happy that today we will be receiving those packages and we extend our gratitude to Doctor Sweet and her team as well as to Mr. Menzies.”

The speakers, including Minister of Education and Youth, Patrick Faber, also used Dr. Sweet’s gesture to show the at risk youths that there are people who care as well as to encourage them to do good for themselves and for others.

Patrick Faber

Patrick Faber, Minister of Education & Youth

“It is not only those who have visited that look out for your interest. The fact that you are enrolled in this institution says that there are a good number of people who are looking out for your interest and that is important for you to understand.  All of these people can be concerned about you and can love you and can want to support you, but if you, yourselves are not serious about making a change in your lives it will not work. Are you hearing me gentlemen?”


Yes sir!

Patrick Faber

“It will not work.”

Christine Smith

“They were not obligated to come to Cadet, but they chose to come; they were not obligated to send any packages, but they chose to do so. So it just goes to show that the world is still full of people who believe in human nature and extending a helping hand to those in need. So for the Cadets I want you to show your appreciation by taking care of the items that are given to you.”

Patrick Menzies

Patrick Menzies

“I challenge you to be a good Samaritan, I challenge you to reach out; quit the whole situation that in Belize messes up the society which are these political clinics where people go and beg ministers for stuff. That is not working. You guys are not here to learn how to beg, you’re here to learn how to work. So let’s work at it.”

Patrick Faber

“When you pass out from here, wherever it is you want to go—if you have the background—we will support you and I maintain that promise. So if there are those of you who wish to go on to high school, who wish to go on to the ITVET and so on, you have my promise but you have to work hard.”

Delahnie Bain for News Five.

Dr. Sweet also works with underprivileged youths in the US.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Cadets get free care packages”

  1. rod says:

    how embarrasing for our country when we have the pm exwife making 4million dollars in 3years all the ministers making huge sums of money and here we have guys who have no shoes and faber is telling them he will support them what a croc of mudpie this gov. and pm should be ashame of themselves you gonna tell me the gov of belize and this pm cannot afford to give these guys a pair of tennis shoes each and toothbrush and tootpaste mein this is sad and yet the minister of education gets on here and says he will support them mein you are sick and a total embarrasment to the people and country of belize

  2. Bz says:

    On any normal day, I would classify rod as being an idiot. Today sir I agree with you. Cherish the moment sir!

  3. bz says:

    am glad to see your eyes are opening to the truth going on in our beautiful country of belize its refreshing to see that you had one burst of true though perhaps your mind will now start to expand a little so you can see the realities of this useless impotent gov. and pm

  4. daveyt says:

    What a shame! Politicians running around in brand new $150,000 + vehicles, earning hundres of thousands of dollars, yet the BDF Cadets are having to accept charity from a visitor?

    These youths maybe from a poor background, but they shouldn’t be treated like sh*te! They have feelings (Though the feelings of anyone who isn’t wealthy don’t count in Belize).

    The BDF & Police Cadets should be fully funded and equipped by the Government, and run by the BDF & Police. They are potential recruits to the BDF, Coastguard or Police, and even if they don’t decide to ‘join up’ at a later stage, they are taught self respect, self discipline, and how to work in a team, yet be able to think for themselves. They are OFF THE STREETS, and not sucked into the gang mentality and environment, as they already belong to a ‘gang’, and a ‘gang’ that serves our country!

    They should be trained in the same manner as their adult counterparts, and educated while they are in training sessions and ‘Camps’. Catch them early enough, and they will be responsible citizens when they are older, disciplined, ready to work, and even proud to have been a cadet! Give them some decency & pride!

    They shouldn’t have to sit through lectures from Ministers and GOB officials, telling them that they have support, when in reality, they aren’t.

    Have some decency GOB, support these cadets properly.

    But, as ever, the system goes out of it’s way to keep the masses ignorant, so the ‘First belizeans’ can benefit from their ignorance!

  5. Disgusted! says:

    This is what these B@$&%#DS have reduced the people to, mendicants! This is an outrage!!! Look at the luxury that the ministers, their families and cronies are living in and the troubled youths in the cadet corp are lacking in basic essentials like hygiene products, decent underwears, footwear etc……..When will Belizeans wake up from this deep colonial slumber and fight for democracy with arms and ammunitions??? There is no other way!!!

  6. Earl Grey says:

    May GOD BLESS Dr. Stephanie Sweet………………….. FOR HER KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY.

    WISH MORE “wealthy” Belzeans WOULD FOLLOW THIS LEAD.

  7. Earl Grey says:


  8. shock says:

    Disgusted: You are asking for Belize what we already have, unless you do not understand what democracy mean.(One man,one vote) If you take the time to study the type of political system we function under you may be able to contribute in bringing about the type socioeconomic equity you are hoping for.

    Each and every citizen must see him/herself first as a contributer to the system. Jesus remind us that is by giving that we receive. The late President John Kennedy said to his country, ask not wha your country can do for them,but what they can do for their country.This not to say that the government is doing a good job in creating opportunities, far from that. Lets not forget what the economic status of many of these men were prior to been voted into office.

    If you want to understand why the country is in such miserable economic condition, take a good look at the people that were voted into office. What is the experience and knowledge that they had that allow them to hit the ground running once they were handed their respctive ministry? NONE. ZILCH. This is why we see all the foolishness coming out of the HOUSE. Childish behavour, name calling like school kids. The leader set the tone for such behavour. Unfortunately those that are economically heal don’t see the need to get involve with politic up front knowing that they can pay for favours since the elected official are on the take due to the fact that they had nothing and will be trying to get as much as possible while the opportunity present itself.

  9. Carlos... says:


    This comment is funny Mr. Grey….

    Seriously though…. I feel ashamed….I really do….. and if I was the P.M. I would feel ashamed too and try to make it up by donating at least a Nike Brand Running shoes ( since these guys walk and run a lot) and some Roca Wear Brand clothes (some of these shirts and pants look military like and are made of good quality and durable material)….

    With this government…. when they make one step forward….they make the country go 3 steps backward…. I know someone once said that progress brings problems but madass mien… these politicians need to do better or else we will be looked at as the country that likes to beg… we need to be a sustainable country and not one that relies heavily on donations…. I know that these people mean all the good in the world by these donations but come on Minister of Education and the P.M. I know you guys can do better!!!! Please on behalf of a lot of Belizeans…. STOP DI MEK WE LOOK EMBARRASSED!!!

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